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/int/ is the only board that fights against the stormnigger menace

What is /int/ like now? Haven't been there in years and only in passing, do any of the generals have socialist discussion?

STOP. Do not, for any reason, EVER go to one of the generals. They are some of the worst threads on 4chan. They are used exclusively as a chatroom for people to blogpost about the size of their last shit. They are complete garbage and deserve to be nuked.

/lit/ is uber liberal but is competent enough to slap down low-effort Holla Forumsyp posts

4ch generals should be avoided at all costs unless
- they're part of a hobbyist community
- they aren't anime or vidya
- all other communities are worse

For fuck's sake, why was this anchored? Having a laugh at reactionaries and liberals is one of the oldest things on this board.

Unsaged now, I really don't know who is saging it or why


1. "sage" is not the same as "bumplock"
2. you should know this
2. the thread was probably locked because 200char rule
3. you should know this as well

this was a good day

some more posts from our non-paedophilic friends over at Holla Forums

For "race realists" or whatever theysuredont know jackshit about race considering people of spanish descent are white
Afro-hispanics and large percent native latin americans aren't but those two groups are in the minority

Holla Forums openly embracing their sjw mindset


Don't argue semantics with me
Sadly this thread had been saged again, sorry every one but I hope OP tries again with more text on his post




The fact it's meant to be satirical is usually picked up on, that's the point, it's meant to be used to tack onto serious posts to bait Holla Forumstards into giving angry or confused responses like this, so I guess it succeeds based on their responses here.

this is pure gold

I confess I'm having trouble seeing a way to the 200 limit in a thread about screencaps. Regardless, I think it would do a lot to decrease the enmity towards the mod team and especially the BO to simply leave a reason explaining why a thread was anchored. Well, at least the ones that aren't obvious shitposts. Maybe Kikemonkey could add it to the software, like how you can customize the ban text.

Anyway, thanks for hearing my plea, commissar.

he makes a good point about homosexuality as deviance. I don't know if I'd call it mental illness but too many morons base their left-wing ideology on being gay, so there goes 50% of the audience right there.


This one's fresh and hot