What do you think of this? I feel like all of these Holla Forums "I'm an insider posts" are bullshit...

What do you think of this? I feel like all of these Holla Forums "I'm an insider posts" are bullshit, but is this guy hitting on something with some truth to it regardless.

It does seem like the global elite go out of their way to promote miscegenation and immigration in a way that can't easily be explained using a Marxist analysis. Is there a scheme to turn us into interchangeable consumers and destroy ethnic/national identity or do market forces just do this naturally?

Tbqff those State-sponsored programs of creating interracial couples are omnipresent.

stopped reading there

only dumb white people say stuff like this

If I was an "insider" with huge, earth-shattering news I wouldn't go to fucking 4/pol/ of all places with it

Immigration can be explained according to labour force dynamics to a certain extent, but the type being pursued recently really can't. Expanding the labour supply is one thing but it isn't economically desirable to massively destabilize your country or invite millions of illiterate third-worlders in. Do you seriously not think there are other motives for the immigration policies being carried out? At the very least the elite are well aware of the potential for immigration to undermine social solidarity and divide the proles.



People will ignore it because it's right, unsexy and downright terrifying.

LARPing as a social revolutionary or the next Hitler is more gratifying than helping your family and community maintain it's roots.

The erroneous thinking here is that he pretends like the global elites give a shit about creating a race-less or homogeneous population - they don't. We are already homogenous to them, as wage labourers. In fact, any racial divisions we perceive they can use to divide us against each other further.

But user, that isn't what happens. The poles that came to the UK were literate and skilled, they would just work for less than native brits.

Yeah I would agree with this. I still think there is an active strategy of moving populations around to keep people disoriented and rootless.

This is left,ypol afterall

I'm talking about the more recent wave of migrants from the MENA region. I don't really see how this can be explained using solely economic concerns. Having terrorist attacks, rioting, and a large underclass in your country isn't good for business. Some of the motivation facilitating the recent wave of immigration is related to destroying social solidarity and weakening nation-states (the last institution which places limits on the market).

Having a pretext for the state to increase it's means of crushing dissent isn't good for business?
Isn't the militaroindustrial complex not a business itself?
Having a large part of the population spending the larger part of it's income in consuming goods rather than saving up isn't good for business?

Perhaps because the terror attacks aren't actually caused by the economic migrants (from sub saharan Africa) nor by the refugees: most of the terror attacks "related to the migrant crisis", WERE NOT CAUSED BY THE MIGRANT CRISIS. The terror attacks in the UK for example: Manchester, WEstminster Bridge and the one in Central London were all people that had lived in the UK for over 10 years, most were born here.

As for the refugees, they are moving due to imperialist wars and destabilization for the sake of profit extraction. Those from sub saharan africa are moving because their countries were purposefully de-developed (especially the French ones) and because of AGW-related famines.



Dude I've been posting shit like that on Holla Forums for years. It's actually somewhat disturbing how easily they appear to accept this obviously fake crap.

There is no incentive for long-term thinking, because they can move offices to Hong Kong or Singapore. They don't suffer the long-term consequences, but can reap the short-term rewards.


Trust me champ, modern Europe (minus Ukraine now I guess) doesn't know what "destabilized" means. The system in the more developed countries is still rock-solid and can absorb a lot more disturbance without reaching breaking point.

Like everyone else said (to which I would just add that their foreign culture makes labor organization harder) this provides cheaper labor and more consumers. However, I think the latter is always understated. You see, the most developed countries, which are precisely the ones accepting the most immigrants, have an overgrown economy. They quite literally have nothing left to invest in their own country (not because they're Utopias, but because what's left to invest in simply isn't profitable), there are no colonies to provide cheap materials nor a captive consumer market, the countries with the most opportunity for development are precisely the poorest and riskiest ones, not to mention they often have bureaucratic obstacles or outright bans on foreign companies or capital etc.

To compound with all of that, as you know, fertility rates in these developed countries are so low that population would be shrinking by now, which almost necessarily entails a shrinking economy, since there's less labor and consumers available. You ever wonder why the establishment treats a shrinking population like it's the end of the world but never give an explanation as to why it's so bad beyond that tired bullshit about muh pensions? That's why. Capitalism must continually grow in order to survive; not even a stationary economy would suffice. So Europorkies are struggling to find things to invest in and make their capitalist economies grow and thus survive. And that's where the twin "hidden" functions of mass immigration come in: the population keeps on rising, and the labor and consumer markets keep increasing. This ends up being a vital contribution for these countries' overgrown economies to keep growing at least a little bit, which is good enough. So long as stationing or increasing are avoided, their capitalist economies are safe. And those are the other motives you have been looking for.

So then, I can imagine a couple of other ways they could get their economies to keep growing, but mass immigration is the best alternative for literally everyone, hands down.