"Communism is akin to slavery because the individual does not own his own labor"

Well, Holla Forums? Have you been redistributing people's toothbrushes and subjecting them to slavery?

of course not…

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we are coming for that toothbrush though

I guess I should start killing reactionaries sooner then I expected.
These people are a detriment to everyone living on the planet right now.

Who cares if somebody has a million times more representation than 99% of the population it's still democracy!

I only had 15 seconds to brush my teeth with The Toothbrush today but that's okay because there's no food anyway.

so much for "red brainwashing" in colleges.

Nah this is just the on BASED professor who makes libcuck landwhales cry. OWNED xD


And this is from a school hosting a celebration of the birth of Marx. Commie college memes are a fucking scam.

I seriously don't know how that meme began, I first learned about Infowars 9 years ago because one of my humanities' teachers wrote it on the board and told everyone not to tell anyone she did so. I ended up failing that course and taking a different one the next semester because I wouldn't blindly follow her spooky bullshit.


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fucking liberals

Why do people keep making toothbrush memes
Do people actually brush their teeth in > current year

Because it's the best comparison we can come up with to explain private property and communism

toothbrushes are bourgeois
they're the first thing to go after le revolution

Underrated post.

Whenever you are in a situation like OP, DON'T take a stance. Ask simple questions, don't ramble for long, and see where the discussion goes. You can try to get the other person to agree throughout the following. (Imagine this is not what a person says without interruption, but just one side in a dialogue.)

How about this: Suppose society gets a new constitution, which is basically communist. However, each of the constitution's anti-free market rules can be switched off by by 2/3 majorities in an annual referendum. That wouldn't be so bad, right? OK? Now, let's suppose the required quorum is a 3/4 majority, that's still OK, right? I mean, if communism is that obviously inefficient, people live with it for a while and they will say fuck that… OK, now let's say the required quorum is 99 %. Ah, so that's a bit much, eh? There will always be a few zealots, and this quorum undermines the equality of the vote. As you know, in the market people vote with their money, and people have very different amounts of money. Now, you might not like where this goes, so you say that in a real free market this inequality in money to spend comes about in a just way. But, you have to clarify what the real free market refers to. It refers to an ideal, not real-world history. Descendants of slave owners are better off by virtue of being descendants of slave owners. And the kids of communist party big-wigs benefited from privatization, as they had insider knowledge.

Now, capitalism fans might try to soften the blow of that statement, and they have two approaches for that: 1. Denial that the distribution of income has much influence over what happens in the market, but the only way very unequal amounts of some resource don't mean much difference in power is if the resource is unimportant, so only if money is an unimportant resource can you say this inequality is unimportant in steering the market. You can't say both that dollar votes are powerful and that income inequality doesn't undermine democracy. 2. Denial that this unjust inequality from the past is still big. This is an empirical question and you should ask whether they have done any research about it. You can admit yourself that you haven't researched that either and try to get them to actually research it.


user, they have always owned it.

>not understanding that all homeless people got voluntary into their position

That's fucking wild.


why of course
and i even do my daily spread of Cultural Marxism(tm) between 12-15 pm


he's just trying to get a suckle from that good old Jordan Peterson patreon teat

colleges are cultural Marxist Jewish Obama indoctrination camps and also why you should listen to [conservative mouthpiece of the week]

it's a scam and that the people will think that colleges enable communism are the same retards who think that communism is when the government does stuff and when Target has tranny bathrooms

get your shit together speech to text