How do we get more people on the left to own guns and train with them for the future?

How do we get more people on the left to own guns and train with them for the future?

Also how do we get more people on the left in general?

I have been a gun owner for a long time now and it seems a lot of people on the left shift here from being dems in the US and still hold on to their anti gun views and don't own any themselves. Also a lot of the leftists I know who are gun owners tend to own combloc milsurp stuff as compared to more powerful and available firearms and ammo of the modern day, how do we fix this?

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we don't need more people on the "left" with guns, we need more communists with guns and a real revolutionary party who are not going to get caught up in more fucking entrapment, honeypot, and adventurist schemes.


op here but shouldn't socialist/communists and not exclusively MLM or ML have access to arms just because someone is a tepid reformist now doesn't mean the conditions in society will shift and radicalize them later

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I think we should promote leftism and make it accessible to the majority of people so it can actually have political or potential military power down the road and I think arming the left and gaining numbers within in it are important.

not really, some socdem or anarchist could easily end up joining the Freikorps.

I don't think we you need someone who is ideologically pure to advance our goals. I think that is a major issue on the left is the demand that everyone share your particular brand of thought to work together and pursuing a common goal, I think it is the same thing as idpols kicking people out of leftist discussions for using the word stupid. I think if you make your cause something so exclusive you only have a tiny minority of individuals in it it makes it impossible to get anything done because you lack the people and power to do anything.

We need a revolutionary vanguard. We need purity in tactics and strategy (in the advancement of communism), not ideological purity.

Also. It would help if the conditions necessary for revolution were prevalent in developed countries. Capitalist automation is paving the way for that though.

they need to learn that even if police wanted to protect them it would be difficult to respond to a deadly situation in time, so if they love themselves, their property, friends or family they should learn to protect them.
it may also benefit them to realize that not owning a gun does not keep weapons out of bad peoples hands. you know, typical pro-gun truths.

OP here, I think if people are advocating the destruction of capitalism via workers seizing the means of production and or the destruction of current state as it reinforces and maintains class division I think that is good enough, beyond that I am not too worried about the minor differences in how people thing that is achieved.

I want to promote a gun culture and gun talk that seems present in the right but really lacking here.

On the subject of guns milsurp is cool but something like an AR can be made for 400 from a stripped lower and a kit or a factory made AR can be had for around 500. SKS is around 500 but is limited in the size of the internal mag limiting it without modification to accept external mags.

In the realm of shotguns I suggest the mossberg 500 which can be had for 350 or the economy line which is the maverick 88 which differs slightly and is slightly less robust but can be had for 200 is fictional and reliable.

I personally am a bit of a handgun nut and own a number of them but I have a LC9S Pro for my carry gun along with my older carry a LCR in .38 special. For a full size striker fired 9mm I have the fullsize M&P.

they are not minor.

This is all true. A leftist gun culture and making a point of out of community and self defense is important.

it's all a pipedream for you
nearly all left wingers in the USA are anti-gun

Have a relevant meme

disband the .DSA

Democrats are not Left.

I'm not talking about democrats, I'm talking about literally every socialist club I've ever been to. None advocate arming the working class, let alone themselves. It's self-defeating and a big reason I have to hang around right-wingers, they like to talk about guns.

a complete fucking joke that almost made me switch political ideologies entirely

the Democratic Cops of America has a massive contingent of anti-gun members

if you can earnestly convert a right wing person to the left they'll be a much better socialist than a liberal, IMO. But its harder cuz they usually come with a lot of reactionary baggage.

Just because liberals are part of a "socialist club" doesn't mean they are socialists.

I've been able to get an authoritarian to become a libertarian, but the truth is I don't care about "social liberalism" all too much. They can be "reactionary" towards gays and 'minorities' as long as they understand class struggle I think. It's like 3% of the population, not something to die over.

There are almost no real socialist clubs at all, it's all about gender + racial progressiveness.

Socialists know that abolition of capitalism will do more for gender, sexual and racial progressivism than whatever bullshit liberals cook up.

Liberals are truly fucking horrible, rather convert right wing people to Rand Paul than try to convince a liberal that Imperialism is bad. Truly amazing how deeply entrenched it is in our politics.

I agree, a lot of societal ideas seem predicated by class structure and not the individual's own ability.
However I do believe in biological realities, something from my right-winger days I can't and probably will never shake. I don't believe in supremacist organizations or anything like that, but I'm sure the reason black Americans aren't as successful as white Americans is not JUST because of general class differences for example.
Still consider all potential allies as a good thing, but realistically not everyone is going to be Huey or Malcom.

I certainly do NOT disagree that poverty is a major player, and that racism exists, but there must be some influence of a biological element.
Mostly I blame the federal reserve for accelerating all this too fast, since it's only going to encourage racial infighting between "the greedy whites who won't share" and "the criminal blacks that want to take our stuff." I'm an atheist so I can't say we were all "created equal" but I do believe in natural rights of equality of opportunity. Even in a perfect communist system there would be individuals that are less intelligent, and collectivist humans would surely group based on that alone… let alone cosmetic differences like skin color.

I'm going to watch the rest of the documentary as well.

If they believe in a revolution, then they would also have to believe in arming the working class, if they do not believe in a revolution, then they are not socialists.
What's wrong with them? Even the fact that they're leftists who are pro-gun is a plus. There's also the Socialist Rifle Association, I don't know if they actually do much of anything, but they're a good concept to take advantage of.

why not both:

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Annon, since you know shit about guns is it worth it getting a SBR.
t guy who will get guns in future, after collage and knows jack shit

How about they're blatant honeypots?

Unless you have some evidence to back that up, you're essentially just saying:

Yes, any group of socialists with guns that doesn't practice the utmost necessary secrecy is a honeypot, that's exactly what I'm saying. You are an utter retard and a hazard to all real socialists if you think otherwise.

There's nothing unusual or revolutionary about owning guns in the US, and your level of opsec is paranoid and counterproductive. These organizations are about encouraging a gun culture and owning guns with US leftists, while also publicly demonstrating to scare off fascists. These aren't things that can or should be done secretly.

If you faggots ever want to have a real revolution you'll need to get armed. I'm sure a lot of you already know this but a vast majority of what you consider the left, as well as the more moderate people who would be more inclined to side with you, are for the most part extremely anti-gun.

To be completely frank, gun politics in the US has been trending away from constraints and restrictions for a long time now. Gun politics is as much of a losing battle for the left as gay rights and abortion are to the right. Embracing gun rights would not only serve to arm the left better but would probably win over a ton of fuds who are single issue voters regarding gun laws and would gladly vote left if they matched the republican's idea of gun rights.

It would actually take effort on everyone's part to change this aspect of leftist culture in the US though so good luck actually making anything happen.

There is about doing so in an organized fashion.

getting infiltrated, arrested, and murdered is counterproductive.

don't have to form a honeypot group to do that.


Oh, look, it's another thread where a Yank spergs out about his love for shooters and pretends that they're useful..

Education and outreach. We can't teach people about guns just online. We need a network of socialist gun clubs. In my mind, it's important that those gun clubs also be engaged in lending a hand to their neighbors in need. You will get a lot more goodwill from your community if it's known that you, as an organization, act on your ideals in what most people will see as a positive manner. If you're _just_ a socialist gun club, people are gonna think you're a Soviet sleeper cell larper.

tl;dr we need community outreach

Well first we have to solve the problem of the left being ridiculously low testosterone. Combat veterans and gym goers are almost entirely on the right. Go to rallies and you just see weak men everywhere. The antifa fight club was an absolute joke a gun club would be even worse of a laughing stock.

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The reality is you don't have to be very masculine to pull a trigger. Even girls can fire off an AR-15 like its nothing. And we have people who are masculine on our side, one of my buddies is a combat veteran and very left-wing, I like to lift on my free time and so do other people here.

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To be honest, the way cops keep killing people in the U.S., People will have guns to start defending themselves from cops.

What I got. AR15 by Ghost Firearms for $500, FNX-9, FN 509, and the M&P Bodyguard.

Gun show is tomorrow. My intention is to buy ammo but I know Im going to be looking around for accessories and shit…

This is true. Unfortunately this leads to the conclusion that there are no socialists at all in developed countries, with the exception of atomized individuals on the internet and possibly some LARP clubs.

I spent years talking with a liberal on this issue, it's impossible since their self identity is based on them NOT having guns.