Teacher Arrested After Questioning Superintendent Pay Raise


Full video: youtu.be/8sg8lY-leE8

I, for one, welcome the inclusion of more african-americans to the police force. Too bad he wasn't a women, tho.

Solidarity with the superintendent! Teachers just be jelly of his success. If the school is indeed more successful under his leadership that should be enough of a "raise" for the techers.

Can't wait for Jimmy Dore's take on this. I bet his wife (a teacher) will have good insights.

I’ll be waiting to see if freeze peach rationalist jump on this

based black cop.

It’s just so intersectional!

Can someone explain to someone outside of the US why there's a cop there in the first place?

America, that's why. Ever since Columbine and similar school shootings schools have become more militarized and concerned with security and controlling people's behavior.
That's also partly why students are being overregulated and force-fed prescription drugs if they act out a tiny bit and make teachers speculate they might have adhd.

All schools have cops lurking around them or in them (in the case of highschool) here in burgerland

My school had cops that rode bikes and wore short shorts and everyone made fun of them.

Suburban moms are the number one worst voting block in the entire country.

Gated communities are literally the devil and make American education worse and are a self perpetuating virus because the voting is gerrymandered to support their populations the most; they infect other communities with less income and they're basically helping America destroy its education system further and further.

Giving people less and less chances. Because they're racist, and learned from their boomer mom & dad.

You want to know why each decade America seemingly gets dumber? Look no further at how little the state thinks of education. Look no further, than the voting base of elected officials who support the ideas.

But user, don’t you want to grow the middle class?


Betsy DeVos being in charge of America's education is basically the first of the final nails in the coffin that make K-12 similar to private schools operate. Of all Trump's cabinet she might be the most dangerous in that she has control over what children do and do not hear, what is and is not funded, and how our schools are run.

It's scary shit. She is the quintessential out of touch bougie gated community wine mom, who wears her racist and terrible class intents on her sleeve.

When i was in middle school, they would make us line up by our lockers, as police use a drug sniffing dog to sniff out the lockers.

I always thought it was a way to teach kids, that in the real world, whos really in charge.

I had a class with a cop once. I asked him how does he know what cars to pull over. I dont think he answered me

Cops would literally stop our class make us walk outside and leave our stuff inside then bring in the drug dogs to sniff all our personal belongings

such free speech

I actually brought dog treats once, to see if they would go for it. It didnt work for some reason.



Apparently the union is holding a rally now. Why not do that thing that unions do and y'know, strike?


There’s a lot more truth than irony to this.

It isn't that. It's how our education system is funded through property value, and how voting power is gerrymandered to hell to reflect the values of people with, hey wouldn't you know it, property value.

It fucks shit up, and will continue to fuck shit up. It's massive bias.

Unions here in Burgerclapistan often agree to not strike when ratifying contracts.

Only because by the time Reagan arrived, he successfully annihilated any union power in the workplace

Tbf the unions willingly casturated themselves in the 1960’s, but that’s neither here nor there. I was merely answering anarchist user’s question.

The spark that initiated the fire happened in the 60's, and they slowly declined until they were so powerless at the point of Reagan, that he dealt the final nail in the coffin.

If it came to blame, be it naivety or purposeful malice, I'd probably go with purposeful malice; which would be Reagan.

Reagan was certainly the undertaker, no question. But the AFL-CIO’s purge of left-wing elements in the union, followed by Woodcock’s impotent leadership of the UAW, all but killed both unions. Hell, the AFL-CIO was sending its members to beat up working-class high school kids who were protesting Vietnam.

Damn. I knew your unions were a bit shit but I didn't know they did that.

Can you explain those to a non-burger?

It's pretty much as it sounds, a community set inside of a gate. The whole area is walled off, and the gate to get inside is guarded. It's a way to ensure that none of those filthy workers will sully you with their presence.

But is it just residential or an actual self-contained town with shops and shit? It's kind of unsettling I have to say.

honestly I would say Taft-Hartley killed American unions. The organized crime and the corrupt careerists took over after the unions (particularly the CIO) lost their socialist leadership.

Usually just residential.

They have private police forces more often than not.

Like if you're too poor to be around they'll shoot you on sight? I honestly think I'm too Euro for this shit. Like I've heard burgers talking about burger shit in real life a few times and it legit felt like they were from a different planet.


Are gated community residents the new kulaks or something?


Normally residential but some are in fact self contained towns

That's what happened to Trayvon Martin.
There's no fucking hope for this country. We desperately need another Trump to torch the entire damn place to the ground.

They're worse than kulaks.

Haha they wish, kulaks actually owned the MoP. These nuevo rich have stock options and a job that is precarious af.

How merciful of them.

Yes, American-style suburbs are deliberately designed to give residents a petty booj mindset, they are pretty much as bad as kulaks.

In Italy they tried something similar they would find a occupied school the next day, pretty bad tobe from America :/

That's why bourgeois socialist parties do not go to the ghettos

It's also why the Democratic Cops of America has no anti-imperial platform.

They're horrible; they basically function as arms of the Democratic Party. They even completely fuck over any sort of native activism because of muh jobs.

I remember having to pass two schools right beside gated communities to get to mine which was mostly non-white. We all had extremely long bus rides. They did everything they could to keep us out of those schools.

School shooters and drugs.

Isn't that the /mu/ guy?

IMAGINE MY SHOCK. I personally can not wait until every cop is black and people finally sight back and sigh contentedly, all the while being oppressed by the now based. police.
Stupid haircut, too.

just shows you how americans deal with the social faux pax of actually exercising the supposed garunteed rights as citizens and raise the issue of class. immediately the hound's instinct kicks in, of course we can't openly discuss our problems and fix them within the community. because it's about money, you have to get the police involved, because the police's role is soley to protect the interests of capital.
the entire issue at hand is that schools have become nothing more than a business, where vampire administrators perch at the top and no funding gets to the classroom. the goal of education is to make fools, to condition their minds to be needlessly subserviant. I found this quite disturbing when I found this out while attending school – I am actually trapped in a prison and the only way to actually learn is to tune out everything I'm receiving from here and study on my own.
if you don't like it and your parents are poor (they are) there's always the military 👿. or working at gamestop. or becoming a 'business major'. it's so abysmal.

shitpostan flag

for what it's worth, it's obvious this status quo won't survive the decade, it literally can't, it's totally unsustainable.


And how is it possibly going to crumble