Is it just me or is the whole Anti-sjw thing starting to blow over? regular people even people who disagree with SJW's are really starting to get bored of anti SJW rants as they are formulaic and basically say the same thing over and over:
1. liberal/sjw says something dumb
2. they sperg out about it
3. if they're right wing they somehow connect this to 'the left' in general and make it seem like everyone left of center is a crazy sjw like the person they reacted to.
Its Trite, its hackneyed, how many times do these guys want to do a historical re-enactment of 2015? Personally I predict that the whole 'rational skeptic' community which was previous (

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Sshhh, you might upset the foundations on which this very board is built.

Peterson's career says otherwise

1. youtube streamers are not an accurate reflection of reality

2. nobody other than youtube streamers care about youtube streamers

3. anti-SJWism is going mainstream and it is why Democrats (who have chosen to be the SJW party for whatever reason) keep losing to "straight talking" Republicans

Starting to blow over? Nobody ever cared.

They don't have to break off in order to do that.
In fact, the right-wing ideologues pulling the strings have shifted gears and started linking social justice with maxism (cultural marxism meme anyone) so now anti-sjws rhetoric and anti-communist rhetoric are effectively the same thing.

Yes it's just you

No one is bothered about the connection to the left it considering the most cringe sjw identify as left no matter what you keep telling yourself isn't reeeeally left and it's mostly just the tumblerinas and femnazis that don't openly call themself left.
Its just losing novelty because the "fight" is essentially over as it's publicly acceptable now to make fun of them and call them out.

As others have said, no one gives a fuck about youtube except complete morons (like you op)

The alt right died the second trump won. The only thing holding it together was the idea of getting trump elected. They accomplished that goal. The death of the alt right was sped up by that stupidity in south Carolina.

The sjw of the obama years died the second trump won too. They lost the culture war. Those obnoxious moral police who get offended at everything all the time. They lost.

This is what will happen. Since trump won the alt right will shift into being either civic nationalists, or adopting the symbolism of america rather than waving a bunch of nazi flags around. There will always be some sort of fascism or extremism but they will retreat back to their corner where no one takes them seriously.

The so called sjw's need to evolve, the democrats need to evolve. If they dont they will die. I sense a turning towards class war rhetoric, democratic socialism, and chapo trap house type of laid back center left type of culture. The hyper identity politics, lack of class consciousness, and general "im offended at everything all the time" style of the obama years failed and needs to die. There needs to be a general culture that is anti rich, anti elitism, aware of class.

to be fair, Obama himself was actually very anti-idpol. He'd say shit like my policies help the working class of every race although they didnt . Its mainly the internet/tumblr based left and weird shit on liberal college campuses going viral on the internet that turned the sjw into a cartoon

Even Roo's antiSJW rants are getting old and tiresome. He says nothing except "liberalism" and "First Worldism". Talk about being theoretically lazy.

1. yes
2. yes
3. not in the sense people just secretly want to be racist, more in the sense the democrats lack any kind of material appeal, they just appeal to vague ideals which they obviously don't really care about

Personally IM tired of the "anti-SJW" shit, it seems like half the time the huge "anti-idpol" folk on this board are either new as fuck or secretly reactionary becasue they'll sperg out at any discussion of race or some other "idpol" issue

As a veteran of the old leftypol, enough with the gaslighting, fags.

It's fizzling out for sure. The Armoured Skeptics and Chris Ray Guns are falling into obscurity in these changing times, but the AndyWarskis and TL;DRs are raking subscribers and Patreon donations by shilling race realism without fully committing to white nationalism. YouTube's in a way getting better, but it's also getting worse.

Is that really surprising? It was evident for some time now that the cesspool of these anti-SJW, skeptic channels aren't just reactionary, but based on a latent fascistic ideological framework. This migration from skeptical to outright racism is an expected progression of events.

Remember when this was all just about ethics in vidya journalism? What went wrong?

Fuck that. Remember back when this was all bout BTFOing Evangelicals?

All I wanted to do was watch atheist videos…[Insert communist Pepe executing neo-fascist "YouTube skeptic" meme here]


You just proved that guy's point. Opposition to identity politics is about consistently rejecting frameworks that dilute or deny the centrality of class struggle, not shrieking about liberals being snowflakes and then proceeding to embrace nativism or homophobia. You're constantly whining about the "white working class" — how is that not "idpol" exactly? You're a prime example of reactionary faggot who uses "anti-idpol" as a front for peddling his garbage.

Bruh look at this religious dude

Not being NAZBOL is idpol

It was never about ethics in poorly disguised ads. It was about the colonization of nerd culture by progressive normies overlords. Alt-right is just the internet incel ressentement reaching a peak.

As for the SJW, they turned into red liberals infecting all leftist spaces. Now your only shield between you and idpol hegemony is Amber, if I see the last Democratic Cops of America drama.

The hijacking of nerd culture by normies and liberal idpol'ers unplugged white male nerds from their prole feed who then voted in the host of the apprentice out of spite because they just want to play video games with tits and explosions.

Like legit clinton would be president if you just left video games alone as a nerd teen boy niche.

Trump was voted in by boomers. Most young people who bothered voting went for Clinton.

the fact that a whole industry where people make money off of being anti sjw means there are people who legitimilty tired of liberals shit

This might be an unpopular opinion, but we should honestly subsume the whole anti-sjw position for both framing purposes and for leftist integration. Its only dialectic.


I'm speechless.

Who cares? Roo is a pedo isn't he?

SJWs are dead and the alt-right is taking their place.

Identity politics is the path to corporate power just like being a cop is the path to community power. They're not always bad people, but since it's such an easy way to dominate others, sociopaths become those more often than other people.

Hmm I wonder why the masses are so easily divided and subjugated..

You can always go back to hounding Nagle on Twitter if you don't like hearing different narratives.

Conservative here…I have been trying to find out what leftists actually believe but I can't seem to find any leftist youtube channels, maybe I've been watching too much alt right shit but it all seems to be "leftist sjw DESTROYED! snowflake cringe fail compilation" type videos that show up.

think of Holla Forums but leftist basically.

Also they hate by association as well which is a shame

Youre a fucking retard if youre searching YouTube for genuine political theory. I mean, youre clearly some sort of underage queer if you can barely even think of the proper terminology to google for research. Stop wasting your time watching nobodies vlog and pretending youre doing some sort of political research.

I mean, you dont have the slightest idea of what the political 'left' could entail, yet you identify as a conservative? How do you even know what 'conservative' is if you have no understanding of 'liberal'?

Is this a thread from 2015?
"SJW!" become a nauseating cry of hypersensitive pack animals even before the SJWs themselves lost prominence - which has been happening since at least the end of the election made it clear to the slower folks just how utterly useless it was for the left* to be endlessly self-segmented with all this "not my comrade" bullshit. The SJWs themselves were largely a non-issue to begin with, and ultimately never warranted the kind of idiocy that developed in response to them from people who conflated any kind of "social justice" as inherently in league with the kind of hilarious zealots who the term had been coined to describe. The meaning had mostly been drained - and pretty much everything was drawn out beyond any value it could have as a meme, let alone a coherent political statement.

and this is why this place is barren

oh well

Not sure if you're falseflagging but either way calm your tits dude. Obviously youtube isn't a substitute for reading but I was just asking if there were any channels you faggots watch

< Only Russian bots voted for Trump

Quite simply because Fascism is RIGHT. Those who are not Fascists are screeching autists.

You type like a faggot, its as simple as that. You also outed yourself as the type of person who unironically watches 'political' youtubers, which means youre a double faggot.

No there are no sweet leftist youtube recs for you. Nobody with a brain that actually works follows youtubers for anything else other than memes or drama. I'll repeat my kind advice, which you should take more seriously. Stop watching youtubers. Go get a skill. It doesnt have to be reading or any of that shit. Go learn to weld. But do fucking something besides ask for youtubers who can explain 'what leftists actually believe' because im telling you youre gonna look back and regret it. Whatever 'alt right shit' youve been watching is also just you inhaling a bunch of nothing content under the guise of politics. When you grow out of this 'political' phase youll understand better.

Projecting pretty hard there m8

Sorry, not really sure what that means. Any youtubers you watch that can explain?

Most young people are black/hispanic. They're not the ones who voted Trump.

that's a cutie


og socialists made their appeal to illiterate workers and you can't bare someone who's a slow reader? Shame on you, user

You can see the alt rights high tide mark around the election and HWNDU. Now's the time to show the alienated masses, no longer engaged by the alt right, their true oppressors the bourgeoisie


It’s dead, dawg. The “skeptic” community is imploding on itself trying to be something it can’t anymore. People see past the BS of what they had to say at this point.

Thats because they keep pussyfooting about embracing that they are communistic. For every halfway good step forward that they take they wrap themselves in 15 layers of double think to justify that 'n-no we arent communist'. Just fucking embrace it already and we wouldnt have half the problems that we have now!

Bernie and Ro-java are killing SJWs. I'm dead serious.

I feel like I agree more with feminism everyday I'm not sure if I forgot why I hated it or if I legitimately like it,

Don't have a cow man

Have a video from everyone's favorite autist on the material conditions of capitalism. LSR makes lots of videos from a libertarian socialist perspective, and he actually got a lot of anarchists into anarchism.

The answer is you never hated feminism, just idpol. It's possible to be feminist (i.e. recognize the existence of gendered hierarchies and the need for their abolition) while still seeing material class divides as the most important and pervasive form of hierarchy.

No, its more likely that he's just too stupid to remember that the radical feminists are as bad as the poststructuralist ones. It's just that the radicals have started moderating their rhetoric in the search for allies, much as the poststructuralists did when they were seizing control of their grouping. It's still a gang of singularly unpleasant scumbags.

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We're getting off on the wrong foot. This is a gangland thing, isn't it? We're having a territorial dispute? I've wandered into your pissing ground or whatever the damn thing is and you' re offended by my presence. I understand that. I mean, I wouldn't want you people in my back yard, either. This is your home, and your home is your home. I respect that. So if you would just back up a step or two. . . . . .I'll take my problems elsewhere.

LOL that flick is so phony, Michael Douglas would have gotten the bullet five minutes into the barrio because of his shitty attitude

Jews? Fuck them.

I’m pretty sure if people saw the way the Soviet Union dealt with Jews, and criminals they would see a clear distinction between liberals, and real leftists.

You’re right, we need to rebrand leftism away from the bullshit idealist egalitarian vision liberals have applied to it.

And these are the same people who whine about how the left is dead and how it must be revived under their leadership.

Trump didn't win the youth vote in any racial category. He's a boomer phenomenon.

it remains one of the most elegant representation of capitalist alienation, i've seen a million edgy anarchist movies and punk based films, none of them detail a message of anti-capitalism quite as well as this kino