We're bleeding users

We're bleeding users
We're under 700 users now
where are those people going?
Only doom and gloom now
What is killing Holla Forums and what can save it? Even if Holla Forums dies what will happen to internet leftism?

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Moderation maybe? I dont know but this is dissapointing, gonna have to go back to r/chapo

They either have something better to do on monday night, went to /leftpol/, or left Holla Forums altogether.

Whatever. Folks have lives. Let them live it. Also mods need to stop banning shit willy nilly.

Personally I think that some people just got bored. Leftypol has really went downhill in last 6 or 7 months, theory threads are scarce and there is general lack of high quality discussions.

but what provoked such thing?

I quit posting for the most part. I made a thread explaining why, which got anchored. Some fags thought I was a nazbol for some reason too.

The Op image cough the wrong idea

My theory? Lack of original content being produced. We’ve always had problems with shitposting and tension over moderation but it seems our high quality threads are more likely to occur when people care enough to produce decent OC.

I remember when we had 200-300 users and people produced more and better content then then what’s happening now. Of course that creates the problem of people who only learn politics from memes but this seems to be the problem

But just having a community should bring OC

Indeed. I started lurking in early 2015 and I remember Holla Forums being far more creative than now. It's indistinguishable from facebook and reddit pages at this point (just replace "queer" and "trans" with trap and you're all set) just with less SJW trash.

Edgy revisionists arguing for which Soviet or Maoist state was "actually good". There used to be actual communists here.

"Left Unity" and the death of sectarian theory discussion

The answer to what's killing the board is obvious to anyone with eyes, but we're basically not at liberty to speak of it anymore

Is it related to mod censorship?

pretty much. Caught a multi-week ban myself for telling a really tame joke

maybe you gave people to many 4 month long bans

Fun threads get anchored in order to make room for "theory" threads which die after a couple of posts. BO needs to stop trying to turn this place into revleft.

Please stop

This is an unpopular opinion I think but a good one. Barring just pure shit flinging I’ve found the recent uptick in MLs on the board to be good for discussion when they and anarchists manage to hold a conversation without it getting nasty. I’d say the quantity of quality threads has gone down but most threads these days are pretty good.

You actually have to work for OC. Community simply doesn't make things happen.

For the record I haven’t been here as long as some people, and they say it’s gotten shittier, but for a long time there were tons of threads that plain sucked.

Can only speak for myself, but I only extremely occasionally post now when I was pretty regular previously, including (admittedly shitty) OC. At this point I even only bother to lurk once a week or so from work. Between Bee-Oh's periodic humiliating public meltdowns, the new reddit-tier moderation policy and the inconsistent and shitty application of that policy by the hotpockets, it's just too much hassle. I'm not going to bother to effortpost here when there's a good chance that whatever thread I'm going to post in is probably just going to get half the posts nuked and be unreadable mess or get anchored (or both).

I lurk sometimes on /leftpol/ but not as much as I did here when it was still good. Other than that, I'm pretty much back to just going to the non-political boards on halfchan and looking at pictures of dogs on normie social media.

There was a really good thing going here for a while, but it looks like this boards best days are far behind it now.

Blame hoochiemod, he knows nothing beyond the ban button

What do you know, it turns out when the administration of a board are determined to kill it on purpose, it generally dies.

The infamous "syrian military bases" case didn't help either. Shortly after some another meltdown some people emigrated and created leftpol. The thread about Iran was a total disaster, bans were flying left and right.
To be honest, I think that most people just occasionaly lurk or comment on leftypol. People have much better things to do than just sit on this board

Mods need to chill the fuck out.

This board isn't fun anymore.

pls stop

It really isn't. I remember when I first started coming here a big drawl was how it was imageboard culture mixed with non-batshit insane politics. Now it's just boring, censored discussion on current events and sectarian shitflinging. Everything feels so curated, there's no threads that are just retarded fun, there's no feeling of community or vitality. I know what stale feels like because that's why I stopped going on 4chan, but 4chan still feels alive in some way, there's still the occasional fun or interesting thread.

We're at early 2016 post count but mostly definitely not content levels, the pessimism is natural.

Stop crying. Make better threads.
Also, wait for summer. You'll be crying about the influx of newfigs then.

When BO first started turning into a hysterical ban happy spastic I got called paranoid when I said his/her/its behavior would lead to this board going the way of revleft. Seems like my "paranoia" was justified.

quality content OP :^)

BO's retarded faggotry killed Holla Forums. Reminder that we where still growing before he had his first breakdown

I agree, I haven't been here in a few months but this was the drawing point for me.
Unity is just compromise and compromise is allowing a vulnerability for exploitation.

It's not even a compromise on Holla Forums, just coercion and censorship

Like I said, I haven't spent any time here in the past few months I should lurk a bit to catch up with board culture but I came from Holla Forums initially and I presumed it was the type of retarded relationships like the an-caps and NutSac have there. They almost couldn't be any different but they find some kind of middle ground which isn't ideologically close to either of their's and pretend to be going in the same direction.
..I really should just lurk.

I got banned for a month for stating the fact that the ATF used David Koresh's ownership of illegal firearms as their justification for invading his Waco compound.

BO sucking cock on camera.
Nothing, this is the new baseline, now.
People who joined now and feel at home with this level of shittery will drag you back down.

Any improvement you make now will introduce inequality and that's what you taught people to combat tooth and nail.

You'll be the new fascists to the newcomers who find the current state of affairs just right.
Equality can only happen on the lowest of the low.

It's the bed you made for youself. Lie in it.

Holla Forums is dying as a whole. Actually imageboards are dying as whole. Today, no one except neckbeards use sites that aren't social media or news.

IRC is where the OGs are at.

And yet 4chan is as popular and normie as ever.

He means that traditional imageboard culture is dying.

I've been here three years or so and this makes me want to cry

The thread we have everyday where the anarchist screams about the board owner and anyone not their tendency gets real fuckin' old.

It seems pretty clear that the moderation team has been infiltrated by Porky.


Yep. Dying.

I think most responses fairly represent the problem leftypol has. People in the past have complained about a lack of quality but those periods only really lasted a few weeks but the current brain drain has really been going on for about half a year maybe more.
But other than severe moderation issues and B0 meltdowns; I think a another problem is that this board no longer has what made it special. This board was set up for leftists to *chan shitpost without le kekistan tier shit getting in the way. Now the board is no about chan culture; it is a propaganda front intended simply in advancing someone's agenda. Hense why you have the character limit and certain threads cyclicaled and other decyclicaled in an obvious favouritist attempt to encourage a certain type of discussion. It takes all organic spirit out the board. It disincentives people to make certain type of content which we valued so much in the early days of this board. The bumplocking and character limits also stop discussion of certain topics meaning that we get given the same narrow field of discussion day after day. If it we bumplocked "low quality" treads from the very begining like we do now then I can guarantee you that memes like humans vs orks, Hibernian memes, Stirner posting etc would never have happened.
Also I have noticed a great increase of people in debates and arguments on here who resort to one sentence retorts and general low effort arguments. I remember back in 2015 when we prided ourselves for making better arugemnts than the Alex Jones tier conspiracy thinking bullshit from Holla Forums which gave birth to the Hibernian meme and humans vs orks etc. No it is hard to avoid pointless low energy sectarian flaming that makes this board to mind numbingly boring and repetitive. You would hardly ever have seen in 2015-2016.

this again. You know, you guys really have a hardon for BO, with these histrionic claims. Shes preventing shitposting, but also posts are becoming shit? Yes BO has gone too far in banning sometimes but I'm sick to death of all these autists complaining and acting likes its some 'stalinist' conspiracy and the purges are upon us. No one is getting banned for disagreeing with ☭TANKIE☭s, they're getting banned for shilling for US imperialism. TBH, I'm not entirely discontented with BO's policy of valuing theory threads over shitposting. This is one of the few venues on the internet left to discuss left wing politics with intelligent people, besides the bird website after revleft died.

We reddit now.

It's completely ded.
Holla Forums was the last true leftist internet space and now it's gone.
There is no hope. Porky has won. There is no future. Brace for impact.

Why is bleeding users an actual problem? I'm not saying they are necessarily connected, but leftypol was better before newfags from all over the internet came.
I think this trend is mostly a good thing for now. Leftypol is an image board, not the vanguard of the revolution.

Newfag detected.

Holla Forums is the Fifth International!

When this board first started I was posting several threads a day every day just to try and keep it alive, back when we had like… 50 active users.

Then the BO read "Foundations of Leninism" and immediately became a raging ☭TANKIE☭ hormone monster and started banning everyone to please her ☭TANKIE☭ Twitter friends.

I got banned for suggesting that maybe Mugabe was not an authentic communist, made things worse for the people in Zembabwe, and was nepotistic.

Then after I was unbanned I vented my frustration by insinuating that it was very likely that BO was paid off by the CIA or something like that to nuke their own board because let's be honest the CIA couldn't have done a better job if they tried.

Now I only post here because this is the first and only leftist board I have ever used and I'll be fucked before I go to Reddit.

Nice post, comrade.

Another hot take, the problem with the massive amounts of shitposting mostly came from the Holla Forums converts thinking leftypol was a place where "anti-idpol" means you hate trannies and fags because they are idpol.

I’ve been gone for a few weeks. Main reason was because no one talks about theory, news, or books anymore

I'm sure body odour banning consistent leftcoms and anarchists for "imperialism" hasn't helped

It's not. We just have "concerned userbase" with their own agenda that wants to take control over Holla Forums.

We have news thread practically every day.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Marxism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is almost like, tailor made to divide the left.

If the aut right got caught doing stuff like that they would embrace it and be proud of it. So its no longer a weapon against them.

We need to be more like them if we want to succeed. Stop banning and censoring things. And maybe have some fun once in a while.
One of the main things that attracts people to the aut right is that they are always laughing and having fun while we are impotent and miserable.

Come on, Satan. You can do better.

Objective of Right-wing is to dilute discussion. Why would we want to succeed at it?

It's not a problem fam, u rite.
It's awesome to be irrelevant and not have a place to discuss your political ideas while the entire internet (and real life) just gets overrun with polyps vs liberals.
It feels so fucking good.

Lol ok

Can you just put "I have never read any theory in my life" in the name field please?

Based Bakunin!

Because its very effective in winning arguments.

Look at this shit on youtube at the moment, the skeptics took down pseudoscience, religion, feminism with ease. Then they tried to tackle the aut right and they were sent running with tails between their legs. People lost their careers because they got in a debate with the aut right and lost.

We need that kind of power.

Apologies for my leddit spacing.

Whoa, tell me more! Links?

Yeah totally man that's what leftypol losing a few users means. It's like, totally the death of leftism.


You guys don't know how good you've got it. Coming from who someone who lurks a lot on Holla Forums out of curiosity. Just this thread alone would be impossible/shilled/shitposted to extinction on Holla Forums. It was refreshing to read tbh, might lurk on here more as a result. Bigger userbases aren't always a good thing. Focusing on content with the base you already have should be the aim.

You're absolutely right, the board just isn't fun any more, I never would have been inspired to make OC if it had always been like this. I wish there was some way to fix things.

Do you really want more of nazbols and other crypto-fascists to ruin this board to the ground with shitposting?

Dunno about the death of leftism but as for internet spaces to discuss leftism, yeah, it's over, there's no place to discuss anymore.


You can't discuss here on leftypol? What is stopping you? Do you think mods will ban you if you create a theory thread? If you write a review of a book you read? Are you maybe just buttblasted that you can't shitpost without consequences?

for those of you who haven't been following what's happened for the past few months there's a thread with explanations here:


Nigger, please.

You get banned for disliking regimes BO likes, or disagreeing with ☭TANKIE☭s, or making fun of BO, or being an anarchist, or a leftcom, or… date I say it… NAZBOL HANG!

Aha, I have done all of those things (apart from making fun of BO) and have never been banned.

It’s like the USSR all over again

Capitalism wins baby

Oh, and havn't been nazbol posting.


A bit over a year ago you guys started a le epic raid on Holla Forums, tried to start a colony there, and honestly thought you would convert them. You now have less users than when you started. You can't even overtake 8/pol/. Quite pathetic. I'm sure the revolution is just around the corner, though. lmao

Are you talking about the Bat'ko shit which 8/pol/ started and shilled into 4/pol/ till it got deleted for doxxing on 4/pol/ and anchored on 8?

This is clearly hyperbole for the sale of story telling.

The point is that she became an ideological puritan.

Nah, I'm talking about when leftypol tried to convert pol.
This is the only screenshot I can find.

LMAO. We've had a couple Holla Forumsyps start threads like that to screenshot, but they were otherwise ignored.

No. That happened about half a year ago.

I don't think anybody thought that making something like 6 threads on 4/pol/ will convert an entire subreddit.
It's hard to reason with people who reject reason and ban you on sight.

The whole """""raid""""" which gave birth to spainanon was in January instead of April if I'm not mistaken

They were by far the most active threads. Nice try, though.

Don't try to rope me into someone else's autism.


Many people did.
Why would you have to reason with 8/pol/ to gain users?
Sounds a bit like leftypol.

Things are a lot less entertaining. Most would consider that a good thing, but I can use an occasional joke.

Maybe mods should stop banning from not supporting Assad/Russia/Iran

omg mods bump locked the umpteenth "leftypol is ded" thread. LITERALLY HITLER


You guys need some practice for a change, man.

If you are an actual white person.
An actual fucking white person, that means not a jew, etc, you all know what white means, it's what most of you fight against, after all.

But if you're actually white, even if you're ugly.
Even if you're out of shape, fat, unhealthy.

If you turned your life around then you would SOAR above even the proclaimed "chosen ones" with almost no effort.

Not to mention all the nonwhites and each and every misshaped and out of shape white "comrades".

You would suddenly turn into a god among them, and every time they saw you their deficiencies would grill them alive.

If you think trannies get mad when you compare them to the real deal, which they cannot ever match because they're infertile, butchered mannequins after a "full transition".
Then you should see the slow, spiteful erosion of people who cannot stand to see you succeed while they flounder around, for any reason.

In the case of whites it's just a matter of putting some work into it.
Not even much, we are the actual, unironic master race, after all.
Even with all the mongrel potatoes around, those who aren't completely ruined cannot be touched by the inferiors. Ever.

Funny enough, you could easily break free from this if you stopped playing along.
Leftism and everything it covers is not rooted in reality and relies on everyone playing along.

Since there is no real substance behind it, if you stop playing, the ones who want you to play cannot do so anymore outside of force, either physical or mental.

But they cannot conjure anything up that is actually real.

But it's your life.
Which you will never get back.
And trickles away with every passing second.

Ah, well. It's not like you're essential or anything, even if you're white.
We survived the black death, you can die just fine and we won't notice.

It's just for your own good to leave all of this bullshit behind.
Or not.

That's up to you.

1. I am white
2. White has no agreed upon definition and is an invention of the 19th century. When the term first came about Italians and the Irish weren't considered white
3. No one here gives two shits about "whiteness" because most of us don't even think it exists and were not liberal SJW's were anti capitalist.

I'm a communist with a full time job a car and I make art with bones and a drimmell that I sell on the side and I go to the gym 4 times a week. I'm not even sure why you were trying to say here other than "leftists are weak"

Yet you are constantly used and defeated by the supposedly inferior jews

Funny enough, you could easily break free from this if you stopped playing along. The Right and everything it covers is not rooted in reality and relies on everyone playing along.

Fucking ditto buddy.

Jesus Christ did you write all of that while violently convulsing? That was the most incomprehensible garbage I have ever read in my life, what are you even trying to say? Are you like…13?

Jesus Christ dude read what you write before you post.

You have one news thread.
There was a time where you had more

There are less theory threads than there were a few months ago because most of the effortposters are sick of all the recent changes. Hell, there used to be a lot of good threads that started with simple questions which led to meaningful discussion, but now they get bumplocked and the OP banned because of the stupid 200 char nonsense

Can you tone down your Liberal outrage a bit?

Good short questions are an exception. Moreover, any such questions can be easily elaborated up to 200 chars - which is a very short post. For example, this post contains exactly five hundred (500) symbols.


Guess tapeworms are better than cows, too.

I call feel the rage seeping through your computer monitor. It's okay user, just because Jews are superior to you in literally every way doesn't mean you are worth any less.