IQ and Pseudoscience

So I'm sure people have heard about the Bell Curve and I keep hearing it's pseudoscience but does anyone have any books debunking it and explaining why it's pseudoscience?

Please I'd really like to understand more about this and I'd love it if you have some book recommendations for me.

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There is a strong correlation between Autism Level and how people perform nigga.
However there are blacks countries that out-perform the supposedly superior races (for example, Madagascar has a higher Autism Level overall than a lot of Hispanic countries and some muslim ones, and Botswana is believed to have the lowest Autism Level yet because of their liberal market and non-fraudulent culture they outperform Brazil per capita).

Not to mention the high Autism Level countries that perform like shit and live in the dirt like Mongolia or Russia or whatever.

tl;dr: There are more factors than Autism Level for outcome so don't worry even if you can't debunk it. I mean Autism Level tests are just see how good your general intelligence is but that doesn't mean shiet if you don't take in account other factors.

I personally believe that I.Q. is different among the races but that doesn't mean I'm racist nor do I think we should segregate. It's just what the science suggests. The real question for me is nature v.s. nurture and which is dominate, so far nature is leading the way. But a lot of other discoveries are taking place like, apparently talking with your children doesn't matter. Something of that nature.

Why would I care about someone's autism level when I've encountered stupid people of all walks of life?

If I remember correctly Richard Lewontin (a Marxist evolutionary biologist) directly addresses the pseudoscience and inherent class bias of the book in his 'Biology as Ideology' lecture series:

Highly recommended for comrades.

If Holla Forums's ever gonna beat Holla Forums comrades better read some of the research that runs counter to the "muh sooperior Aryan I.Q." narrative the alt-right shills. It's the crux of their argument and this thread's replies so far suck. This is how you do it:

Hope this helps.

The book isn't pseudo science, the claim that all races have different mental capacities and are thus different, thus justifying separation is.
Blacks have lower Autism Level in general but why do you think that is?
Because the system of capitalism dumbs everyone down, it just dumbed down blacks before they could even start learning as much as whites had before them, get a group of whites from birth and teach them very little and treat them as slaves, then put them through years of abuse and drugs and see how they turn out.

check this out, OP

You can do better than that. Gould lowkey mismeasued his own subjects ironically enough.

It is pseudoscience because he prefaces the book by claiming that is tests and SAT scores don't discriminate against socio-economic background and such. He literally disregards any possible explanation for the disparity besides the genetic one.

But Jews (when categorized as their own group) and East Asians both show higher Autism Level than white people so they aren't even master race in their own basis of claims.

I'm sorry but data says otherwise, nurture is far more impactful than nature.

No they don't, and no it's not.

Too bad he had a fallacy named after him for that.

But whether the supposed fallacy is a fallacy is still debated. There are multiple interpretations of Lewontin's argument and multiple responses to Edwards' critique.

We need Autism Level shredders to pave the way for Real Communism.

Hmmmmm is that reactionary fake sceince I hear?

a detailed rebuttal, good job

All you need.
lol at this.

Sorry comrade, but the fact is that niggers are literally so dumb that the biologists literally used to compare them to orangutans and chimps. They're barely human imho and will not be allowed into any socialist state in Europe.

MUH Autism Level is just a way for certain whites to feel scientifically justified in not wanting to live around non-whites. I don't really blame them, but it leads to stupid shit like white nationalism (as if any white nationalists would want to live surrounded by purple-haired tumblrtards so long as they were WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE)

The excuse with Orientals is that they're creatively sterile, as they never invented anything new and are just expanding on old concepts, and all the examples of new shit invented in East Asia doesn't count, because apparently the last truly new concept was the radio. Or was it television? Or was it satellites? Or was it the internet? Or was it smartphones? Just don't think too hard about it.

If an author titles his paper "Z Topic: X's fallacy" does not mean "there's a fallacy named after X," you complete drooling idiot. For it to be a fallacy in the sense you use it (logical, argumentative fallacy) the term would have to be applicable to different contexts as well. In other words
doesn't mean

At least read the fucking wikipedia article, you stupid shit.

After what, you idiot? You are replying to a lecture of his. Edwards' critique is aimed at an article written by Lewontin in the 70's.

The problem with the bell curve is that is fails to amount for nurture, how people are raised, If you’re raised in a poor inner city naborhood, not being exposed to much literature, and having very bad schooling you won’t be supper smart.

So like yourself?



I know it’s le reddit but this is a pretty great summary with lots of sources:

Lead Poisoning and the Bell Curve already disproved it. Only ypipo who feel a need to justify their place in the socio-economic hierarchy believe this junk.


Please don't.

I read this a long time ago and I don't remember refuting anything specifically from the Bell Curve

Don't tell Holla Forums that Gutenberg copied his printing press techniques from the Koreans that had been doing metal-punch printing for ages before Gutenberg heard about it.

I.Q. aside, there are certainly cognitive differences between races. Hell, we intentionally breed animals with specific behavioral tendencies because cognitive ability and behavioral tendencies are linked to genetics as much as body shape and physical ability. This isn't really up for debate unless you think behavior and cognition isn't linked to your brain. The real question is: so what? Are we supposed to jail black people if they're less cognitively able than asian people? I just don't get what the end-goal of this argument is.

Yeah, but human breeding doesn't work that way.

I don't agree with the first half of your post but, I do agree with the second half. Even if there were a definite link between negroid features and intelligence why even bother to argue for genocide? Which is the logical end of this argument.

the point is that cognitive ability is clearly tied to genetics

What do you disagree with in the first half of my post? Do you agree that cognition and behavior are the result of the brain? Do you agree that genes control the development and functioning of the brain? Do you agree that not everyone has identical cognitive abilities and behavioral tendencies?

No shit, Sherlock. That still doesn't make the selective, directed breeding of species to produce labrador retrievers or scottish fold cats is comparable to the accidental breeding that occurs in humans.

Any time someone points to anything that comes from the Pioneer Fund, they should receive nothing but ridicule. They're an incestuous bunch of hacks that make up data and sources and then cite each others' work. The Three Stooges would have more accurate data.

why are you obsessing about selective breeding when it's irrelevant to my point? I referenced animal breeding only to highlight that cognitive function and behavioral tendency are linked to genetics, not just environment/rearing.

No one is denying that genetics plays a role in intelligence. The question is if race is valid category that can determine intelligence or if it's a just a social construct.

If a certain race has the "smart genes" then we should just force them to reproduce with other races in order to improve overall cognitive function of the human race. There you go problem solved.

Because Hobbes destroyed the whole "great man" meme centuries ago. Multiple humans can do what one man could only dream of doing. Also AI is going to make autism levels irrelevant anyways. Your whole worldview is dying.

Speaking of eye queue and race, the lower your eye queue, the more likely you are to be racist.

in fact its already happening, not only to chauffeurs, but also to former white collar respectables such as lawyers. Most people are useless by capitalism's standards, fit only for service industry busywork and mindless consumption. Most 'whites' have too low an autism level to perform the code monkey labor we are told is The Future Of Work. redirect your energies towards taking down the system instead of fighting over crumbs with the affirmative action cases (not actually so many as they would have you believe). NrX and the sillicon valley mainstream aren't that different, in fact you could argue NrX are bitter nerd LARPers while the sjws at Google actually know what neofeudal capitalist governance is all about.
Reading the Right - Volume One: The Bell Curve
Covers it pretty good.