Gay Liberation

I can't help but respect and admire the early radical days of the queer movement which was very much paired with Marxism and other liberation struggles. Pretty much all the early gay liberation figures were communists. The first gay rights group, the Mattachine Society was Marxist Leninist and affiliated with the CPUSA.

And what kind of radical wouldn't admire the genuinely heroic Stonewall uprising against the police scum?

It was all such a far cry from the neutered assimilationist middle class garbage of the 90s and 00s.

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The gay movement is proof that entryism does not fucking work. Once the white corporate gays got a seat at the table, they immediately sold out their working-class, black, and trans comrades.

I don't know what liking men has to do with your political compass
It just means you are smart and have good taste

Women like money not men tbh
Only the 2D women can love u properly

From Programme And Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (1975)

Socialist society will wipe out the decadence of capitalism in all spheres. Prostitution, drug addiction, homosexuality and other practices which bourgeois society breeds and the bourgeoisie promotes to degrade and enslave the masses of people, will be abolished. The prostitutes, drug addicts and others who are caught in these things will be re-educated to become productive members of society, with working class consciousness. The shame connected with these practices will be taken from the shoulders of these victims and the guilt will be placed where it belongs—on the bourgeoisie. (page 43)

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wtf It’s almost like money, and corporate success actually causes people to start acting like adults.

Fuck off Bob.

The "gay identity" is only another diversion from the revolution.
It's entire foundations are based on hedonistic bourgeouis values and are to be actively attacked.

Spotted the reactionary


That may be true in your experience, but its pretty much the opposite of mine. Most gays I've known, male and female, have had perfectly normal relationships that aren't inherently sexual.

They've also all be working class, and are considerably more class conscious than most straight people i know. Maybe that's just here in the UK, though.

Most morons' relationships are mostly focused on sex these past few decades. If not, it's money and status, which is arguably even worse.

It's almost like movements built around identity are extremely easy to fracture along class lines. Who knew? I think we all know the answer to this one.

w-wait isn't that a good thing? just side with the prole gays when it fractures

I'm referring to the fracture between the gays and the socialist organizations. The leadership of those idpol orgs is almost always bourg. If it isn't, porky will erect a new org for the proles to rally around (and give it 100x the funding.) This has happened over and over again.

Once all the baby boomers are dead we might have revolution.

Soooo prostitutes, drug addicts and homosexuals are all products of the decadence of capitalism despite existing for thousands of years prior to?

These aren't practices of the bourgeois mostly.



What if there was a gay equivalent of the Black Panther Party in the modern day? What would it look like and would Holla Forums back them? I get that the gay community and the black community have totally different problems, but Holla Forums seems to defend the legacy of the Black Panthers, so under what circumstances would you need to see to recognize a gay equivalent as revolutionary?

LGBT versus """Queer"""

By highlighting the relation between gay issues and class issues. The Stonewall riots had an obvious class component, but mainstream class-based organizations like the Communist Party avoided associating with homosexuals out of of fear they would lose respectability or simply out of actual prejudice — the French CGT trade-union had in 1971 described homosexuality as "a tradition alien to the working class" — so gay and lesbian activists tended to be poorly politicized and organized solely on an anti-discrimination platform.

Capitalism is not inherently anti gay, capitalists are more than happy selling rainbow Doritos and gay cruises. Mere nostalgia for 60s radicalism isn't going to cut it, its forms have become marketing cliches in their own right. Nowadays, labels such as 'queer' often have nothing to do with sexuality and are just ornaments people use in lieu of a personality. We gotta appeal to people's identities, their real revolutionary selves, not to the labels imposed on them by the system.

How are queers a 'pack of rapists'?

ur right, by this point 99.9% of 'queers' are literally just neurotic straight cis white women with wacky coloured hair. Gays are becoming a minority on their own community. stop gay genocide.

Now seriously, performative politics of 'transgression' are a dead end. a honeypot for bored narcissists.

What are you even spouting rn

This is pure 60s narcissism yet radlibs will eat it up and deny that the kid is being coached for social brownie points by his mother.


well, explain it to me, I just don't get it. I'm not even straight and I feel alienated by this sort of shit

tbff shit like this means nothing to me it just makes me feel depressed. A life of empty hedonism terrifies me. Silly rabbit, existential terror is for straight people. Identity politics makes me afraid of loosing my identity.

Being "afraid" of "loosing your identity" is identity politics.

I'm talking about my individual identity, i was never much one for group identities. I just wanna be human

let's start with you

Where did everything go so wrong?

It's basically all America's fault.

What do I need to be liberated from?

Capitalism is notorious for coopting and neutering radical social movements. No revolutionary movement in history was turned completly neutered and inoffensive to the class system as the gay movement. Its pretty depressing and sickening.

The family, monogamy, gender roles, bourgeois sexual puritanism. These cancers harm everyone though, certainly not just queer people.

the truth is that every communist soul is trapped in a material capitalist body
we need too get rid of this body to free socialist spirit
by working with our mind and spirit in union whitch struggle to
resist against capitalist vampire thought forms
that steal life energy from us when we finaly realise it
our energy will unite with other comrades in a common spiritual commune

pic rel
demonic vampire thought forms

How is a movement dedicated to forcing outsiders to engage in unwanted sex with it not a pack of rapists?

what the fuck are you talking about?


I asked you what the fuck you're talking about. Either explain what you mean by gays being a "movement dedicated to forcing outsiders to engage in unwanted sex" or shut the hell up, dude. Are you "le trolling" or something?

Please point to where I said gays were that movement? Are you incapable of parsing that gay != queer?

Weren't the Pink panthers the black panthers for gays tho?

Ok, replace "gays" with "queers" in my post.
They basically mean the same thing in older context so I use them interchangeably.

No. The two terms are not synonymous. Gay is a description of a sexuality. Queer is a political construct.

Where do you get the idea that queer are a movement to force outsiders to engage in unwanted sex?

Do you have any evidence for this?

Where do you think the ideas of Riley Dennis et al in demanding others engage in sexual activity with them sprang from? I've seen numerous members of the """queer""" movement express the opinion that declining sex with someone with a minority sexual orientation is bigotry.

More evidence…

HOMOsexuality is FASCIST.

anti-HOMO gang.

That is one very faulty line.
Literally just bourgeoise morality in proletarian clothing.

warm brothers BTFO

Being gay is a non issue, it's IDpol.

Mainstream monotheist religions such as islam make a huge issue out of it. Christianity also does, but it condemns a lot of other things as well (and not even homosexuality directly).

Hahaha some quotes from that article:

Maybe if he did a quick search about it on google scholar he would've gotten plenty of articles with proof.

post-structuralist feminisms desire to resexualize the population.
How in the name of fuck can this be a bad thing? Sexual repression is a major cause of mental illness, reactionary behavior, and social alienation. Read Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich.

Forcing people to be straight is abuse but forcing people to be gay is liberation? Are you high?

lamo fucking burn

What would be the point of that? The only things I can think of that establish some sort of connection between socialism and LGBT issues are the cost of all the medication for transgender people the chance of reactionaries getting in power and lynching homosexuals (which is obviously very low atm). Other than these, there aren't really any reasons to create a BPP like party for gay people.

don't mind it, Holla Forums approach to the gay issue is just aesthetics look:

they even take the lines of a script from the 1975, literally. Despite we all know nowadays that homosexuality and transexuality are things rooted in biology and not in the porky's schemes.

Is this from Mr. Jazz is fascist man or from Phil Greeves?

Dr. Reich plz. Our world of hook up apps and endless TBs of porn of every imaginable sex act categorized with scientifically precision is anything but 'repressed'. Post-60s consumer culture is an entirely different animal from pre-WWII Bourgeois culture, it's all about telling people to let go of their inhibitions, not just in what regards to sex but in general. everything is repressed through sexuality, a decent looking enough social alienate can get laid on tinder.

Africa probably. When we descended from the trees.

Now that we have Dicky Spencer and Milo on video defending child porn and paedophilia. It is pretty much settled that Lenin was right on sexual matters nearly 100 years ago. Free Love is reactionary and free love between people and objects (kids, animals, robots etc.) is the new frontier of fascism.

This. Also sex drama has ruined far too many leftist organizations.

Yeah, Nah


back 2 r/socialism


This. I work at Office Depot, which was rated the best company for LGBTQ people to work for by some Human Rights company last year. It's a shithole that overworks the employees for minimum wage, doubling the quota every month, has anti-union posters in the break room, only gives benefits to upper management (despite promising it to everyone on the careers page) and even punished me for making a fairly vague rainbow design business card when my department was out of the standard cards.

I'm surprised