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Hey Holla Forums so hopefully I don't get banned for this seeing that it's kind of off topic but here we go. So I recently attended Jury Duty for the first time, it so happens to be a murder and attempted murder case. Long story short the judge and lawyers (there's three for three perpetrators) along with the prosecutor are going to examine me to see if I get will be on the Jury. I personally don't believe in the America system of justice to a certain extant. I want to be able to voice my opinion and keep it /lefty/ at the same time. What should I say?

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You should say:

FUCK donald DRUMPF and FUCK white people

This will automatically exclude you from jury duty.

This isn’t the 1990’s anymore, it takes more than saying some crazy shit during examination to be excluded. You would basically need to splash a little vodka on your clothes to give the smell of alcohol before you show up, and act like your drunk, and start being very abrasive to who’s questioning you, I’m talking about acting like a complete drunk asshole (don’t actually be drunk, they’ll really arrest you). You’ll be taken out by the cop, and they’ll ask you if you had anything to drink (tell them yes), then agree to a breathalyzer, once it comes up negative, start laughing at them and DARE them to arrest you. You’ll eventually just be kicked out, and told never to come back for being such a hassle. Not sure if this works outside the US though…

Google jury nullification and make it clear that you don't give a shit about proof or laws when it comes to determining the fate of your fellow man.

Pretty good advice. For extra realism, slip into the bathroom, and run some tap water in the front of your pants, and make sure you’re wearing clothes that haven’t been washed in months, years, and put extra dirt/paint on them. They’ll think your absolutely fucking crazy.


t. 4/pol/

But the majority of white folk in my pool are gay, surprisingly. They ask if your married in front of everyone, among other stuff. Gay white folk are most likely comrades.

Brilliant advice as always Holla Forums. But I want to drop /lefty/pills of truth when being questioned. How should I phrase these truths without revealing my power level.

God no, I hate Holla Forums.

Never gonna work, you're not somehow going to convince the judge and lawyers to change their whole lives. Just keep it tame and simple. Pretend to be apolitical, if you really must you can be a moderate Democrat. They can and will exclude you if you make them think you don't respect the legal system or whatever war the police have going on at the time (drugs, porn, loitering etc etc). Just put yourself into the mindset of what someone who knew nothing about politics would say. Be open and trusting of law enforcement, tell them you believe in the law and that criminals should be punished. Once you're actually on the jury you can rule how you please.

There's too many good people who have excluded themselves from duty and essentially fucked over innocent people by making a big song and dance before they actually get on the jury.

True, and it is a murder case as well. Maybe I can save these folk from a wrongful life sentence.

Stay on the jury and refuse to convict the defendant.

But what if he's guilty, I can't just let a killer go free?

If he's actually guilty then you should vote guilty, but just stay on the look out for shady tactics, false confessions, bullshit experts, and so on. Assume that the accused's lawyer will be a public defender in the pocket of the police who won't even bother trying to get him off. Watch Twelve Angry Men if you haven't already (yeah it's fiction but you should keep that spirit in mind).

Oh and remember that the supposed rules of the US justice system state you should to be absolutely sure he's guilty. If you aren't at least 99% sure he did it, even if you believe more than 50/50 that he did it, you should vote not guilty.

Very true

To be honest, it's quite likely that the prosecution and the judge will intimidate the accused to the extent that his shitty public defender will be able to convince him to make everyone in the court's lives easier by pleading guilty, so there might be no trial at all. But you never know.

I'm just imagining this

The judge said he already entered a plea of not guilty.

Based I would try some shit like that.

just do a 360 and walk away

Well then, it could get interesting.


I doubt they'll interview the jurors… Is that even allowed?

Wait what if OP gets on the case, and just starts going on rants about Socialism. Imagine this being like a mini-OJ case, and then he shouts out Holla Forums. The media balks at images like pic related and we make the news. It's genius. We even have spooky death cultists (Posadists/accelerationists), I can't image how juicy Holla Forums would be if the whole "Spooky socialisms man" angle was sold by OP.
Jk he'd just get kicked out and laughed at

What if his antics become noteworthy im the case, and he ambushes the reporters with some halfbaked Stalin-Land-Hitler-Bernie rant, and is just generally erratic.

Sadly no, but if the case gets popular then they might try to get me sneaking out of the courthouse. That's when I flash a homemade Communism will win t-shirt.

Don't be a child about this. Anything you say in questioning outside of the norm will just be a narcissist win for you.

Do the thing we would all be proud of. Get on that jury and save that man's life. Not because you believe in him or the system, but in spite of the system. Make a case for him. Make it hard for the system to feed off of the poor. There is no God we must do his work. Good luck.

We shall see

No one cares about your opinion and it won't affect anything. Instead get on the jury by being as normie, apolitical, dispassionate, and undecided as possible. Both attorneys will accept someone who can go either way and doesn't seem unique or special. If you get on the jury then you can actually do something. Here's a short doc talking about this fija.org/docs/JG_If_you_are_called_for_Jury_Duty.pdf

If you say anything slightly outside the norm during voir dire you will be excluded. Both the defense and prosecution are selecting jurors, and they both want jurors who are as blank slate, middle of center as possible.

Realistically speaking, sending them to prison is only going to make things worse. They are likely going to come out worse, with worse prospects and more likelihood of committing more crimes, all the while suffering the brutality and cruelty of prison. Even then, you can ask the judge about lesser included offenses and convict on that.

He should definitely not tell the other jurors that he's trying to nullify. This can get him ratted out and removed from the jury. Any interactions with the other jurors should be making as best as case for the defendant as possible, it definitely shouldn't be anything political.