Jason Unruhe: "Question The Age of Consent"


"This would not be happening if the same situation occurred with other relationships: Older male, younger female: The male would be prosecuted with very little criticism. Older female, younger male: There would be arguments that it’s not the same thing as the other way around making a double-standard, but she would be prosecuted all the same. 2 male homosexual relationship: I think there wouldn’t be much outrage., it would be seen as a clear-cut case of taking advantage of a younger person. (Whether this is true or not is another matter.)"

WTF is this? Is the Roo a pedo?

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It appears so

I mean yeah. Look at the video he made of his admitted "obsession" with Miley Cyrus.

I've had my suspicions that Roo is a pretty sick motherfucker behind closed doors.

Holy shit ROO IS A PEDO


The Maoist Third-Worldist anthem:


lmao another mautist turns out to be a sexual predator.

Unruhe is of lower intelligence like a lot of pedos so this isn't surprising.

why are maoists and trots so rapey?



Sam Kriss isn't a Maoist. He's just a stupid Lacanian PoMo weirdo.

The majority of those people aren't actually pedos and even if you do consider them to be that society would be better off without them so your image is still shit.

What the fuck are you talking about? Most of them are confirmed.

All of those thighfucking faggots would have like 40 Autism Level if they were tested today. The world would have been better off without them.

I never said Sam Kriss was a maoist. i was refering to maoist and trotskyist orgs like the RCP and the SWP being hangouts for sex criminals.

Disappointing tbh famalam

The United States will charge you as an adult in a court of law under the logic of “this individual could only be capable of doing what they’ve done if they had ability of to make adult decisions in the first place; therefore the person was acting as an adult in said context”. Now explain to me why this idea is absent in every other facet of life in modern society. It’s as if the state apparatus views it as “we don’t know who under the age of 18, is capable of acting as an adult until they do so, then we can act”. When I was 16, if I chose to have sex with somebody that was 20, why should they face punishments under the guise that I was victim by default because I was incapable of making the choice, even though it clearly was my choice?

Do elaborate pls. I had no idea Bob Cult was also a sex cult.

I remember Jason used to show off his Hannah Montana DVD collection back in the day on BlogTV. *shivers*

AoC laws are different in Canada.

"The question that should be asked here, what can be criticized is the age of consent. Is the age of consent law fair? Is it a true reflection of our values in society? The problem here is the age of consent law, not homosexual rights, because the age of consent equally applies to heterosexual people. I believe there should be some alterations to the age of consent law, that is what should be discussed here, not perceived discrimination based on sexual orientation."

This is fucking disgusting, Jason.

I thought autistic screeching over the age of consent was supposed to be for AnCaps

Jason? Is that you?

When it comes to the Greeks wasn't the life expectancy like 30?

No, it's a myth that people back in the day died young. 70 was considered a good long life.


Whaddya know, a ☭TANKIE☭ Mautist defending child marriage.

Don't try character assassinations before archiving everything you fags.



Deleted comment is found: here

life expectancy was low because lots of people died in childhood. if you made it past 15 you could expect to live until 60ish


"I believe there should be some alterations to the age of consent law."

- Jason "Hold Her Tighter - She's A Fighter!" Unruhe

I don't care about this as an issue personally, but nearly everyone abandons rational argument in favor of moral opprobrium as soon as the topic comes up.

Age of consent is an obvious social/legal construct, and this should at least be recognized by the left. I may feel personally disgusted by pedophilia, but leaving it at "disgust" seems like a disservice to thought. Mere disgust isn't a substitute for rationally addressing the topic, and cries of evil for even talking about it as such a construct hardly suffice as real discussion.

t. pedo sympathizer

death to pedo scum


Um.. WTF?

Jason is a creepy old man? Color me surprised:


??? What was the image?

Well, he's not wrong.

This sort of legal policy isn't helpful - and the AoC is pretty worthless if we just hold it as some sacred fundamental truth and ignore the reasons we'd set it at a certain age as opposed to another to begin with.

That said, I think AoC is used to target fags. I think there's a disproportionate amount of entrapment activities directed towards ze gays - on top of gay relationships with age disparities being singled out more. Like the Greek pederasts who've been mentioned, here - people forget that the range for the younger partner in classical pederastic relationships tended to be between like 12 and 20 depending on the culture. This was also the common age for a younger female partner at the time - the straight relationships exhibited similar age disparities to the pederastic ones, and minus the gay version this trend basically continued in Europe with only a very slow decline until the 20th century. Pederasty has a primarily semantic link to pedophilia, the source of much confusion - but unless you set the AoC above 21 and/or ban gay sex, pederasty will technically be legal.

I can glance at it and immediately see several who aren't - Oscar Wilde, Allen Ginsberg, Satre and de Beauvoir (fucked with students, but not elementary schoolkids)… and I suspect that many of the rest are dubious, too.

I think, or hope, you're kidding, but, just as an example, we're able to address race realism rationally even though we think it's disgusting as a view. Addressing something rationally isn't approving of it but having some kind of response beyond disgust to it, otherwise we're simply repeating our culturally conditioned reactions - which is to say contemporary norms and mores that may or may not have anything to do with the left.

I haven't watched the video and don't care to anyway, but there should be some rational response to it and not just loathing.

Yeah the world would be better off without them. The only good people on that list is Shakespeare and Leonardo Da Vivci. I have no fucking idea who the rest are. Also no wonder why pedos like Foucault.

Jason should join the Sparts. He'd be right at home.

Weren't they gay pedos tho?

Eh, Marx was heavily influenced by Aristotle, so erasing him from history would be unwise. Plus it would have taken a few more centuries for biology to become a thing without Aristotle.

Projecting much, Jason?

Oscar Wilde would be, I'm fairly sure, by the modern definition of "pedophilia," although you're right that he was strictly speaking a pederast.


Am I supposed to believe that the moral denunciation here is authentic? You don’t have to be ancap gang to question the moral hysteria going on right now. And like you said Unruhe actually seems right here.

WSWS and MIM are actually right the purpose of creating an atmosphere of sexual paranoia as well as sex laws that can easily be abused is to leave the option open of slandering and destroying the leaders of popular working class movements that have the potential to challenge the system. Putting someone’s sexual history or writings on sex under a microscope and/or spreading slander, false accusations or entrapping them is pretty much the oldest trick in the book for how to socially destroy your enemies.

Hey I have a brilliant idea for how leftists can avoid this devious trap. HOW ABOUT YOU STOP FUCKING LITTLE KIDS YOU PEDO.

Even if you don't they'll just say you did anyway. A 17 year old isn't a little kid you fucking moralist.


Not that it matters at all but I’ve never had sex with anyone two years younger then me and I wasn’t sexually active till I was 16. So I’m definitely not a “pedo” I’m just pointing out the obvious inconsistencies and McCarythist atmosphere here.

This pretty much.

*more then two

Any proof for this?

Anti-pedophilia will break down once the grand spooks of the nuclear family, innocence, and other memes die along with capitalism.

I don't see what the big deal is here, the AoC is 15 here in Sweden.

Family bonds will be strengthened under socialism. The extended family is the most efficient and organic form of human organization.

how does acknowledging that an arrest occurred for the age difference and not the same sex issue = pedo?

are you retarded? he was clearly referring to the average life span being like 35 or slightly longer and how they have children younger

are you retarded he was 29 and she was like 25, how is that creepy old man?

Think know who OP is: Aidan Acquaire

the only one here projecting is you pedo.

How are you a "pedo" for stating that age of consent still applies to homosexual relationships?

This makes me think: before it split the old MIM (whose members later went over to form LLCO) had this line about aoc and sex criminals. I think they wanted the age of consent lowered to 13 and their founder referred to it as "the magic age line"

I wonder if LLCO took a similar line. Is Jason still with them?

This is not something leftists should concern themselves with, outside of instances where it is used unfairly to directly target comrades.

Because if we didnt then we would have to allow 16 year olds who arent mature enough to get taken advantage of.

It's just easier that way. We decided 18 was an appropriate number and stuck with it. And where is the line exactly? Because humans have had ranges as wide as "if she can have a period she can fuck" to "only educated mature mentally sound adults can have sex."

How many 15 year olds have you had sex with user?

Untrue. The socialist family will serve socialism. The entire idea of a family being about "love" is an entirely bourgeois/first world thing.

Do you want me to know how I know you're an anglo?

Jason's entire argument is that the age of consent for homosexuals should be the same as the age of consent for heterosexuals. He's not talking about lowering it in general.

Way to take this way out of proportion.

Former LLCO cadre. LLCO had no such line. The general atmosphere in the org was that Pedos are scum.