Daily News Thread 1/9

Joe Arpaio Says He’ll Run for U.S. Senate Seat in Arizona

Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced he plans to run for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Jeff Flake.

Netanyahu’s Son Toured Strip Clubs in Government Armored Car, Report Says

Israeli television broadcast a 2015 recording in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son banters with a son of a shareholder in a gas company that won offshore drilling rights from the government, even asking him for money to pay a stripper.

Jared Kushner Received $30M from an Israeli Firm after Joining White House: Report

Kushner allegedly received the money just before his first trip to Israel with Trump as his adviser in 2017.

Russia alleges Syrian air base was hit by swarm of drones in first-of-its-kind attack by militants

The Russian ministry of defence has said that a swarm of coordinated drones attacked their Khmeimim Air Base in Syria during the night between 5 and 6 January. This follows an attack on the base on New Year's Eve that left two dead and an aircraft damaged.

Classified Military Satellite Goes Missing After SpaceX Launch

A military satellite launched by Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. appears to have crashed into the sea after a malfunction while being boosted into orbit, a potential setback for the billionaire’s rocket program.

Theresa May’s Cabinet Reboot Descends Into Chaos

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s attempt to give her government a 2018 reboot was marred by a chaotic cabinet reshuffle as senior ministers refused to follow her orders. It’s a development that bodes ill for her ability to successfully navigate the next, even trickier stage of Brexit talks.

Koreas agree military talks to defuse border tension

North and South Korea have agreed to hold military talks to defuse border tension, after their first high-level meeting in two years.

FBI chief calls unbreakable encryption 'urgent public safety issue'

The inability of law enforcement authorities to access data from electronic devices due to powerful encryption is an “urgent public safety issue,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Tuesday as he sought to renew a contentious debate over privacy and security.

Branson’s health service avoids UK corporation tax while racking up millions in NHS profit

Richard Branson’s Virgin Care Services has failed to pay any corporation tax in the UK, despite the private health service racking up over £15 million in profit from NHS contracts over the past two years.

15,000 German Metalworkers Start Mass Strikes

IG Metall has not organized a nationwide, open-ended strike in Germany since 2003.

Alabama sheriffs accused of profiting from jail food funds

Civil rights groups have sued dozens of Alabama sheriffs, seeking public records over allegations they served inmates inadequate or unhealthy meals and profited from jailhouse food programs.

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NSA Surveillance Bill Would Legalize Loophole That Lets FBI Spy on Americans Without a Warrant

With major NSA surveillance authorities set to expire later this month, House Republicans are rushing to pass a bill that would not only reauthorize existing powers, but also codify into law some practices that critics have called unconstitutional.

Your analysis on why the third world lags behind is shitty


A mental health crisis is the true cost of university marketization


The Link Between Neoliberalism, Perfectionism, and Mental Health Disorders

Perfectionism is rising among the young, and that's not a good thing.


what algorithm are we talking about here?
does this fucker tries to bullshit me that NSA can't break AES?

Really though he's already done a lot more for peace than any US president has, my opinion of him has risen quite a bit

He's going to win isn't he? fuck


Remember the "no coalition of chaos" thingy?
Yeah me neither,


11D strings and ladders.

Arizona is pretty fucking bad, wouldn't surprise me

Of course he'll win when his only opposition will be #resist and #drumpf. Dems have been trying to flip AZ for years now by playing the racebait cards, and will continue to loose as a result now that everyone is doubling down on the idpol. It will only get worse as the immigration reform bill stalls in Congress and Trump goes door to door deporting DACAers.

I'm not defending him but seriously just look at the pathetic state of the Democratic platform and agenda. Their entire strategy is "not being Trump" (bipartisan legislation with Trump's party is ok though), it's purely defensive and it won't win them any new seats. They aren't suggesting anything constructive (eg a real infrastructure, education reform or single payer plan) and will loose as a result.

Nah, I don't think he will. AZ is becoming a purple state, and there are enough people that hate him here too.

I seriously doubt that since everyone even remotely liberal moves west where the trendy tech jobs are.

This. Hispanics will come out of the woodwork to vote against him. It happened to Aparo before and it'll happen again.

However, I doubt Aparo will make it past the primaries. There's already a Trump candidate in the running, and they're likely to spit that vote between themselves, leaving a weakened establishment candidate to face the Democrats.

There are plenty of millenials moving here too to buy houses and start families because the cost of living here is so cheap while still having a job market.

Given how popular McCain is it's even more likely a generic Republican would win since he wouldn't be pounding the deport'em all drum. Also hispanics didn't come out for Hilary during the actual election, although they did in Vegas.

Sure but way more are moving to Vegas. For every 1 Californian that moves to Arizona, 5 Arizonans move to CA because there's so much more work.

The problem with California is it is still a land of great oppurtunity, as it always was. It just depends

1) Where you live
2) You have a plan to endure the most humiliating property value and cost ever and probably risk going broke. Since you know, once you enter California, you can't ever leave because it sucks all the money you have, for leaving to be ever an option.

It's kind of like one of SoCal's favorite Tourist Traps, before man and after. The La Brea Tar Pits. Geologic Activity that's been around for thousands and thousands of years

Animals saw plants, food, meat, struggling prey, trying to escape their doom. Boiling and thick, the tar trapped animals who didn't know any better, and they slid to the bottom in an excruciating slide. This attracted predators and scavengers alike, who jumped on the struggling animals, only too, to get caught.

California is kind of like that. You're a saber tooth cat, smilodon whatever, you see some tasty ass Mammoth struggling to escape and you think. Easy meal. can't fucking movie. But then you get stuck. And something else jumps at you, and gets stuck too.

That's kind of what California is like.

Nothing represents California as it is more than the La Brea Tar Pits in LA. You jump in hoping for the best but fate already wrapped up your story the moment you jumped in

Arpaio basically has an organized base of people who have been fighting him for years here, not sure what makes him confident enough to run for Senate.

Lol who can afford to move to CA from AZ? If you're a STEM major fresh out of college I guess, maybe you would.

That's only because the traffic is so shit, a problem that will be solved in ten years through Prop 1A. Once that happens mobility will increase and California will continue growing as the Central Valley and High Desert fill in. Most of the new people will be from other states, especially Oregon and Arizona which are on CA's periphery.

This is fucking repulsive. This fascist piece of shit should be rotting in jail.

He should be shot.

Thanks you based newspaper seller

This is such a good analogy user. I'm taking a screenshot for when someone asks me if I like California.

If California had decent public transit and all the NIMBYs died off so apartments could be built. Alas, it is a low density traffic shithole. LA is a permanently red dot on Google Maps, the BART in the Bay area is literally falling apart and bullshit regulations really restrict the housing market (so much for the muh free market boomers)

He's the nightmare everyone warned about whenever politicians voted in favor of stronger security laws. He's the end of the road, the guy who will actually put checkpoints around schools and seal off aliens from normal society. That's the reason why I believe he'd win if he does actually run, because that is what voters want. They've been conditioned for it for so long there's no reason not to just say yes this time around like they've said yes a thousand times before.

Trump is the same way. Just watch when DACA ends and he uses the full length of the law Congress has already given over to his office. That comes down in March just as the primaries begin, and Arpaio will most likely benefit because Dems will be too distracted with other issues (say, Russia) to say no to a security crackdown in general.

LA at least has Measures R and M. Within ten years it'll be possible to fly into LAX and get pretty much anywhere without a car.

Bannon Exits Breitbart After Feud With Trump Over Book Remarks


and to think this idiot thought he would be able to run for President lmao

Bannon's plan to slowly tear apart Breitbart and split Trump's base is all going according to plan. Make the Mercers pull their funding to show that they really support the establishment/deep state and are not against it, and boom, instant infighting about who and what Trump really cares about.

Generic Democrats have a 13-point edge against generic Republicans this year. Trump's unpopularity mixed with the split in the GOP's base are creating a major opportunity for them.

Hillary isn't the best example since NOBODY came out for Hillary. The voter turn out was abysmal in 2016.

I remeber when he was so confident….I almost feel bad

Greed, ignorance, and narcissism.



Godspeed comrade Bannon
The hero we need, not the hero we deserve…

If his opponent campaigns on a platform of "just bury this asshole's career and make people start picturing Spaceman Spiff rock formations and hot air baloons instead of Jin-Roh and the Wolf Brigade when they think of this state", it will be a blowout
Stopped reading right there. I allege there are monkeys coming out of Putin's butt
meaning it was uncontitutional and is now up and running
let the galaxy burn
like The Lathe of Heaven except with a bloaty faux-Chad retard instaed of space turtles to unite humanity against a common enemy
Bad workers! Stop making my job hard!
Solidarity Forever
Systematic corruption in the pigs in the Deep South?? Imagine my shock



oh shit a privacy measure we can't destroy, democracy is at stake here

fucking kill me

Stop with the 8 dimensional basketball bullshit

Vermilion Parish teacher gets arrested at Vermilion Parish school board meeting


I don't know what to make of this. I don't know enough about the Steele Dossier to make a judgement.