Liberals want Oprah to run for US president in 2020

Dunno if this has been discussed yet on Holla Forums, but I really wonder how a Trump VS Oprah election would turn out.

I know very little about Oprah's politics outside of her feminist advocacy, but unless she plans to take on actors such as the big banks, the foreign policy/Israel lobby and the fossil fuel companies, it'll just be a rehash of the 2016 election.

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Let it happen.

The right will always have an advantage considering the right can take the hit, while the liberals will cower every times some SJWs whine about some stupid shit.

I don't like this timeline.


This timeline just keeps getting weirder.

Didn’t happen with Clinton.
That’s what happens when social justice groups and lefties try Democratic Party entryism. They just become tools of the party.

Because Clinton owns the SJWs.

Clinton is one scary family, not something to be fucked with.


True believers are silenced, yeah.
The unions were remdered impotent by the Democratic Party, though.


It's more like the unions are paid by the dems so union members should vote dems.


Let me off

But they don’t.

Let the Dems run her, rig another primary, then lose and wonder how the fuck it happened.

I just hope Bernie, Dore, DeVito, fucking Gabbard if it comes to it, runs a leftwing alternative. Even if it is socdem, it will push the dialectic in the US.

Okay what else happened in Boondocks? Bob Ross gangster was one, and MLK is alive or something?
Someone post every dumbass thing in Bookdocks please


Fucking Liberals.

So this is the power of black capitalism?

How about this
>bernie gets sacked again


I honestly hope this "movement for a people's party" bollocks gets off the ground, a third party Bernie campaign would be dank.

You know it in your heart, user. There is only one Party.

Do it faggot. Lets see how much america can last with the literal spectacle at its head

Every party has small beginnings, every communist party started off as a social democratic one…

am I missing anyone?

Jimmy Dore and Danny DeVito

Zuck vs Oprah

Oh boy I can't wait

Except for the ones that were started after the split between communists and social democrats


the primaries are going to be a shitshow of epic proportions.

the rock
bob iger
mark zuckerberg
mark cuban

Oh shit yeah, Kanye.

1) Bullshit.
2) You are also mistaken in believing that pre-ComIntern naming convention was the same as current. At the time perfectly revolutionary parties were also called SocDem. It was WWI (through consequent betrayal of Kautsky and others) that made Social Democracy denote centrist position.
3) You also missed my point: Bourgeois Parliamentarianism doesn't work.

Oprahs out.

This means one thing

Yeezy season aproachin

I'm ready

Is the last one real?

is that kanye-che real?

yes it was a Gosha Rubchinskiy (Гоша Рубчинский) hoodie.

also yes

I don't think so. Liberals don't need/want to be interested in things beyond idpol and maybe climate change. Dems will win 2020 regardless

actually I'm wrong. it was a Vetements hoodie not gosha. Their founder/creative director is Georgian which probably explains it.

Eh tbh, Kanye strikes me as a populist who can see a lot of the problems in society, but has no fucking idea how to fix them so he just continues on his merry way.

American Politics is officially a reality tv show
So when is Gabe Newell running for president?

the ride never ends

He can also be convinced, if we surround him with the right people something real could change. The guy is well aware of exploitation, he's aware that unlike other workers, he could actually sue his record company over bullshit they were trying to pull.



those are posadists

I want one of the descendants of Rockefeller or Carnegie that still have the last name to run for president so we can see an even bigger shit show for American politics and maybe have Porky fighting Porky

Fuck that, Wyatt Koch should run for president

Trump would have trade protectionism under his belt, Oprah would have *maybe* the same lukewarm liberal stances Kamela Harris (D-CA, also a black woman) would have. Dems would loose everything other than California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts. I'd be a bloodbath.

And for that reason it won't happen. If Dems decide to run any sort of nonwhite it's going to be Castro (D-TX) or Booker (D-NJ).

I didn't know a Cuban communist was allowed to run for President in the US

He's from San Antonioín_Castro

The basic idea is that he's be capable of sparking the "coalition of the ascendant" of rich whites, hispanics and blacks into a Dem 2020 sweep. Dems would actually try it since they seriously think they can strike lighting twice and that rich whites aren't going to be wooed by the tax cuts they are being served by Trump.


that means your joke was awful

@OP, this:

also the Sanders peeps should stop being delusional and at the very least make a splinter party

They are:
On Jimmy Dore:

And you thought collapse wasn't a thing.
Zuckerberg, Oprah, Michelle, the Democrat party candidates.
This is what collapse looks like. And i can't wait for Oprah to win.

i didn't expect to see idiocracy in my life time, at least not that soon.

All he's done so far is tax breaks for the rich and more drilling. Simply making noises doesn't put food on people's plates.


The oples have it coming.

I have some insider info on why he’s a non-starter.

I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, US politics have been total popularity contests for figureheads for a long time now. It makes sense to run already famous people when you don't really want them to do anything anyways.

Oh? Do tell, user.

Reminder it's the duty of every American comrade to build dual power

Idiocracy advocates eugenics and in itself is a movie for idiots, stop praising it as some sort of prophecy.

He’s a notorious womanizer who slides into younger (18-21) women’s Twitter DM’s. He also tried to fuck nearly every woman who he works with. Amongst other things.

looks like she gets the conservative vote


Topkek, with friends like that Bernie could actually win.

The National Review crowd and David Frum have already been embraced by the hashtag resistance. Get ready for a full neocon takeover of the Democratic Party in 2019.

Third party is the only option now.

His Section 232 reviews wrap up in March and per the NAFTA renegotiation he will probably please Mexico by banning non-NA car parts from America. It is happening and it's timed to produce results right before an election.

Side note, Aaron McGruder is a comrade that throws a lot of references to Marxism/Marxists in his comic.

It’s like they want to make Thomas Frank as mad as possible.

If they do this nazbol will no longer be a meme.

Jesus fucking christ the nightmare won't end

The union leaders do vote dems and urge their voters to vote dems.

Unless it's the cop union.

At some point during the election campaign, it crossed my mind that Trump might open the floodgates for any celebrity to go for political offices. They're both uninformed and egomaniacal, so they're pretty much politicians already, really. Which reminded me that the Ancient Athenian democracy largely forsook elections as they boiled down to popularity contests, and prefered sortition instead. We can't say we haven't been warned.

And it looks like the trend might spread to Brazil too. The presenter of a Sábado Gigante-like show aimed at young audiences in the most popular TV channel has been constantly hinting at, and waffling on, a possible candidacy. For the main rightwing party, of course, the social-democrats. Yes. You know that kind of petty-bougie kid who, thanks exactly to their age, has completely internalized the notion of capitalism as the one and only possible course, that There Is No Alternative, that we should stay firm on the path and just tweak a bit as needed etc.? And related to that, that they're an ideological and intellectual void, and think politics is just a matter of preserving the status quo? He's the epitome of that. It doesn't help that he has that babyface that only rich people can have and he's jewish.

Honorable mentions to the Predator crew.

Nice dig by NME magazine, by the way.

I've long suspected this too. Wouldn't be surprised if them loud mouthed "Black Lives Matter" bitches that interrupted Bernie Sanders' speech in 2016 were on the Clinton payroll to steer the black vote away from him towards Clinton.
One of them is a grifter.

America is just going to get one liberal empty suit after another aren't we?

Daily reminder non-direct democracy is inherently reactionary.


Trump will be gone before 2020, assuming dems take over congress in 2018 (which they likely will). Pence will be the one to beat, not Trump.

Pence has zero charisma, Trump's base will likely drop out of politics altogether when Trump falls or they'll start an armed fascist uprising.

At least half of them are boomers and evangelicals I seriously doubt they'd do an uprising

It's the Holla Forums kids I'm worried about, especially in states with no gun control. They're more than capable of carrying IRA style attacks on the state and UDA thuggery on the streets.

Sounds like fun.

it should be Unions doing that, not 1488 boyos.

Do not underestimate the incompetence of the Democratic Party. They have done nothing to strengthen the state parties in the historically blue states Trump won.

they fully expect to take the executive branch, I don't think they can really recover if they under perform in 2020. This might be the seed of an America under a one party state, that party being the Republicans.

Well hopefully if the Dems die hen the Greens will replace them. And even if America becomes a one party state it’ll force people to wake up the the reality that bougieous democracy is shit.

The greens need to get more radical if they're ever hoping to overtake the dems.

Any war against the state is better than no war against the state.

Day by day the Greens grow more radical.

That's a gay movement

Daily reminder that Oprah supported the iraq war

What is there to be worried about? 95% of them are edgy larpers who wouldn't do anything,

Oh this again… Kill this with fire!

5% of Holla Forums is more than enough manpower to start a terrorist organization.


Somehow Oprah found a way to be more insipid than Nietzsche's Last Man.

I mean, i get where she is coming from about the whole "help yourslef so you can help others" thing. I've never met anarchists capable of building shit for precisely this reason. Most of them refuse any good advice if not actively reject it, so they always keep the company of stupid crust punk junkies and basically cater to the lowest common denominator in their immediate friend group.

I agree with that in concept, but she has so much wealth, enough to materially impact people's lives to the point where she sounds retarded. Give 49 of your 50 shoe pairs away, keep one for yourself. Don't be a bourgeois cunt.

i honestly don't think they will. they are in such disarray, and it is so easy to take power, but they will fuck it up, and we will have 4 more years of trump. calling it now. i hate the dems anyways and don't fucking care who wins, but i definitely don't want more trump… but i don't want dems either. it's gonna be a shit show regardless

It what sense? "SJW" is such a vacuous term to begin with. Who specifically are you talking about?

What we need to do is find that 5% infiltrate them. And try to get them to stop bombing random brown people and get them to start targeting our enemies. State, rich people, etc. This will harm both sides in such violence and strengthen our position.

We're living in the timeline where satire becomes reality. Obviously the solution is to write a bunch of "dystopian" science fiction about communism "ruining" everything, so it gets memed into reality.

This is Holla Forums we're talking about. Come on now.


God sure has a twisted sense of humor.

The far-right in America is bigger than just Holla Forums

He was specifically talking about Holla Forums kiddies though.

Huey is fucking legit.

He's named after Huey Newton.

King wasn't even actually alive in the canon. The episode ends with Huey saying "It's fun to dream." The whole thing was a what-if. You want real dumb stuff look at the anime shit.

It's a shame they got rid of Caesar as the liberal one and combined Huey's old (radical) version with Caesar to make a less offensive protagonist. They even reference this in the show when they refer to Huey as an "former radical" and shit. Pic related.



It's about exposure, not the process.

Having an armed wing of the party and a parliamentary wing works fam, multiple avenues of action forces is a proven method.

I miss Aaron and the boondocks in general. One of my favorite moments was this with Ann Coulter and rev al sharpton. Just think about what he could do with the ammo the current climate provides.

At the end of the day all TRUE leftists should support this even if shes just a Neo-Lib
The idea that women cant handle politics (With the idea that women cant be president being strengthened since clintons lose) is one of the biggest gender norms that exist within our society as of this time

nope, no liberals allowed, cue the Rosa quote about reactionary upper class "feminists"

Reality has transcended parody IMO. How the fuck do you exaggerate Trump or the contemporary press without just being cartoonishly silly? Fire and Fury alleges Trump floated the idea of Medicare for all in one of his meetings, legitimately not knowing why he wouldn't be allowed to do that. How the fuck do you make fun of that? The facts themselves are already in the realm of parody.

1/10 you tried

comedy itself is superfluous now. reality is broken and America is just a hostile cartoon land.


They could pick on liberals more


Blosheviks did it

*Bolsheviks stand in elections*
…what kind of idiot…
*Rosa stands in elections*
…thinks parliamentary elections…
*PCI stands in elections*
…could ever held in organising…
*The SKJ stands in elections*
…the proletariat!

But you're right, we should all relegate ourselves to extra parliamentary action, it has such a great history in bourgeois democracies of working!

Vermin Supreme 2020?


Someone with facebook/gmail login add this to the urbandictionary:

Oples, noun; plural: oples. A person who behaves anti-socially because his vast amount of wealth (probably inherited) turned him into a bully with an inflated ego. The term was popularized by a movement advocating for physical harm against oples, the "Movement for Rape Oples Party".
A: Man, that billionaire on TV is such an oples.
B: I know, thankfully there's a movement out there to rape them.
A: Really, what's it called.
B: check out
oples, billionaire, rape oples, movement for rape oples

I kek'ed.

Don't just keke, add it too and link it back here so we can upboat.

The US political scene is officially a sitcom now

People worshiping celebrities mindlessly again. My parents are democrat shills and it's infuriating.

I know there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism, but I wouldn’t call a closet full of shoes most likely made by sweat shop workers a good thing.

I almost feel like when minorities manage to become wealthy, they cling pretty hard to it. I’m not white myself, and my wealthy black friends almost seem appalled that I would take that away from them after they finally “made it”

Why not both? :^)

Honestly, I'm going to be depressed if both candidates for 2020 are celebrities. I would've been extremely pissed at Trump being elected President if Bannon didn't make him go full nativist during the election campaign (Instead I was more ambivalent and skeptical)….Now, I'm furious at Trump AFTER he fired Bannon and took away my net neutrality.

We need to exterminate all celebrities.

Oh and fuck Oprah. Fucking "muh children" Christfag soccer mom shit mixed with liberal nigger gun-control crap. She is exactly what is wrong with America and is on the top of my reign of terror list.

If you think you're on the list, you're probably on it.

every time

>"the gender norm" that matters most

why haven't you killed yourself yet


Evangelicals are homicidal maniacs bruv

Why are so many black and brown people becoming fucking Nazis?

It's not a big leap from left idpol to right idpol.

fascism is not a coherent ideology

Fucking Christ

Excuse me NAM is antiracist thank you

Anyone ever feel like we should just nuke the US and start again?

The level of political discourse in that country has reached such an embarrassingly low level that I find it hard to believe that there's any way back for them.


The same reason why so many white people buy into the “white guilt” spooks. They feel guilty for some shit someone who happened to have a similar skin color as them did. It’s pretty spooky.



Didn't Oprah beg Trump to run for president 30 years ago?

Stupid as shit.


You don’t understand she didn’t understand her behavior was problematic then


I wish I was unscrupulous enough to profit off all these fucking retards.

I heard the same thing last night and I have no idea who suggested it but I am utterly annoyed that people think it is a good idea. She's a TV personality and this country should realize that electing another TV personality will not good us any good.

Are they? The DNC still looks like as big a joke as ever, and I think they are defending an inordinate number of seats. Trump meanwhile is the same Trump he's been, his numbers are pretty much the same numbers he had the day he was elected.

Kanye is actually autistic, there is zero chance he can keep his cool through a presidential run

Isn't he gay? I was under the impression that it was an open secret more or less

Don't bother deciphering, it's a shitty Sargoy talking point that makes no sense when you consider Hillary is basically a republican

I think you're thinking of Ellison, who is a gay muslim iirc.

Ellison isn’t gay.

Not at all actually.

Shit continues to smell like shit.

No the rumors are definitely about Booker, who is a perpetual bachelor and has even been intimated as gay by the RNC

Castro and Kruschev should have listened to Guevara

Yeah, but people like and recognize Oprah, and she's not Trump. I don't think it would take a lot to make her a viable candidate.
I hate her, but that's on a personal level. I remember years back reading a story in my local norwegian newspaper on how she accused some swiss shop of racism because they hadn't let her look at a crocodile skin handbag that cost more than I make in a year.
I can't say exactly why this stuck with me, but I think the fact that this was considered intentional news killed something deep inside me.

Insider here. Booker is not gay, either.
Stunned there hasn’t been a #MeToo about him yet, though.

History supports it. Winning Presidents usually sees a loss of 23 seats in Mid-terms. Given Trump's unpopularity and the horde of retiring GOP, that number is going to increase.

You’re overplaying this hand.
This one, too.

You'll have to explain why, because were I sit, the GOP look in sore shape.