Toothbrush question

So does a communist society go after someone's toothbrush or do they not?

Like for example, I use this toothbrush, it's in my house, but if someone breaks into my house and use my toothbrush, it becomes his property because he uses it, and not I?

What about when I do? Who do the toothbrush go to? My wife, my kids, or not-a-state is going to redistribute it?


All your toothbrushes are my property.
Collectivize ALL the toothbrushes

But if they are your properties, how exactly can you collectivize it?

The same question goes to your house also.

Supposedly your house is big, it must be owned by multiple persons, yes?

nobody wants your nasty ass toothbrush you fucking weirdo.

Sure about that? Because they will be when they don't have immediate access to toothbrush.

oh well in that case gear buddy cause im comin for that toothbrush. i forgot how hard toothbrushes are to come around these days.

Same argument can be used for everything, even the "means of production".

Just your bootstraps, lad.

yes after the glorious communist revolution, all physical matter is destroyed. there will be nothing. it truly is the end of history.

I don't understand?

So basically, after glorious communist revolution, what you want, you shall get?

pretty much. if i want your toothbrush, its mine.

Well, so one does come after one toothbrush.

yeah i guess so, better start hiding it now.

Or you know, start buying guns and fortifying your house.

A man's house is his castle and all that.

not for long whitey

Nice try, dental-hygiene-kulak.

every mandatorily assigned bathroom will have one toothbrush. there will be one bathroom for each industrialized apartment block, down in the basement, alongside the central washing units and everything else that will be shared. kitchens and dinning room are on the first floor next to the buildings entrance.
this toothbrush is to be used by everyone to their assigned toothbrushing time.
guests will have to register one month in advance to be entered into the time table.


during the transitory period you may continue to use your old tooth brush, but there wont be any new ones on sale for private consumption.
eventually we'll have to take it away though to ensure your basic hygiene and monitor your tooth brushing to be properly done and be approved of by the soviets peoples health committee deputies to your blocks bathroom.

this can of fucking nonsense is why Rafiq is such a moron.

So supposedly you don't own anything, even your body, then what happen? Your society can just harvest your organ to save society/whoever society want to save?


that's not what it says, read the paragraph about "theft"

If he means to say thievery as a concept cannot exist in communism since no one owns anything in communism, then he's right, communism is retarded fantasy land.

Well, let's take this castle analogy to its logical end. I doubt your drywall and gypboard "castle" has enough water, food and medical supplies to survive a siege for more than a few weeks.

Well, try me, m8.


Your opinion is of great value to us, friend.

I don't know where you're getting this from. Rafiq is not saying "people can just take your organs lmao", he is actually implying the opposite, as your organs are in constant use, they are your constant property.
Communism is not imagined to just happen out of nothing, it takes time to adjust the productive forces and, in relation, the general mindset regarding property.

it de facto becomes his property because using a toothbrush that was in someone else's mouth is disgusting

Not all of my organs are in constant use, no.

So there you have it, they do come for your toothbrush.

Whatever man, if you are going to engage in the debate at this level then fuck it.

I cannot argue in a debate when it's factually wrong from the onset.

No, factually they are not, thus they are not my constant properties?

It's pretty funny to see someone genuinely flipping out over our silly toothbrush memes tho
Gonna kick in the door of in a pre-dawn toothbrush raid, send him to the Colgate Gulag to make transgender dental floss

If they come for your toothbrush, then what's stopping from coming for everything else?

The toothbrush meme is a slippery slope, that shows even the lightest properties in communism aren't safe.

No, but Vermin Supreme will do it.

You're absolutely right cutie. That boypussy of yours isn't safe and the
is coming to nationalize it

Can Vermin Supreme guarantee rights to keep your shiny boots?

And this is why even socdem (read: Not Socialism) is not even desirable.

Fuck, there should be some law and order around here.

No, all boots are requisitioned by the

Where is this from? I've seen screenshots of his floating around, but have no idea where they originate.

Don't worry bby, you'll be feeling pleasure after the revolution. Neolibs never use lube and don't know proper prostate milking procedures. Socdems know how to hit your g-spot every time

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Revleft, he used to post a lot there but he is VERY BUSY doing VERY IMPORTANT things.
He is a genius, but his arrogance is off-putting

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All property belongs to xe who makes use of it, so yes it's now his. Unless you can nab it and use it on yourself again. Mind the germs.

The hard question is whether the germs own it since they're still using it, and one could argue that they are able defenders of their toothbrush since they will poison intruders who dare challenge their title

Sounds like you're a problematic, cis-het white male so there's no way you could possibly understand the plight of being a poc. See pic related.

It's very problematic when I jizz all over a guy's face and accidentally get some on his new Identity Europa polo

Well if we're counting germs then nevermind toothbrushes, because they would be in possession of far more important things. Namely, us. There are more germs within our bodies than the number of our cells, and the germs on our skins might be even more numerous. So depending on your definition of "use", or even if you switched possession to be decided by a simple voting system, then we have always been their collective property.

Someone do a galaxy brain of this pronto

Nobody wants my toothbrush because we all have fucking toothbrushes and if some weirdo steals mine I'll walk to whatever shop and grab another one off the shelf

If you're serious, you can try asking in the OC thread.

nah I'm just shitposting

That picture is some seriously good false flagging. Hail whatever comrade made that.

The main hope is that apocalypse will deter most from toothbrush use. A battallion of Bods (Black gods) (named Jamal of course) will then round up any white folk attempting to access the remaining toothbrushes. This is the world Communists want.