Is nazbol really just a meme?

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that nazbol memes are just Holla Forums bait to turn us into nationalists, I'm also pretty sure that nazbol drags idpol do derrange legitimate conversation about class struggle, do you agree?

Nazbol is real, but shouldn't be taken seriously.

Dead fringe Russian political movement.

My general takeaway from NAZBOL is that they are usually former Holla Forums users that have realized that capitalism is garbage and needs to be done away with but haven't quite deapooked themselves when it comes to race and nationalism.

Also NAZBOL is funny.



Holla Forums doesn't bait to do anything. It baits for the sake of baiting. All it needs is reaction to feel themselves acknowledged as relevant.

This is awkward…


It's either nationalist communism to turn communists into nationalists
or nationalist communism to turn nationalists into communists.

Not sure what the point was OP

That's a good quote. Still holds true.
Holla Forumsyps really enjoy being loud mouthed about their beliefs, but will almost never actually debate them.
The only time you see long-winded debate with right wingers is with ancaps.

People who think Nazbol is unironic are the ones who killed this board.

Nazbol, as used on the imageboards, are just memes.

It was never a meme in Russia, though. Communism was typically aligned with nationalist sentiment (not JUST typically, it was aligned in all cases of real communism, eurofaggots notwithstanding). When the Soviet Union collapsed, it resulted in a formal Nationalist-Communist coalition opposing the new state. This coalition exists to this very day in every configuration.

This was all spiced up by political libel, a smear by the government, associating neonazis with the communists as well.

This is what Nazbol fenomenon is. Of course, there was also a National Bolshevik party, but that's details.

People don't even understand that Nazbol means Nationalists plus communists, not nationalist communists.

of course it is

Every time I talk to poltards they always say nazbol memes are the best, they are so fucking delusional.

Anarcho nazbol?

Nationality without a goverment or a nation

Okay now how do we put in lolberts?


We don't understand either, nazbols get out

the're nazis, are you fuking surprised?

Marx wrote a fucking book called "on the jewish question" remeber?


Fuck no, why would it be?
It was one of the biggest political forces in Russia in the '90 and still somewhat is.
The founders of Russian NazBol party (Dugin/Limonov) still hold considerable power in Russia
Only retards from Holla Forums could have believed that NazBol is a meme ideology with no theory

Can we at least agree that pol uses those memes as an attempt to lure us into nationalism?

Brainlet detected

Or maybe we use this memes to lure Holla Forums into communism?

with pol's sheer number's i'm pretty sure it's the other way around.

choose one

Isnt it usually smaller group (us) subverting a larger group (Holla Forums) tho?


before the internet, usually, but bigger boards have more memetic selection.

My two cents on the matter
Original german nazbol sought to use communism as a method of restoring former glory
Bear in mind, unlike communists and capitalists, fascists don't base their world view around economics, hence why they don't into historical materialism, and instead believe in spooks.
After the loss of the empire, the reactionaries who were nostalgic were according to Niekisch out of touch, since they get angry at the youth, who didn't live to see the empire their generation lost. While on the other hand, the communists had the revolutionary energy that could change the tide of history. "We must be capable of even communism to save Germany"…or something among those lines, I don't remember the exact post
Another school of nazbol arose in the soviet union, given the fact that the soviet union had to abandon communist goals for the sake of the nation, it too followed the idea of communism as a mere tool.
Then there was Limonovs nazbol party, but that's just hipsterism

Go back to Holla Forums

By any instance, have you even heard about the Kurds?

They're nationalistic and anarchistic. And lived without borders, splitted between 4 or more countries by millenia.

a nazbol would say it is you who must be despooked

hur hur hur

Are you implying that nations cant exist without

not for terribly long

and even less with a bully like america around who will see >le gommunist state XD and invade it.

Please educate yourself, there were lots of nation trough the history without borders and standing military that survived for hundredths of years


still waiting

We actually need a world wide revolution which starts in wealthier western countries
Otherwise we are doomed to fail

I dont know what to address?
What do you mean?
Nations can exist despite USA military dominance over the world, last time i checked USA forces didnt ethnically cleansed nations, they at best changed the goverment

1st world got no revolutionary potential tho
There are even barely any MOP left in the 1st world

The us will invade or otherwise impair any country in the name of "le demogracy"

That'll have to wait, the won't be a revolution in the west unless there is ww3


Yes but how this is supposed to pose a threat to a nationality?

Ask any of the countries whose cultures where changed by Mcdonalds, coca-cola and terrible comicbook movies.

Thats culture tho not nationality, culture can be a part of nationality but it isnt the only thing that makes it up

I actually dont understand locals here that eat at McDonalds
I could understand if foreigners ate there when they come visit, since they might be afraid of the quality of local street food.

But McDonalds food costs more + tastes like plastic and there is no reason except for autistic I HAVE TO BE SEEN reasons to eat there

So, nationality is nothing? What makes a nation then?

Mcdonalds and other fucking massive brands exist to destroy the cultures of the countries they occupy

Where are you from user?

shared descent, shared language, shared sanctuaries and sacrifices, shared customs

All of these things (other than shared descent wich I think you mena race by that and race is not nationality) are destroyed after american invasion and capitalist intervention.
Language is changed by english
Customs are changed by consumerism
I don't even know what you mean by "shared sanctuaries and sacrifices"

Ethnos would be a more accurate word than nation.


Im not an english native so i dont really comprehend the in depth meaning of some words.
For eg. in my language ethnicity is the same as nation

language is weird like that.

From a country with originally rich culture, that was replaced by coca-cola, britney spears and hollywood

I imagine its western europe then

Yes, really doesn't matter what country, all the same situation, all basically the same context.

Is this the world’s most edgy ideology ever.

I question the wisdom of banning nazbol when fascists can chill around here as long as they behave themselves this isn’t a dig at the Naziposter btw who is pretty based

Eh, you're saying that a nation is primarily an objective thing, but that's not true imo. Ernest Renan was right here. A nation is an imagined spiritual bond based on some sort of perceived sacred similarity (so it's inter-subjective but often pretends to be totally objective). There are different forms of nationalism in which this 'bond' can be perceived, and they can overlap. Simply put, most nationalism comes in the form of civil, cultural and ethnic nationalism. Japan, for example, is an ethno-state which perceives itself as an ethnic unity. France is on the contrary an ethnically open nation which is primarily civically nationalist ('the nation is those who support the fatherland') and culturally nationalist ('it is also those that speak French and identify with France and/or have a French passport').

Are the French as rude as people say?

why are they demonstrating on an empty playground lol

First post accuracy.

Lemonov is first and foremost an artist, and a Russian one at that. That makes him able to be sincere and facetious at the same time. Thus Nazbol is, at any given moment, both a joke and a dead-serious political movement.

Haha I'm Dutch, but I went to France a couple of times, on vacation. Imo They tend to be a bit dismissive of anyone who doesn't speak French, and everyone likes to bitch about them, but I never noticed any real douche-baggery.

Nazbol is the most anti-authoritarian ideology in existence. Nazbol is true liberation.