Larp Incoming Brace Yourselves Lads and Ladies

4/pol/ is planning the next great larp, view for yourselves. Link is down below. Anyway, anybody up for a sabotage, or should we just sit this one out like the last one? Any ideas are welcome I guess.

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Post the Korea and Venezuela ones, I’ll just post them on top of any I see on my campus

Reminder not to attempt to counter meme or even react to this
Its Literally what they fucking want
And liberals will give it to them

There are none, we would have to make our own if you want to do that.

Really? I feel like if someone posted the ones of like Venezuela or whatever over the ones they put up they’d get pissy about it. Doesn’t really matter anyways.

liberal outlets are going to do it anyway so might as well make the water wet

Ill think about it, I think it’d be funny honestly.

This is their site

Yes. We should respond with the dank, dank Holla Forums approved version of this maymay.


There's already about this and people made some parodies

I mean are we actually going to do this as well?
Or just watch the shitstorm.

it's 4/pol/, they're watered-down alt-lites.


*thread about this

Holy shit this is perfect haha I'm so ready we need a North Korea one and a better Palestine.

we did it reddit

of course it's a canuck

I dont like most of Holla Forumss shit but Geez…How the mighhty have fallen…

heres more

Nice, I'm not very photo shop savvy. Can you make the North Korea and Venezuela ones bigger? If I do it they get all blurry.

I didnt made these. I just saved them in my phone
But theres a leftybooru tag of some images

Nice, also there's a Aussie among us, look at the 4/pol/ thread.

*Puts hand up*

Best would be DPRK, Venezuela, and Iran

I trusted you, WE trusted you. But I guess you WUZ never LEFTIST after all.

Exactly what I was thinking my dude.

Wait we were supposed to put up "Black hand posters" that we apparently made?
Fuck must have missed that Soros meeting

I'm actually going to put these up starting tomorrow to make it seem as if they're copying us.

We can't make it to every single one.

Absolute state

That thread got bumped to the top but we managed to fly under the radar kek

I don't get it tbh famalams.

Is this meant to be an anti-refugee message? But the refugees aren't white so the posters don't make any sense.

They don't want to offend and just want to convince people to think like them. Really lost the meme value if you ask me. But Holla Forums has dare I say, gotten smarter? Not really, lmao.

nowhere to go but up i guess

And a long way up it is my friend

fucking faggot nigger lovers

Quite an Ego on these ones…

you sure did pwn us my fellow kekistani!

Keep magaing and memeing!

We are the new counter culture my friend!

Fuck those nigger 14/88 am i right my fellow aryan?

haha look at this dank meme

Just let them do their thing, liberals will counter-sperg and Holla Forums will fall flat on their face one way or another causing another pr disaster. It's literally always happened ever since they started sticking their nose out of the basement.

what the hell man, what happened

"No is called no"
Pretty sure they ran that through google translate…

remember comrades, ignore, watch the shitshow, have a laugh

Newest addition of the eternal larp

Go on Leftybooru and search under the tag MBMC

Oh my fucking god I know that guy, he's a massive fucking twat on Google+ and i actually live 5 miles away from the fucker.

Is the #MyBordersMyChoice meme actually starting to catch on or is this the same user from the OC thread posting these all over the board?

I see no parody here. All of these contain truth.

Sabotage by posting our #MBMC pics so people think they're copying us

From what I'm seeing and hearing it could be bigger the #IOTBW

If we want to anything about it, we need to get the anti-imperialist pics on reddit, it doesn't matter how much edits and OC we produce if it's stuck in this

We need to start miming outside of this board, I live in a small city in Los Angeles and can start putting up stuff immediately. But I'm going to need it to be good material, something that's eye catching and /lefty/pilling at the same time.



Post his pics and personal info to fuck him over

groan why are we cursed to relive this thread over and over?

Whatever, here's my original thoughts on things like these:
Also is kinda right, though in an effort to appeal to the normies they wound up watering their message down to boomer Fox News-tier where they can't even dogwhistle their white nationalism. Not to mention the fact that they came up with the campaign back when #MeToo was still the big thing. People are already starting to turn against it or ignore recent revelations, so they've essentially fucked themselves over by setting the postering date so late. Also there's lots of unironic nazis that have been trolling these guys for being civnats and will probably ruin the campaign by adding urls to the daily stormer or iron march


If people here still want to fuck with them, there are several choke points in the campaign where these guys can be easily ratfucked. However, unlike the brain geniouses over at 4/pol/ that openly admitted they're monitoring us to foil our dastardly plans, I'M not so fucking dumb as to post my ideas on an open forum more than a week in advance of the operation date. Yeah, I'm talking to you Leafposter. Spending months doing literally nothing except forcing your meme fried your brain, didn't it? If you are bored and want a good practice campaign that doubles as a way to fuck with the aut-right's jpeg crusade, just keep an eye on this thread or the older MBMC thread for any updates.

I don't know where specifically he lives. All I know is the township he's from because he was a retard and left his location on during some random post.

Wait has it been one fucking guy making these threads on 4/pol/ and foring these memes the last few Weeks????

Tbh not even liberals gave them the attention last time.

Literally the only people I saw going on about this were Holla Forumsyps

The only "Libtards getting BTFO XD" was a local broadcaster that did like a five minute long report on one incident
Quite a few on the internet tbf though


This is going to happen in less than a week, and best yet it's going to happen on Sunday.

That should give us lots of time to do a couple of things:
1. Wear a mask (a horse head mask would be best) and stake out the local women's studies department with a DSLR camera on Sunday night. The organizers are directing Holla Forumsyps to go and target these kinds of academics with their posters. Remember that since you are in a public place, they have zero expectation of privacy and you are permitted to take any pictures of them you want. If they tell you to stop following them then comply to avoid an arrest. Be aware they might phone in a complaint anyway so leave after getting a good shot of their face. If you are followed call the authorities immediately.

2. Print off one of these posters and place it next to a CCTV camera. They are advising Holla Forumsyps to tear down """"""shill""""""" posters if they see them, meaning that they're advocating illegal activity (vandalism). If your poster is ripped down then make a police report immediately. Also consider working with uni administration or the student union to get CCTV footage asap in order to substantiate the police complaint.

3. If you're in Dublin, put up as many of the anti-anglo posters as possible. They have an active chapter there and it'll be useful to drown out their message completely by turning it into an anti-Brexit/pro-Republic message. Consider flooding the hashtag with it on tumblr and twitter.


…what's with the Hotline Miami masks?


See item 1. You could just stake out the place yourself without a mask but then you'd be at risk of doxxing yourself. And in most civilized countries wearing a mask isn't illegal

Get the fuck out of here with that America one.

I thought you meant a ski mask or something, something like that seems to larpy and a sure fire way to get the cops on your ass.

The brown hand one is pure bait, they are trying to conceal the white supremacist ideas of the people putting up the posters. Put it up next to a CCTV camera and use it to bait them into committing a crime on camera.

No just buy a horse head mask and a sporpsball jersey. that way if you get questioned you can just say you're cosplaying as a video game character (which you are)

So it looks like we got these guys totally not mad that we discovered their secret club

lmao it's funny watching 17 year-olds that spend 6 hours every day online spouting bluster when they get caught

anyway the dublin option is the most vulnerable, there's already a team there and they will probably go after universities. They've clearly directed their minions to go after women's studies departments at unis so it's a good bet that they'll be there on the night of the 21st

also any word on ? Someone here knows who Pennsylvania Patriot is so fucking doxx him already

The election happened. Lots of people from Reddit and Facebook have flooded Holla Forums since then. If you want to see something really awful, just look at the Holla Forums humor threads. They're nothing but shitty boomer-tier Facebook memes.

Ironmarch has been gone for about a month now. For some reason, Slavros nuked everything.

Holla Forums has been normie central for years now

fuck Holla Forums was always normie shit, like since 2012 at least.

What the fuck is the point of doing this?
All its going to do is give Holla Forums more Ammo to spew verbal diarrhea over?

But Brexit was/is a good thing the EU is shit

who cares, stop bumping it


We should sabotage the MBMC operation by making posters that are the opposite of MBMC by saying things like "Open Borders My Choice" or something against the fags at Holla Forums

imagine the lulz we would get from sabotaging Holla Forums's operation

Tell everyone you know and liberals from college campuses to sabotage the MyBordersMyChoice operation

The Holla Forums fags will put up the #MyBordersMyChoice posters on campuses and public spaces on January 21st at night. Let's sabotage their operation

Make sure to use your keys to deface their posters, fascists have been known to tape razor blades to the back.

or just impress your hand against the poster to check for it prior.

>>>Holla Forums
go back

Clearly you're from Holla Forums since you're scared of your faggy Holla Forums operation getting sabotaged

go back to cuckchan
>>>Holla Forums

lol nice false flag retard. we aren't liberals we don't support open borders.


Hey Holla Forums, whatcha doin'…?

Nobody ever said that this was against borders or not, we just want to fuck up their operations for the luls, there's nothing wrong if you don't want borders anyways, go back to cuck/pol/

I was telling you all when they were gonna put up their faggy posters so we could sabotage their MBMC operation for the luls, are you blind and autistic

funny people at cuck/pol/ are telling you to go back to t_d with your shite threads that no one responds to

nibba why would we want to sabotage something that couldn't even beat a fucking stale rick and morty meme

I don't post those threads, I'm only telling you all information so we could sabotage cuck/pol/'s MBMC operation for the luls, are you sure you're not autistic

So this is the power of Holla Forums sans Mercer shill bux? Hmm

someone go post that in the 8/pol/ thread: >>>Holla Forums11059263
I'm already banned there

It's better doing something than not doing something against the faggy larp that people from cuck/pol/ are trying to pull off on janurary 21, just stay vigilant against the MBMC operation, having luls is better than no luls



What a bunch of fucking wankers

Why do they constantly try to convince themselves that we on the left are shit scared?


How deluded, most of us are working adults, I literally won't have time to waste on this low effort garbage (they really think this low effort meme is going to inspire people? They may as well spray swastikas), I don't recommend you guys to engage these idiots either, I'm already behind on delivering leaflets for my local Labour Party, and that would be much better time and effort spent than paying the slightest attention to Holla Forums

As a commie/socialist/leftist I think people should be free to move wherever they want. But is an open border policy and allowing masses of refugees to just flood Europe really the best solution we can come up with? People in Italy, Spain, the Balkans don't have jobs, you have people with PhDs and masters degrees working as waiters and manual labourers. What jobs will these refugees get?

I'll tell you which, they will do shitty, manual, underpaid labour and open themselves up to capitalist exploitation. That's all there is here for them. Germany welcomes them with open arms because it will use the refugees and economic migrants as a cheap labour force to build itself up. And there are no indications that the people who come in are even potential proletariat or comrades, they're lumpen proletariat.

Supporting the unregulated entry of this cheap labour force is literally supporting the continued exploitation of the working class by capitalism. There is no incentive to raise wages if you have a Somali or Nigerian willing to do the job for whatever he gets. And the incoming people do not have a class consciousness, they don't form or join unions. They just work to provide for their family, live in subsidised housing in poor areas where they're placed, perpetuate their cultures and have no intention or will to integrate. They're not comrades.

No more baboons! Baboons must live with other baboon peoples while people peoples live with peoples! So long, goodbye, farewell baboons, enjoy the sweltering hot heat of the jungles of baboon land!

I have to admit I have a good laugh every time you post. Do you even do anything else around Holla Forums?


This meme really needs to stop. If you engaged with the real world and not an alternate reality fueled entirely by Holla Forums memes, you'd be well aware that natives are not somehow class-conscious by nature and that unions have been deserted for decades.

Remind me, how is that rant distinct from your garden-variety neo-con whining about multiculturalism again?

With "comrades" like you, we don't need a class enemy.

The website does not work. The 8/pol thread uses this one now:

My guess is that they wanted to reduce the traffic

I'm sorry if I came across as a shithead. Refugees are fine, and people coming from war-torn countries need to be provided shelter. I'll grant you that most come from Syria and are legitimate refugees, but a lot of them aren't. Pic related.

So how is increasing the number of lumpenproletariats going to help the situation? How many of the immigrants have a sense of belonging and therefore a will to improve the conditions of the working class?

Shit nigga, I live in a secular country. I don't want to see women walking around in burkas, same way I don't want to see Catholic nuns walking around in their penguin outfits and I don't want to see protestant evangelists spreading their religion. Religion has been on the way out in Europe (rightfully so). The biggest mistake Tito made is he allowed Muslims and Christians to build their churches and practice religion openly, in the end religious sentiment and religious belonging was what led to nationalism and the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia. Don't even bother arguing that point, growing up there and hearing people talk about Catholics vs Muslims vs Orthodox, rather than Croatians, Bosnians and Serbs you realise that for a lot of people religious belonging is the most important.

You're one of those who think that poverty and struggle breed virtue. the reality is that people who have very little don't give a fuck about others, only care about improving their livelihood. Virtue and compassion are often qualities of the middle class.

Surprise, surprise, they will put the asylum seekers into the countries from which Germany, France, Scandinavian countries get their cheap labour.

All of that said, btw, I will tear down any MBMC poster I see.

The objective is to limit the amount of influence the Holla Forumsyps have. Can't seize the means of production with these guys getting confused by idpol

Do we have a Discord?

No. Holla Forums does not have a Discord. You should fucking know this Holla Forumsyp

I don't care whether immigrants are motivated by political or economic necessity. They're coming to Europe because they're looking for better prospects than they have at home — it's not rocket science.

Stop using buzzwords you clearly don't understand as thought-terminating clichés.

Culture isn't monolithic and trans-historical, secularization will eventually dismantle the relevance of religion among immigrant communities — a process that is already ongoing.

Indeed. And why would natives be different from immigrants in that respect?

THis is why Leftypol cannot into plannification

Fuck off.

You're right.


I guess they wouldn't.

Well, I'm glad I voiced these concerns cause talking to you and the other user made me realise the error of my thinking.

It seems that overall EU unemployment is on a downward trend (pic related). But there are still countries with high unemployment rates (pic also related). This tells me that some European countries are developing faster/more than others, and they will benefit from the influx of labour.

We need socialism now more than ever, countries that aren't doing so well need to nationalise their resources and start up their industries. Creation of value through labour is the only thing that can improve material conditions of the people. I'm just afraid that the influx of large numbers of people whose class consciousness is questionable will make our job harder in educating and mobilising the masses.

I could be wrong, however, and socialists may find sympathetic ears among the immigrants who will be a great help in the revival of socialist movements. I'm just pessimistic and think that when Euopean governments segregate immigrants into poor neighbourhoods they breed resentment and a feeling of 'otherness' in the immigrants.

Not him but why is their class conciousness more "questionable" than that of the typical westerner? I'm equally pessimistic about all people when it comes to their viewpoints on society/politics.
And he doesn't need to give a source on that statement about secularization, I think that's a pretty plausible course of events if you think about it logically and I believe he is right. I think living together multiculturally (in a peaceful non-prejudiced way, that is) people mostly tend to become more nuanced and learn from eachother's viewpoints. Of course you can't know what will happen for sure, since we're talking about the future. No one can just predict it.

Whatever you do, you lose. This isn't an ideological war, this is an information war. You know that the only way for you to keep a normalfag on your side, is to deprive him of true information and gaslight him till he cannot think rationally on any topic that might be divisive, on the account of facing social ostracism. You know you are wrong. Every fiber of your being knows you are wrong. But you have drowned your voice of reason, under a constant state of fear.


How else do you reach a conclusion? By instinct? By emotion? Of course, my instinct is the greatest, it is always proven right sooner or later, but can you say that this is the case for everyone?

¡Fuera Sionistas!

how the hell does Holla Forums think this is going to work? the other its ok to be white thing was a blip. the only buzz it got besides campus newspapers was tucker carlson (noted alt right dogwhistler). this one will be even less impactful. this one doesnt even make sense it's like they're trying to tie together abortion slogans with border control in a hamfisted attempt.

Hello fellow /lefty/ poster I too don't believe in non-white immigration.

Does anyone think it would be a good idea to go there and actually beat the fuck of them? I'm getting really, really sick of these stupid retards and the damage they're doing. They're dragging us into idiocracy and a post-truth world with how they openly embrace cognitive dissonance, lies and hypocrisy and the world just stands buy and lets them because "muh free speech".

Fuck these retards. They deserve to hang.

>>>Holla Forums
you have to go back

We already live in a post-factual world.


He's just some Holla Forumsyp who got mad when he tried to """"save"""" me from """"""""""""""antifa""""""""""""""""" and I just kept responding with piggy poop balls
>>>Holla Forums11164394
>>>Holla Forums11164436
>>>Holla Forums11164441
>>>Holla Forums11164445
>>>Holla Forums11164447
>>>Holla Forums11164460

top kek


You're the bourgeois pig here.

Since someone from r*ddit linked to this thread, just wanna point out that this guy couldn't even beat szechuan sauce in google trends

Newest edition of the larp.



Wow i wonder who was behind this post


Its Schrodinger's Activist
There both simultaneously a weak effeminate soyboy who cant fight and at the same time some sort of domestic terrorist commando whose going to go full 1970s mode
They dont become one or the other until they are observed by Holla Forums

Does this little guy even weigh 100lbs? He should just become a trap.

lmao he's trying to censor the fingerblasting ones

an obvious joke mask is WAY less likely to get the cops on your ass than a fucking ski mask

the EU was shit but brexit was primarily committed on the basis of the EU not letting them be EVEN MORE shit

Obvious Holla Forumstard shills ITT, subvert harder faggots

Why are the Seattle Mariners trying to touch Libya?


Yeah, meanwhile Holla Forums and white nationalists are considered domestic terrorism as well and have been on the feds' shitlist for months as they've been committing murder after murder.
Next larp they'll get shot on sight the second they do something sketchy.

Well they are from less urbanized countries, and rural people are predisposed to being reactionary. It's why the campaign in the Vendee had to be fought by the French revolutionaries and Stalin had to fight a war with the peasantry in the late twenties and early thirties. Beyond that, many of the host countries have very strong merchant traditions, which makes a comparatively large part of the refugees go petit bourgois - the stereotype of the Pakistani night shop, and [ethnic] restaurant. Living in Europe will hopefully make them more class conscious, but this is not an instantaneous process.

I might be totally wrong but I think people who migrate are more often from the cities than from the countryside. And I don't think Europe itself is that "class conscious" either

Fair point. Though obviously a city in a highly rural country, through its interactions with the countryside, will have more of that countryside's mores bleeding into it.

seems legit

you're the phoneposter here.

I feel like one of our guys made this image and one of their guys made the post.
it's all just too indiscrete.

Behold comrades, a capitalist contradicting itself.

No the old site got ==SHUT DOWN==


Lord help me, I am back on my bullshit

Why you gotta make it so obvious mane

Do you seriously think this my borders my choice shit actually matters

Europeans are obsessed with class, they have had a series of class societies going back thousands of years. The European wage-slave of today was likely the medieval peasant of yesterday and the Roman slave of antiquity. Just because European class contradictions don't always explode in revolution and they often have doesn't mean that there isn't a ton of class conscious, ways are found to smooth over these contradictions of course. From what I can tell most Euro countries don't have an American-style welfare state but rather ontop of whatever universal provisions, the Euro yellow unions negotiate with government and business to get wage-rises in line with productivity. This is why even if productivity growth is half of that of the US, West European wages are similar to that of America or higher. Now, if some "unforeseen" phenomenon were to break the back of the European unions then… you might see returns on capital and rising inequality as great or greater then what goes on in the US. Wouldn't it be curious if those unions not only could no longer bring anyone to the bargaining table but no longer had the resources to fund even the succ dem political parties that make the European political scene far different from the US…

It seems obvious to me as an American that the European elite actually are rather cleverly importing non-European immigrants not merely to find cheap labor but to also import American-style identity politics with American-style divide-and-rule tactics. The Left fights for the right of women to wear burkhas while the Right will obsess with ebil muslim rapists, or emerging ethnic mafias and/or the very real collaboration of extreme islamist groups with European intelligence agencies such as MI5 and DGSE.

It's just not a fucking coincidence, and some people just aren't smart enough to see it, the migrant crisis along with terrorist attacks likely directed by European intelligence themselves is intended to stoke right-wing sentiments and provide support for right-wing movements. The center and center-left establishment will keep not only supporting immigration but advocating for its acceleration until the average European worker self-identifies as "fascist" in France the center-left establishment has already written off the native working class as more or less fascist.

In this way, 80 years after fascism had been destroyed and discredited in Europe, especially among the masses, it will be revived in order to give political support to the creation of European military adventures on par with that of the US and to force through more austerity and right-wing economics.

I never understood my my Canadian parents and grandparents had a deep obsession with the royal family of a foreign state only nominally connected to my own country

It hurts to see how badly and easily nationalists and right-wingers are being played by those they think are on their side.

For people who haven't lived with or know right wing folk who don't use logic when formulating opinions yes. Best thing and only thing to do is outbreed them and feed them a couple crumbs every couple of years. If they get more comfortable you'll find your head on a spike, this is a war; no doubt. Don't ever think otherwise.

NIBBA these are people who think piggy poop balls is a Soros-funded attempt to undermine the white race

We shall be forced to be """free"""

If you want me to get serious this new larp made me realize just how incompetent the aut-raut-right is at not getting co-opted by the big corps that are the main reason why poor whites are dying of opioids in decaying rust belt towns. Their rank-and-file doesn't actually care about achieving policy goals and the core organizers are too busy scamming the rank-and-file with nootropics and chicken milkshakes to do anything outside Eastern Europe

tl;dr this is 99% spectacle, read Debord, learn to farm and organize for when this finally all comes crashing down



posting the lewd ones for hardcore IRL shitposting, get on my level comrades

thank you for your service

If simply importing non-whites leads to division because whites don't want to deal with them, maybe there's something wrong with your whole race denying ideology? Of course forced multiracialism leads to more idpol and less discussion of abstract ideas. So let's not do it. You get less "muh race" idpol, and we get less ethnic pollution. Why not ban non-whites? Oh yeah, because you need the votes. Only third worlders are dumb enough and desperate enough to buy into your anti-Western anti- private property lunacy that has never worked for anyone.

These retards are like autistic kids wearing dumb ass rage comic shirts in 2010.

The only people who are going to give a shit about their posters are the custodians who will be annoyed having to take these down.

Marxism which most forms of modern Socialist/Communist thought stems from is Literally a Western Philosophy it was developed by two German's with some money to blow and some time on their hands
Private Property is not inherently
No Part of Marxism/Socialist/Communist Ideology Denies that race exists it just does not obsess over it like SJWs AKA "Left"-Wing Liberals and the Aut-Right AKA Right-Wing Liberals do



as an added bonus the hashtag and social media chatter is going to get drowned out in coverage of the shutdown

I don't care that it was invented inside the West. Your number 1 complaint is Western imperialism and US foreign policy. The majority of mainstream leftists (and you non-SJW leftists are a less effective fringe movement) fundamentally believe that white Americans have no right to limit mass immigration in defense of their interests because of Native Americans. God forbid we side with South Korea. We basically don't deserve our own country for all our crimes against the third world.

From a thief's perspective it's not good. But even then, you want to keep YOUR stuff after it's been redistributed from people richer than you. Why not keep passing it on? Let's find someone poorer than you and give them your stuff. Where does it end? Middle class Westerners are already rich relative to third worlders. Why focus on the super rich fat cats when the same principles could be applied to you? Who exactly falls into the "rich" bracket that we can steal from?

So how do you define "obsess"? If someone says whites should not become a minority in Europe, is that an obsession? Is that a non-issue politically?

You are really stupid.

oh god we're talking to a boomer aren't we

hey boomer-kun how did your hernia surgery go? I heard that with keyhole surgery they can get you in an out in a day

Holy fuck stop posting.

boomer-kun why do you think that taxation is theft but get really mad when people try to privatize your social security


This is WHAT THEY SAY. All the fucking time.

Hey we have a shitload of migrants benefitting from public services that they didn't pay into.
You're denying that this is central to the ideology of major left leaning parties in the West?

It should be privatized.



t. Amerifat



Holla Forums are such repugnant brainlets that they think quantum physics is retarded.

I can't tell if this is an actual straw man or a parody of one.

So does hard science, if you've ever seen real nerds doing research.


You fight a civil war for communism and it ends with people banging on pots to kill sparrows with lack of sleep, and collecting rat tails to get petty complements from the government. Then when the famine gets worse you trade children because it's easier than eating your own. You choose to adopt the label of communist after all this but I'm the brainlet?

It works like how memorizing the quran works in making people pious muslims. To not have faith in it would mean that you wasted effort, so people internalize it. If you read thousands of pages of marxist drivel, your frame of reference will be drivel.

Doing retarded shit is rebellion against the Big Other, you would know that if you read books.


That was not the point. "It seems bad at a glance" is not an excuse to not know what you are talking about.
The former Soviet governments were very overbearing in terms of civil liberty, but the quality of life in most ex-communist nations actually shot through the roof compared to how they were before.
If you think the famines during communist rule were bad, you should see how the monarchists handled it. Hoo boy.

Our uniting cause on this board is a distaste for capitalism. Something that is real and actually exists. Many capitalists are dicks, but ultimately our concern is with the system, not the people.
Think whatever you like, but not everyone who disagrees with you is a child that does not understand their own thoughts and emotions, which many post-structuralists have yet to understand.


I need to read about this clusterfuck.

Your conception of capitalism is a function of marxism itself, it doesn't actually exist outside of that.

You do realise the sparrow thing wasn't for food: it was a deliberate program organised by the Chinese government to rid "the four pests" from chinese fields.
Fucking kek, someone has never spoken to anyone who has ever lived in an ML country.

Also reminder both the whites and the nationalists started the civil wars in Russia and China.

How many rockets do you think failed before we put a man on the moon?

Hey let's play a Google Trends game:

Aut-Right versus Cancer

Punch an incredibly cancerous anime or manga into Google Trends, along with It's Okay To Be White, and see who wins!!!
Here's a couple of examples.

Basically, their massive fuckups were the reason the Russian Revolution even happened.
Not that the USSR is totally innocent of course. Stalin was notoriously hamfisted in policy.

Hardly. Marx was fundamental to the development of the modern concept of capitalism shared by most economic schools of thought.
It's lolberts that have their own definition, since unlike other capitalist schools, theirs tend to be more like religions than academic disciplines.

Pure ideology


My argument is not circular reasoning. Don't just name a random logical fallacy as an argument.
Or a meme.

Take that back.

Counterargument: Endless Eight

Shoah in the works

The Labour Theory of Value was literally created by Adam Smith.
Marxism is built on Classic Economics, Mordern Economics is built on denying Marxism. (Subjectivism, Marginal Utility, were all very novel untested concepts which were propagated by the bourgeoisie to solidify their rule, and they're still the bedrock of our shitty Neo-Keynesian and Monetarist models with awful predictive validity).

The popularity of the marxist conception doesn't give it any more actuality than the conception of the earth as flat flattens the earth.

Why do marxists believe that the entire world revolves around them?

I rarely visit this board and i just can't understand why you guys are even here on this site when you could be full commie anywhere else, even in the public.
Stop being their useful idiots.



Then I guess it was just a coincidence that the Marginal Revolution happened at the end of Marx's life, after he brutally violated classical economics.


I like it when people pronounce english names for cities in foreign languages.

God, what a public speaker though. It's a shame you Holla Forums larpers are a sad degenerate bunch. We could have ourselves a real fun fight if there was anyone left who could speak like that.

All those things that aren't marxist can't be a coincidence, surely it must be done to keep marxism down. It can't be that marxism is just one of the billions things, Marx never said that.

me too

I guess there will be degenerates in every movement

It can't be that marxism is just one of the billions things
You are right about that, because there aren't billions of economic schools of thought. Saying that would be fucking retarded. Instead, economic schools of thought can be divided into two broad categories (classical or neoclassical) and the main difference is the value theory they use. Guess when did the change from classical to neoclassical start in bourgeois economics? At the end of Marx's life.

Capitalism is not physical matter. What it is, exactly, is not delusional to disagree upon. The history of economics is not hard to read about.
Yes, Marxism is considered heterodox by mainstream economics, but it is hardly their complete antithesis. Austrians are much more different, for example.

You can't really believe that if you are a hard determinist tbh



these retards are actually putting them up they'll get their heads kicked in probably



Holy shit, this will be such a dud.

So it's basically politicized littering at this point?

This is the what happens when you use gamergate to recruit new members into your reactionary "movement." You get a bunch of failsons who can't do anything properly and who are deathly afraid of the so-called "degenerates" they boast about beating to death online.

between the pedo news and this caliber of competence I'll be surprised if this will even break into the #maga news cycle let alone any normie newsfeeds

Man Holla Forums seemed so powerful during the election. What happened?

boomers and middle schoolers started posting more after the hwndu stunt and all the other increased press

Is this… the power of communism?

Holla Forums doesn't believe in national sovereignty. They are retro-liberals (i.e. liberals from the 19th and early 20th centuries) who believe in the right of white nations to take what they want from the so-called lesser peoples of the world. Nothing they say is in good faith nor is anything they do.

Nationalists don't want to invade brown nations and take their shit. Those are imperialists, the neocons/neolibs that run the show today.

You can say that nationalism inevitably leads to that kind of exploitation, and there is some truth to that. But saying that nationalists want to invade/exploit other nations is just disingenuous.


They support Israel. They support America. They are imperialists. This isn't a debate. It's a fact. They should be mocked and/or subverted at every level until they kill themselves.


Fuck Israel. I mean, sucks to be in that position now, most people living there had nothing to do with the BS decision to fuck over Palestine but they are stuck with it now.

As if we have to do any thing. This will be viewed as racist bigots they are.

I was thinking about going out and beating up some Holla Forumsacks tonight with my antifa supersoldier bros but I decided nah.

Nationalist praxis in 2018 is cucking for business and yelling at anonymous strangers over the Internet
I'm actually kind of glad that the nation-state as a viable model of political organization is slowly becoming untenable. I literally want things to collapse since the modern nation-states nationalists are fighting to redeem or whatever are just holding back the inevitable and beautiful collapse

already some out in pdx



Holla Forums unironically cuts itself for attention.

Not really surprised.


So how much you wanna bet that they purposefully will false flag their own false flag? Spreading as many as the brown hand ones as possible just to discredit "leftists" (reality it's liberals, but Holla Forums is retarded enough to not know the difference)

This is the exact problem with online campaigns, you never really know who's who and who does what. You can bet your ass that Holla Forumsacks will pretend to be the shareblue poster in that thread for discrediting purposes.

yes, niggers rule the world and you are being forced to let your wife fun mohammed while driving 30 Jamals to work every day for free. It's not just in your head. everyone else is insane except for you.

We don't want baboons
We don't need baboons

Baboons may live in the zoos! Goodbye glorious baboons, you will NOT be missed!

Here, have a (you)

New meme idea: compilation of Holla Forums hypocrisy and double standards to the tune of Jonny cash

Wait, are you implying that wasn't the source of those posts to begin with?



the fuck you think you are doing?


don't forget we have a cell here too, slowly subverting red for blue, not that it's hard, shit writes itself

epic win really triggered the libs

are these guys just going around in pepe masks putting up their ms paint comics with stickers?


Yeah some guy put one on city hall and it didn't even make the news. All this is gonna do is piss off some janitors. When I was in high school I put up parody North Korea propaganda flyers and got called in by the principal for putting up "anti-American terrorist shit". THAT had a bigger impact than these posters.

Why do right wingers always think they're clear while making idiots out of themselves? Do they really think people who support #mybodymychoice will see this and think it's the same thing and they should agree with it?


Walked around Philly, literally saw fucking nothing.

Haruhi has some meaty thighs in this pic and I just keep coming back to it
Also that's a cute as heck pout