On Judaism

All Holla Forums shit about Muh jews aside can we all agree that Judaism is a Shit tier religious system?
Can we just all agree that like all other Abrahamic faiths that Judaism is absolute dog shit?

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Makes sense, I've been watching peeps like you closely. There's a Holla Forumstard that like to masqueray as leftist by typing in slight Neo-Liberal/Holla Forumstard tendencies. Just saying….


All religions are bad, don't try to hate one more than another
Oh btw, sorry if you get banned, go to /leftpol/ if you want

FUCK Judaism and FUCK 'the Jews'

There is a reason all ethnically jewish leftist philosophers have renounced the religion.

The didn't renounce "the" religion, they rejected all religions because they were atheists.

What's the point of this post besides shitting on Jews, OP?

Im not shitting on jews im shitting on Judaism

Circumcision needs to be banned but other than that who gives a shit.

Which is why you shit on Sam Seder-tier secular/liberal Jews too…

Abraham was a desert pimp!


Muhammad was a pedophile and a war lord!

I said stop it!

There's literally nothing wrong with waging war if the dialectic is on your side.

ftfy my fellow """christian""" user

Read Hegel.

I tried
but I can't understand the arcane runes of dialectics
will I ever be able to ascend sensei?

Unironically best of the Abrahamic religions. Even the Orthodox assholes suck less on average than other zealots - I mean, I guess there are still Mohel diehards who literally suck more, but even that is pretty rare now afaik.

As much as the "chosen people" rhetoric kinda asks for it, Jews for whatever reason tend to be cool as fuck people. Like, of all the assholes who said their little clique was chosen by God or fate or whatever to be favored, Jews are easily the one I'd be the most ok with. Like, I get more no-strings-attached free rides, money, vacations, random job offers from Jews - it's disproportionate to the amount of Jews here, or in the world. I don't see anybody else around here reaching out like this - unless they want to fuck me or it's a bad hair day and they assume I'm a homeless youth… or both.

As for Israel - frankly, the Jews should have been given Germany. It was the British who decided (against the wishes of many Jews) to go with the extreme ideas of the Zionist fringe and give them land whose Jewish occupants once assisted the British in conquering it - out in the desert, in Palestine. The Jews who had to emigrate made do, and even, for a while, did some pretty cool stuff in Israel. But, no, they should never have gotten that - in a perfect world, Deutschland would have been razed, and all "Aryan" (ie filthy Teuton) citizens eradicated. And the Jews could then have it - saving the innocent Palestinians the pain, and saving the rest of the world the atrocities of Kissinger and a Merkel-run Europe.

Sure, the Zionists would have been disappointed they didn't get their magic desert Torahscape, but without such a blatant appeasement to them by international powers, the hardline Zionist factions would also be royally fucked rather than continuing to grow into what they are today. Everyone else would be glad to have such a nice ecosystem to flourish in without anyone to contest it. And the Jews would run a much better Germany than the thuggish Huns could.

Rome civilizing the Gauls was a mistake. Until that point, they were just a bunch of cannibals running around in loincloths chucking spears in the Black Forest. Germans were introduced to cities and politics, but never truly overcame their preoccupations with cannibalism and tribalism.

I wouldn't put it past some old piece of shit religion, but apparently this may be bullshit.

Rot in hell, kike

Get back in the woods where you belong, you sour Europe-destroying kraut piece of shit.

That's not really true, maybe the ultra-Orthodox ones. Most Jews, even the religious ones, don't see goyim in that light.

Where is Chaya? I want our based jewess goddess to chime in!

The fug is that? Where's Hoochie-Minh? Who am I? T-this isn't my house…

lel is this an actual word you can hear in real life?

Yeah sometimes people use that in Israel. It's somewhat crude tho but isn't intended to offend. It's not an actual common everyday term mind you.

Yeah, but I think only really old Jews with names like "Muriel" or "Murray" who live in affluent New Jersey suburbs use it.


Unironically this. Anyone who thinks that Isreal is worse than Germany or America needs to reevaluate their understanding of history. Jews just do whatever is in the interest of their own people's interest. The people in Isreal try to fight for their own autonomy, only to be blocked by hordes of angry Muslims and even countries like Germany and America (even though Isreal is the supposed puppet master). The rich Jews make deals with other Jews, simple like you would favor your own family or close friends, blame capitalism and nepotism, not the Jews. The Jews advocating diversity do so because they are fearful of people who might not accept them because of their different ethnicity. Even if some of them experience double think do to wanting to protect Isreal's purity at the same time. This is nothing new for people. Most people experience doublethink, even the reactionaries pointing this out.

Let’s see Israel has legalized Apartheid and bombs and starves its indigenious population while the US did away with de jure legal apartheid almost 60 years ago now. It’s just not comparable the Israeli state itself is founded on a racialist basis.

For every defender of Israel who says that the US is as bad as worse towards its marginalized population (particularly blacks) I always ask why the US government spends billions of dollars on welfare to keep poor blacks alive whereas Israel limits the amount of food on the basis of calorie per capita rule designed to “put Palestinians on a diet”

Let’s ignore the fact that Israel is getting more right-wing and intolerant while Germany and the US, their far-right not withstanding, are becoming more socially liberal.

Israel certainly is worse than US and Germany from the present standpoint. And I think you need to go back to school if you don’t think Israel was a party to some of America and Germany’s worst crimes while also inflicting some enormous barbarities is their very own.

Are you a liberal? Do you completely ignore the situation the reality Isreal is living in? America doesn't have any real issues regarding their border, and life on the other side of the globe when it comes to people who openly condemn them. Germany has a refugee issue which the German elite brought upon them and is still nothing compared to Isreal's position. Do you even understand what material conditions mean? I never said that what Isreal does is acceptable. It is however easily understandable why it turned out this way.



A "war lord" isn't waring for God, he's waring for himself.

I am sure that the people leading the Isreali government and army are the same people that settled back in the 1940's.

All Abrahamic religions are cancer. The death of polytheism was the death knell of civilization.

Weeeew didn't know Kliman was in this thread

You know leftypol is anti Israel right?

Holla Forums is not a hivemind you disgusting anti-semite!

Romans did nothing wrong
based Titus burn the Temple again

Anti-Judaism isn't the same as anti-semitic.

Except it is because jews are both a religious identity as well as an ethnic one.

>>>Holla Forums

>>>Holla Forums

Wew lad. Religious fundamentalism, fascism, liberalism and being bourgeoisie does not suddenly become okay just because you're a Jew.

No, but being attacked by being jewish is not okay.


Judaism has a rich intellectual tradition. The experience of the diaspora and the destruction of the temples has made for some brilliant thinking.
Too bad they've gone full retard with zionism.

Naturei Karta are based tho

Sean Connery is looking well. Nice tan too.
Here's Finkelstein on The Real News
Fuck Israel

All religion will disappear

Fuck off Holla Forums, Jews are good people.

Judaism is a shit religion, like all religions. Religious jews are delusional but mostly harmless. Ethnic jews are perfectly fine. I love Marx. Circumcision cannot be allowed to continue. Zionism is bullshit and nationalist and I oppose it for the same reason I oppose white/black/asian/any other kind of nationalism. Israel's government is shit like all governments, and borders are a spook. After the revolution, anyone (decent, as in, not a bloodthirsty murderer) will be allowed to live there and apartheid will end. Israeli citizens are just victims of circumstance, as all us proles in global capitalism are, leave them alone unless any individual one of them turn out to be a threat.

Did we cover everything?

I never claimed to be pro-Israel.
Zionism is unambiguously shit, but the colonization of Palestine to begin with was not a strictly Jewish operation. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Certain tea drinking imperialists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 were central to the project even before the project became Israel officially. This isn't a credit to Zionists - not anymore than the US supporting Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets absolves Al Qaeda of their shitty ideology. But it would have changed things had Britain and the US not actively supported religious extremists in the region.