After you abolis private money creation...

After you abolis private money creation. Do you just let the bankers and their friends and all of the lenders keep all the trillions of dollars that they've created out of nothing?

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No you dork, there will be no bankers, not to mention their money would literally be worthless. Most of the big banks operate on Fiat money, which is entirely based on credit of the government, a government which would no longer exist.

what is so hard to understand about abolishing money? Especially fiat currencies?

no, they go to jail, but the jail isn't forced labor jail since work is abolished under communism.

the big offenders like lobbyists and CEOs will be sent to the forced femme gulags that are run by transgender nazbols.

Also all their physical assets getting took (no more private property) ESPECIALLY their toothbrushes

Yeah I'd let them keep their money. Let's see them try to use it.

No. Bankers and CEOs are gonna watch as angry mobs burn their money and expensive shit on a bonfire of proletarian rage and after that we're gonna collectivize their wives and daughters to take back from them the equivalent of what they've stolen from us, the workers.







SU already implemented a separate monetary circuit for MOP, you couldn't buy MOP with your wage money except in agriculture after MTS were dissolved

it's all a matter of accounting really
even with paper money, soviet authorities were quite effective at tracing foreign currencies in circulation
with electronic payments tracing all the monetary flows becomes a walk in the park

Sure, why not. A new payment token system gets introduced and the old tokens become useless. Faking the old currency becomes legal. You can't pay your taxes and fines with the old currency anymore, and the legal system stops recognizing contractual obligations set in the old payment system, instead the bureaucracy declares a whole bunch of debt and contract types invalid, and for the remaining contracts it dictates a modification, a replacement of the promised payments with the new tokens at an "exchange" rate set by the new state apparatus.

i was all for planned economy until i heard how Gosplan screwed the economy so bad they had to copy the markets from the west because they couldnt (even with thousands of engineers working for them) figure out how to manage the economy so there wouldnt be bread lines

Are you dumb? The real production sector of society will be seized and socialized, so it's catered to the needs of humanity, instead of capital.

ahh yes """real production"""

dollars are worthless without the U.S army enforcing it on the globe
our goal is to abolish exchange value, which means money would no longer exist

dumb posts

What is wrong with ?

- USSR had no "separate monetary circuit". Money in the second "circuit" were mostly used for accounting purposes
- some dumb hoax.

the fact that there's just a new currency instead of abolishing it

and what do you propose, genius? rationing?

the USSR under Stalin still gave people a ruble wage, it's not FIAT currency can't be converted to labor vouchers, just gotta destroy the dollars once they're used

I really don't get all this talk about labor vouchers
why can't quantitative theory of money work just fine?
just keep the quantity of money or whatever you pay for goods with in accordance with the supply of goods
for government that controls both money supply and actual production and retail I don't see why it can't be done effectively especially if you have input output matrix of the whole economy dissagregated enough so that you can tackle disproportions with reserves

Are you one of those who consider paper notes to be inherently sinful?


Because the problem isn't one of resource distribution but of resource accumulation, which "controlling the money supply" doesn't do anything to solve.

Labor vouchers were a 19th century idea anyway and there are innumerable better solutions to the labor/allocation problem.


Hard mode: can't describe labour vouchers just electronic

Didn't Stalin end the NEP when he took leadership of the party? Does this not constitute the end of State Capitalism in the USSR?

money is next to worthless in a society without exchange value

They will be turned into a castrated slave caste to do all the toilet cleaning untill we have robots to do that.

No you idiot, they get labor vouchers like everyone else, revenge fantasies help no one.

I was joking. They will obviously perish in the revolution.

Since when do leftists give a shit about the Money Question?

What the fuck do you mean?

Is the Money Question not the plaything of petite-bourgeois yeomen and tradesmen who seek not the dismantling of Capitalism but the excision of rents from the market economy, leaving the Commodity form intact?….

It certainly didn't abolish commodity production or the law of value

using labour hours, land, resources etc. for measuring is a lot more rational and convenient than abstracting it through money
socialists who defend money always remind me of cucks like mises who insist money is the most rational way to measure stuff

How does someone actually purchase anything? Will everyone carry around TotallyNotMoney labor certification slips, with proven calculations of current SNLT and the value of the completed labor in relation to the currently developed industry? Or are we straight up "equality" gang now and now all hours of labor are equal to each other?

This. Immediate abolition of money didn't work in Democratic Kampuchea for a number of reasons, mainly foreign subversion.

In an industrialized country, immediate abolition of money could be made much easier through computer technology.

Why should people who came up in a system that requires participation in that system for survival be punished for success in that system? Because they weren't ethically enlightened by the capitalist state that educated them?

you can browse the philosophy where a lot of leftist theory comes from, like Kant and Hegel which usually dealt with ethics and morality.
ignorace of common ethics is taking place by the merchant and military class by witholding resources and passing legislation against anyone who attempts to actually follow common ethics (witholding the means of production and private property in exchange for rent). but ignorance of ethics does not ever exclude you from responsibilities to uphold it. your breach of ethics may go unnoticed publicly, but your mind will not be able to let go of it, unless you're a complete psychopath (which a lot of the top billionaires are).

Keeping their money would imply I let them live.

Typical niggerplasm, considdering women to be literally property.

You did not answer either of the questions.

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