How do we recruit sympathetic right-wingers?

Many on the nuRight are clearly unhappy with Trump and not even loyal to capitalism.
How can we take advantage?
Of course most of them are unsalvageable I'm mostly talking about those over 100IQ who are intellectually consistent enough to admit there are massive problems with the status quo.

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committed right wing ideologues are a minority even in the united states. the point of marxism-leninism is that it unites the oppressed against the oppressors. trying to "win over rightists" is counter to that goal if you think diluting the message of total liberation is the way to do it

We have enough ex-Holla Forumstards here who brought their retardation with them as it is. Let's not bring any more of those.

Meh ex-Holla Forumstards are preferable to unrepentant goons.

I remember hearing that goons were responsible in part for starting the identitarian craze on social media years ago. Not that they haven't plagued the left for decades, but I mean the focus on declaring oneself to be some list of identities among more mainstream liberals.

Gosh, can you talk for yourself, without lenin in your mouse?

patently false

patently true. every IRL socialist group in the united states is heavily fucking filled with petty bourgeois white men, while the majority of the working class is the opposite. recruiting *more* fucking white kids with the promise of being "anti-idpol" is total death sentence for the American left if we're serious about actually wanting to change things instead of just being a larp club for history nerds

lol ok that's all I needed to know.
You guys are never going to get anything done I see.

Ex-Holla Forumstards usually aren't "repentant", they just switched from Hitler to Stalin as their sugar daddy and now say "lumpen" instead of "nigger" — very little about their worldview and politics actually changed in the process.

Anybody that wants to do that is just a crypto right winger themselves.

Actually agree.

Lol fuck you tho

Meanwhile goons are just liberals who unironically care about liberal idpol while waving red flags. Also they got raped by Holla Forums and now hide behind twenty layers of """irony""" to mask how impotent they are these days.

What "goons" are you talking about?

Goons are probably an even worse option than Holla Forums-tards for the left. At least Holla Forums idiots claim to believe in something. Goons will hide behind irony at the first chance they can. They don't take seriously even the things they're most obsessed with.

if we never recruit another white middle class 18-24 year old male, it will be for the fucking better

*at the implicit expense of recruiting an actual member of the fucking worse class, i mean

The idea of Holla Forums carrying out actions as a resulted of their retarded SA grudge is almost as hilarious as anyone thinking SA could be dealt any meaningful insult beyond the oughties.

Goons are SA people.

Goons are substantially less retarded - and actually, possibly less inclined towards that kind of shit you described than Holla Forums is. The difference is mostly size of userbase, innit? There are substantially fewer competent Holla Forumstards per capita but substantially fewer goons in general.

being "anti-idpol" is usually Holla Forumstalk for being anti-black liberation and anti-native sovereignty, which are the two most revolutionary weapons against the american state

My biggest issue with goons is that they've shown to sell out for basically anything whenever they have the opportunity



i agree the petty bourgeoisie is a relatively small sector of american society, but their ideology has an outsized hold on the working class. it's much more effective to *combat* petty bourgeois ideology in susceptible strata of the working class, rather than trying to recruit members of the pb (who, though small, basically represent all the retarded internet rightists likely had in mind)

"Middle class" is a bullshit attack on whites to lump us in with the bourgois.
Most of the people here will stop pointing a finger at porkie the moment it reaches his long nose.

"Revolutionary" here must be a bizarrely abstract term which refers to anything and everything except an actual communist revolution. It's Humpty-Dumpty's idea of revolution, one that means whatever you want it to mean, no more, no less.

the ideology of white supremacy *legitimizes* the united states government. no other government would be considered legitimate if it had done what the US has done. only because because the ideology of american exceptionalism has been written in the blood of the oppressed does this settler colony still exist

The MIC doesn't exist because of white supremacy but then again you probably see any white who doesn't cuck enough as a white supremacist.

Go back to r/CTH or r/soc

the MIC literally only kills nonwhites

read althusser

Thanks Sargon.

whiteness isnt a real thing, but white supremacists consider neither iranians nor libyans white

You can't defeat idpol with idpol.

You don't…


But to be fair, has the US *officially* massacred Persians recently? You may have a point here.

Capitalism could exist without white supremacy or the United States. In modern times, white supremacy is largely counterproductive to the functioning of capitalism; certainly the most extreme forms are.

The United Kingdom still exists, along with its royal family, and its colonial legacy is drowned in blood, and so do many countries in Europe with similarly horrific legacies. Belgium still has a monarch, despite Leopold II's Congo horrors.

Your view of legitimacy is also extremely simplistic.

they're certainly trying to

white supremacy also legitimizes those governments, but agreed not to the extent that the US's is. our claim to this land is literally based on white supremacy and i think its hard to argue otherwise.

if that claim ceased to be recognized, america would occupy the same political space as israel

I wouldn't say so, not exactly. It's based upon treaties which were largely imposed upon people who often didn't understand the language of the treaties or even the concept of land as private property, in addition to later and slightly less awful negotiations between the US government and the decimated remnants of various reservationized tribes. This legal legitimacy is tied to the idea of "legality" and "justice" under capitalism, however; the idea of white supremacy did legitimate the ideology by which many acted at that time, yet this white supremacy had to be tied to capitalist legal norms and the legitimacy of the US legal system and its authority. It wasn't simply white supremacy even during the 19th century.

It's simple; make them laugh. Humor has always had that kind of power.

I really don’t want to have 10 threads a week where we have to patiently explain to ex-Holla Forums types that racism is actually wrong, and even if we did I really don’t think it’s as easy as that, some of these dudes have very deeply imbedded beliefs, they’re not gonna make very good comrades. If anything they’ll take to the “anti-idpol” stance as a way of obstructing any discussion of racial issues.

There's no need to actively court the right. You have to keep in mind that most of Holla Forums is literal children who are nazis because of lightweight "culture wars" issues. If they are as smart as you say they are, them growing up, graduating university, and being forced to deal with the realities of capitalism is more than enough to recruit.

There's zero reason to compromise or play nice with reactionary ideology to make ourselves more appealing. That's what liberals do.

Yeah, I am sure you are all just smart enough to still win over a person, despite continuing to use such dividing terms. You can do it! I totally believe in you.

NazBol is a gateway drug.