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Gazi uploaded a video named "Every Black Person Should Be A COMMUNIST!" In it he says that there is no such thing as the white working class, and that Marx got the idea of communism from black people


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He's like half right.

“We wuz the original communists”

No thanks.

Praise Gazi Thought Right Now



He and Jason "I'm NOT white I'm SAAMI" Unruhe should get a room.

tbh this board is sleeping on gazi just a lil bit…

Don't hear it from me, but I think, the BO

The BO is suppressing Gazi thought

also he technically is right about the white working class. the concept of "whiteness" has only ever existed to distinguish europeans from the "black" africans for the purpose of raiding their lands for resources and slave labor since the european working class wouldn't put up with it anymore.

thats not to say that people that fall under the label of "white" aren't oppressed, but they don't make up the very bottom of the food chain like black and brown peoples do.

moronic idpol and race delusion

If he's right about anything technically it is not this. There is a white working class just because its not considered to be the very lowest of the food chain does not mean it doesn't exist.

Capital supersedes identity and retards that believe they are special because they are white or non-white for that matter aren't spared its vagaries simply due to their belief system. Being a prole isn't about being oppressed or even just being poor, you can say that you think revolutionary initiative will come from the dregs of society and that's fine but ultimately the proletariat as a class will have to stand behind it for it to succeed.

fair point. i forgot to mention that he could've used better wording for the situation of "white" people that isn't just "non-working class"


Is he basically black Nazbol?

I've missed you


Get out Holla Forums 4/10 bait at best.

Real talk though, I hate this guy so much it almost turned off of socialism when I first started learning about it.

Based Pierre does it again.

All black people should be communists. But so should everyone else.

that's what matters
death to idpol

Thanks buddy, but I never went anywhere. I just never used a tripcode until now, its really cool how people recognize my posts just from the writing style. You guys even gave me the name.

Not all black people are proletarian, most are, but not all.

who the fuck cares it's about class stupid
death to idpol

That's what I'm saying.

stop talking about race, class is all that matters
death to idpol

were you the hoxhaposter in the iran thread

Is even mentioning "white" and "black" idpol? Even though we are making arguments against IdPol? Stop being a sperg.

Gazi isn’t a communist though. It clearly believes in a state, and class as well. As it’s ideal world would be Jim Crow, but where Black people are in charge.


When we are one working class, these divisions don't matter at all, not one bit.
say it with me

Just because you’re aren’t the worst off person in the world doesn’t mean you aren’t working class. By that deffiniton wouldn’t be working class because the African slave mining the materials made to make his phone is a lot worse off than him. Also class is clearly more important by race because if it wasn’t Obama wouldn’t’ve been president.

Yes, I was.

well then I enjoyed your posts in that thread, it was a real shitshow with all the bans and people being very assblasted about what stance to take but you put together very good posts

Marx got the idea from someone, that's all that matters
death to idpol

The Commit section if 70% censor, but the rest is pretty bassed.

You can be part of the bourgeoisie and a communist. Maybe you want to keep your head during and after the revolution.


He's apart of this 3rd worldist group.

Really makes you think 🤔🤔🤔

Came back to share this
He runs the party.'s_Socialist_Party

I appreciate that! Its a complex issue and I'm just another guy trying to understand it from afar myself.

Whelp, that party is now ruined.

And he is wrong.

They should both get the bullet really.

pretty sure the person you responded to was actually saying that the white part of white working class doesn't really exist in any consistent manner, not contesting that they're not as low as possible.

It’s been ruined for a long time. Seriously there party newspaper praised ISIS. A group that is killing socialists in over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

What does that even mean? I contested this point in my post, either the white working class exists or it doesn't. No need for any half-way measures here.

what is the meaning behind this

Hoochie pls stop

But I don't want to be ruled by baboon peoples. No thank you BABOONS!

the idea that whiteness is arbitrary isn't a new idea, and in fact classifying the average person as "white" working class instead of just working class does them no favors and just gives them some artificial semblance of privilege that may not even exist
also learn to quote

I can't even tell what his goal is anymore

gazi is too much of a weirdo for me tbh

Isn't it a bot?

No, it's not a bot.

I hope it is. After deleting low-energy raids, person start to pray that those autists are either no older than 12 years, or shitposting from psychiatric hospital. It might be a dedicated autist, someone who is too dumb to write a simple script, but dedicated to 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧praise kek by disturbing those dirty commies🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

The only thing he's wrong about is saying that Marx got the idea of communism from indigenous people. While some indigenous societies were communes communism was an extension of French socialist theory, materialism and Christianity. It's important to note that the Christian ethic is based in an anti-colonial movement so there are parallels.

Also kill all whites.

Fuck off idiot.

Making an argument to individual groups is more convincing to them becauze it's a little more personal. Idealy it should be an argument for each individual tailored to them but no one can do that in a vid for everyone.