Berniebros doesn't even have a chance

Why even fight it? She has a realistic chance of winning.

How can Trump even win?

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I will blow my brains out

Comrades Dore and DeVito tell you to fuck off back to the whole from whence you came: "being nice and #StandingWithHer won't fix the rust belt.


Of course. The next logical step of American degradation.

Literally universalized Trumpism. Rule by celebrities.
Paul Verhoevenworld.

To be clear: why the fuck not. It could be worse - I'm a Cruize-missle 2024 now.

I can see ‘must be a well-known celebrity’ being a new requirement for being the new president of the United States whenever these new ‘will run for president’ stunts come up every five or so months.

It's really hard to choose more fitting candidate.

Americans, the Empire will fall

I'm going to fucking kill myself

Scientology will be the stepping stone to state mandated homosexuality, really gets the noggin' joggin'

If you thought it was hard to criticize American imperialism under Obama…

I can't fucking wait for droves of "woke" women of color to turn tail and support the establishment. Honestly the more I hear from the Democrats, the more I think accelerationism via Trump is what we need to have a wakeup call.

Marx was wrong. Capitalism will not fall because of a revolution but because Americans started voting for celebrities instead of politicians

Sure lets elect the out of touch hollywood 1%. I'd rather run Kanye tbh. Why the fuck not since we're going to go full retard anyway

everything in this life feels pointless becuase of your inevitable death. Nothing seems worth doing, no goal worth accomplishing. I just feel like nothing life holds any significance. This is just a part of that nightmare. To think this is reality. We're doomed

State mandated qt boyfriend. I can get behind that. Pun intended

I can't stand it anymore. The left has lost it. I no longer identify.Here's the facts kidos. It's over, we dropped the ball. It's time to face it. Nothing will ever hurt Trump. He'll never resign or be impeached, he'll win a second term and in 10 years Democrats will be talking about how dignified and presidential he was compared to the next crop of republican nominees.
And go ahead and sperg out when I say this. I don't care. Thanks Obama!!! The left is sucking the cocks of every person we ever loathed in the first place. If it's not Oprah it's some other lame duck puppet for the power brokers.

Mandatory boipucci. Sign me up


we are smarter then you, we can tell your not a marxist nor ever were you fucking gimp

Coming from a Bernie supporter… He's right though tbh. You can't say that we're not getting spoon fed a bunch of bullshit.

If she wins, bonjour la France