Are they trying to lose the working class on purpose?

are they trying to lose the working class on purpose?

Let me just prep myself for a return of Neocon rule and have 2001-2009 evangelical reign all over again because we can't be fucked to cater to the LARGEST VOTING BLOCK OF PEOPLE

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Who cares?

Yes, their bourgois; they don't care about the people just groups they can pander to. Rosa warned us about this.

Good morning, prole. Do you not understand the purpose and workings of American political system? Republicans attack oppressed classes on behalf of Capital. Democrats demoralize them on behalf of Capital. Both on the same side in a class warfare, on Porky's payroll, the true and barely disputed ruler of America.

it's all just so tiresome. I think the greatest problem is not with the Democrats themselves, but that I'll ever expect them to change.




It's almost as if both parties are parties of business who cater to different subsets of useful idiot.

Campaigning for the working class would effectively mean campaigning against business and the Democrats aren't going to campaign against their own interests.


I want to reiterate one thing. In the OP, you imply that the democrats are dumb. But they aren't. They are malicious. They know that they will be elected no matter what because Republicans will privateer American underclass. They know that American underclass will be enraged. They know that they would have to quell all that rage and funnel it in such a way that everything that the Republicans managed to rob would stay where it is, and condition the underclass for another round of unopposed Republican aggression. Because that is what they are paid in many, many millions of dollars for.

Bernie Sanders didn't just name his attempt "political revolution" for a good slogan. He fully implied that the only thing that can stop it is external organisation and pressure on political establishment.

ugh, these reactionaries still lumpin in women that were born with a male body with "LGB"! it's not a sexuality, we're different!
and then they even dare to name us in the first place under "T"!? not only are they too lazy to type it out when it comes to sex and gender, but they can pretend all they like to be inclusive, yet again they are oppressing us by adressing the wrongfully assigned gender and not accepting us as JUST WOMEN!
if that's allt it took to expose how cis-normative and oppressive the democrats are, than i don't know what to tell you!

i just really love Megumin =^3^= but i want an edit of her yelling "explosion" and a barrage of katyusha rockets being fired off better than this imperialist piece of shit artwork *sigh*

on a serious note though, can we worldfilter "identity" to "useful idiot"? i recon that could be fun

fuck off socdem


Idpol worked in fucking Alabama. You idiots can only circlejerk about book no one but you read, but that'll never bring up votes. Oprah gonna be next president anyway.

The opponent being a child sex offender worked

Unless you are a multimillion donor, it shouldn't matter to you in the slightest. Of fucking course election would swing back and forth between R and D, because it's a fucking two party system. A system with a twist, where both sides play for one team.

(And a leader having a standard republican platform)

yes please

whites are disgusting and should all be killed
you are lucky they only want to remove you from politics
men in general should all be killed too

You are due for a visit to the ministry of love.

this series of posts made me lose my shit, just wanted to show my appreciation

Why must we live among and vote for chunga mungas? We don't want chunga mungas! Bye bye chunga mungas!

What dis??????

Asian American and Pacific Islander. It's one of the racial classification of the US government.

What exactly I'm looking at?

No I'm pretty sure:
"We been coming in from all o'er the country to vote y'all" won Doug the vote.

Lol the Republicans are the only ones who use huge voter fraud in the US, just remember 2000.

Do you really think the YAS QUEEN social media intern who runs the Dem Twitter account takes marching orders from “Capital”? You’re giving him too much credit

These people see politics as an aesthetic fetish, they are trapped in a cathedral of the self where positions are chosen with no more thoughtfulness and consideration than what they’d like to wear that day…and the same applies to many people here as well, except their aesthetics are edgier


And mind you, I talked extensively with a man high up in dem party, with connection to Hildawg herself. Everything they do relies on (shitty) strategizing and analysis. And he bragged to me how they cracked the election with their very high Autism Level and how Trump will be out in first quarter.

Why are Jews even on there?

Jewish Bolshevism is real, and it's a good thing

The demonrats do serve capital. This is how they lost middle america. They preferred to push what the soviet union called bourgeois nationalism. Or by the name we all love and know, identity politics

Wtf I've never heard people abbreviating it like that. Is Asian Women not considered "correct" anymore????????

That is reactionarism in a very literal sense of the word; these people are _reacting_ to the growing racism and misogynism of republicans, which in turn will react to the growing political correctness and feminism of democrats, with even more racism and misogyny ad nauseam. These idiots are riling each other up, slowly setting stage for a civil war of identity politics, instead of a war of classes. Bourgeoisie will keep laughing their way to the bank while the working class is at each others throats.

To summarize, this is your brain without theory.

How about "let's elect proletarians."
Fuck Democrats. Fucking LARPers.

Not even so much as working class women mentioned.

Absolutely bourgeois.


I don’t think owners of capital, or capitalists, are purely conspiratorial — this strikes me as idealism and a redwashing of Holla Forums type Manichaeanism. For instance, I don’t think Zuckerberg is disingenuous in his support for basic bitch identity liberalism, he likely believes that shit. The practical outcome of that belief, though, is ultimately regressive or at best orthogonal to the real struggle. Everyone participated in the dialectic, consciously or not, and there are very few people who are so clear eyed in their self interest that they are capable of pure sociopathic manipulation

This is identity politics — the performative ‘no bullshit’ masculinity of the imagined working class, projected by insecure nerds.

What about Palestinian women?

The working class isn't reactionary enough to really care about this one wY or the other. The petty bourgeoisie might though. Also since when are Jewish women oppressed?

A party is an instrument of a class, and only the working class itself can properly represent the working class. The idea that the "ideals" of the representatives is more important than the class which they seek to represent is what is bourgeois.

Who fucking cares?
Need to build around the worker's party if you want actually start dealing with US issues. The Democrats are just another face of evil generated by this system, they are not your brothers, friends or something you would call it dear. They are your enemies always remind that.

No idea what you're rambling about.
The working class should not take pride in itself because the working class should seek to abolish itself.

If it wasn't clear; I'm only talking about the picture you posted.

Nothing resembles a representative of the bourgeoisie more than a representative of the proletariat.

damn papi u so smart n shit

Well, properly they would be the representative class (bourg wing and prole wing), who have their own characteristics and interests. They have a distinctive relation to the means of production, in that they don't depend on manipulating them directly or having ownership of it.