Draw and tan related stuff, "Turbo" edition

The previous thread got nuked.


Come here draw friends to request and deliver.
Remember to post your shit in the booru:
Some character references:
Bonus: dis.4chanhouse.org/gen/src/145642090121.png

Other urls found in this thread:



Oh! It looks like Holla Forums has outgrew the infantile disorder of communist catgirls!

who the fuck uploaded that bunch of nonsense quotes that say absolutely nothing? what is this crap?
also why did the other thread get nuked? nsfw stuff without spoiler?

Taking requests!

Could you draw a shinning path or a naxalite maoist cat girl?

Or Stalinist cat dressed in a soviet afghan war uniform?

Lewd or Christian?

Both christian fam.

"muh ecelebs" kids masturbating to an obviously even further left leaning editor "leak" making unsubstantiated remarks about some gay alt-left ecelebs book

Cant you see the meme potential of someone apparently once saying "thats wrong" to someone completely devoid of any subject or context?

Everyone moved over to leftpol even the trolls. Outgrew is a rather ironic choice of words.


I request that you learn how to draw more clearly

I do but it takes a while to clean.

It's a good thing, actually. Let the hundred flowers bloom, before uniting we need to separate and all that jazz.

Looking at leftpol, all the threads are about catgirls, ecelebs and memes. Looking here, they are about grown up stuff.

I know you are trying to do a perspective shot but his torso looks like it's a foot and a half tall.

I can't see it

you'd think they could finally openly talk about the USA spreading socialism in Syria and now Iran or Israel, but apparently they prefer to stay here and cry about censorship of their false flag shitposts
really makes you think

can't see it either, looks fine to me
except for it being rather gay and off putting, but that's just me


lewds of leftcom cat

Based as fuck

Why not just use the OC thread? It could use some activity, and the increased trading of ideas might yield memes of higher tonnage.

Could someone post a reference of that?

Cuz drawfagging honeypot
also dedicated cat-girl thread

These are some of the most commonly used by the soviet in afghanistan

Tho i would prefer something that looks like how the soldiers are in this photo.

With the panamanka hat and the more desert looking uniform.

Why were Soviet Afghan troops so asthetic?

It WAS the 1980s afterall.

The whole war had some prety cool aestehtics. Try to find some afghan soviet war songs they are the best. They are extremely diferent from the general happy and inspiring soviet songs, they are very moody, sad and depresive.

Seriously tho, drawfags are exactly what's missing in the OC thread. We have memes to make, but can't draw them.

I wish we could recruit more drawfigs they can set a board on fire with users

You could learn to drawfag ur self

Somebody do something

…and get back to work.
I lovingly appreciate your work, but sometime a handful of harsh words in an otherwise positive atmosphere can be beneficial and surprisingly effective.

I'm genuinely curious as to why. If I remember correctly, yours isn't just a meme flag, so I wonder what brought you to this place of all places to do creative and free labour, instead of that of financial benefit?

Stocks and gambling investing seem a lot of fun and I love the living shit of pocker I'm the kind of autist that likes to watch reviews of the new shiny bycicle poker cards. But I also like talking from other people of the political spectrums cuz I'm also an autist that is into philosophy and the history and diplomacy etc

Also I sympathize with a lot of lefties figures like Robert Owen, zapatists and technocrats

ps: I would draw more but games done quick is live atm

Should I color it?

Maybe, depends on the collors you use.

I use regular colors

I color like this

Ah alright them its prety much okay to you to collor it.

so tired of war…

nvm I forgot to add the shading so now the coloring would look flater than a loli

Damm, but the drawing looks good none the less.

Nothing wrong with that

We had a pastebin of fanfiction, does anyone have the link to it?

I'm planing on doing some VN involving Holla Forums and Holla Forums tans and I'm going to "borrow" some of the stories


Bumping with a PDPR & EPR girl

And Marcos

Good job ancap!

Double rations for you when you go to gulag.

Do I have Internet tho?

[Spoiler]I willfully stay inside my room anyway so is not like being in jail would be much different.[/spoiler]

Drawfag here, might have time to draw a request or two tomorrow, doesn't have to be catgirls.

Whatchya guys want?

we have no imagination

just throw whatever at the wall and ppl will like it

If you are blank you can:
1-Re draw a meem (like pic)
2-Do lewds
3-Do like ben garrison or what shadman does and draw whatever is hip to talk about or you wanna talk aboot

What About alunya sleeping on rodina's lap while she pats her head?

Situationist cat being cute in her cute glasses

where the frick is my pastebin

Requesting Alunya trying on NKVD officers uniform
Pic related

here's my shit drawing


There she is!


Cute tbh

tfw still can't draw that we'll

Is she still alive?


Lurk moar faggot

seems dead

She is slow , but hey , she is the best artist we have

I'm alive yo! was just a bit depressed for a bit, think I'm better now though.

this is lovely

I love this one too

I love you.

my request is that you fuck off this board and go to /leftpol/

Ilu too, user

Welcome baaaaaack!


no name and tripcode anymore?
just wondering, how often are you even coming by this place?


I post once or twice a week maybe? And read all the news threads of course.


Neat, always love me a good Rodina. Is catgirl Rodina pretty much dead as a character now? Haven’t seen her in a while. Not that I really mind, since I prefer the original anyways.

OMG Rachel, thank you for drawing this i love you for doing it.




Very cute.

I'm working on a Holla Forumsleftypol/liberty/ visual novel.

You guys can pick 3 cat girls of your choice.

Choose well


first time posting here.
just a little design, not sure about it though.

its cute and good

It is perfect my dude

Anhoxha, Demconfed cat, and Stalinist cat.
their canon names are Nekomije, Sivan, and Josefina.

I'll add it as a joke character

Draw one of her with an Armalite and balaclava saying "UP THE RA" :3

Anarcho hoxhaist

Good design, good draw

Look what came on the mail Holla Forums


ah fuc


as long as I can paint digitally again

Why are the mods pre banning all VPN IP addresses? They dont seem to want anyone to use the board unless its on their real IP. The reason im so suspicious is becasue of the threads that were on /jim/ and /operate/ last night about new servers for racequeen.(Because you're ban evading for spamming. Everyone can post with a vpn you fucking mong.)


I'm probably a bigger degenerate
Season 1 and 2 sucked btw

The ancap is ironic, and a drawfag. Probably a twink. Chill out.

Does anyone have a request?, I wanna test my tablet

Good old Alunya for posterity. Except. Her ass is gigantic. It's too big! Idk draw it.

The dude has posted /mlp/tan before

bad take
Season 1 was good and 2 was good too 3 was meh 4 was good 5 was okay 6 was awful 7 was god tier

Karen wearing a red rosette and holding a sign that says "VOTE LABOUR"

You better have a good excuse to not make me think I'm being stalked on because this is some spooky shit my dood

I haven't been there since 2015

Draw comrade mokocchi.

oh my bad, I read




thats a weird picture

Nice. Thanks.

This is good.

She's a weird person

Draw a cute commie catpeople couple

This. Alunya in a healthy and wholesome family situation, instead of all the lesbo loli lewdness.

Draw Situcat in her spegtagles being cute



Fucking disgusting no.

Also, so unrealistic. It should be ML domming Alunya, while Leftcom watches and masturbates.(USER WAS BANNED FOR BULLYING)


If Erika and Ancapis-tan dont get raped by black guys i wont play it

What was the pic
Im curious now :^^^^^^^^

Don't worry
I plan for bad things to happen to everyone


Don't worry I'm not an edgy kid

But I like the Mushishi kind of story telling where they make you cry without showing blood or anything

I wanna try stuff like that

A photo of a men you couldnt decide his age

Requesting Stirner Chan-Hanako San crossover


I swear there was a futa lesbian episode somewhere at some point

I need more votes niggas what other cats do u wanna see there?

Anarcho hoxhaist is vital

Alunya and Rodina

Alunya, Anarcho hoxha, Rodina

Now we wait for Holla Forums to choose

I want 72 delicious brown anime virgins

My nigger, put SankarismCat, PrimitivistCat and NazBolCat in your visual novel

I'm nutting in all of them fam and not marrying a single one lmao. Also I'm a mixed mutt, enjoy your mongrels hoes.

josefina and rodina, they could be in some kind of mother-daughter relationship

why is there no actual "tankie" catgirl? josefina is just "stalinism", rodina just a generic cute pioneer girl
nekomije gets kinda close to it but have not seen anything of her going nuts over tanks. which are basically mobile bunkers. she'd love that, no?

In Hanako-San?

Requesting something with Nyarome


I had kanoo/leenoocs in my laptp but it died

I just realized that christchan and nazbol cat would make a good pair.

Aaaaand done

now we just wait for /liberty/


Don't know how could I forget monarchy


God damn, when did the Internet become so gay?

Not that I mind.


just realized I cant stack formats


Dont stop now fam

what was it?

The third part of that fanfic above
shame it got deleted :^ccccccccc

just use pastebin next time nibbas

Gotchu fam

I need 1 more vote.

Alunya and Josefina are in a tie.

which one?


Thank u all 4 participating.

Last vote goes to

Alunya (Anarcho communist cat) : 3
Josefina (Stalinist cat) : 2
Katherine (Leftcom cat) : 1
Nekomije (Anhoxha cat) : 3
Rodina(s) : 3
Sivan (Demconfed cat) : 1

Holla Forums:
1- Anhoxha cat (Nekomije)
2- Rodina
3- Alunya


#Admin (Monarchy) : 1
Aishisuchan (Islamic State) : 4
Christina (Theocratic Rexism) : 5
Dugina (National-Bolshevism) : 2
Erika Polina (White nationalism) : 4
Rachel Purity (National Socialism) : 2

Holla Forums:
1- Christina (Theocratic Rexism)
2- Erika Polina
3- Aishisuchan


Chloe Warbucks (Neo-Liberalism) : 1
Hadriana (Minarchism) : 0
Liberty (Paleo Libertanianism) : 2
Lucy Glittergold (Anarcho-Capitalism) : 5
Mary Mossguard (Classic Libertanianism) : 0
Rhodesia-chan (Moderate Libertanianism) : 2

1- Lucy Glittergold
2- Liberty
3- Rhodesia-chan

Hoping it’s the original Rodina.


damn it. shit taste. Alunya is old and used up. should've picked better cats like Stalinism and democratic confederalism.



Alunya x Stalinya BDSM when?

can i retreat my
nekomije suggestion in for josefina bump? i'd prefer that hot dominatrix over some hurrdurrlolz character

^This tbh, why anyone would wish to have that fucking joke character in in the first place is beyond me.

No, go and fuck yourself.

If I ever get done what good at drawing there will be so much lewds and also wholesome cutesy pictures

Meme characters are important

Should I start drawing?

Draw how you feel

Better now

I'm going to read commie theory to make the characters better

they are, and i like that character. just a preference for how i imagine the 3 characters to interact. i really can't see a joke one being that much of a win. there's more potential for josefina however. you'd have a anarchist with alunya going up against an ML like josefina, with lil rodina putting up with them both but being a lenin pioneer having her own ideas.
always liked those 3 to be a combination, just still suck too hard at drawing to put any of that into practice.

Braping with some quick sketch while I'm studying



Do you think people would mind if I ripped entire
paragraphs of theory/philosophy books for character dialog?

Most of the classic authors of political theory from any spectrum are in the public domain, but still

tbqfhwy, do whatever you want. Really.

Change the sign to
"I took out a bad loan for bitcoin, please help or they'll take my kneecaps"

Nothing wrong with that. Comrade Marx, not to mention Engels, traded stock too, and I actually did all those things: both trading and poker. I'm a mathematician after all.

Funny isn't it? You ultimately chose to do free and creative work, with no reward or utility but enjoyment and satisfaction of other people.

lil Alunya

Now make the Rodinas be Pipimi

Here u go

I love you

That's an epic pop team, alright.


I'm all burned out from grinding.

I'll take a week vacation from this place and other political stuff

Maintain this thread alive while I'm not here Anons

Be safe drawfriend

I miss PICG

I told you to maintain this thread alive


The Catgrill comic

Staying alive


Im trying



The OC thread has too few content makers, let alone artists, so I might as well throw this in here.

There's a lot of meme potential in Porky with Earth-chan. Like Porky with a mask of some """green""" logo pretending to be her savior, or just Porky molesting her.

Hai anons, just wanted to update you in a few things:

1-Sorry that I haven't been drawing a request every one or two days like I used to do. My hands are bussy in other projects and I've been reading a lot to make that one VN I was talking about.
2-Unfortunately I'm going to stop drawing in here since I got in some argument in which I strongly disagree with some of you anons but it ended with one of the board volunteers banning me and calling me cuck, which I don't appreciate and I don't think they would like me to stay because of my stance in that topic anyway. I will be still doing requests in >>>/leftpol/8697 though.
3-I know this post makes me look like I'm high up my own ego and everyone should know that I quit or something, but I mostly do it because I know is only me and some other user that keep bumping this thread (and that one cat draw friend that comes in every 100 full moons), I hoped it would be like the alunya thread was like before the shit storm happened and could stand on its own but unfortunately seems not to be the case, so is likely this thread is going to be gone just like the previrus one.

That's about it, polite sage. Hope yall have fun anomalous.

Fug I forgot to sage

le bump :DDDD

Dont let it die my dear comrades

Actually nevermind.
The health of someone close is kinda dire so I'll have to whore out and do requests and commissions and that. I need the money.

Shoow away anons, whatchuwant?

the requests r free btw

have my daily bump


just fyi if you give this ancap poster money you're giving money to a severely retarded south american xenophobe and apartheid supporter

If I buy groceries I give my money to corporations who destroy natural resources, privatize drinking water supplies and kill union leaders.

I dont think buying a meal for a supposed south american xenophobe will have a big impact.

are you mad some ancap makes money from drawfagging while you are still sitting on your student debts with an "art" degree and push bananas over a shiney beeping surface and read integers of a display to get trough?

nigger please.

Please dont turn this into another round of MUH STEM MUH HUMANITIES

I'm not the one ejaculating all my insecurities onto an anonymous stranger, but even if I was it wouldn't make you less of a pole vaulting faggot, or him less of a fascist amerimongrel supremacist retard shit.

Wtf i hate the ancap drawfriend now


Mega milk OC



Bery niac

Requesting them doing pic related, including the "realistic" hands.

Same here

Nice ideia comrade



What am i doing with my life

Instead of making shitposts about how worthless you are, practice drawing spheres and other shapes.

For how long? because i can't really tell a good triangle from a bad one

reminder that if you give this person money you are paying to support a mentally retarded reactionary nationalist

reminder that mega milk came out over 10 years ago and that there's still no sequel

You don't ever stop.

Until you git gud.

A good triangle is composed of straight lines that meet at the ends, most of the time.

Try >>>/loomis/

A-alright then time to utilize that NEET freetime

The trick is to just make peace with the fact that everything you make at first isn't going to be any good. You're training your body to work via muscle memory and your brain to recognize novel means of visual representation. But if you just keep with it you'll make progress and every time you put pencil to paper you'll get better and better.

Is this an idiom or should i start on paper instead of my tablet? Also thanks for the motivational reply

bump, so it doesn't get buried under the next wave of bait.

Wow this is still up

Color me surprised

Good job Anons

Also taking requests.

Attached: tumblr_mtceifsNQr1svszjjo1_500.jpg (500x500, 54.47K)

Draw alunya drinking a drink and having fun in a non-sexual manner

Attached: Pixlr_20180314171048741.jpg (541x746, 217.79K)

Could you please draw momy Stalinist cat going on a date with leftcom cat.

What did I do?

Attached: image.png (925x618, 429.56K)

lewd or non lewd

Oh hey it worked

Platonic friendship only

But that's boriiiiiiing

Non lewd

Attached: cute.gif (346x346, 332.22K)

Id say i have more in mind a love hate relationship.

Like stalinist cat is the perfect looking sugar mommy.

Okay so I was bout to do the piece but I have no idea or reference on how to do this interesting.

Do you have some references of some friend girls just being boringly friends and in a date?

Attached: 1477674980810_pt2.png (850x465, 397.09K)

All I want to do is make Stalinist cat smile.

Requesting Alunya scalping tickets to the Zizek vs Peterson debate

Attached: 357.jpg (600x814, 115.23K)

This is honestly the best thing i have for reference. Maybe you could do stalinist and leftcom walking with their hand together

Attached: 1509315018542.jpg (900x900, 661.24K)

These 2 images are also a good reference id say tho first is probably the best one if you want something based on a date.

Attached: 04f634546c202430a25ec001f23f014eba21c5d3_101669_800_1174.jpg (505x457 99.29 KB, 204.68K)


also jeez too many (You)s for a request

Attached: c78wyncry78.png (1154x907, 1.93M)

who juked the user he's responding to and what was it

It was my patreon I was shilling cuz some emergency but is now over

also I forgot the password and mail I used for my patreon so now I can't close it

Attached: 1446571063887.png (800x770, 491.58K)

sauce on that quote

The Seventh Enlarged Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, J.V. Stalin, November 22-December 16, 1926


thank you

Its so cute.

Attached: FB_IMG_1520045842870.jpg (720x630, 42.98K)

wtf am i looking at

Attached: stalin234589237.JPG (700x669, 37.75K)

they wrapped in a blanket

Does it not read well?
Like, you can't tell that's what happening?

I think he's just salty

I never really understood why there are no catboys. Of course, as at least 3/4th of imageboards are men, mostly heterosexual, girls in general and lesbianism are appealing to those. But still. Girls only gotta go old


boys are way cuter than girls objectively

Attached: 1491160375_the-dick-only-makes-it-better-tfw-i-dont-like-3562121.png (499x487, 354.76K)

Boys are gay and catboys are gay. Catboys that look identical to girls but have penis bulges are very straight.

what matters is if its cute and cums

But why Should they look identical to girls, instead of looking identical to boys but have cat ears and tail and make catkittens or… catbabies with catgirls?

Attached: 23306236dd8c4efc453b586c2beb0f46da77470d.png (800x800, 368.39K)

wtf are you gay?



Attached: COMBAT.jpg (1000x1340, 401.54K)


Give me requests!

Attached: 1453763011475.jpg (1000x1000, 98.22K)

Love yourself first.

Alunya and rodina kissing each other romantically.

Alunya in a wholesome (heterosexiual, non-erotic, same-species) situation in a bright communist future. With - i don't know, young Cat-Stalin, it doesn't really matter.

thats disgusting

Attached: DStTJpQXUAAFSQC.jpg large.jpg (750x371, 39.99K)

I see, capitalist psychosis and alienation have gotten to you, so you reject organic things.


Attached: 1a6904cc7a80dd8039d8ef0f4f519fff0ff1b4236429c692c320f61b2b8e8b39.png (680x834, 103.16K)