Trumps are Trannies

I voted Trump and I have nothing against trannies, but this is significant and I know most of Holla Forums won't listen.

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Wrong pics were posted. The web app is to blame.

The the rate at which all these people exhibit trans qualities is FAR too high to be just pure coincidence.

are you high

You are a shill.

Legalizing weed was a mistake.

This thread baffles my mind.

Like, what made you wanting posting trannies on political discussion board?

Dialectics nigga


i don't understand anything about this topic but i appreciate the pics anyway

Trannies are a highly philosophical question and philiosphy is political.
Or maybe OP thinks tying Trump to trannies is funny.

Loving traps is clearly gay, closeted gay to be exact.

Why did such a question even arise? Because tranny lovers themselves are screaming that "it isn't gay", just like any repressed homosexual would. A normal, heterosexual person wouldn't give a shit. A closeted homo, on the other hand, needs to constantly affirm that a little "fetish" of his is exactly the same as any male-to-female sexual business, and is completely and absolutely unrelated to any male-with-male activities.

Lmao traps aren't gay. This was proven over and over again. Read a fucking book you dumb Holla Forumsyp.

Come on, Lenin hat. If you're a homosexual, you don't have to hide behind jerking off to penises of guys masqueraded as girls.


If you're a man and you have sex with a man (even a man performing feminine stereotypes), then that is a homosexual act.

Womanhood is not a brain feeling. Women aren't marginalized, beaten, and raped based on their gender performance. Men and women alike are oppressed in their own respective manners–from birth–based upon our perceived sexual capacities.

The man you're having sex with can wear whatever clothes he wants or grow his hair however he wants, but the dynamic of your relationship and the risks incurred do not mirror the experience of actual women.

First, the categorisation of heterosexuality versus homosexuality is totally wrong. There is a radical asymmetry between male and female sexuality. When we are dividing sexual types, it is in a very non-standard way. For Lacan, lesbian sex is the only >truly heterosexual< sex because it is the only one in which the otherness of the partner is genuinely maintained—where the other sex can truly be related to the subject. Homosexuality is then dirempted into normal (Straight sex is not the norm. It is the outcome of the confusion of a faked otherness in which the same-sexed partner, a man, is masked as a woman. It is straight sex, man+woman, which is the original deviation) gay sexuality and straight "heterosexuality," and both of these are reduced to the 'same' since the hidden phantasm that supports straight sex is that the feminine partner is a man dressed as a woman. Therefore, if you are a woman and your partner is a man dressed as a woman, it is heterosexual. Equally, if you are a man and your partner is a man dressed as a woman, it is homosexual. This is why he says the only pure sexual difference is lesbian heterosexuality versus gay homosexuality, where the straight "heterosexuality," which is indeed homosexual, is not the norm, but rather functions as an uncanny surplus—an unnecessary excess. However, gay sex for most straight men confronts the situation too directly, which is why it is unbearable for most. In the words of Dave Chappelle, "Sorry, but gay sex is just gross."


Paradoxically, lesbians—and at the same level, traps—fit the standard phallocentric logic more neatly than gay sex. Lesbianism and trapism are enacted for an absent phallic presence. Whereas the third element in male homosexuality is feminine, so too is gay sex the truly feminist thing to do—in turn, standard heterosexual sex is the most homosexual act. So what then of traps? Is it not the same situation? The negative aspect of penetration is removed so that the otherness of homosexual sex united with lesbianism finds its logical conclusion in the form of traps. Remove this negative aspect of the penetration by concealing the penis and nothing is broken. However, recognise the so-called 'feminine penis' as male and everything is ruined. As Freud put it, the dream-come-true is a nightmare. That is why, when we are fucking a partner, we have these obscure inner fantasies sustaining us. I am never just alone with my partner; I am always dreaming of someone else, and even if the someone else is the partner I am with in reality, it is not a proper concept of that person. It is my fantasy of that person, not as they effectively exist. Our fantasies must remain unconscious, and one should definitely never tell a partner about one's own transgressive fantasies. The most horrible thing that can happen is to have those fantasies realised and brought forth into consciousness.

Who let r/soc in?

A penis is a penis. Straight guys don't masturbate to other man's penises.

You're joking right? Radfem ideology is banned on every "leftist" board on reddit.

nice meme

if it were gay attraction he'd be put off by the female appearance. you're a moron.

Then it is clear that traps are bi.

Uugh. He needs the female appearance to validate his attraction to dicks. He needs female appearance to suc on it and than say that it wasn't gay.

A typical psychological conundrum of a closeted homo, same with MMF threesome.

What the fuck is this?

I don't think most people care as much about validating their attraction to dicks. I think this may be you projecting a bit.

This. straight people and gay people are unattracted to traps. only biscum care for them.

Biscum are the future, kneel before the superior orientation and suck my dick

Clearly liking traps is bisexual. No strictly homosexual man I have ever met had been into traps, and no strictly heterosexual man I have ever met had been into traps.

Bisexuals, like myself, are the only ones with enough mental capabilities to truly appreciate traps for the beautiful and unique creatures that they really are.

Bisexuals are the master race.

What advantage do bisexuals have? Of course, only the Normal people are most fortunate, for they may achieve the bliss and benefits of family, tailored ideally both by evolution and thousands of years of human culture, while the rest inevitably fall into the pit of loneliness, depression and existential crisis.

traps are the future

traps are gay. Read Cockshott