Communism boiled down to one thing

Basically communism, unlike capitalism, is a system that doesnt require being a manipulative sociopath to thrive in, essentially communism prevents sociopaths from controlling the world.

Man, why can’t we just go to capitalism -> communism via revolution instead of the always risky capitalism -> socialism -> communism?

And we're gonna kill another hundred million in this century, nerd.

But this is socialism and/or not real communism.

Marx would be disgusted by this.

Promote anarcho communism

it doesn't limit sociopaths, in fact it allows sociopaths to tell their neighbors what property they can and can't own and how to run their businesses and how many food rations they are entitled to

shhhh…we save that line for the normies

So whats the point of communism? Satanic blood ritual? Trying to achieve the high score?

Actually it does. You literally have to manipulate people into giving up the freedom to choose their own path for the sake of the collective. Tell me when you buy your vegetables from the farmers market (you do do that dont you OP? You're not some kind of hypocrite right? You even soldered your own PC together yeah?) Do you feel exploited when you buy them? What is stopping anyone here from starting their own shared labor company?

also egalitarian companies are inefficient, slow, and stupid. just like an egalitarian military regiment or sports team.

This is a lie. Stalin's death toll is around 800000.
Mao did not partake in mass terror whatsoever.

Stalin is literally the most popular historical figure in Russia, despite all the anticommunist slander that the neoliberal government attempted.

China is a superpower thanks to Mao.

So yes. Communism went well enough already - and it has only been 100 years.

We can't go to communism via any route at all. In order to prove that a certain idea about reaching communism is correct, we would have to reach communism by relying on it, and this didn't happen yet.

In general, communism is yet another resolution of the contradiction between the human nature and technological progress. Primitivists like you claim that we have to abandon all technology. Transhumanists claim that we have to abandon everything in our nature that contradicts technology. Communists claim that we need to restore a version of the ideal environment by adjusting the existent technology, without losing any leverage it grants us over nature.

Abolition of private property.

Cool made up numbers.

Capitalism will kill billions, we need to step it up.

In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.

"When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror"
Except your turn already came and went, and most of you faggots keep making excuses

And the abolision of the division of labour.

This is what revolution is. As revolutionaries we stand for organized terror against the rulling class.
What we see communism as is something different, but must be viewed as part of the same whole.


they got the bullet too, they deserved it, nothing wrong with that.

You mean thanks to Deng, the best thing about Mao's rule is getting rid of the warlords and letting kids take over their schools like an episode of Recess.

That's what they said to liberals when the French Republic fell

As long as social capital is meaningful, you will have manipulation and sociopathy. Communism only addresses economic capital.

yeah but sociopaths won't be able to get into power, most people can recognize shitty ass people when they see them.

Learn what things are.

This is your brain on “Orthodox Marxism.”

It's the most humane of all systems


Yes. Which is why I’m not an orthodox Marxist.

Because it's not a choice. The material conditions are not right to directly transition to communism. I could be wrong, and if I am, great. But as far as I'm aware, our most pressing concern should be, as leftists, to abolish capitalism. Capitalism will end civilization if civilization doesn't end capitalism. The situation is critical. We need to unite and take action together to overthrow the capitalist system. Let's keep the leftist infighting for AFTER the bourgeoisie has been overthrown.