Donald Drumpf Cartoon Superstar™

Is this where the best /lefty/ memes are going to come from for 2018 peeps? 4/pol/ seems to like it, but we shall see once the show starts speaking REAL SHIT™. By the way it's made by Stephan Colbert.

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late night show hosts in general need to go.

dude but it's donald



Colbert is just pathetic. Letting him continue to embarass himself is punishment enough. Current Year Man is the worst. Remember how he blatantly ignored the dem primary until it was over and then started shilling for Hillary? Really wish some deranged MAGAtard would just shove a knife into his face.

to be fair, you have to have a very high I.Q. to understand late night comedy like Colbert

I can't believe we're actually getting Lil Bush 2.0

I forgot how lame that show was, holy shit.

If it's not funny to you because you have to have a higher Autism Level to enjoy Stephan Colbert's nihilistic humor. To a normal peoples or 'normie' like you, the jokes on his are just flying over your head. Respect the comedy of his amazing show. Well memed LateNightShowsTM!



But you see, one of them says the love immigrants, and another says they hate them. Yuge difference.

There's no way Oliver's as bad as Colbert.
Oliver actually occasionally still does decent stuff considering his medium when he's not overtly shilling. He's allowed to touch actual socio-economic issues with substance and criticize American policy. Colbert is all-Trump-all-the-time with a millennial twist™!

Never forget.

I laughed.

Where does ideology go from here? What could possibly be next? Every time it feels like a new peak, liberals find a way to outdo themselves.

It's a full blown Spectacle, user. The ride never ends. It only goes faster.

Was American TV always this shit? I’m honestly asking, I resented just started watching TV because of a room mate, and it seems like it’s all CSI/Cop shows, daily show tier shit, or Sitcoms with laugh tracks.

he's devoid of humor (*random pic of a small child on display* "Really, Timmy? You thought you'd get away with it, didn't you? NO TIMMY! NO! NOT THIS TIME!"), but he does OK segments that show socioeconomical problems, retarded practices (asset seizure etc.) and generally fucked up shit that should be fought against
colbert is gone

It used to be soap operas for bored housewives.


In fact, they did the exact same thing for Bush.

Of course, it only came out in the twilight years of his presidency (first episode aired in June of 2007) of not sure what to think of the fact that we've already gotten to the shitty cartoon one year in with Trump.

As someone with a dad obsessed with MeTV (60s-80s TV rerun channel), yes, it was. You'd think that the reduced number of channels back then would improve the production quality, but they're just as eye-glazingly boring as today's dreck. The one exception are the "history" cable channels, around their introduction in the early 90s they actually produced some surprisingly well done documentaries (TLC used to stand for "The Learning Channel", after all) before devolving into nonstop WWII and eventually Pawn Stars reality shit.

Comedy was far better back then. Stuff like Married with Children, Mr. Show, Seinfeld, etc. were of much higher quality than the comedy of today.

Lil' Bush's creation hinged on his unpopularity. It was a piece of unfunny shit, so this was its entire selling point and presumably played into its pitch pretty heavily. The same principle is now putting like.. really, probably at least four godawful Trump "satire" shows onto the air in proportion to potential audience.

I Love Lucy, Star Trek, MASH, The Red Skelton Show … I mean, they weren't all gems, but at the very least network TV at one point was decent at producing content. Actually, we may very well be in a dark age of televised entertainment right now - which seems a bit redundant, but may be true… and it's unlikely to ever end. Even just a decade or two ago, I remember a time when these endless "paid programming" spots were actually pretty rare and satellite channels had even less of that stuff and channels were expected to go with their theme. Unsurprisingly, half-decent products are less profitable. Absolutely everything involves as little creative production as possible to the point that it becomes bizarre and can feel forced.


Charlie Brooker is a fucking walking god: this entire presidency is basically "The Waldo Moment".

Those fake news shows got co opted by the neoliberal establishment into being propaganda.
I mean more so than normal. Jon stewart was centrist dork but i felt he had more control over things. Once he left, colbert, trevor noah, le current year man and Samantha bee just became mouth pieces for the the establishment. There to make status quo neolibs look cool and hip.

Comedy for the left in general died when liberals decided to become moral police. Or "s jay double u's"

Following an identity-related ideology requires that you remove any trace of humor and chill in your body.

Dave chapple is still a funny motherfucker and in his recent special he made fun of trump tards but he also made jokes about trannies. So there was like a slew of clickbait from the idpol libs saying "dave isnt funny anymore".

No, dave is still funny. Its just then liberals became purist morons in the time he was chillaxing in africa.

The main thing that makes standup so terrible is its inherent valorisation of wallowing in the worst excesses of individualism. Gee i wonder why so many famous comedians turn out to be drug addict sex predators

Politcal humor is not bad if its told in the form of a joke or satire. It gets bad when the comedian does it for applause instead of laughter and thinks his job is to lecture people not make them laugh
Obama becoming president was the worst thing to ever happen to liberals from a cultrual standpoing. They went from being cool funny guys to like this warped garbage person who is offended at everything and is incapable of humor because they are too busy playing the moral police

"we're subversive to the status quo" says liberal man on liberal talk show on liberal tv network on liberal television

Watching a modern identity politics stand up comedian is kinda like VHS-era "Christian" entertainment isn't it?…. it's not entertaining, has nothing beyond heavy-handed preaching, and those producing it can only conclude the reason the masses aren't applauding it is because they're evil Satan-spawn.


this is like when conservative talk radio hosts call paul ryan a democrat