On the Topic of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange

So what do you think of the entity known as WikiLeaks and the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Assange? He is a self described American """libertarian""", which did make me go hmm at first but he seemed rather neutral from my point of view of course. Either why when the election was going on WikiLeaks and Assange started leaking stuff to get Trump elected or so it seemed to anybody paying attention. What I think is that he had a grudge against the Neo-Liberal disease known as the Democratic Party; partly for being imprisoned in a small apartment for the past seven years. Anyway my question is where was all the Trump dirt? Obviously Trump HAS to have dirt as well, I figure anybody in the "know" i.e. have money or is a political figure has dirt on themselves. I faintly remember them releasing something small about Trump but I think it was just to show they weren't specially targeting Clinton. Then the whole WikiLeaks told Trump to continue the fight as in saying the election was rigged, if he lost. Now them releasing the pdf of the new Trump book for free, taking away profit from whoever wrote it, at least that's how I see it. Among other Democracy Now interviews that make him seem fishy, or maybe I'm just paranoid?

Anyway that's my two cents on the situation, what do you guys and gals think? I honestly believe him and his "organization" has some type of alterer motive, I just can't put my finger on it. Seems fishy like I said.

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Assange's most relevant work was from late Bush to early Obama admins. Based on that, I think he's important and support what he does.

That said, in a lot of ways I get the impression he's more a figurehead - IE he doesn't do the legwork (see Bradley/Chelsea Manning), but pays some portion of the price and inserts an agenda which may have nothing to do with the information received.

His grudge isn't actually against the Democratic party - I think it's mostly just Clinton. Outside of advocacy for free speech and press and some interest in intrigue, I suspect Assange is more-or-less politically clueless.

Afaik, he did basically support Trump in the 2016 election, and I seem to recall (please correct me if I'm wrong) that it was implied they had content on Trump and from hacks of Republicans that they were sitting on. His motivation was primarily anti-Clinton, and accordingly he was about as unaware of Trump's policies as most people who supported him as their "not Clinton" who weren't also GOP diehards. It was likely a move of self-interest - Assange may at least have realized Trump was an insanely vain retard and hedged that it was better for his own life to have this guy in the White House than to have a shrewder hawk like Clinton who he couldn't negotiate with. IE Assange would be more likely to get successfully arrested or assassinated.

Makes sense, I can see that happening as well. Another question I have is what does he really know that we don't, if you watch a RT video, the one were 4/pol/tards say he's a reptilian. You can see him literally saying he feels bad for her. I honestly think this whole situation goes deeper but we may never know.

he once hosted a debate between Slavoj Zizek & David Horowitz (basically a stereotypical wackjob zionist neocon)

To believe that Assange isn't in *someone's* pocket at this stage is just delusion. Assange is holding the dirt on Trump, no question. The question IS, however, for how long. I think it depends on how the next few years play out and on what Julian Fries over here has to gain from it. Everyone has an agenda, and Julian Fries is no exception. The problem is, releasing information is *all* about timing regardless of veracity. The truth at a bad time will always fair worse than a lie at a good time. If we factor in his reputation, dumping anti-Trump details will only add weight to Trump's persecution complex which will give him and his supporters ammo to increase the surveillance state under the excuse of "See!? Assange himself can't even be trusted!" It'll be madness.



And then the plot thickens….

so there's no way dirt on Trump is going to be released then. if he goes back into the country and releases anything he has he'll probably be charged with sexual assault again, it would be a suicide mission.
unless this article is full of shit and he's going to stay on Russia.

You mean Britain

I've heard some pretty good arguments that Assange is a Mossad asset. If you see things from that perspective then it makes a lot of sense, the reason the US government won't crack the whip on Wikileaks is that its a Mossad outlet. Zbiginew Brezinski once said that the Wikileaks was run by a certain intelligence agency but refused to say which one. If it was Russia you know he would have dropped the deets on that shit, he's pretty much spent his career as a professional Russia-hater.

I think the role Wikileaks played in the election by leaking extremely damaging (and true) revelations about the Clintons and the DNC makes sense. Dems won't crush them because they don't want to piss off Israel and the Israelis used Wikileaks to get Trump elected so he could green light their territorial expansion starting with Jerusalem.

Add to the fact that Wikileaks has published some fair amount of material negatively affecting the Russia but a paucity of material on Israel. They even leak outright disinformation imo such as US cables suggesting that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

This makes more sense than I hoped it would.


I award you with the flattest 'please…' you've ever been served. There is no such dirt(as such), because the political sphere and DJT is simply an extremely dangerous clown; cum crony gangster that fills the clown shoes of the vapid institution.
I think wikileaks changed how one views news. Like watching the election coverage on television alongside the narrative around wikileaks, and seeing the democrats lie/cover up word for word was I think a wakeup call for a lot of people. That 'the news'(any news except the intercept and rando twitter accounts basically) is really at its core nothing but entertainment to keep already-liberals from having an opinion on anything or shock and sensation to keep people in a state of fear all the time. That's just what I got from it.

political sphere is vacant of any real power**
I think this because of Zizek's analysis of Italian authoritarian, their 'Television President', and also reading Invisible Comittee's To Our Friends and similar works.

right. I got him mixed up with Snowden, the other innocent libertarian the US has both prosecuted and persecuted.

So hating our low-key authoritarian and pervasive war mongering government doesn't make you a libertarian does it. Cause that makes me feel uncomfortably dirty.

Hmm sounds probable but for what other reason could israel not be leaky as other states?


According to ex-Mossad agent and whistleblower Viktor Ostrovsky there are only a few thousand people who work directly for Mossad. This is in comparison with the United States CIA/NSA who probably have several hundred thousand people working for them each.

What makes Mossad so fearsome as an intelligence agency and yet at the same time they can get by with only a few thousand agents? According to Ostrovsky its because the agency typically approaches Jews for on the ground support knowing that even if 90% of the time local Jews turn them down they won't turn them in.

The other aspect is Israel's role as a tech super-power, this puts other countries (including the US) at risk of Israeli spying and data-gathering while also giving Israel a leg up in cyber-security.

So, there you have it a machine with fewer working parts makes less noise and they have good cybersecurity. I don't think the Mossad has any compunctions about killing whistleblowers, Ostrovsky once said that Mossad agents were referred to as "little Gods" because they have an entrenched culture of impunity.

That's fucking terrifying

I hate to add more nightmare fuel to that dumpster fire but do you know what the actual name of the Mossad? Mossad merely means Institute but some researchers of the agency asked the prime minister's spokesmen what the actual official name of the agency is and they came up with…

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

What's the source of this screenshot?

Here have another link while you're at it:


I think he is an interesting guy. Literally the hacker from a cyberpunk novel battling goverments and corporations.
I think the info he has dropped is very important and he is doing the job journalists used to do before they became servile to the neolibs.

Supposedly if he ever dies he has a deadmans switch that will release the ultimate fuck you leak to the powers that be


Life insurance.

Fascist entryist

That seems more and more likely according to this article.

This thread has left me restless, I'm deadly afraid of the mossad now

Assange is a FSB shill and Wikileaks a FSB operation.

Also very possible, many concerns are to be had about these two entities. What if a socialist revolution takes place in a first world nation? Will Assange and WikiLeaks be /ourguys/?