Now that the 2010s are almost over can we finally admit that this game encapsulated the spirit and cultural logic of...

Now that the 2010s are almost over can we finally admit that this game encapsulated the spirit and cultural logic of American life in this decade better then any other? I know Rockstar Games is porky and muh based indie developers and so on but if we abandon the obvious hipsterism that keeps us from looking at popular games then its just obvious.

Because this game is one of the best satires of American life made in the present century and especially during the 2010s. It even criticizes goes so far as to criticize capitalism, the American bourgeoisie, and aspects of imperialism rather then just playing with the obvious cultural oddities that they produce–altough it does critique those oddities brilliantly. In its own way, the game not only drew out the cultural logic of the Obama years but predicted Trump by doing so. I think both historians and cultural historians studying the 2010s will study this game seriously as an artifact of the cultural zeitgeist of the age.

The soundtrack to this game was amazing as well and filled with many musical jewels both mainstream and counter-cultural. It's true that GTA has always done soundtracks well but the fact is to me that many game series do not soundtracks well and in a way that is both culturally relevant and relevant to the atmosphere and plot of the story.

I dont play any video games at all


videogames are bourgeois



Thank god they're almost over, they and the 2000's are fucking trash

If you never get out of the house and live your life seeing the outside world through your tv and computer screen… Sure

What are you even saying?

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I obviously did. :^) Which part of it are you responding to?

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Stop assuming my gender asshole. I made it clear what I thought. Im not this Matt

You realize that Rockstar was attempting to bank on “le satirical social commentary” of American life in the first place, right? You realize it’s run by a bunch of liberal dickheads, right? You realize the primary demographic that consumes their bullshit are under the age of 18 regardless of whether rockstar likes it or not, right? You realize they plan on doing this for the next 40 fucking years, right?

I just want to listen to Rise FM, and drive my blue cheetah around during a rainy night attempting to reliving my childhood.

I'm happy that you've discovered this about yourself, cushbomb, but you really need to go.

that station is probably why GTA III is my favorite, the atmosphere in that game is still great tbh.

Yeah I do know that. But satire isn’t exclusively American either it’s a tradition going back thousands of years. Likewise, I don’t see the relevance in the fact their doing it for the money I already acknowledged they were porky.

Please do not take this the wrong way or think that it’s in any way equivalent but what we know about Shakespeare indicates he was also in it for the money. Pretty much most artists are and the people who are in it for the “love” of it are typically scabs that do for free what hardworking artists and creators struggle to get paid for. If any band plays for free then I think it’s acceptable for a working union musician to deck one of its members in the face.

While we're on the topic of video games, does anyone know what the appeal of this game is supposed to be?

It had hugely positive reviews, going by its score alone, you'd think it was one of the greatest games ever made. So I downloaded the free first episode.

Almost every single character is unlikable in their own unique way, you you don't get any choices in what appears to be a narrative driven game, the puzzles, where they even exist, aren't that great, and the only interesting bits of the game, that tornado thing in the into and Max's BITES ZA DUSTO powers seem to take a backseat to grating domestic inanity between the shithead hipster characters.

Is this one of those games where there's a twist later on and everything changes? What am I not seeing?

It was South Park/Chapo tier satire. It only seems inspired if you know no theory.

Life is Strange is the kind of pretentious art that liberals jerk off too. The twist at the end is everything the protagonist did was meaningless because you shouldn't even try to effect change.

They are actually pretty good at what they do even if their Democratic Cops of America-tier liberals with East Coast establishment connections LARPing as revolutionary socialists.

Well yeah its a good game (Still like to give it a play now and again) with a lot of decent Social Commentary and Satire of both ""left-wing"" and right wing American politics
But most of it is just from a Liberal/Centrist viewpoint and most of it boils down to "Lol SJW's and Conservatives are both so shit Lol"
Its really not that much different from most other social commentary on TV
Infact a lot of it could be found on "Muh rational skeptic" channels

the only good thing about Life is Strange is Broteam's playthrough.

Liberal garbage. Liberals drool over it, nothing more

You got to nix two billionaires in the game. I'd say that def pandered to growing class hatred in the US

Of course the game is just one giant satire of American life in a certain time period using the backdrop of a crime story
All their games are like that…

Well, GTA V isn't anything special just like south park.
And for the music: I was pretty disappointed in overall since i knew that The Alchemist is gonna contribute some tracks and they just weren't great :/

videogames are inherently neoliberal as the player adopts a managerial position over the character on-screen. You engage in constant monitoring and direction of the character, but do not conduct the actual labour yourself. You pursue arbitrary mission objectives, achievements, or even explicitly named targets for their own sake, instead of because you have a clear picture of overarching purpose.

real talk san andreas is still the best GTA

checks out

But videogames comes from electro-mechanical games where there is no character like shooting galleries and pinball.