20th century

In key markets modern Capitalism seems to be oscillating between extremes of near-utopia and dystopia. Why is this?

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Simple, the attempts at "saving capitalism"; like Keynesianism while stable in the medium term run in contradiction with porky's wishes. I mean it always astounds me that people like FDR are ridiculed when he was the man that single handedly saved American capitalism; for better or for worse. It sorta gives me hope, at-least the rulers of capitalism are as cabalistic as the system they preside over.

Perhaps, but shouldn't we be rooting for Capitalism to self-correct in this fashion before climate change destroying the biosphere is made inevitable?

You sort of answered your own question in the OP, with the stock market crash and other things worker investments took a dive that they didn't recover from and with the jobs avliable to most proles prevents investment on a scale that can recreate the glory days of the 20th century. This is because excess income or retirement plans that were once available to proles is no longer of the same scale and with the addition of factory jobs being transplanted is how things went from near-utopia to heroin addicted wastelands. All this shows us the obvious, socdemistan is preferable to lolbertia but porky will work to destroy socdemista and give us lolbertia because he has a vested short-term interest in lolbertia over socdemistan. The conclusion is that socdem isn't enough and porky will have to be removed.

I think that's where my frustration is rooted. We have the answer to "what" (economic rewards for workers cut) and "why" (porky wants a bigger slice) but there is something missing from the picture, and to me not having that information is highly dissatisfying.

Also these are still hilarious.


porky is only the director, le alt right toad is the actor

is this fresh oc?

I understand the frustration myself, but I believe that what's missing doesn't exist yet because what's missing is the solution to the issue. Hopefully we'll figure that out because I fear that porky doesn't give a fuck about climate collapse so long as Wyatt gets to make his gay shirts.
Definitely, the only downside is the last time they were made the fuckwit who did them missed posting them in the sexworker union thread and didn't make more.

Yeah, from >>>/leftpol/10256
Paps said he'd post more there too if you like the cute stuff.

Genetically modified organisms will save our biosphere.

They're done by an IRL mate of Catgirl drawlass apparently.

Gonna need a big fat source on that one, OP

If understood what was missing I think you're correct, we'd have a solution.

Didn't go well. Nobody wants to unionize right now.

I'm not sold on that notion. That's attempting to replace entire ecosystems with a handful of replacements. Might even wipe out the biosphere as invasive species in some areas.


…you do know what wage-slavery is, right?

Well I don't think nobody knows what exactly is missing, and judging by most posts here and expereince with irl groups people are more apt to whiteknight for the corpses of failed movements than to attempt to figure it out.
Well that sucks fam, did the pornstar/stripper union not want to support you either?

Haven't talked to pornstars/strippers yet, went right for escorts. I suspect that I jumped the gun with my enthusiasm.

I do know what wage slavery is. Do you not? Wage slavery is alive and well

Then I'm not sure quite where I lost you.

Yeah, unions are tough to form even if legal in my limited experience. Have you looked into an advocacy organization or does swop have that covered enough?

Most people are confused by swop because they think it's outreach TO sex workers instead of outreach FROM them. It's effects are not felt in my area at any rate.

That's a shame. Do you think another advocacy organization could be useful or that it would be better to make swop more visible?

You claimed in the OP that the working class had ceased to exist in the twentieth century

I think that might be putting the cart before the horse. What's really needed is a set of coherent policies, a lobbying campaign, and a flush donor base. At that point I'd imagine it'd be easier for a politician to be seen as being lobbied by swop because the name would confuse the knee jerk reaction by moralists.

I don't know if you're being willfully obtuse or not.