Can a comrade write a rebuttal to this short fascist video about British education?

Can a comrade write a rebuttal to this short fascist video about British education?

(Can someone make a mirror so we don't give him more views?)

Probably help if you are British yourself.

I think written rebuttals can help people who are interested in making video rebuttals.

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I don't have the time at the moment to write up a comprehensive rebuttal, but a brief skim of his video already crops up some errors:
- He literally gets the definition of "gaslighting" wrong. The "UK gaslight" is just a rebuttal to a number of common I.Q./race arguments, based on publicly available data. This isn't gaslighting, which is where you trick someone into denying their own memories by denying that they exist in the first place. For it to be gaslighting, someone would have to be convincing alt-righters that I.Q. statistics don't even exist in the first place.
- He plays fast and loose with numbers and tries to bury unfavourable racial data either by smashing all of the non-whites together to create an artificial "non-white" group with a lower average (as where he cites the firefighter study), or by citing I.Q. studies performed on young children and then assuming that studies performed on children can be applied not only to a general population that includes adults, but to other countries as well
- He flat-out ignores a bunch of competing theories that are evident from within his own damn sources. For instance, there's also a significant gap between people who are monolingual english speakers and people who learned it as a second language. Of course children who aren't native english speakers are going to do worse than kids who are native speakers. He doesn't address the success of mixed-race children of white and black/caribbean parents. And he doesn't address the scores of Irish travellers, who despite being descended from whites themselves have the worst scores of all surveyed groups. One of his own goddamn followers accidentally debunked this video on twitter ahahahaha

Wish I had the time to eviscerate this more finely, but I have skewl in the mornin'. I think Afroplasm might have some additional content that can help you.

Forgot a source on Irish Travellers being descended genetically from white Irish


Thanks user! I really feel it's a duty to destroy fascist lies and dishonesty about "race realism".

Well unless it is a commonly taught one (French< spanish, sometimes German), you legit cannot do that.
Even then, I had a french mate who did French and got a B (he was dyslexic). Ability to speak a language does not denote the ability to pass it as a MFL; quite the opposite. Most people who speak languages at home do not know them well in an academic context whatsoever. This is known as "Café or Playground [language]". Sure you can speak it but can you /write/ it? Can you read it? For languages that use non-latin scripts, this often tends to be way harder for immigrant children to grasp; since without specific education in that language's literature you will not be able to fudge it.

Here you go for an ad free version.
For starters he is wrong, "Asian" does not include Arabs they are filled under the "other" group in census data and the like.

Great. More counterarguments are always appreciated. Do you have, say, an example of a blog or website that discusses what you're talking about? Any kind of sources to call back to? I understand that you shouldn't need to cite sources for basic logic, but having a good-looking source to link back to in order to prove that students can't, for instance, take a G.C.S.E. in their native tongue (I'm Canadian and am not familiar with the U.K. system, sorry) gives an opponent a lot less wiggle room to try and avoid having to engage with the facts and logic behind your arguments.

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to request in the moderation thread that the youtube link in the OP be replaced with this hooktube link to minimize the number of accidental clicks.

Pretty sure that's not true, Asian in the UK means everyone from Asia including India and the Middle East. It's a bit confusing since Asia contains like 4 billion people but yeah.

Flipping through the sources the reactionary cited, there are studies that do survey arabs separately from other "asians"

Will put my issues here:
- The cost of living argument is bollocks, the insular immigrant communities that do exist live in cheaper areas, many of them up north (where things are cheaper than say, the southern countryside). He just pulls a figure out of his arse.
- The comparison with Wales is way out of hand, Wales has a far smaller minority population thus fewer data points.
- The thing with taking different GCSEs is bullshit: everyone in the UK has to do English Lit, English Lang, Maths and either double or Triple Science. You should be able to work out data from these results. As for coursework: not coursework for maths. Also all coursework is graded by two teachers internally, and a sample is sent off for external moderation. The Second teacher in the school doesn't know the identity of the student (if they are doing it properly).
- Okay he gets so much shit wrong about a-levels I don't even want to go into depth
tonight because it will get me angry.
In the census, and thus all other data the UK gov puts out, Arabs are in "Other". This is because Asian in a british context means hindustani, it makes no sense why anyone outside that group would be there.

I can't speak for the rest of your post but your first claim sounded fishy to me, so I googled it and yes there is an Arabic GCSE, there wasn't at my school but I imagine in more Asian-populated areas and schools it is.

However I don't see how it's unfair that someone who can speak two languages can get two language GCSEs, that's just whining. Learning a language is hard whether it's one used at home or not.

Ok, I can't speak to that, the only Muslim I know is Bangladeshi so I guess I was thinking that's what you meant. I haven't actually watched the video (idk I could but…) so I probably shouldn't talk about it

Well, I'm bringing this up to make the point that a lot of these differences aren't attributable to inherent genetic differences but to language barriers, since the one aut-right tweet I quoted literally reported that the gap in educational performance evaporated when the students were given a test in their native tongue

Well, that promising to hear at least.
It takes a couple of weeks for these videos to eventually bleed into the talking points of the general aut-right population, so we have some time to craft a good cocktail of rebuttals to this particular viral strain of aut-right autism

I am not saying that you can't do them in theory, just that under exam board rules you are not allowed to take an MFL (modern foreign language) if you are a native speaker of it [unless it is a major one like French, Spanish or German]; though that is possibly only for a-level, The other points of ability not meaning fluency stand however.

Also English Language is not the same as English as a foreign language: Eng lang is like "how well can you write and essay", as opposed to listening, writing speaking and reading skills of learning a language.

Well it is the false comparison with GCSEs that pisses me off: GCSEs are the same structure as a-levels, just immensely more in-depth. Saying "a-levels matter but GCSEs don't" is fucking stupid, also for Oxbridge candidates, they do take you GCSEs into account quite significantly.

what a joke. this guy is naive and can only see through his abstract numbers.

Asian in the UK means indians/pakistanis/middle-eastern people - it does NOT include east asian.

Why shouldn't you be able to take a test in your native language? What's wrong with that?

Thanks for the mirror comrade

Something something gotta defend national identity

Also having several tests for each language would be more expensive to make and analyze.

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I'm not arguing against that, I'm just saying that people who don't speak the native language are most of the reason for the reduced scholastic performance of immigrants versus native speakers