Why are Americans falling for the 'we need to invade Iran' meme again?

The last US-enforced regime change in Iran, the 1953 Coup that ousted Mohammad Mosaddegh, should be at the back of our minds through this latest wave of propaganda.


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They have a culture, a media and a politics all geared towards constant war. I can provide more details but that's what it boils down to.

Is the average American not curious to look beyond the CNN/Fox propaganda they are being bombarded with incessantly?

Americans don't know their own history, the schools intentionally don't teach it, and if they do teach it, they rationalize it in classuckery and nationalism.

Anyone have any newpaper headlines from this time to gage what the official line was about what was happening in 1953?

burgers are barely sentient pawns of their media consensus it's nothing new

No because those are the two "extreme" sides of the debate

Even when they do it’s never full told. In history class when we were learning about the guild age the teacher mentioned the IWW. But all he said was they were a union who went on strike a lot. We did earn about Eugene V. Debbs and that he was a socialist, but we never learned what “socialism” was. We were just to assume it was social democracy or some shit.

I don’t think America will invade Iran. Most Americas learned from Iraq that invading sovran countries is bad, but then again no one, but oil companies control our leaders here.

It is surprising at first, but no, most people genuinely don't seem to care to research politics/history/anything outside of what's on currently on TV or maybe the radio.

Granted, most people in burgerland are lucky to get a weeks worth of vacation per year and generally work 40-60hrs a week, so I get that they're busy and tired and don't want to come home and READ about how the people that control their futures are effectively the world's more prolific terrorists and criminals, but still, burgers are pretty classcucked and will basically go along with whatever the government/deep state does even if that includes egregious war crimes.

This actually hurt because this is true on so many levels for me.

burger here. yeah i can confirm this, although Im an exception

thats all it takes though. but no one cares enough for there to be a big enough outrage. no one cares because it isnt directly inconveniencing their way of life and its "par for the course" at this point.

they are too tired to care about something they feel powerless about. mentally and physically exhausted after a life of various carrots on a stick and witch hunts. so they just accept the first thing they see that makes enough sense at the moment, even if its another carrot on a stick or witch hunt. that way, they think they can go back to being left alone, except as soon as one thing is over they come out with fresh new bait.

this is all it comes down to gentlemen. our opponents have dedicated their lives to perfecting this obedience pacification science. people in america are just the right amount of miserable that the only thing they have to really look forward to in their lives is being entertained.


Daddy Donald is president and his idiot fanbase still believes he's somehow anti-establishment and that the elite globalists didn't just trick the public yet again. Just go on 4/pol/, most of the shit they support now was almost universally reviled by them just 5 years ago (military-industrial complex, police worship, NSA surveillance, the prospect of net neutrality dying, etc).

I don't understand what the pic is

Pizzagate-tier story involving their daddy figure, that Holla Forums and the rest of the idiot sheep like to ignore because they've been psy-opped to Hell and back.


Little known fact but public outrage and mass direct action by right (and to a lesser extent left) wing citizens stopped Obama going to war in Syria.
Republican support for that was around 20%. When Trump bombed Republican Syria support was 60%. So a whole bunch of americunts have forgotten any lessons from Iraq and have got their thirst for war back.

What the fuck user? It's 100% confirmed that Trump went on Epstein's plane. The dude almost certainly raped some kids on that plane and island. Also remember how he likes to grope his daughter on camera.

That’s why we need to do the exact same thing if people want to invade Iran.

Apparently elected officials were genuinely scared, by the sheer volume as well as the tone of the correspondence they received.

You're right, but his fanbase doesn't care. It's easier to fool people, than it is to convince them they've been fooled.

We are?

I know this is anecdotal, but while very few people here have a very high view of Iran, I can't think of a single person of my acquaintance who actually wants war with them, of any political affiliation or ideological adherence.

Do you have any evidence that this is the democratic will of the American people, rather than simply the desire of the political clique who run the state?

they have been convinced they "won". it is not a hidden thing, remember that winning slogan?
why, at least we dont have that nutty hillary clinton in office, of course a seldom asked question is why did it boil down to those two?

I remember asking "out of 320 million americans how did it come down to these two"

Money and Power

America will go to war with Iran it will be like how America entered WW1. Most people won’t support it, but congress will enter the way anyway. There’ll be a huge propaganda campaign to get people on board with the war, and it’ll work.

The propaganda campaign has been ongoing for 20 years now, people are well on board.

its for your safety

Not really.

Once again, the propaganda campaign has been good at smearing Iran, but not good enough to get the average American to support war with them.

Once again, I'm not seeing the mass support for the war with Iran in the US, it's something that the American state wants, but seems to still be deeply unpopular amidst most Americans. Unless you have some kind of proof of mass support for war with Iran.

Iraq has largely reinvigorated the "Vietnam Syndrome" in the greater mass of the American people as far as I can tell, and any foreign conflict the United States is involved with is likely to invoke disapproval and anger, but also a sort of defeatism that it's even possible to do anything about it.

I don't think there's massive support for war with *anybody* at the moment. Americans know we've been in the ME for 15 fucking years now, no one wants more conflict outside of retarded jingoists waving le ebin trump flags.

That's why they either carry out a 9/11 or provoke Iran into attacking them. It's pretty much how America usually goes to war.

The CIA will have to do a false flag to get a war going.

It's not just Fox News/CNN, their entire culture is directed towards this end goal. The manufacturing of the interventionist consensus is achieved through subconscious conditioning in every media. Take Hollywood movies for example. Watch every Marvel movie of your choosing. Even supposedly progressive stuff like Star Trek has long been hijacked, check out Star Trek Discovery. Muh freedum loving militarized starfleet with a captain that resembles more of a 4-star general than an explorer or diplomat of the type of Picard against religious zealots that can't be reasoned with.

The mass of people unironically consume that and have their consciousness shaped accordingly. When your entire cultural existence is based arround Netflix you start seeing Kim Jong-un as the new villian of the Avengers or the Ayatollahs in Iran as Voldemort. I'm serious, liberals do think like that.

Search for Lawrence Wilkerson on youtube, he has good insights on war, the USA, and the ME.

most people can discern reality from fiction, and anyone who doesnt have their head up their ass can explore concepts and characters they dont necessarily agree with.

Most people are dumb as fuck tbh

nah we don't learn about it. not once in highschool has any of my history professors taught about regime change tactics during the cold war and how we literally buttfucked and raped just about every developing country. forcibly removing democratically elected leaders in asia and latin america and the middle east like iran just to have pro us puppet governments.

kids in history class just learn about the holocaust and world war 2. thats it. no real american history that would make any sane person throw up and re-think this countries foreign policy

the official line for this type of bullshit was always "fighting the godless evil communists"

now its "fighting the terrorism" or "fighting the evil dictatorship that hates freedom and peace and love"

There's not much support for invading Iran, but a lot of neocons and aut-rightists who are eager to go to war with North Korea from what I've seen, especially since their Orange Jesus keeps pushing for it.

btw, just been on 8/pol/ out of curiosity, and they are loving even fucking Macron now. Two threads now about him being "based" for saying that "France doesn't feel guilty for colonialism" and that Turkey is not going to join the EU.

Most Americans can't tell any ME country appart from another. Remember that poll of people who agreed to bomb a fictional place from Aladin?

id bomb the shit out of disney too

If anyone was down for starting a guerilla insurgency, I suggest Disney executives as the first targets tbh, mix some bleach and ammonia in a jar and throw it in their car window or in their offices.

you mean to tell me you haven't seen the post-election tweets about dumbledore's army?

You forgot about permanent war economy.

Picture showing Iran women removing hijab.

Ebrahim Noroozi, Iran


war economy makes it sound like it would benefit us in some way. if theres any money being made in these wars it isnt going to the people i can guarantee that.

Because the media in America is completly homogenized and many people get all their opinions from them.
Come on, you knew that already.

The thing I love most about coming here is hearing the world's opinion on us.


Beyond true

My 10th grade history class was where I was taught about communism. My teacher was a Vietnam vet. Guess how that went?

We won't. If we do anything it will be a sponsored coup.

Would there even be a "war"? If NK did something stupid like try to level Seoul (hint: they wont) then even China wouldn't put up with it and Pyeonyong would be glassed within the hour. We wouldn't have to send a single person to NK to wipe out the Kim regime, the biggest part would be trying to figure out how and who is going to rebuild and if China or SK are going to argue over land claims. The only way an actual "war" would happen is if we struck first and China decides to defend NK, and I seriously doubt China would fuck their booming economy and lose their best trading partners. I really don't think that the US military would even listen to trump if he gave a direct order to nuke anything, if the white house pushed it then there'd be a military coup.

people be stupid.


Star Trek

Nu Trek
>We probably shouldn't fuck about in the business of other people unless you've got a really good reason. ;)

Youll get drowned you masochist

Mine too. He graduated in like 67, 68 iirc, and was sort of pressured into volunteering by his father. He goes in thinking, "well it's already been going on so long, how much longer can it last?" So after basic training he volunteers for all the extra training he can get, you know, planning on staying in training until the war was over. Finally he runs out of programs to volunteer for, and by that time he's certified for just about fucking everything, and of course gets shipped right to the worst parts of the war. Apparently he was in the shit pretty much constantly until literally stumbling onto a viet cong. The VC's gun goes off and the bullet entered beneath his stomach and exited above his shoulder blade, and he only just made it out. The injury ended the war for him, so it was pretty lucky for him that all in all he didn't get injured too bad, relatively speaking.

He was actually the one that started moving me left. At the time I was a hardcore Republican. America was the good guys, and everyone opposed to America were the bad guys. He really helped to dispel that nonsense.

Unrelated, but I was working one time, and a customer starts talking with me. He's the sort that will just keep on talking if you give him a chance, and listening to him was better than what I was working on, so I let him gas on. Apparently, he was a Vietnam vet himself, and had somehow contrived to get a parasite while over there, through a bullet wound or some such thing. He didn't realize it though, and it spent the next 20 years growing in his liver until it eventually became a ten pound mass in his gut that nearly killed him.

Fun times in Vietnam. Everybody party in Vietnam.

What exactly are you basing this assertion on?

Why do right-wingers (especially the young numale Trumplover types) always claim that "all media is leftist" when the opposite is clearly true?

You know the answer, user. America's left-right axis is non-Euclidean.