We all know about the alt right and Holla Forums, but my question is, why is white nationalism so popular online. If there are nationalists of different colors, why is white nationalism so disproportionately represented? Why isn't there a huge underground internet meme culture of asian nationalism, black nationalism, etc? There are hundreds of thousands to millions of pepe/groyper avatars on youtube, but black nationalism hasnt really even been a thing since the 1960s/70s with the black panthers. The closest thing would be BLM which is more focused on police brutality than anything else. If every race is inherently nationalists, why aren't there hordes of chinese nationalists online spamming shang hai shek memes? or nigerians ranting against race mixing and jews? the closest thing to that is islamic radicalism which is based more on religion than race

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you can find anything on the internet if you look hard enough.

Black nationalist and white nationalists agree

1. segregation good
2. jews bad.
3. white liberals morons

Someone hasn't taken the Yakub pill

Many years ago the far right used the idea of "america becoming non white by 2050" to spook their supporters into voting for them. Eventually, leftists began to accept it as reality because they want it to be reality. It's an idpol on ipol bum fight and nobody wins except capitalists who keep both sides distracted. Capitalists get a cheap labor force, right wingers get a freely exploitable group of people to shit on and SJWs get a freely exploitable group to identify with and jack themselves off over. It's stupid and it's petty and it won't stop until a class consciousness is reborn.

The problem is that many on the left refuse to rebuild class consciousnesses because they think it's simply an incorrect or archaic notion from the twentieth century. In it's place Holla Forums walks in and promotes their own brand of racial politics, another twentieth century notion which they successfully peddle. The cycle will continue until someone on the left stands up and says No to SJWism and yes to Workers.

There are Asian supremacist communities like /r/asianmasculinity but I'm not sure if they're "nationalists" or not. I haven't delved too deep into those parts.

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they the real jews now

im not sure you understand the word user

Doesn't Japan have some internet subculture of hyper-nationalistic nerds? "Netoyou" or something like that?

Also anarchists who plot to kill their god emperor.

Nationalism in general is all just a sham.

This point is objectively true.

Someone being more ignorant than you is no excuse for mocking them.
Yes liberals are fucking retarded and have an Autism Level lower than that of anyone else in the world but they just need some pointing in the right direction.

Anonymity brings the worst out of people.

Other races are poor and dont have computers.

There is, predominantly from Asian countries because of better internet penetration. Hindu and Chinese nationalism is very prevalent on the internet, but you wouldn't know about it because you don't speak their languages or dwell on their websites.

We don't have to live with baboons.

You can find a lot of hindu nationalists on twitter.

Modi himself genocided a bunch of muslims but no one ever talks about that anymore

why is it called "nationalism" tho? How is white a nationality? How are they "nationalist" in any way if they identify as shit like "30% German, 20% Irish, 25% Italian, 10% Korean and 15% English" when in reality they're 50% Irish and 50% black ?

What do you think of civic nationalism ?

There there, there just not as common as white nationalists, because Whites make up a smaller percentage of the population.

pic related

There a joke. A bigger joke than Holla Forums

Is there any reason I´m missing why the woman in the picture couldn´t walk herself?

How do you know there aren't? Can you read moon runes? Do you even visit their websites? No? Then you have no idea whatsoever.


/r/asianmasculinity doesnt even have a politcs.
Its basically

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Because Chinese nats are pro-CPC.

one example of english speaking chinese nationalism is /r/sino. you will find chinese people there calling for the killing of muslim and black people. there is more than enough nationalist bullshit in asia, trust me. i'd even say a significant part of the chinese population is reactionary in their beliefs

What are you talking about. There’s Black Nationalist everywhere. There are black white nationalists on every corner of the internet.

most argintinians actually are of southern european descent, saying they are not 'huwhite' is baloney and a burgerism since most euroburgers are descended from western euros

Nzis are literally communists who want their boarder closed.

No they aren't. Read a fucking book.

White people are genetically pre-disposed to persecution complexes.



because it is persecuted elsewhere

There are. What planet do you live on?
Ever saw a few map animation videos on Youtube? Or the national anthems?
They are full of stupid third world blind regime-supporting nationalism. That btw seems to be literally the only nationalism capable of them.
Its literally just a stupid defense-mechanism to protedt their pride. Has nothing to do with any political thought at all. They tie their sense of pride to their current regime.
Not even white nationalists are that retarded.

Also obviously this is all a counter reaction to the huge Immigration issues currently and of the last decades, which is largely present in white countries. I thought that would be obvious. So if the same was happening inother countries, youd also see a counter reaction to it. Its nothing inherently wrong with white people.

Nigerians, the Chinese etcetera A) don't feel superior based solely on race B) don't feel under threat since countries outside America or Western Europe don't really get immigrants from far off countries and C) you might not even know if there was a Nigerian/Chinese/Mexican etcetera nationalist internet subculture cuz you don't speak Mandarin, Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa/Edo or Spanish and not every ethnicity spends as much time online due to differences in internet access by country.

As for Black-Americans, they're "nationalist" alright, it's just they don't advocate for a black ethnostate or a migration back to Africa or nothing. They just promote gun ownership and starting and supporting black-owned businesses on social media. That's it.

Because, most Africans don't use the internet, and Asians and Middle-Easterners tend to keep to their own spaces.

Chinese internet is notorious for being filled with anti-Japanese rhetoric, whilst the Japanese have their own version of pollacks in Futaba posting anti-Korean stuff, since Japan does have a few Korean immigrants. And, North Korea calls every foreigner, especially Americans, smelly imperialist pig-dogs. Seriously, just bring up the "Rape of Nanking" and you'll cause a shitstorm in both China and Japan.

Middle-Easterners are also notorious for being bigoted. They had a slave trade that dwarfed even the Atlantic one, and they will dissociate with people for having a certain religion or ethnicity.

And, let's not forget the actual IRL ethnic cleansings and outright genocide like what happened in Rwanda or what ISIS did to the Yazidis. The thing is that the media doesn't report on it unless it wants you to send shekels to charities to give to muh "starving African children". The internet is also dominated by America and Europe, and thus you only see American/European politics being showcased. You really have to go to the spaces where Japanese people start denying WW2 atrocities, Chinese people call Japs swine, and Sunnis literally dissociate with their friends because they're Shiite to see how things work in the third world.

Additionally, I've seen rich Middle-Eastern people call the local whites "trash" and shit on them. Hell, Dubai rests entirely on enslaving pajeets to benefit the Arab elite.

Also >Implying that BLM is about police brutality and not about forming reservations for niggers and more gibsmedats

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