Heard about IFPS

More info over here lainchan.org/res/142.html
Its so disappointing it makes me angry, liberal ideology ruined the next big step in communications before it even too off

Why are you guys so mad about crypto currency, it’s basically the future.

Get a 1337 h4x0r to steal the codes and software and sheeit and fix it to reward piracy and allow full privacy with 7 built-in automatic proxies.

< Local Software Developers Ruin Everything

Petit-bourgies gonna petit-bourg. I'd reckon it's better if we all adopt I2P instead.

This seems like the only reasonable option. We must seize the means of piracy and redistribute it to the masses.

I'd like to live in this future.

That will be too complicated and getting it implemented, an userbase etc even more complicated

i2p isn't any better, I tried using it and its painful.

Pirating software from retarded developers and then giving it out to peope for free so that everyone can work on it and use it can't possibly be THAT complicated. Just ruse the devs into giving the codes to you and just paste the code into a post on an anonymous website so other people can do the real work.

Aye, you're correct. But what's a guy to do?

I mean, pirate groups release cracked copies all the time. They usually come with their own drawbacks though, such as being incompatible with "official" servers and peers.

ipfs is more or less free software so pirating it isn't need, all we need is there for us and the end users already

I don't know!

So why wouldn't someone just join the dev team and steal the source code and have a secret parallel project going

Cracking programs to get past their paywall is nothing compared to if people focused on breaking through the hidden codes of proprietary software to see how it works and copy and improve on it to the point it wont be recognised by the original programmers. Someone tried to reverse engineer skype before till Microsoft shut them down because they stupidly were open about it being skype.

its a meme, and anyone with an understanding of economics will know why it wont work

Bitcoin is the greatest scam the CPC came up with. Praise Xi! Bitcoin will destroy the Western capitalist system!

Because its free software!

Literally just go to the git repo and fork the project.

< doesn't consider expropriating solutions and putting them to proper use
The Liberal is you, OP.

I am not.

Elaborate. How the hell making everything from scratch will be easier?

the entire electronics industry since about 2007.

it's liberal to presuppose OP could fix it tbh
the problem with forking anything - and you can see this with splitting 8ch boards - is that there's huge inertia that stops people moving away from a sub-par but original solution to the forked version that fixes the problem. unless the original is rendered completely unusable people tend not to bother.

Every time I visit lainchan it's shittier and shittier. Why do people still go there when Arisuchan is so much comfier?

i2p is fucking awesome you are just a retard

Just route your connection through a reputable VPN service. Sure you'll pay some money, but privacy stays in the hands of the individual. Now if you're to purchase something over the web naturally somewhere along the way you're going to have to give out your real address. I never get on the web without VPN, even Tor.

This is literally begging for capital to come in and set up server farms so they can make a profit of the coin, and you're back to square one.

preparing for aneurysm
okay i admit it i laughed.

of course its a damn meme, thats how you "earn" money

That is really saddening, the only hope is the fork growing larger than the original

Nobody told me about arisuchan, I'll browse both from now on too bad arisuchan bans you if you haven't seen Lain

Justify your statement

That's just adding more layers to the problem, ipfs promises to change the backbone of the internet itself but will fail

People on the lainchan thread mention that, the defense force says that will be good because those with mines will host tons of content and making it accessible to many, sadly this'll regress the project to the previews architecture the internet have where users consult content from centralized servers.

Exactly. The whole point of p2p is decentralization, which has two advantages: resilience, and more equalized power relations. Having a centralising incentive like the mentioned coin undermines both those objectives, as the server owners have leverage over the other users by their sheer weight, while they also become pressure points for the authorities. If the Man doesn't want content hosted, it's a lot easier to go after a handful of dominant entities rather than having to dismantle the entire network. It's what will also kill bitcoin, by the way, when the Chinese decide to crack down on the server farms there that host something like 80% the market.


How is that bad? Just watch it, it's good.

Could you specify to what replay are you replaying to?

Wouldn't that make most things unusable though?

explain why

How can you use anything that requires real life information (lots of things on the internet) and still be anonymous??

well if you're going to buy anything from amazon you have to give them your data so they can deliver it and charge but you can remind anonymous if nobody knows your internet traffic and activities
being anonymous online isn't the same as being user irl

do you expect them to not finance things? how the fuck do you expect people to live?
LOOK: Kodak used to employ hundreds of thousands of workers. When instagram was bought for billions by facebook it had 12 employees.
^^^^^There is a concentration of wealth, you faggots, become class conscious^^^^
There is no way for people to make money !TO LIVE! in socalled first world nations without making money by selling their labour. We don't all have it like (You). BY rewarding people for their work with microtransactions you are directly helping them with little to no need for a middle man in an untraceable decentralized manner. Come on.
now, i'm not getting into coolest flag wars, but what is with you MLs and moralfagging against crypto? fucking lenin and stalin were criminals & revolutionary activities always mixed legal with illegal activities to start. what is better for doing illegal things than the fucking thing you keep ragging on about being 'the currency for muh crazy 'out there' stuff i'd never touch'.
dude why don't you fork it and write it yourself you piece of shit GOD
I honestly think you're mad because you're jealous ;)

So sounds like a great idea to rip their code and remove all the anclap autism