1st world 3rd worldist

I don't under stand what he wants.But most of this applies to most 1st world MTWs.

My one personal gripe with Jason
Any thing else. ?

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Ironically enough, Jason is doing more for communism in the first world than most Holla Forums posters.


Where are the proofs billy?

Jason Unruhe is a fucking retard.


Plus appearances on PressTV.

I would say that having visible, retarded presence is worse than having low presence but it generally seems to work out alright for the far-right. Jason's theory is vulgar and stupid more often than not but I guess it's good to remind people that there are positions left of Bernie Sanders, at least here in burgerland.


Iranian police are "martyrs" now FFS.

If you were a true Leftcom, and not just an opportunist shilling for regime change, you wouldn't support any side.

I don't support CIA interference in Iran, but I certainly don't support a fucking theocracy which murders actual communists.

True, but he is right almost all the time.

You should support the Iranian proletariat first and foremost. And most Iranians don't protest for muh freedumz but for a return to internal policies as it was under Ahmadinedshad (welfare, worker councils, subsidies) - so they don't actually want to overthrow the Ayatollahs but the liberal policies of Rouhani.

That being said, by not supporting the legitimate Iranian government (which not only allows the protests but also recognizes them), you are being an obvious stooge for imperialism. It is pretty fucking clear that there are ops going on to overthrow the state.

Do you support the terrorism being carried out in the country to try to lend support to this CIA regime change operation? It seems pretty obvious to me these people have no intention of changing class society.

Or is the murder of these police officers by terrorists excusable simply because they were police?

Leftcoms really are anarkiddie-tier tbh


Who gives a shit if Iran had workers' councils at one point? This is straight up economistic BS. Iran is still a theocracy which defends private property, allows for a bourgeois class, and forces women to cover up (really not that much different from France banning the burka TBH).

It probably matters to the workers who lost out because of the liberal reforms.

If you base your politics on whether women are allowed to wear a piece of clothing or are forced to put on certain clothes…you might be a liberal. I haven't really seen you address any of the rest of the arguments in this thread.


Modern leftism is idealist nonsense, simply reacting to the dominant contemporary ideologies

We must return to materialism


He's right though. The destruction of the American empire comes before literally all other struggles. Socialism cannot be built until America no longer possess a global omnipotence.

He's just misunderstood in general.

What did he mean by this?
Communism is when the Islamic theocracy police force smashes protesters' skulls on the pavement?

God I fucking hate this strawman. I support Mayonese on my Chicken Burger, does that make it communism? Get a grip buddy.

Jason Unruhe is the living embodiment of how Third-Worldism is actually true. He essentially embodies everything that is wrong about the first-world leftoids.
In the third-world, radicalism and extremism are born out of desperation and lack of alternatives.
The leftism and nationalism of underdeveloped countries is not hardcore because they hate social-democrats and sewer socialism, but because that's the only thing that works in societies where they have no individual rights or when they live under the boot of stronger and bigger countries.
If their oposition were liberals and conservatives, they would certainly advocate for sewer socialism and left-centrist policies too. But their opposition are feudal warlords and robber barron capitalists.
DPRK is the best example. What were the alternatives at the time? Japan, the country under whose fascist boot they've lived for a century before? The pro-capitalist pro-exploitation military juntas of Syngman Rhee and Park Chung-hee in South Korea? Economic systems dominated by Chaebols and Zaibatsu?
They had no choice but to support marxism-leninism and Kim Il-sung, that was the only viable alternative to them at the time. And for many decades, North Korea was slightly better off than South Korea because the system worked. Of course now it doesn't work so well, which is why Kim Jong Un is slowly adopting the China/Vietnam model of slowly liberalizing the economy.
But that's not a problem in the first world, because first world leftists are essentially colaborator to the capitalist system. They don't get murdered by military juntas because they don't pose the same threat that marxists in third world countries do. Because 90% of them advocate staying home and not getting involved in petty politics and activism.

Their radicalism is a joke, this is all just a video game for them.

I'd be more sympathetic to this argument but Jason has been at it for almost ten years now. You don't do ten years of content for a dumb teenage/early 20's phase like you imply.

That's because Jason is emotionally stunted and he can't grow out of his teenager phase. See also his dumb-ass mohawk or his books about the economics of Fallout and other video games.
But it's still teenage-style countercultural radicalism instead of a real movement.

Notice how Jason opposes leftists voting and running in elections and opposes soc-dem politicians like Corbyn and Sanders, but he also supports the Chavistas from Venezuela at the same time?

That doesn't make any sense because Chavez got his power through the same "bourgeois parliamentary" that Jason hates so much, and he has also advocated for social-democratic reforms rather than a massive MLM-revolution like he wants.

The only reason he loves modern Venezuela is because of the controversy surrounding it in the West. He just wants to be given attention for his contrarianism.

He’s made it clear that the difference lies in the fact that Venezuela is an imperialist country whereas pretty much all the Western countries are imperialist.

You have to be an idiot not to see that if you want revolution there’s a major difference between reformism in the global north and the global south. And you can see the dialectic at work in the fact that just because Venezuela has taken a soc dem path the US government wants their government overthrown and it’s legacy destroyed.

He's not saying the Bolivarians will bring about socialism or are perfect, he defends them because they are under attack of imperialism. By the way, the PSUV also has somewhat militant support in self-organized chapters and militias. But anyway, anti-imperialism is the point here.

But the point here is that he attacks Corbyn and Sanders, who both expressed support for chavistas and are supporting anti-imperialist directions for their countries.

Meanwhile in his Canadian elections he advocated voting for NDP before. That's another soc-dem party and a first-worldist one at that, but he supports them because of their "anti-imperialist policies".

What's different between Canadian soc-dems and American soc-dems? Oh, Canadian soc-dems would implement welfare policies that he would personally benefit from, that's what's different.

That's the twitter equivalent of doing blackface.


Still buttmad from the r/socialism roasting? Fuck off back to reddit liberals.

Friend of Unruhe.

It isn't true at all that he "doesn't give aid to third world communists". For the last few years, he has donated thousands of dollars to communists in Africa and Asia. A substantial amount of his personal income, and youtube earnings go towards serve the people programs in the third world.

He doesn't speak about it because he feels it would be a shitty thing to do to boast about it.

Regarding the accusation that he's in it for the money - He barely makes anything from his youtube earnings. We're talking less than $200 a month, and a significant portion of that is donated. He lives off his minimum wage job, and if you consider the average American house hold income, and he is almost certainly poorer than 90% of posters on this board.



Is that a Pierre Tru-Dank video thumbnail?

it's obvious

Jason Unruhe, fighting he biggest problem with the first world, fun.

Daily reminder Roo had a Miley Cyrus fetish years ago.


Wasn't she like 15 at the time?

Yeah that's the creepy part. Didn't Roo just go on another Twitter rant about child drag queens? FFS they aren't even sexualized.

Does anyone have that chart with roo in all his suites that match forms of anarchism

Hmm. Sounds like he's projecting if you ask me..

Miley Cyrus is first-worldism.


What's this? Is Jason a pedo?

Uphold the eternal science of Marxism-Leninism-Wreckingballism.

to be fair, pop music culture in general are direct products of alienation and the rootless subjectivity of the proletariat.

WTF is this shit?

"This would not be happening if the same situation occurred with other relationships:

Older male, younger female: The male would be prosecuted with very little criticism.

Older female, younger male: There would be arguments that it’s not the same thing as the other way around making a double-standard, but she would be prosecuted all the same.

2 male homosexual relationship: I think there wouldn’t be much outrage., it would be seen as a clear-cut case of taking advantage of a younger person. (Whether this is true or not is another matter.)"

This is disgusting, Jason.

The Maoist Third-Worldist anthem:


Screencapped for future reference

Roo hasn't posted anything on his Twitter, public FB, or instagram in over 24 hours. Is he okay?

1st world sewer socialists do more good than 1st world MTWists