Take a small dose of Klonopin every morning before work

I think I've solved the wagecuck problem guys. What do you do to make the workday more bearable?

Are you still functional during that? I'm not sure if I can do my job without getting fired in a zombie like haze.

I work security atm, so i play video games for 6-8 hours.

Bitches think I be coding but I'm really reading Bordiga.

I read theory during breaks and after work so that I can process the information during my otherwise brain dead working hours. I don't know what I would do if my job required thinking.

holy shit become a streamer. you make so much money tbh, just it would be such a unique image. i would watch you.

how is a programming job. thinking about doing it but i dont know how boring it is in general (the job, not coding) you think a cs degree can get me an interesting job thats not just pencilpushing wageslavery?

Or you could become self-employed in something you enjoy.
oh wait capitalism

Are you gonna have access to Klonopin forever? If not, don't take that shit daily. Benzo withdrawal is a hellish experience.

You don't have to do any of that shit, become a survivalist, buy a slingshot and go to the woods and seize the means of production yourself!

this 2 are actual solutions and yet no one replies, is leftypol just a meme?

Have you actually done this yourself?

It's not easy, but it's plausible.

In fact, you could do this with multiple people, and have a sort of communist camp

The first one is correct, the means of production are privately owned and you can't actually become self-employed without capital. Any attempt and you're going to be outcompeted by people with more political power, technological power, and slaves. The second one is pretty damn utopian, I don't know where he's going to find woods that he can live in without the government coming in and flat-out killing him for using property against their permission.

Maybe try something first before recommending others to do it. Just because you saw it in a movie doesn't mean it's possible. Also I live in Canada and I know first-hand that the natives are not given their reserves in peace why would this be any different?

I kinda hate being a student tbh. I used to work landscaping and it was great in ways I miss now, we drove shitty trucks and smoked bowls in traffic and on our client's lawns, shit was straight out of Trailer Park Boys but more depressing and malicious, especially for my coworkers who depended on that job for their survival. But I could just get high and listen to music or audiobooks while picking up clippings from pruning or mindlessly spreading loam. I miss the little bit of solidarity we all had, even when people only worked with me for like a week I felt it.

been there done that, i've done two months of bare-knuckle survival, like i said, not easy, but plausible.

Most of US land is not owned by individuals, and I have not heard of any goverment officials removing survivalists from but-fuck kansas.

No it's not a solution
Read Huxley
Brace new world to be precise

Surviving near the equator might be possible without the state finding you especially if there's food around and the liveable temperature. But I don't see how somebody can live innawoods here in Canada tbh. The homeless die frequently up here even in the urban areas.

I guess canucks are fucked then

Or you could do it with other people and bring some resources with you to survive that cold until you can make a shelter and have a sustainable fire.

Reminds me of when I delivered pizzas I would always smoke weed in my car out of a one hitter that I'd keep in my glove box. Sometimes if I hit traffic I would just smoke right there. Everyone else was cool with weed so at the store we'd smoke in the back or even in the front when the owner wasn't there after we closed the store and put down the curtains.
Good times, I don't deliver anymore tho, they'd fuck us over with low wages and it almost destroyed my car a couple of times.

why do people even pretend weed is cool? it's the most gentle drug you can do

If I'm at the point where I'm charismatic enough to convince a sizable portion of the population to create our own community in the woods then I'd rather just go full revolutionary and take on the state. The province/territory and country are still going to demand taxes at that level.

that's why you drink beer with it, then it's cool

No amount of charisma will break capitalist brainwashing, I guarantee you.

Somehow I was broken out of capitalist brainwashing. Somebody must have been charismatic enough to get me to snap out of it.

And you don't need that much charisma or people, you just need ideological agreement.

I'm willing to guess it was memes and not a single individual.

But who created the memes? Must have been pretty charismatic.

My point still stands though, why settle for a few comrades when I can stay here on the internet and gather an army?

Or you witness gross injustices at work and in politics, connect the two, and bam, anti-capitalism

A very annonymous, disjointed and disorganized army.

Well, not everyone is smart enough for that.

Fuck it, I'll make a thread about survivalism some other day, leftists should be survivalists.

It's soul crushing, but I'm also 100% only doing it for the money so I can pay for grad school to do the exact opposite of being a codemonkey. I hate everyone I work with and could not give less of a fuck about coding; I got the job by accident, more or less. If you actually enjoy coding work, you'll definitely enjoy it more than I do, but even then, you're going to be sitting on your ass, getting around by corporate blowhards all the time. Only bootlicker STEMfags enjoy it.

Do it if you need the money - and it is good money - but I do not see how anyone could make a career out of this job without committing suicide.

Good point, I think I was mistakenly believing that I could change the superstructure instead of the base.

I agree that knowing survivalist skills regardless of your situation is extremely important. However I think there's more power in staying connected to society at large than becoming a hermit and cowering away with a few other people.

Way too reclusive and contemptuous of streamers to do that

How did Uncle Ted pull it off? He lived the anprim fantasy for a couple decades without getting caught, and he wouldn't have ever gotten caught if he didn't bomb anyone and become the center of the largest FBI investigation ever.

He stopped in 1995. With the surveillance technology they have today like satellites it's a completely different ballgame. Without satellites it's easy but they can tell when you're cutting down a forest against their will nowadays.

You might not realize it but that's a strength. The more anonymous disjointed and disorganized the army the harder it is to crush. Each member of this army can also communicate with the people around them. These numerous isolated patches can expand among their social networks to have a far more devastating effect than a centralized one. Think of communism like a virus and your goal is to spread it around the world. The best strategy is to place the virus in several locations separated from each other so nobody suspects anything and when the time is right they all break out and infect the population. Capitalists wouldn't really stand a chance against a movement so large.

I'm functional enough to not get fired. I just do janitor work

Do you really think this is feasible. I think it's retarded. I like society and technology I just want it to work better

My man

It's a fairly intellectually challenging job, so I have to absolutely be sober. But I do read a lot in stead of do actual work when I get tired of it.

or you could do a job you enjoy
or get a useless sit-in job like I have and read theory in the meantime