What is your opinion of Chomsky? I haven't read any of his stuff yet but have watched a few videos of his talks...

What is your opinion of Chomsky? I haven't read any of his stuff yet but have watched a few videos of his talks. Just downloaded his books and am planning to start soon.

Is he worth it and where should I start?

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The Mainstream and the Margins: Noam Chomsky vs. Michael Parenti

Chomsky vs. Parenti, part 1: Inept Empire
Chomsky vs. Parenti, part 2: “Conspiracy Theorism”
Chomsky vs. Parenti, part 3: Support For “Actually Existing” Systems – Anti-Communism
Chomsky vs. Parenti, part 4: Support For “Actually Existing” Systems – Humanitarian Interventions
Chomsky vs. Parenti, part 5: Lesser Evilism
Chomsky vs. Parenti, part 6: Description vs. Prescription

Very good criticism of Chomsky that his fans need to read. Chomsky is anticommunist and his analysis falls short in every respect.

He doesn't talk theory ever, he thinks it's a waste of time because it's too complex an issue or something.
He has a lot of knowledge on US foreign affairs, which is useful, but that's the extent of it for me.

Here's some Parenti.
libgen.io/search.php?req=michael parenti&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def

He doesn't have "theory" on his own and doesn't claim to. He's merely a follower of early Enlightement thinkers and anarcho-syndicalist workers. His works on media hegemony and the crimes of US empire is worth getting into though

What does this even mean? He's always been anti USSR but supported many other M-L states since, and is a supporter of an anarcho-syndicalist stateless, classless society. Unless you have brain damage, this makes him very much pro communism.

being a liberal automatically makes u anticommunist

He's perfect for introducing people towards leftism, imo.

Epic :)

how am i wrong

Because Chomsky is not anticommunist

He is because he's a liberal

He has written some really great books but he is kind of a bore to listen to. Also he is the cliche far left academic.

It means he is not a ☭TANKIE☭. ☭TANKIE☭s call everyone that diverges on even the smallest issue "anti-communist." It's hysterical.

Really cool guy, exposed those pseud frenchmen and doesn't afraid of anything.

your argument boils down to he's a liberal because he's anticommunist and anticommunist because he's a liberal


real communists™ support nationalist bourgeois governments like Assad and Putin.

His view on theory is that it's mostly overcomplicated and doesn't really do anything but stroke the author's ego and he's right at least when it comes to most writers of the late 20th century onwards.

Media Control by Noam Chomsky is a must read for every leftist, no, everyone should read it. Also those zealots who denounce him as anti-communist ITT can fuck off. He may be a liberal, but if he is, he is the most leftist liberal ever. He is anti-imperialist, pro worker's rights, recognizes that class warfare exists plus he is a genuinely good person.

Chumpsky confuses Trotskites and Stalinites

The only good anarcho-liberal and only because he wrote this book.

No he hasn't.

read these:

His work on the media and US empire deliberately distorts the reality of the situation.

red liberal

difference is negligible to any leftist that isnt either a ussr fetishist or some dumbass who cant move beyond past failures

Parenti is a whiny twat who is completely fucking useless for building the lefts future

wow start arguing any time.

Chomsky is probably one of the most sincere human beings on the planet. If you view his videos, integrity is something he doesn't lack. Definitely worth listening too.

Chomsky is anti-theory because it's too complicated for any normal person to understand. And that's always been the problem with Holla Forums in general. Not saying Holla Forums has any influence in anything like Holla Forums. But having him spend time around other rather intelligent individuals Chomsky seems to have picked up a necessity to placed being practical issues. And that's making theory reality. Chomsky recounts Einstein and many other Physics professors from MIT, once saying "I'm not interested in theory because you want a idea that can be explained to a twelve year old." The same way Physicists like Einstein and others explain how they want their ideas to be understood. Which is understandable because many people on Holla Forums most likely wouldn't be able to break down such concepts into minor forms where children can understand, and I truly believe what Einstein when he says "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Plus all this has a lot to do with Linguistics being tied to mathematics, so certain fields cross a lot.

He's anti USSR because it was a state capitalist, murderous regime, headed by phony Libertarian Lenin. It didn't reach its full potential because the authoritarian leaders didn't listen to the public and instead used force. Communist regimes tend to intrench themselves in violence, which makes them undesirable to the mainstream public, but Communism has always been seen as authoritarian in practice even before the USSR was created.

Then why is he so consistently misleading and reinforcing to the MSM narrative?

wew, this is the kind of poison that Chomskyites spew.

I haven't read that, but what I do know is that Communism unto itself will never go anywhere in todays or tomorrows society because of the misgivings of it past failures. Many people dislike Chomsky for pointing this out sometimes. But I can't personally commit on a source a know nothing about nor the motives.

So let's just vote for Hillary like Chomsky says. Hillary will win in spite of "misgivings of her past failures."



Your acting like some type of revolution will happen overnight and that a true left leaning movement can take root in America right now. This is a generational struggle that humans, especially Americans aren't ready for. And I admit I won't see it but maybe in five hundred years. All I know is that Hillary would have been better then Trump and that if you where in a swing state then yeah vote for Hillary if not then vote how you like. I figure that to be common sense.

Like I said I would have to research the author and motives along with material in order to speak on something people use to denounce Chomsky, that would only be fair. But the video is of a different mater and can be watched immediately.

No I'm not, read Lenin.

You clearly have NOT done this about Chomsky himself. As well, I have posted books by Parenti here:

lmfao what the fuck is that supposed to mean? why exactly?

Theory is different then practice, go out into the real world and see if the left can fight for it's freedom from America. Reading books is always good, real world experience has always been better. That's all I'll say on that subject.

With this, like I said I will read it but don't keep spamming me with sentences about reading it. My comments are just pointing out the obvious so I don't know what you want me to say?

Also about the watching the video, is because it's a video and you can physically see him talking about presenting a statement. Which is different, research being presented in person, that you yourself should look into because if you consider it to be true I wouldn't support """Marxist"""-Leninism.

This is totally incoherent. You are just posting word salad.

Is this magic or something? Are you literally brain damaged? Chomskyites everyone.

Michael Parenti videos
youtube.com/results?search_query=michael parenti

He has always supported Cuba and even used to praise China. You'd know this if you actually read him

Not gonna read all that nigga. Give me a tl:dr or I'll ignore it

Okay user, whatever you say. This is honestly just turning into a troll now. You know what I'm saying and if that then oh well I guess it's not worth it.

watch videos if you're too ADHD to read a book.


moron who didnt bother to understand why Stalin exiled Trotsky

You don't know what communism is supposed to be and you utter Cold War anti-USSR propganda like some neocon Hoover Institute fellow. You are the kind of ignorant liberal faggot that makes Chomsky unappealing to a lot of actual communists, even though he is one of the greatest intellectual assets that the whole political left has at this point.

Guess I'll just ignore it then @:)

Yes I know what Communism is, I don't know how you can say I don't when my whole statement is true. All you gave me was name calling and saying I'm liberal, okay? If you looked at my other comments you'll see that I said Communism has always been considered authoritarian even before the USSR as well, if you are a student of Communism you know that's true as well. The holding affect of Communism in a state capitalist strong man form which continually happens is why it's bad. You can't reach the """final form""" which if you genocide half the public and institute authoritarian rule.

Most of that book was written by Edward S. Herman, who makes Marcyites look like cruise missile liberals, even Chomsky felt uncomfortable with sharing credit because Herman's contribution was disproportionate.

vote for hillary! ima great asset to communists

No, you do not, yet you believe you are right anyway. What's more, you keep uttering neocon drivel. Gtfo back to reddit or go to Holla Forums, either will agree with you.

You're an idiot.

t. Parenti

chomsky does himself a favor not wasting his time on woo

Parenti is a fucking retard

Wew you literally deny historical reality if you deny dialectical and historical materialism.

Start arguing any time.

"why don't he kiss the Soviet Union's asscheeks like I do" isn't very good criticism

Chomsky has been a consistent supporter of Cuba and Latin American socialist movements over the years. And if Parenti's gold standard for criticisms of corporations is Ralph Nader than that says more about him than Chomsky.

His analysis is very valuable whether or not you think it falls short. Manufacturing Consent is a good place to start. You should read Chomsky AND Parenti imo.

this tbh

you guys aren't socialists

better to not be a socialist than to be a pedantic sycophant

This made Chomsky look like a fucking goof.

read the whole thing brainlet.

As pointed out here Chomsky shouldn't really get credit for Manufacturing Consent.

You are a fucking brainlet.

I have and most of the critiques of Chomsky is that he doesn't think that the Soviet Union dindu nothing like Parenti does. Part two on conspiracy theories is a useful critique but almost everything else is awful.

Even if you're an anarkiddie, Inept Empire, Lesser Evilism, Humanitarian Interventions, and Description vs. Prescription are still spot-on.


almost all of the examples of Chomsky not using class politics mentioned in the blog is him saying mean things about the soviet union. And criticizing him for not using class analysis is kind of pointless considering he isn't a political theorist or historian and has never claimed to be.

humanitarian interventions was possibly the worst one. The author bemoans Chomsky for accurately pointing out that the overthrow of Gaddafi was primarily a french imperial project and pretends like he was trying to exonerate America.

God I always have to say this. Chomsky does not have an inept empire theory, what the fuck.

Chomsky is wrong on two things, being against conspiracy theorizing and not supporting actually existing socialist states but at the very least he's an anti-imperialist. This is so much more than can be asked of an anarchist.

Of course, all things considered Chomsky while doing exceptionally good work when he does it is a bit of a gay cunt. Still there's no reason to launch false criticisms of him.

Go forward 50 years and capitalism has reasserted itself.


If he is so great, why has he never gone into office? Noam seems like a weak man who says a lot but what he says is mere words and no substance.

He would be great for politics, but he never has. Why not?


He wont because his message is one of lies.

So by your logic:

the list goes on

Why hello fellow Holla Forums poster, I too think that Chomsky is wrong about everything and hasn't run for office because of this truth.

Noam "Israel is bad but don't you dare participate in BDS you goy" Chomsky

typical kike

Maybe they are liars.

A charlatan spouting pseudoscientific nonsense.

He wasn't against BDS as such though.

Noam has his loyalties and he lets them show.

nah, they're just morons

Chomsky is a liberal, Parenti is a socdem.