The 2010s are almost over

It doesn't feel real. Every year has felt less and less real since 2007. Ten years ago I would have never thought things would be the way they are now.
How bad will the next decade be? Give it to me straight.

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8 Ball Says: Things Look Grim

There’s going to be a ton of death but a ton of opportunities and life too. It’s going to be heaven or hell on earth for people with no in between. You’re going to have to work harder then you have ever worked to be in the former.


Hypernormalization. Everyone is so interconnected to the digital world that things feel less real and less human. It's no coincidence 2007 was the year iphones emerged.

Roaring 2020s, get use to obscene decadence and high farce that make this decade look sane

2030 Great depression 2.0, worldwide collapse of markets and consumption driven by climate change and key resource depletion particularly phosphorus, rare earth metals and continuing diminished returns on the energy efficiency of oil.

2040 WWIII asymmetrical edition, resource scarcity puts hard imperialism back on the menu as rising powers need to expand by war to feed and supply their population; US tries a desperate last attempt to save whats left of its decaying empire. Numerous sub-state groups go to war to carve out micronations aimed at controlling resource rich areas.

Tankies announce critical support for mecha-Hitler in his struggle against US imperialism

The US won’t be an imperial power by that time.

Nope, what took decades to develop in the 20th century will happen within a five year period, if anything, the US empire will collapse five years from now if not sooner

Just give me a VR headset, a fuckbot and a noose. Shit's gonna get terrible.

Anyone else literally incapable of imagining a world beyond 2100? I feel like this is the last century of humanity.

That's why you gotta fight, so it isn't our last century

Yeah. All prols are long dead.There are 20,000 humans left who are the decedents of the Porkies who killed all the prols. But hey we finally achieved FALC.

Will Deng's 4D Checkers with Chinese Characteristics be proven right?

I can't even imagine this charade continuing past 2050, things can't go on like this and socialism hardly seems on the horizon. It seems like every year flies by faster and faster with nothing changing.


I hope music gets better in the 2020's.
I did not like this decade musically at all.


You know guys I like auto-commiseration as much as any other guy, but jeez if the board is getting depressing these last months.

The board is a reflection of your reality, user.

Wasnt a great decade outside of trap but damn has the trap been good

everything you just talked about is the exact reason i think its shit

no way, Jose

I'm going to shamelessly copy/paste this from some dude on reddit who talks about oil scarcity constantly.

Conventional Oil Peaked in 2006 –IEA-EIA-NATURE-ENERGY

New Oil discoveries by scientists have been declining since 1965 and last year was the lowest in history –IEA

We have been draining our oil reserves by consuming more oil than we discover since the 1980’s - ASPO

Aging giant oil fields produce more than half of global oil supply and are declining as group

Saudi Arabian oil reserves are overstated by 40% - Wikileaks

IEA Chief warns of world oil shortages by 2020 as discoveries fall to record lows

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Warns of World Oil Shortages Ahead

UAE warns of world oil shortages ahead by 2020 due to industry spending cuts

Saudi Aramco CEO believes oil shortage coming despite U.S. shale boom idUSKBN19V0KR

Halliburton CEO says oil will spike due to oil shortages by 2020 after Industry Cuts

Total CEO warns we are going to have oil shortages around 2020 due to lack of investment & new discoveries

Chevron CEO warns US shale oil alone cannot meet the world's growing demand for crude

HSBC Global Bank warns 80% of the worlds conventional fields are declining and world oil shortages by 2020


UBS Global Bank warns of industry slowdown and world Oil Shortages by 2020

Citibank warns of oil shortages coming as soon as 2018

Wood Mackenzie warns of oil supply crunch and world oil shortages around 2020

Energy watchdog warns oil and electricity shortages could develop as investment falls

Oil Discoveries at 70-Year Low Signal Supply Shortfall Ahead

Why investors’ should brace for a devastating oil shortage ahead around 2020

People are almost completely ignoring a looming crisis for oil

It Will Take 131 Years To Replace Oil, And We've Only Got 2 (Malyshkina 2010)

German Government (leaked) Peak Oil study concludes: oil is used directly or indirectly in the production of 90% of all manufactured products, so a shortage of oil would collapse the world economy & world governments Oil_Study EN.pdf

The Oil Age may come to an end for a shortage of oil. ~ Saudi Oil Minister Sheikh Yamani

In any case, I think you're probably only really off in two assumptions - first that the 2020s will be 'roaring'. We're still in a recession/depression after 2008 - the only indications to the contrary are the unemployment rate (which is fake news - millions unemployed people aren't counted in the way this statistic is gathered, it's probably more than double what the official numbers say) and the stock market, which is only growing because of QE and ZIRP (quantitative easing and zero interest rate payments). These aren't things that benefit the populace but they do make GDP look good by heavily enriching the already stupidly wealthy.

And two, that WWIII: Asymmetric Warfare Edition hasn't been the state of affairs since the 60-70s. It will likely ramp up, you are correct in that, but it's been the state of things for longer than I've been alive.

always remember, lenin tought he would die before seeing the revolution.

< 2028
< bad news is that American Empire is undergoing third wave of conscription to suppress uprisings in Brazil
< good news is that radiation levels had dropped across the East Coast

Why do we keep having threads with this PB whining?

He was talking about European revolution.

*blocks your path*


eluvium will still be making music so that's nice


I’m depressed as fuck that ive literally wasted the last 10 fucking years of my life drinking, and doing drugs, and lost everything because of it. So I’d have to say yes, it’s still sinking in that all of it is real.

people 50 years ago thought the Kennedy / King assassinations were America's greatest tragedies

What kind of rap do you like


Imagine if they were actual revolutionaries and not just reactionary fucks.

There was plenty of good music outside pop.

Thanks for the daily black pill. I think I'll rinse with cyanide today.

You can find something you like if you dig deep enough.

Most likely worse than they are now. Like unbelievably worse.

9/11 was unironically good praxis.

I love you user, this world is a sick fucked up place I'm sure you could have been doing worse for yourself (you could have been an exploiter!) and you gotta take it in stride because it's what YOU did and YOU are redeemable.

Shit's probably gonna be pretty fucked and I have some hope that tragedy will snap people out of their bullshit, but at the same time I am pretty pessimistic on my outlook on that too.

The only thing we can do is wait and hope that just enough tragedy happens to get people to realize the faults in capitalism without too much dooming us all

Don't forget Phosphorus depletion, that's happening at an exponential rate, and due to the extreme rarity of proper phosphate deposits it's a resource that suffers horrifically from any kind of unrest or supply line issues. 80ish% comes from 1 country, Morocco

Major disruptions here mean mass starvation

Jesus christ man you gave me a panic attack


I have good news for you. JUST like it turned out that the last year of the 20th century was AD 2000, not AD 1999. And 2000 is thus the last year of the 200th decade, 2020 will be the last year of our decade, the 202nd decade.

2nd millennium: 1001-2000
3rd millennium: 2001-3000

1901-2000: 20th century
2001-2100: 21st century

1991-2000: 200th decade
2001-2010: 201st decade
2011-2020: 202nd decade
2021-2030: 203rd decade

Unlike what retards would like you to think, 2000 was part of neither this century, nor this millennium.

And the next day, it was all confirmed.

Just gave him a listen. Good shit user. thanks much



No one likes a math geek, Scully.

feels good man

I don't understand. The future looks bright in turmoil. God, bless us with these hard times.

I feel like everything is ruined. I feel like we'll never get anywhere. I feel so lost. I can't take it anymore.
Its over isn't it? How the hell do I cope? I cant take it. I hate everything.

So infinte traps in 2050 when I am 64 years old? We better have some reverse aging tech or I am going to have to take all the roids and become a ripped grampa for some degerates with that fetish for old leathery penis and lots of cockrings.

Just swallow the black pill tbh

Looks like shit. We're set to run Oprah and the hollywood 1% for the presidency in 2020.
Game fucking over my man. I'm so fucking sick of this shit

I have a strange feeling I'm going to die sometime in the 2020s, either by anhero or something external related to societal degeneration/collapse (or a mixture of the two).

I have Evangelion downloaded on my laptop and a solar battery so I'm pretty much set for any societal collapse

it was really just the 90s that was the odd decade with relative silence and imperialist stability, and even then we had the war on yugoslavia and other shit going. things never were better before 2007.

it's really just your perception that is altered thanks to internet and overstimulation.


No joy. Only sadness to be found in this struggle. I'm walking away from it all and embracing nihilism. I simply don't care about anything anymore