How is America ranked the "most empathetic country" in the world?

How is America ranked the "most empathetic country" in the world?

Does this have to do with how Americans are raised to do that annoying fake smile (that you are forced to do to "appear friendly" to your American job interviewers and customers), and how donating $1 to your local megachurch means that you are a good samaritan and are going to heaven?

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Americans are SO friendly, just look at how friendly they look with their smiles. Makes you just want to hug them to death. Good thing they're smiling because I would've thought otherwise.

Why isn't Corbyn smiling? He looks suspicious and unfriendly to me. As a proud God-fearing American I don't trust people who don't smile. What's with all these Europeans who don't even smile? I hope America doesn't become like them.

Americans are the kings of creating the representation of being human. They are the lizard people.

Full paper for anyone interested

higher empathy countries also have higher levels of collectivism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, self-esteem, emotionality, subjective well-being, and prosocial behavior.
Online survey of 100k people, 75% of participants were burgers. All participants completed survey in english. Metrics of national characteristics derived from other surveys. Linear regression used to assess relation between empathy and national characteristics.
My take:
The map looks correlated with per capita gdp. Looks like material conditions strike again. Otherwise, the methodology is not particularly impressive and large sample sizes inevitably mean you'll find something statistically significant to write about.


This. Calling bullshit on this petty bourgeois study

What a fucking joke that map is, literally the most barbarous countries on earth are the most empathetic?

Shit test. It bases on opinions and would be actions, not on actual conditions and actions performed in real life. No wonder that America scores high with corrupt charity money inflating their scores, while people claim to "care" for others, while not performing a single real action. It is basically a virtue signaling test.

The same goes for South Korea. Everyone does whatever is the best for "everyone" else. Even if it means ignoring the troubles of others, in favor of keeping a good image for themselves, their family, for their school, or for their workplace. This is why statistics without qualitative data backing it up means nothing.

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person's frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another's position.

Sympathy is the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another life form.

Maybe America is the most empathetic nation… if so that is pretty sad.

Understanding someone's emotional state does not mean doing anything about it. Schadenfreude is empathy.

Merriam-Webster defines that sympathy is when you share the feelings of another; empathy is when you understand the feelings of another but do not necessarily share them

Sounds like it was just measuring normie levels, not actual empathy.

Yeah, they should learn to give a big friendly smile like us Americans.

is that the fucking guy from that idubbbz kickstarter crap video

You do realize that America came in First.

This study is probably true.


I don't like the study very much, and those are their words not mine. Though I would not be surprised if america was fairly collectivist and burgers are just in denial.

america is actually pretty collectivist. the highly religious and nationalistic component helps with that. the individualism is more of a myth than an actual reality. theres a lot of talk of individualism but a whole lot more collectivist action in practice, although ironically enough not by the government but by individuals themselves.

What did they mean by this?

Americans are so empathetic that only 37% believe health care should be a right.

However, almost 2/3 of Californians support single payer health care.

So just like with abortion and marijuana legalization, universal health care will have to spread state-by-state. Deep-red states like Texas, Kansas, Alabama et al. will probably get it last. California has about the same population as Canada.

idk about that, because if you ask for medicare-for-all, im pretty sure support jumps up to a majority

I'm still bullshit about the individual mandate.
He could have done better.


Most Americans do support Single Payer. You just have to say it like “Medicare for all.”

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whole lot of cultural ignorance here. you only ever hear about the people running these countries but the actual people are different. You probably arent like Trump or Pence for example. I hitchhiked throughout most of the ME a few years ago and in general the people are very warm and hospitable. More so than Europe. I was always offered a place to stay, food, and even money. Ditto Turkey. It isnt like in the west which has a natural distrust of strangers. Middle Easterners in general tend to believe it is a moral and ethical duty to always help a stranger in need. Except they actually live by that code, unlike how we just sort of abstract acknowledge it.

Gee I wonder who could be behind this

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