Is the entire purpose of promoting Orthodox Christianity as a way to distract the Russian and Serbian populace from the...

Is the entire purpose of promoting Orthodox Christianity as a way to distract the Russian and Serbian populace from the neoliberal policies of their government?

If you go on right now they are broadcasting some Orthodox Christian events live on the front page. Putin presents himself as a proud orthodox christian.

Why are orthodox priests so fat?

Russian inequality over the decades

The church in United Russia has the same role it had under the Czardom, controlling people's souls and spooking them to no end.

mao and chavez were fat too though

nowhere near as fat as the average burger or orthodox priest

You know, sometimes, wealth inequality can be a result of problem solving capacity inequality. Sometimes, it can be a result of laziness. Or responsibility, or discipline, or a trillion different things.

I honestly think that people complaining about income inequality and the rich, are all some sort of ultra secretive cabal of Ayn Rand porky cultists, destroying communism trough strawmanning it into complaining about wealth inequality, which is so incredibly easy to tear down, so a whole bunch of people disregards it for ever.

Wealth inequality is not an argument, prove me wrong.

I completely agree with this sentiment.

As someone who lives in an orthodox majority with a pretty powerful church.Fuck em.
The Ussr did no wrong with them

The problem with wealth inequality is making things worse for the vast majority of your population for the benefit of another pair of shoes, another mansion, or another nice car, is that none of those things by themselves can run society, only labor can, you fuck with labor you're fucking yourself

Wealth inequality is a close proxy for the relative shares of labor and capital.

Wow I liked how you cherry picked a bunch of fat Orthodox priests them called all of them fat.

Regardless, spirituality can't be explained using such oversimplified and economistic means.

What is Liberation Theology?

Not something that existed in Russia under the Tsar. Tolstoy was the best religiously inflected emancipatory politics they had to offer, and he was an agrarian pacifist.

Convert to Christianity Chaya. Jesus loves you.

Liberation theology follows more along the lines of the friend of the worker: the Catholic Church. I don't think the Orthbros have anything similar

This is a massively inaccurate assessment of the church under the Tsardom tbh.

Because they're not "gopniks".

Wealth inequality is an indication of capital that serves only itself, and represents a deeper underlying social reality. There is only so much even the richest porkies consume; even billionaires don't but a yacht or jet every other year. Besides, much of their spending is on status goods that don't actually have that much value under LTV, that don't eat up that much productive capacity of society. What very high income inequality actually means is that the ultra wealthy are running up virtual ledgers that concretely represent only their increasing power in society, the social relation behind the money. Wealth inequality in a very real sense is gated communities, geographical sorting, and so on. It is the increasing domination of the owner over everyone else, expressed through as a neat derivative statistic. It is the representation of a horrible society.

I don't worship a man as G*d, sorry.
Not the sane thing.
Not what the Church has ever taught.

Is promoting catholic Christmas a capitalist plot to sell shit to low lQ Americans?

you mean protestants firstly, secondly, Christmas is about getting drunk and eating and gift giving


Merry Christmas


W-well those temple offerings aren't going to eat themselves…

Eastern Orthodoxy follows traditions older than Rome. Antiochian Orthodox is the oldest.

Religion isn't a blanket "tool of the state", it's about a search for truth.

I’m an ancap, but I hate large corporations because I realize I’ll never be a billionaire CEO, and probably end up being exploited by said corporations. Am I just a brainlet, or is there an alternative ideology for this? And no, state socialism is fucking garbage, and I don’t want to live in a commune block, and have my house destroyed.

Just stick with being an ancap if you want. Private property isn't possible without the state to protect it so abolishing the state will just lead to communism anyways. I've got no problem supporting someone's means when they conclude with the same end I desire. The end always justifies the means.

This, basically.

Putin appeals to religion the same way American politicians do - but with the bonus of an even stronger link to national identity. The Russian Orthodox was suppressed for a long time during Russia's most influential years - but remained tied to their identity. Putin evokes both Russia's years of influence and gives more influence to the Russian Orthodox and right-wing nationalist types, and reaps the benefit. The church repays.



t. spook

i'm coming for your house buddy

Well, for some, DiaMat could also be given the "spook" label, as could over-reliance on formal logic (which isn't an infallible method; all it does is tell you the conclusions follow from the premises).

There are tons of anti statist socialist ideologies. Read Kropotkin.

Orthodox Judeo-Christianity, just like Judaism, are not spiritual but hedonistic mundane "religions":

I simply cannot understand this. At the one end you know that you will never be the one benefiting from the system, yet at the other end you do support an ideology that has something close to our current system as a logical and to a degree even desired outcome.
When Marx wrote Capital, what he was critiquing was exactly classical economics / political economy, and he did it within the framework, with the same axioms and principles of classical economic thinking. Large corporations and billionaire CEO's and masses of people trapped in drudgery is baked into the cake. The liberal conception of rights is a product of the class of people that spawn the CEO's, written for their own benefit, and to the degree that it proposes negative freedoms it is done only to regulate their internal disputes. It is not by (people like) you and it is not for you. The quicker you get that the better of you will be, and if you are honest about your professed commitment to egoistic self-interest, you will come to socialism.
That your biggest gripe with socialism is that you don't want to live in a commie block is telling of the superficial level your thinking is still on. This is not meant to insult you, but to encourage you: pick up Capital, and see what is behind the mask you are embracing.

Gemara is a debate, dummy. Asceticism is highly prevalent in some Jewish teachings.

Jeebus was not G*d. Christianity was never meant to be universalist. When Paul preached to the Gentiles they distorted everything, turned JC into a pagan god akin to Apollo, and inserted Greek and Roman social hierarchies into messianic doctrine which weren't there before.

Holla Forums's "Christian universalism" is nothing more than an ethno-cult for brocialist white boys and an excuse for them to attack feminists, BLM, Jews, Muslims, and any other group whose struggles don't fit their highly economistic bullshit.

Yes, you really don't understand what our faith teaches if this is your conclusion.

Communism is a religion. Don't try to argue otherwise

Fuck off Eliade.

what fucking christian universalism does this board follow?
for a Marxist you sure seem to have a shit understanding regarding social relations.
but it was much better when it was under Judaic social hierarchies, right?
post-colonialism is a mental disorder, please go back.

Slav priests always seemed to have an air of corruption to them, except maybe in Bulgaria, but that's anecdotal. What about Greek Orthodox or Orthodox priests and monks who live in Bumfuck Nowhere, Siberia?

Which does not follow. Ancaps effectively argue against basic social services/wages you GET BACK from the capitalist state and the said corporations.

I dunno about serbs but in russia they do a shit job really
all that money all that state subsidies and privileges and what is the result? a bunch of grandmas on a deathbed hanging around, stores selling icons, holy water and candles, clergy riding around in mercedes and bmws

everyone with half a brain ridicules them, I personally worked with a grandpa who expressed regret when some dude tried to burn a wooden church in the central park and failed
let them follow their prophet he said

for whatever reason islamic church is orders of magnitude more effective at indoctrinating people here and in general it is more cost effective at producing opium for the mass consumption

The Book of Genesis isn't.

Only as a means of moderation and not as an end in itself or else it wouldn't promote to multiply and fill the earth and dominate it.

יַהְוֶה‬ is not god, he is Satan. Jesus's obviously did try to make Judaism less mundane, tribalist and familist, but I agree that Paul and the other Nicene-approved New Testament writers were not true devout universalists or else they would have rejected the Tanakh. What they did was transfer Judaic tradition to Gentiles which is why we now have christian replacement theologians and white identitarians morons going around saying WE WUZ IZRAELITES. Apollo is an agricultural sun god so JC is in good company, much better than being associated with the pastoral creator deity יַהְוֶה.

Don't lump me with lefty/pol/yps marxian egoists that subscribe to Zizek's moronic "christian atheism".

I understand that Jews, Judeo-Christians and Judeo-Muslims worship the Creator, praise creation, prefer Abel over Cain, are against the Tower of Babel, etc and that's enough for me to reject it and oppose it. Logically religious rightism is about fearing and obeying the creator, being thankful for their creation and preserving their mundane identity and tradition; while religious leftism on the other hand is about rebelling against the creator, being enraged for their meaningless creation and destroying their identity and tradition and transcend into godhood. So it's impossible to be a religious leftist and a jew, even if you are an antinomian heretic jew like secular jews are. Jewish leftists need to reject the Tanahk, Tamuld and Kabbala and Jewish Identity and start praising apostates like Cain. Christians and Muslims however only need to get rid of their Judaic, Western/Aristotelian and Bedouin elements and reinforce their spiritual dualist elements in rewriting the Gospel and Quran.