Optimism thread

Doesn't it feel great that dedicated communists are in control of a SUPERPOWER? Not just a superpower, but one that is rapidly dominating the US in the economic sphere. This is no small feat.

There is hope, and global revolution will come. The Chinese are planning for the long term and playing their cards right. When the time comes, the world WILL be socialist.

All evidence points to this. We have to believe it. Comrades, we must look to the future not with despair but with unbreakable hope and ironclad confidence that we will enjoy the fruits of worldwide revolution in our lifetimes.

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Yes, dedicated communists.


If China does more to cuck itself to capitalism will you still defend Them?

…arent they basically roaming trough africa these days, looting and pillaging resources trough "developmental projects, in cooperation with local governments" or whatever the word for looting and pillaging is today, and isnt their whole society basically neo-feudal porky industrial warlords competing for profits among themselves, brutally exploiting the neo-peasants, and being rewarded seats in the party according to their donations, as long as they dont hurt the party?

A hardline Marxist Leninist state recently acquired the ability to nuke all of the USA again. The DPRK is covertly supported by the CPC and is now resuming negotiations with ROK unhindered, which will possibly lead to Korean unification this time. The DPRK economy is growing at TEN PERCENT per year. COMMUNISM IS WINNING.


OP said optimism you faggot leftcoms.

The DPRK is good news, but China only supports them as a buffer state between China and North Korea. North Korea is baed, but China is shit.

Fuck you, China is shit ever since Deng took power and no amount of cherry picking garbage could ever replace that. God forbid Khrushchev did more for socialism with his disastrous policies than Deng ever did

The real test of character for the Chinese state will come when there are active leftist paramilitaries in America and Europe. If China does not fund, arm, and give them free books they're worthless and in need of a return to Mao.

im not even trying to be silly here, but how is 'best korea' not essentially a fascist ethno-state Holla Forums wet dream but for koreans instead of them?

read the DPRK thread:

also there is literally nothing wrong with indigenous people (THE KOREANS) making up the majority of the population in KOREA. the DPRK stands for indigenous rights against the genocidal US military occupation.

When have politicians ever lied?

According to Maoism, interfering with internal politics of foreign entities is fruitless and is, effectively, imperialism. Looking at the Soviet experience, they aren't wrong.

China is a sad case for communists: despite their leaders being both talented and dedicated, they have shown that socialism and communism is out of reach, and the only thing left to do is to pursue capitalist economy.

The global world order is extremely inspiring and optimistic. Lots of people are depressed because things are going to hell. For a communist, nothing is better and more satisfying than that. It would be truly depressing if we would be seeing Neoliberal end of history that their propagandists promised us in the 80s and 90s.

Socialist states cannot be imperialist. If Maoist China or Stalinist Russia pursued a neocon like policy of overthrowing capitalist regimes, the global proletariat would be in a much better state.

*Laughs in USSR invasion of Finland*


I agree with you that self-proclaimed socialist states CAN be imperialist, honestly that is a bad example. Finland was part of Russia for years and although the Soviets continuing out Tsarist foreign policy is questionable, it was to mostly curb steep German influence and reduce the possibly of another front with the Nazis.

Dialectical materialist proof needed.
Soviet Union mirrored American Foreign policy.

And Just like in case of America, regimes subverted or outright conquered by the Soviet Russia were nothing but drain on Soviet resources and imprisonment for native population. All those regimes fell as soon as Soviet financial, political and military support was withdrawn. All those regimes birthed Reactionary and Anti-Communist strongholds.

it's all a part of the dialectic comrade, the material conditions won't form themselves :^)

Finland was a Nazi collaborating racist state. It deserved to be crushed.

I wish I could dupe myself into loving China, imagine how satisfied you'd be.

He is only saying this to keep the people, that are definitely not living under socialism with any characteristics, from rebelling and killing his porky ass.

If you think Xi is /yourguy/, then you are officially in the same category as Holla Forumsfags who think Israel loving Trump is /theirguy/.

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In what world is China not a superpower?

I love that China still calls itself communist. Whenever someone brings up muh not true communism I can just point to China and ask them if they're communist.

Why people ignore this?

alot of them aren't hardcore communists, some are neoliberal or dengist, furthermore china is not a superpower.

The world where America has most of the globe in its sphere of influence.

China can't even send its boats to some rocks off Taiwan without raising an international shitstorm. Meanwhile, America's propped up hereditary monarchies and engaged in a (soon-to-be) decades-long war in Afghanistan and nobody's batted an eye.

Only because America is decaying does China have a chance of achieving parity with them.

You really have no idea what imperialism is?

I'm not going to be optimistic unless the Chinese government does something about their debt issue. Fact is individual citizens are getting fucked by state owned banks and shadow banks, this is not good and simply arresting people on "corruption" charges won't help. What's needed is a total reorganization of the system, one which removes Beijing's power to micromanage the economy. In particular, Beijing needs to divest itself of publicly owned companies by splitting them up and making them regionally controlled (so local people can control them - workers owning the means of production).

Until that happens, China will still just be another bourgeois shithole.

That's because China claims the entire South China Sea as theirs. If they were to actually back that claim with military firepower, the economies of many countries (Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan) would be disrupted. It'd also create the same setup in the region that caused America to enter WW2.

You gotta source on that?

Are you saying Chinese citizens are indebted? Because they're not, you're thinking about the west.


Yes. The developmental projects are infrastructure, but only so they more easily can ship out all the resources they've sucked out of the ground. And if with "cooperation with local governments" you mean bribing the ruling classes to let them do this then yes


There is a reason why Nick Land likes to live China, and it's not because they are """communists""" you fucking idiot.
Optimism is for brainlets.

So much implying, yet so little proofs.

— Milan Kundera, The Joke (1967)

Just about done with "China is socialist!" posting

How can people who rightly defend the USSR think modern China is anything like it

Russia will be okay too, once they get their mental health problems in check. Self-driving cars might reduce the basic carnage level expected by Russians and/or encourage them to drink themselves into passivity without psyching themselves up for a wild drive home afterwards.

They openly admit they are state capitalist. Hence why they're hoping to become communist

Of course China isn't like USSR. It is much better, which is why the latter has collapsed, and the former assumed its' rightful place as a superpower.


You shut your whore mouth you fucking dengist

I also think capitalism is good and that is why I'm posting on a communist boards