Daily News Thread 1/6

Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson loses home in 'arson attack'

Authorities in Alabama are investigating a possible arson attack after a fire destroyed the home of Tina Johnson, one of several women to accuse former US Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Warrantless phone, laptop searches at the US border hit record level

One leading Democratic senator says the newly-enacted directives explicitly allow border officials to try to bypass the password or encryption on a device without reasonable suspicion.

'Catastrophic': US Freezes Aid for Palestinian Refugees: Report

Many Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan stand to suffer as a result of the massive aid cut to a U.N. agency helping them.

Trump Says He’s a ‘Stable Genius,’ Would Like Stronger Libel Laws

Donald Trump said he’s a “very stable genius,” a day after a new book about the president’s first year in the White House – dismissed by Trump as “fiction” – claimed that many of his top aides and confidants consider him unfit to hold office.

Kushner Cos. Get Subpoenas on Use of Visa Program

U.S. regulators and prosecutors have requested information from the real estate development business run by Jared Kushner’s family over a program that allows wealthy foreigners to obtain visas for investing in American projects, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter.

German and Turkish officials vow to end spat

Germany's foreign minister has held talks with his Turkish counterpart in a bid to "overcome difficulties" and improve relations between the nations.

Protests as Nepal Government Refuses to Relinquish Power

The alliance formed by Nepal's two biggest Communist parties won last year's election, but the incumbent government has yet to hand over power.

China may build second foreign naval base in Pakistan amid Trump’s row with Islamabad

China is reportedly planning to boost its military presence overseas with its second foreign naval base in Pakistan. The news comes amid a row between the US and Pakistan, with Washington freezing security funding for Islamabad.

House Aims to Pass Revised Surveillance Bill as Deadline Looms

House leaders intend to take another stab next week at advancing a long-term extension of a program for conducting foreign surveillance that is about to expire, but there are opponents on both sides of the aisle.

US Accelerates Media Campaign, Sanctions Against Venezuela

Media outlets in the United States published more than 3,880 negative news reports about Venezuela in 2017, President Nicolas Maduro announced Friday, as the United States placed fresh sanctions on Venezuelan officials.

Noor Salman apologizes for knowing Pulse shooter's plans, documents show

The wife of the Pulse nightclub gunman told the FBI that she wished she would have told the police what her husband was planning to do the night he killed 49 people, according to a written statement by Noor Salman made available to the public for the first time.

Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes Protesting Over Bills, Okaz Says

Saudi authorities made a fresh round of arrests of royal-family members as a group of princes staged a protest at the royal palace over the non-payment of their electricity and water bills, Okaz newspaper reported.

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Ok, what the absolute fuck. Is Moore behind this?


Alabama hasn't really progressed socially since their tactics during the Civil Rights Era I see,.

Jesus Christ


Why “extremely unlikely” climate events matter


From Territorial to Functional Sovereignty: The Case of Amazon

How digital platform operators like Amazon are undermining democracy.

==Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary=


Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program

The fact that Israel possesses nuclear weapons is not in dispute, but how did it procure them and with whose help? Val Reynoso investigates.

From ‘Russian meddling’ to Iran regime change: Social media as tools of US policy

As US-based social media companies crack down on dissent at home in the name of fighting phantom ‘Russian meddling,’ Washington seeks to leverage them for regime change in places like Iran.

Well isn't this subtle

It's gonna happen tovarischie.

One of his supporters, most likely.

Probably some salty Holla Forumsyp.

Wouldn't doubt that either.

Alabama politics. And they're scared of fucking Sharia Law coming into their precious gated communities. It already has.

So, is she in jail or what?

Those poor, poor, poor souls

Don't count on it.

Seriously, what did they expect would happen?

The other side of the coin is NOT TO ASK CAPITALISTS TO HELP WITH ECOLOGY.

By Fourth Amendment, It was nice knowing you.

So much for the “anti-immigration right”

Nepal will be red.

China really is replacing the US as the world superpower.

Hope it fails.

I can't fucking wait, Xi is going to fund the revolution in the US like Germany funded Lenin, our lives are about to get so much fucking cooler.

No Xi will fund some Pinochet like figure in the US military to give China axces to US farmland, because Chinese farmland is eroding away fast.

The only up side is that land will be a lot cheeper in America, but this is due to the fact that a third of the population will move to China or Europe in search of good jobs.

we could start our own communes in not just in detroit anymore, but all of America, this is where revolution comes from.

No salt here, none whatsoever

If you liked strong and stable, you'll love smart and stable.


ISIS declares war on Hamas over Jerusalem loss to Trump & Israel

The Islamic State in Egypt has urged its supporters in a new execution video to wage war against Hamas over its failure to defend Jerusalem following Washington's recognition of the city as the Israeli capital. The victim in the video, referred to as Musa Abu Zamat, is accused by his terrorist captors of smuggling weapons to Hamas’ military wing from Egypt.


Two birds with one stone

the PLFP will never, ever win




Seriously, I unironically support Hamas in their struggle against Mossad ISIS imperialism and fuck you if you don't.


Oh Donald….

Sorry I imagined Alabama wrong. Just scratch out the gated community part


Too many of ya'll are missing out on some gold here.

There are tons of gated communites in the suburbs around bham and I assume Montgomery. I had friends that lived in Greystone and Shoal Creek(Hoover area) which are big new money neighborhoods.

The Absolute States of America.

It's been said many times for many years, but seriously - what the fuck is up with memory in America?

For everything US foreign policy, but not even just that - from Islamic terrorism to global warming to mid-20th century confederate imagery to the Patriot Act to Glass-Steagall to Iran-Contra… every fucking time something comes up, it has to be explained again. And there are so many things that are just dismissed as "passing fads" with only the explanation that they eventually don't dominate headlines. These people gneuinely do not understand the concept of News.

How did this happen? For fuck's sake, is it the vaccines?

CIA ops, probably.

Actually, DoD is involved too.




Movie scripts are edited, and the facts of US history are purged from the collective consciousness of the people.

I thought that ISIS was a US proxy group, but I guess Israel holds the reins now? Was this always the case, or is this because Assad won? I guess the hardest part is that we don't know how many groups make up ISIS, who leads them (commanding officers), and their battle history.


Yeah, that part actually backfired, because they tried to refer to him by his nickname "Grimsey" every time he was on screen, and people got curious.

I live on the border and I know people that have been asked to unlock their phones and show their facebook messages. I wonder how many dick pics the CBP agents see every day.

ISIS is anti-imperialist.

What happens when they refuse?

Tell us more!

I've never believed that the Americans were straight up supporting IS but rather supporting al-qaeda affiliated groups that ended up joining IS. The safer choice for the Americans as they understood the situation would be to back the less ambitious jihadists which in the Syrian Civil war meant the FSA. The Israeli, I think, were always more reasonable about the situation and a lot less spooked about IS. I think this has led to them outright cooperating with IS which the Americans were too scared to do.

Hmmmm I'm usually in the working class/downtown areas of B'ham when I am there. I have been to Hoover but never really explored it very much since I don't have a reason to be there.

In my experience most of the suburbs in the state aren't gated but Hoover could be an exception.


They can refuse to let you enter and take away your visa.

It may be a surprise for americans, but mexicans who pass through the land border (legally, with visas) have to comply with anything the officers request, so them asking to see your phone just fits their general behavior, and they are really fickle as they assume by default that you are trying to cross drugs and work illegally.

I personally have been asked to show officers my wallet 2 times (it's always retarded shit: "Who's the person in this photo? Why do you have so much cash (300 bucks lmao)?/Why do you have no cash? Why do you keep this receipt?" And so on.

I had to go for questioning once as minor (15) and made me take off my clothes except my boxers; They look for any hint of nervousness to take you for questioning. Any reason is okay: Your visa record says you cross a lot, or not enough, or your shoes are too poor for you to be able to have a visa, you don't look like a mexican, you look too much like the 'bad' mexicans with your skin color and poor clothes, etc.

Ah, they also have big portraits of the president and vice president. They got bigger frames for Trump and Pence.

What if they're just taking a trip and maybe even heading back into the US? Do they have as much power when it's US citizens and mere tourists?

They have less power with Americans (as in, obviously they can't just strip people of their citizenship) but they can still be denied entry if they refuse to comply. They 100% have a right to inspect your phone and other belongings and take you away for questioning.

In case you didn't know, American civil rights don't apply at ports of entry such as border crossings or international airports. It's in the law because muh terrorism or some shit.

Couldn't a way to help avoid that is go back to the other side of the border where they have no jurisdiction then come back later when someone else is on shift?

I think Mountain Brook and Vestavia have a couple as well. Biggest racist I knew was a rich kid from Vestavia. Also Tuscaloosa sortof has a gated community, but it is just a small neighborhood of shit houses where people party.

Last I checked the FSA, Al Qaeda, or ISIS are all part of a collection of US proxy forces. Even the White Helmets turned out to be an ISIS group. Plus there was a huge story in a Bulgarian newspaper about US arms going to ISIS. The reporter was even fired for doing such good journalism.


Anyway, my speculation still stands. As the U.S. loses ground, Israel may take over operations to further entrench its power in the face of its future geopolitical isolation.

Trump is being kept in a bubble in regards to Mueller. Even if the book didn't confirm it, the actions of his lawyers make it clear he's not being told the truth on that matter.

ISIS quite literally doesn't exist anymore

The only reason this guy won was because hillary sucked. Hes still a dumbass

society of the (integrated) spectacle




exactly, sand nigger politics are all the same they should all just be nuked

I hear she's single, user:


I love how retards like you are literally unable to grasp the idea that one group is an imperialist proxy and the other isn't.

Here's a pic of your ak qt

So much for the freeze peach right

Free speech is only for Nazis, commie faggot.

got a list of which movies are confirmed pozzed? Would spread the word if you had that tbh

Isn't this basically a good ´ole southern strategy?

i.e.didn't the clan just burn down shitloads of houses of civikl rights activists and churches in the 60s?


Sure is. The Good Ol' Boys paid her house a visit for daring to harm the Good Man Roy Moore for admitting he violated her at a young age. And countless other innocent girls. Going to ice rinks and staring at women barely past their pre teens.

You don't fuck with a Good Man like Roy that way, without the Good Ol' Boys paying your a house a visit.



Marcyism is one hell of a drug.

where are these pics from

fuck off

user these people live in trailer parks in one of the poorest states in the union. They are just spooked proles.

To a certain extent maybe, but not as much as urbanites like to think. A lot (maybe even most) of ultra-right evangelical weirdos are solidly middle class. Trailer park dwellers are too busy trying to survive to be proactively reactionary.

gated communities aren't this ultra luxurious rarity, and Alabama absolutely has them
Wherever there is racial tension, there will be gated communities filled to the brim with garish mcmansions

It' Hell O' Dollies by Junji Ito. His horror artstyle is pretty distinctive.

i find it funny that "leftists", even a fucking hammer and sickle poster, dismiss history with a dumbass meme.
the generalplan ost with its plans to divide occupied nations population into the smallest possible ethnicity is the go to practice of imperialist powers.