Does anyone have that screenshot arguing in favor of abortion? In it...

Does anyone have that screenshot arguing in favor of abortion? In it, an user offers a thought experiment involving a Frankenstein-esque mad scientist.

If not, please offer your best arguments in favor/against allowing abortions.

it's permanent solution to the temporary problem of class divide

There is no reason to be against an abortion in the first term because it has none of the capabilities of anything that can be related as human existence. Also, if first term fetuses are people then I don't know why we feel it's okay to slaughter cows which are 100% more concious and thinking than a first term fetus. Shit is ridiculous.


Not an argument. Human life is intrinsically more valuable than that of animal life.

So I guess people in comas don't count as human life either eh? Why stop at abortions, why not kill everyone with mental or physical disabilities that disable their capabilities?

Fucking death dealing Moloch worshippers advocating for killing prole babies.

Pat Robertson-tier argument.

Typical strawman.

God specifically gave Man dominion over all the Earth; that includes animals.

Not an argument

Correct. The vast majority of abortions are carried out by prole families who are poor or low income. It is literally a war against poor people. To see past all the rhetoric is to acknowledge this fact. The founder of Planned Parenthood literally admits this as her goal.

In “Pivot of Civilization,” Sanger penned her thoughts regarding immigrants, the poor, and the error of philanthropy. Sanger’s ideology of racial and social hygiene bleeds through her writings on breeding an ideal human race:

They are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born.

Fetuses in their first term are the size of erasers, mentally and physically impaired people are demonstrably more capable then that.
If Christians think fetuses are humans how come you never bomb artificial insemination clinics? because you really just want more impoverished Proles to manipulate

Because artificial insemination isn't murder you moron.

And fetuses can be compared to vegetative people. It's basically the same thing. If you deny them agency based on some arbitrary criteria like them not being able to speak, you're being extremely disingenuous.

Vegetative as in braindead? Well yes there is no more agency.


Damn, morality is so much easier when you're a christfag.
The vast majority of everything is done by/for the working class because the working class is almost everyone on the planet.

In the sense that neither of those are people.
Like… not having agency?

Wow I totally called this already

My jizz is more human than a vegetative person.

Also for the record, theology states the soul is created during the "quickening": that is when the baby first kicks. So, fetuses do not have souls.

Can you explain in what sense a drooling potato that is the shell of its former human self is a "proper person" without recourse to your magical thinking (God, souls, etc.)?

Fairy believer won't be able to answer but I can. Scientific advancement means that we may eventually be able to cure people in comatose states. If these people still retain the memories of their life before they became comatosed that would prove that they continued being a person through that state. A sleeping person is equally as vegetative until something causes them to wake up but we still consider them people in that state. Why wouldn't we call someone in a slightly longer and deeper sleep a person as well?


According to you it is. To artificially inseminate a woman several, sometimes dozens of eggs are harvested.
And the doctors pick the one most likely to live and place it into the woman's womb.
This christian anti-abortion thing is just crypto white supremacy. If you cared about life so much you all have a national movement against war every bit as fierce as the one against abortion.

You’re a Christian. So was Mussolini. See how easy this shit is?

I should just bang my head on a rock and maybe they'll wake me up when capitalism ends.

You still age while comatose, you'll probably die of old age by then.

I didn't know that fact about artificial insemination, so I'd wager that most people don't. I thought it was just a simple one to one process. The fact that people aren't burning down artificial insemination places is due to ignorance, not hypocrisy.

Now this is just fucking garbage you're spewing out of your mouth. I'm not white, my homeland is not America, and I've never supported any imperialist war so stop trying to strawman me as a republican (or democrat). Not to mention that the majority of babies who are aborted are black in America.

Mussolini was atheist, this was made clear from his early writings, and he only collaborated with the Church and put on a front because he wanted to hold onto his power.

I'll take it!

The same people spreading the idea of a fetus being human probably know how artificial insemination works. The fact is they just don't care to spread it because anti-abortionism is class warfare while artificial insemination is usually done by those who can afford it.

The current argument relating to abortion is meaningless, abortion as we currently know it now is intertwined and inseparable from the capitalist structure. Given that most abortions are currently done for financial reasons, there will be few if any reasons to have an abortion in a communist society given proper control measures. is right if I'm reading it correctly as the whole abortion argument fails to address to primary cause which is the class structure aiming instead to stem poverty by telling families to "just have less kids".

I think eggs are in a completely different category from first term

Eh. Not what I was saying anyways. Cows are seen as nonsentient. You look at their brains and they are far less developed than a humans. You look at a first term fetuses brain and they really far less developed than a human's brain, and even less developed than the cow brain. If you are a materialist, you believe that thought comes from the material world, through the brain. It would be logical to say that fetuses have less human existence than cows, as they have far worse brains. Even if there is some magical soul, they have none of the faculties present to use this soul for any human understanding or being, and thusly no human existence.
It depends. There is pretty interesting study of when someone is completely fucked off and when they can recover. I would definitely say that someone in an unrecoverable coma is not living, and I wouldn't want that quality of """life""" for myself.
This honestly gets my goat, personally. I don't really understand how people kill and eat animals, but then flip around and are all "Woah there that's a brainstem with blood ball can't be aborting that now".
Because they are very much a thinking and feeling human being? I haven't once complained of any physical development anyhow.
They are still thinking and feeling human people. I don't wish to kill much of anything, really, so this justification is wasted on me anyways.
You wot m8. Seriously though, what are you getting at.
I like babies, and I hope they live full lives. Fetuses, on the other hand, have lived exactly 0 human experiences.
Let's sort this out right now, LARPer. 1.) I want the proletarian class abolished. I have NO interest in the existence of proles as a class outside of their revolutionary potential. 2.) The vast majority of proles are currently procapitalist, and are thusly, largely nonrevolutionary until they are convinced into revolution by what will likely be their impending doom from the order they supported. I accept this, and feel no special angsty love for a group that spurns me and my beliefs to their own chagrin, I simply hope they change their minds before it is too late.
Ugh, to quote the greats, "I pity the fool".

The eggs are fertilized, they are zygotes, no different then a woman during her first trimester. Is it because they aren’t in a womb that makes them “eggs” and therefore okay to abort?

Holla Forumsyp detected, 36% of abortions are black, not s majority. A disproportionate amount of abortions are black because a disproportionate amount of black people are poor. You could just help blacks be less poor, then they’d have less abortions like white people, but can’t do that that go against your bigotry.

Are you retarded? Holla Forums supports black people having abortions because there's more dead black people

jfc learn 2 argue

Slippery Slope Fallacy

sperm cells are alive, should we ban masturbation since you are killing MILLIONS of cells?

No, right? well a fetus has way less cells