If god dosent exist

If god dosent exist then whats even the point of doing anything? why not just become "Lol nothing really matters LMAO" Fedora wearing Nihilists like if Morals dont exist then whats even the point not to act like Barbarians?
Is a Religous Doctrine truly needed to uphold order in society?
Like even societies that attempted to build socialism like the USSR kept christian standards of morality?
Is the fact that Christian Morals permeate all christian/Post-Christian society long after Christianity itself has faded away proof of gods existence?

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Read the Buddha.

Nice spooks.
Because doing stuff makes me feel good.
Nothing really does matter. Fedoras can look good if you happen to be miachel corleone. We don't act like barbarians because it's harmful.
"Christian morals"

What if it doesn't tho?

I'm pretty sure this is impossible but…
I guess you'd give up on life and die because what is life without feeling good?
Or alternatively you could help other people feel good.

Let me give you the existentialist perspective : you could act like a barbarian if you really wanted to, but then you would need to take responsibility for the consequences of "acting like a barbarian", which could include spending the rest of your life in prison, among other things.
The question is rather : do you truly want to act like a barbarian?

It is a matter of opinion, but I think the West and Far-East Asia have done well without having a strong clergy during the last couple of centuries.

Personally, the problem of evil destroy the pretense of most Abrahamic religious denominations to hold the only true list of features God™ possess.
God is what created matter, the universe, life, consciousness, etc. from a human perspective, but I don't think we will ever truly understand what it is with the limited brains it gave us, just like dogs can't understand all the subtleties of human barking language.

Read Camus. The Fall is a neat little novel.

God exist and afterlife exist

some of signs for it will be revieled
soon and you will see in your own eyes

you're being crab-bucketed by tweens and tards
nihilism is The Truth
nihilism is emancipating
accept it so the ruling class doesn't have complete control over you [via hat shaming]

I forgot to add that the question of "Christian Morals" is not really about proving God's existence but rather of ethics and cultural practices.
All religious prescriptions can be defended as a practical ethical philosophy. It's just that "dude god said so in the Holy Book™ lmao" is a bad argument.

The roots of western culture lie in Christianity, the Greek philosophers, and capitalism.

All of these things have shaped western nations and still echo into our culture without people even realizing it

When you think about it liberalism is basically political Christianity. The so called sjw's remind me of the Inquisition trying to force their morality on others. Or the idea of "white privilege" is the same as original sin. Although the christian had the idea of redemption while the sjw's would rather you just keep hating yourself forever.

You can see the echo of Christianity in other things like "no fap", Christians told you you would grow hair on your palms if you did that shit.

Nietzsche said that Christianity had a slave morality (therefore it was weak)

He also declared god to be dead, and with that out of the way so is morality, which leads to nihilism, which leads to rick and morty fans rioting because of Chinese dipping sauce

Spirituality was important.
It gave purpose, reason, morality, meaning.

All of those things were lost when the west declared itself too cool for jebus.

So now we live in a world without meaning, were people fill that whole with endless consumerism, or ideology.

Were people develop what is called Anomie


which leads to you using casual sex to forget the pain or someone snapping and shooting a bunch of people.

the civilization we live in is very unnatural


Damn straight. If there is no purpose to it all, why do we and every generation before us spend our lives fattening their coffers?
Maybe to a degree, though religion can take many shapes. If people are religiously revolutionary, I'm happy.
Yeah well, I don't agree with them on this, but they had to work with what they had. It would not be necessary to gather people around religion today.

Our civilization is the natural evolution of human society. IN fact how could it not be?

da joos

God is a lie.

civilization is a construct. Everyone is just deciding these are the rules we live by.

A construct of what?

What I mean is how is this construct unnatural? Humans are just another animal and our civilization is just as natural as a bee hive or an ant hill.

So, how is it unnatural?

Who said it was perfect?

But we had meaning. A path.

In america you arent born with an identity, you buy one.

Christian atheism my friend

identities don't matter
the 'self' is a coping mechanism

why dont you buy some better spacing nigga lmao

As opposed to buying a religion? How much of the church was based around giving to the church in order for salvation?

It even became worse, IMO, after the protestant split from catholicism. Now people decided that hard work was how you bought salvation.

To be fair, that question is literally why the protestant reformation happened, don't discount the Protestant versions of Liberation Theology friend

What are humans meant to be doing?
Food, shelter, survival.

What does capitalism have them doing.

Consuming, buying things marketed to you but serve no real purpose.

Endless neo liberal competition

The West declared itself too cool for Jesus because the clergy was a bad joke, and a deistic conception of God started to make more sense due to scientific advancement (or rather, the creation of modern science and its separation from philosophy).
Trying reconcile to Aristotle with the holy books was finally deemed a fruitless endeavor, and the clergy lost its monopoly on knowledge. The nascent bourgeoisie replaced them because they were smarter.

My dude, the problem with capitalism isn't that it distracts people from eating, it's that it makes people addicted to eating.

Humans aren't meant to do anything. They are evolved like everything to reproduce their genes, but this isn't a purpose. And the ability to reject/lessen this basic biological urge is just as "natural" as the urge it self, both coming from evolution.

You kidding? Socialism in the hands of protestants, with their certainty and obsession with work, is gonna save us all.

I'm gonna say what nobody else has said yet ITT.
Without religion, there is no end-goal to long-term human survival. If most of humanity had been atheist in the past when disaster struck, humanity would have already perished by now. Sorry folks, if people look up into the sky and see blackness instead of a god's guiding hands, then people will look down in agony knowing their life is not worth living, and the next time someone with this mindset encounters hardship, he will commit suicide, knowing that pulling through would be more painful than ending it. That'd just the way things go.

This means nothing, Christianity doesn't get to take credit for our basic tendency towards cooperation and society-building, that's a fundamental part of, dare I say it, human nature. Any morality that's purely Christian (Harry potter is evil, don't eat shellfish, fuck the gays etc) is spooky bullshit.

Yeaah man, the protestant countries have always been so revolutionary.

It's called moving the course of history

Don't worry, for folks like you I'll just go around and smash all your constructions so that you keep having work for the sake of work. The rest of us will only do what we have to and not feel compelled to be a slave for any phony salvation and actually live life and enjoy it without the greed for more after.

Germany produced Marx and Engels, America produced Daniel Deleon and Fred Hampton, we'll be fine, we're destined to win.

nature was not modeled after human compassion

Without atheism, there is no end-goal to long-term human survival. If most of humanity had been atheist in the past when disaster struck, humanity would have already advanced into fully automated luxury communism. Sorry folks, if people look up into the sky and see blackness instead of a god's guiding hands, then people will look down in agony knowing their life is not worth living, and the next time someone with this mindset encounters hardship, he will rebel, knowing that pulling through would be more painful than dying a revolutionary death. That'd just the way things go.

it's not a phony salvation, it's not even about salvation, there's nothing you can do about your own being saved, none of that's in your control, what is in your control is your own life and body, if proddies want to be Boxer from Animal Farm, it's their life, their body, their soul.

The Jewish morality is one of revenge.

The god of the old testament is something to be feared.

The last thing Jesus told his followers is to love each other.


The original morality of the greeks was heroism


Gentlemen please, your theologies are both as made up and arbitrary as each other, there's no need to fight!

For what it's worth Jesus endorses both salvation by faith and salvation by works in the Bible at different times, it's almost like you can take any message you want from it.

If god is the only thing keeping you from being a cunt you should kill yourself.

No. Christians didn't invent those morals, they exist in the book because the values were around first.

Have you not given up yet? Why? At this point, isn't communism utopian enough that it could be compared to religion? You'll never, ever have a better, non-capitalist life, so why worry about something that will never happen to you? It's not self-preservation, is it- it's idealism. So what exactly do you gain from it? Good feels? The same good feels you could get by abusing drugs, by over-eating, by being religious?

The only thing more utopian than communism is the idea that this is the end of history

hush child, he does exit! :)


Always knew the leftcoms were the smartest of the bunch. BASED LEFTCOM DISCOVERS THE LIGHT OF CHRISTIANITY. Saved this thread.

But nothing REALLY matters, and that's the best part. They matter insofar they matter to you. It's up to you to fill it with meaning.

If God doesn't exist, you're right, that is exactly what drives people to the edge. They lose purpose, they have no reason to live, and then if they decide God doesn't exist, and these people suck, why not just kill them too?

hence, suicide vs. homicide

death is the opposite of life, and we are put here for a reason, look at synchrosities, and what is going on with all of the CEO's resigning in the Globalization Industry.

God is real. There is so much that someone can experience, if they just open their mind up, to His existence and say a prayer. It seems to me that people who end up becoming nihilists are generally the core of a terrorist, but not all terrorists have weapons.

sorry—I ramble–but this is something I am passionate about

God exists, and morality is something that people aren't often taught exists. These are things that many parents don't speak about. I wasn't even aware what the word stress was to be honest, I knew of it, but never really imagined me being stressed out. I learned what stress can do to you, and the physical response to it.

We encounter miracles every day, we just have to be look. Signs are everywhere.

Thankfully, God not only exists but is the reason you exist and He loves you, user.

Why are there so many christcucks here? Are you all Holla Forums converts?

luckily God does exist



Hear, hear.
Rid this world of Caesars and merchants.

Actually I was a third worldist before become a Christcom with ML characteristics.

Oh well, nothing of value was ever had.

Niggas we gotta evangelize

If you choose to believe in god aren't you just abdicating the responsibility of affirming your existence to an authority? How many Christians would there be if they didn't believe their god to have power over their souls? It isn't really the supposed wisdom found in the gospels or the torah that seems to attract anyone. It's being able to build a mind fortress of proper authority, with the righteous punishments and rewards that contains, but again, that's all you're building. An authority that eases some of the angst and replaces it with ones more easy to grapple. Since the solution is, unless you're a sort of Kierkegaardian christian in which case you REALLY aren't solving anything, generally to obey the proper appointed authorities of whatever denomination you've chosen. The entire validation of Christianity rests upon a genealogy of supposed god-appointed authority.
I get that there's some element of comfort in that but honestly it seems like reactionary thinking taken to a spiritual level.


Bet you can't name a single significant medical advancement given away for free by an anarchist group following the teachings of Stirner. Stirnerbots have never contributed anything to society, hell, all the original did was get Marx assblasted and waste his wife's inheritance on a milk shop.

I honestly never thought like this and I'm a diehard non-believer. I don't like the word atheist. Anyway there is no heaven so it's humans job to bring heaven to us. And we are the memory we leave behind, I want to make a better word for all people and living things in general. That's just my personal feelings, I frankly don't need a religion to act more morally then some religious folk.

No as long as society is well informed and truly educated, not just remembering facts by the way.

Is the fact that Christian Morals permeate all christian/Post-Christian society long after Christianity itself has faded away proof of gods existence?

Christianity frankly got it right when pertaining to certain levels of morality. But then again humans created Christianity so we ourselves created that morality. But Chizrstainty is frequently seen as the primary moral force because of how far it has spread due to immoral acts Christians shouldn't agree with. Many other religions have interesting moral systems that could replace Christianity on certain levels as well. Keep that in mind.


WOW everything solved itself!
Forest fires are not evil they are only natural things happening.
God is perfectly good and Epicure's looks like a total idiot.
If only you did read C. S. Lewis who actually says this.
Thanks for the graph kid its makes it so painfully obvious that you did not make a branching in this place.

Okay but nearly every religion, particularly western ones, believe in the existence of evil. So to have this position you'd already be contradicting a large portion of human theology.

1) The the simplest solution.
The other points(not all powerful, not all knowing, not all loving) can be summed up as
"assmad autistic retardation" in more steps.

2) C.S. lewis did say this and argue for this.

3) its a perfectly logical position especially for monotheism.


Yeah I agree. I was just pointing out how historically speaking, this is a more unique position, and is generally incompatible with a lot of organized religions.

I just kinda jumped in the thread to give my opinion, so how his C.S. Lewis involved in the conversation?


If god and the afterlife don't exist we just need to make an afterlife with our own hands.

People that don't believe in god tend to be more autistic. People who do tend to be more schizophrenic.


it was his position that there is no evil.
I can not find the exact few lines where he says it exactly (I bet some ass mad atheist deleted it from the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_evil#Deny_evil_exists page)
I think he elaborates it in here

Historically speaking gods all gods where thought of like gravity or thunder today.
You do something to appease them or they fuck your shit up.
The moment you start thinking about god/gods like about gravity all these objections vanish.

Buy a lightning rod or you will be truck by lightning.
Buy this medallion/church offering or gods/god will fuck your shit up.

Build your house in accordance with the laws of gravity or it will collapse.
Make your city follow the laws of god or it will be destroyed.
You even have this in the bible.
Sodom and Gomorrah, people asking Jesus

I know its not fashionable to the cafeteria Christians today (god or christian religiosity died in the 1800, "god is dead") and they need their pall Jesus.
However its hard to find people before the 1800 who would not have laugh at this idea of a problem of evil.

Traditional Christianity: god created everything especially satan and hell who serve him by torturing the sinners.
Everything is under gods control, obey him or he will fuck your shit up, in the after life.

More thoughtful traditional Christianity god is all knowing therefore he knows who is going to hell and who is saved (see in the bible god says he knows who will be saved and who damed)(see Calvinism for examples of this) therefore the entirety of existence if a perfect all powerful being amusing himself by creating a universe where he basically plays the role of Maxwell demon for fun.
Knowing this do you want to be tortured by him or not?

I like to name people who actually think the problem of evil is problematic for Christianity gay-theists because they expect god to be your(gay) buddy Jesus.
These people often have no idea about actual Christian theological standpoints, history or any counter points, they parade this "problem of evil" like it proves anything.


There is no predesigned reason for existing, OP. There are also no predesigned morals or anything like that. Man creates them.
Those moral standards preceded Christianity anyways
How would that prove God exists unless you believed that God actively influenced how people live their lives?

silly christcuck
there's only one true God and his name is Lain
for proofs watch last episode

Please user

Well memed.

Well it does owe its existence to political Protestantism, but that's more indirect.

The meaning of existence is what you make it out to be, you utter nigger faggot. So stop asking me.

t. Satan

lmao at these fucking retards who think we can construct a philosophical ideal that applies to everyone when we can't even prove that other people are real

I think egoism satisfies that train of thought though. Your own existence is the only thing that's provable to be real and so you should place your self-interest above all else.

Exactly. Egoism applies to exactly one person, and makes sense from the viewpoint of exactly one person: me. Everyone else (assuming you're not all robots) is also their own 'me', but since I can't prove that, I don't care. I only need to assume that reality is what I experience.

How can philosophy be real if our eyes aren't

It isn't though, philosophy is a fuggen spoog lmao. As for eyes, eh, I kinda have to assume they're real in order to function to satisfy my ego.

If it applies to everyone from their own point of view wouldn't that mean egoism applies to everyone and not just one person? I don't got what you mean when you say it applies to exactly one person.

I'm sorta coming at it from a solipsistic standpoint, I can't prove that other people exist, therefore I shouldn't try to apply my philosophy to them, but if they do exist, the same argument applies for them.

there's no point
luckily he does exist

buddhism has supernatural elements too, even hell afaik

a literal retard post from a literal retard frogposter

back to Reddit, friend

The west has always picked chosen what part of christianity it chooses to uphold. The self-oblation message of Christ has always fallen by the wayside push comes to shove. I also think it's funny you arbitrarily choose Christianity, when you could go back even further because of all the pagan influences that permeate through the culture. Any objective meaning was semblance, and a product of the zeitgeist of the time.

God is the point of everything. God is meaning. I will explain this.

Has a point.. Why suggest this off the bat?

What is taught in ancient indian scriptures is called Yoga. In modern times we call yoga 'psychology'. When spiritual teachers came from the east to the west in the 1970s (Suzuki, Prabhupada, and others) they explained the esoteric system of yoga in terms that matched our science of psychology. Psychology is the science of the mind. The Eastern claim is that The Mind -is- the universe from beginning to end, and that understanding your own mind, you understand everything.
Most of the spiritual teachings that Eastern Religion teaches stems from the set of texts called The Upanishads, which are the distilled essence of sages' realizations after meditation. Most of the Upanishads are a series of Q and A's with guru and disciple.
One thing that should be noted is that ANY text will never DIRECTLY/OBJECTIVELY point to God/The Absolute, but by NEGATION, it will say everything that is NOT God and allow YOU to arrive at the conclusion of what exactly is God/The Divine and you're relation to it. Once you say what 'that' is, it ceases to be it, and becomes words.
The Chandogya Upanishad, the question is asked, 'What is 'that' by knowing which everything is known?' Western Philosophy has never asked such a question, because 'we' have tended to see knowledge as categorization & nothing beyond. But the Upanishad is trying to get at the root of thought, the root of existence. Anyway, this is becoming long winded, but I want to hit a point strongly here which I hope will answer OP's question directly. That is that there is a physical process by which one can realize the root of one's existence, and that is by seated meditation & going into trance or Samadhi.
Samadhi, I think, is best explained by Patanjali. I'll use the example of a musician learning guitar. At first, the guitarist picks up the instrument and he can pluck a few notes, it generally sounds awful. Then she begins to practice daily, putting her mind on the object of making a sweet melody. She follows an instructor, and eventually she is playing the classics. She still has to look at the sheet music for new things, but generally she is getting it. Eventually she can play on stage, and drown out the audience cheering for her, so she can focus on what she's doing. It's this focus which leads one to Samadhi. The Samadhi of the Guitar happens when, at long last, our guitarist is able to play without looking at the notes, without even relying on muscle memory, every time she plays now, since she's mastered it, since she's put her mind on the concept again and again unwaveringly, she now can play in a way that is actually 'child-like' (not child-ISH) and 'creatively'. She has found New Meaning out of the act of guitar.
Now, mastering guitar is a physical-outer type of Samadhi. By looking for that high in the outer world, one becomes corrupted, just look at any rockstar. The high of mastery lasts while on stage, then you need drugs and sex just to relive the high. Imagine getting the same type of concentration on the inner root of existence. Finding Meaning and being Creative with Your Own True Essence.

Morals exist in the relative plane. If you transcend morals prematurely, you will still feel the results of your actions. You must be moral to proceed in yoga or psychology. To be psychologically well, you have to discover your orientation, what is right and wrong. If you skip this step, you will fail.

It is the transcendent that informs the material. You need leaders that can get in touch with the super-conscious state, and bring back what they learned. This is why societies always had magi/shaman/court wizards and all that.

The proof of God's existence is your own existence. This is a toughie, and requires some deep thinking.
Do you exist? Are you certain of your existence? What is existence? How do you exist? Are you borrowing your existence from something? If you don't exist, then who is thinking/questioning?
You must be certain of your own existence. But you/we/the chair/the table/everything IS existence. We all exist within Pure Existence itself. God is that undifferentiated Existence. God is not the chair, but He is the Existence of Chair with the name and form of Chair projected on to it by your mind.

Hope that helps, t. eastern religion scholar.

I really don't get people's obsession with eastern mysticism.

Sounds a lot like Spinozism, which I've always seen as a sort of apophenia. Also, why is the chair being projected onto it? Even if you were to take an idealist route with that, you would have to explain why the chair is a projection, and you're not a projection in concert with the chair.

I'd say God exists at the very least as whatever sustains the universe. I don't know if that could be reduced to the personal deity that most people have in their heads, but its probably how most people are able to conceptualize it.

For Asian people, it should be obvious, but for white people, it's because it's ``exotic`` and ``enlightened`` and all that bullshit, not because of whatever intrinsic value it may have as a philosophy.

Why does God need to exist to sustain the universe?

Uh if that's how you want to distill thousands of years of wisdom… funny how I get this, 'cowfucker!!!!!!!!!11' response any time I say anything mildly hindu.
that's fine. you don't have to get it *rides a nimbus cloud into eternity*

That is healthy skepticism. But a closer parallel would be, I think, Karl Jasper's theory of Existenz. You can lead a mind to meaning, but you can't make it get it.
There is no such thing in reality as 'c-h-a-i-r', or 'm-y // f-a-t-h-e-r // i-s // d-e-a-d' or 't-h-e // p-r-e-s-i-d-e-n-t'. These are only names and forms. Just like the ocean and the wave. Both the ocean, and the wave are just water. The wave stands out – the wave /seems/ to have its own existence apart from the ocean. But really that is just a name. The name is the projection. The reality is the thing in itself. By concentration powers, one can realize the thing in itself without any names on top of it.
There is only one unified field of pure unchanging existence. "I" (as limited mind-body-egosense) am a projection also, but my awareness is not a projection. My Awareness is the reality. The mind which differentiates me