Question about boomers

I kind of disassociated myself from social media and I don't have any living grandparents none of them were actually boomers anyway so I guess I've been somewhat immune to what various anons call "boomer-posting"

The closest thing I have to a boomer in my life is my gf's Dad who is a big Reagan fanboi.

I go and google "boomerposting" and find this song and to me it has many decent critiques of the American liberal elite but nothing that really applies to boomers as a whole. Even boomers are divided by class as far as I can tell and it seems many boomers are pro-Trump, so I don't understand the Alt-Right's hatred of them besides their neoconservatism.

The song does describe a class divide to me between those who win from globalization and its winners.

So what do you guys think? Is the battle against the eternal boomer idpol? Is it part of the class struggle? Or is it just a certain acceptance of reality about a generation that accepted the Cold War mind melt is now moving towards senility?

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Generational idpol is bad. Boomers only seem more well off (and reactionary) because they are the children of a bygone era of early empire when America was at its most socdem.

I don't disagree with the first part but wouldn't the second part mean they would be more inclined to support soc dem policies?

One user here posted data showing that boomers weren't a significant factor in the decision of any presidential election until Bill Clinton. Clinton was the man who got the reputation for "ending welfare as we know it" but did he sell himself that way when he was running for office?

Perhaps the fact they both grew up during a boom and came to prominence during the second greatest economic boom of the 20th century explains a lot about their mentality?

also a fuck ton of lead from everything from paint to to gasoline

My parents are both boomers. There unbearable. My mom is a Clintonite who’s supper into liberal idpol. Also despite having lot’s of free time on her hands still hires a maid. It’s extremely wasteful. My Dad spends all his time working at his job, even when he doesn’t get paid. He thinks money = happiness. My Dad also love Regan and got extremely pissed when I told him Carter was greater than Regan. Both think economic growth is only possible if we have “free markets.”

This isn’t class struggle at all

Eh it’s posted by one of those guys who if it wasn’t for there racial idpol they’d be a radical socdem, or a demsoc. Better them than boomer neoconservatism.

What is the point of this discussion? No capitalist thinks ahead, about the damage they could do. Millenials will do the same

This song made me realize that if sjws and the migrant criss never pushed so many people into being reactionary a lot of those people would’ve been leftists.


Go to bed, Hillary…


They wouldn’t have been leftists at all

Fine, one more effort post before bed…

I honestly can't blame baby boomers for their idiosyncrasies since they are the last generation to come of age in a society where a cradle-to-grave welfare state existed in some form in almost all western countries.

For a good 30 years, they were raised in countries where you could feasibly believe that if you worked hard and lived a respectable life (and were white) the government would respond in kind. Work the same job diligently and without complaint and you'll get a pension at the end. Obey the law and the police won't bother you with military hardware. Buy and house and it'll be an investment, as safe as houses. Technology improves every year and makes our lives better. Our enemies are totalitarians who want to conquer us, and our brave troops fight to protect us.

Too many millennials don't realize that a lot of boomers still think that's how the world works. They never felt the raw sting of austerity or the shift from permanent full-time jobs to on-call, part-time and perma-temp contractors. They didn't see benefits vanish into vapour.

Of course, a lot of aut-right boomer hatred is just projected hatred of their own fathers and mothers for not letting them paint a sonnenkrad on their ceiling

Most reactionaries would literally just be boomers. A lot are - look at how many Holla Forumsyps (even over on 8/pol/) are doing the footwork for an inevitable Iran War? How many think that the US could win a nuclear war with NK? How many millennial aut-righters continue to suck trump dick long after it became clear to anyone paying attention that trump does not give a shit about any of his supporters.

That is why we need to market ourselves as an alt right alternative.

almost like some sort of… alt left?

This is dumb as calling liberals "white people".

Just call them liberals.

We already have a song of our own for these fucks.


It was more topical and current than a song written more than 50 years ago and besides it is a thread about boomers and not just generic liberals, especially the Great Society/New Deal variety of the 60s

Btw notice that I did not ‘link’ to any channel where they could earn money for views