TOX thread

Post your id, talk to other 8ch socialists online.

We can talk action, discuss theory, chill, share interesting groups, whatever.
If you don't like one group, you can always make another one.
Surround yourself with the people you feel most effective around, or most comfortable with.

See you on the other side!

It's cool but personally I don't see why I'd use it.

Maybe to have some other way to communicate with part of the community outside of imageboards?

side-communities ALWAYS turn into horribly cancerous circlejerks

Personally I'm not very interested in interacting with Holla Forums members one on one. The people here are, barring a few mocked fools, all called "Anonymous", so why would I want to specifically seek out a few of them when I post with people I won't recognize three posts later? The takes are pretty hot too and fairly diverse, so it's not like we would even necessarily connect politically.
I could see wanting socialist e-"friends" though, I guess.

If you don't want to, you don't need to.
This thread is for the people that do want to.

Yeah I know but no one responded and I thought you deserved a bump and maybe you'd convince me to use it. Not trying to dissuade anyone, just posting. I'll sage tho because it is off topic.


thx m8

this is not a "backdoor" this is an inherent flaw to the protocol. you are advised to not use it without a VPN.

doesn't torrenting do it too?

What do u propose then?

And what can you do if you know my IP, genius? How can harm me if you know which country I'm shitposting from or name of company which is providing my internet access?

yes, but torrents aren't a chatroom. and you are also advised not to torrent copyrighted material without a VPN.

get a VPN.

feds can do a fair amount.



Why are you spreading paranoia?

Why is Tsuruko so cute?

It's a TOX id, it's just a fake name and an IP address.
They already have it if you are browsing Holla Forums with no VPN.

they absolutely can assassinate you if you pose any real threat to the bourgeois state. if threatening the bourgeois state not in your plans for the future, you're not a communist.

so get a VPN, all I'm saying.

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You mean TCP/IP? wew

Yes, TCP/IP is flawed you stupid cunt.


Which kind of vpn should i use
How can i get a vpn?

Computerbrainlet here

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Why not Jabber rather than Tox ? Russian carders/hackers who cashout banklogs to btc are communicating using Jabber.

If you need premium vpn account ( expressvpn, ipvanish, hidemyass, cyberghost, hide me ) contact me on Tox I'll give you for free.

Help me

i don't send ransomwares to users, just to company servers

jabber: [email protected]
telegram: @julesbonnot

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