Hi, Holla Forums. I have a message for you!

Hi, Holla Forums. I have a message for you!

You're all so very close to waking up but a few things keep you dreaming. First, understand both sides are controlled opposition; both sides are played against we the middle.

MODS will b& this thread instead of actually refute the claims within it, because they are compromised. These boards exist for three reasons:

We are all being played like pawns for the purpose of dividing and weakening our society. When you were younger did you want the world destroyed or have you become jaded? It's not too late to return to Nature, see the Plot unfolding, and resist for real.

Time to wake up my friends!

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Why would you only oppose the Rothschilds and not all the parasites living off the labour of the workers?


We shouldn't love the branches to spit the roots, user. It's all bad. Let's tear up the tree by its roots that all the branches die with it.

Read some Marx kid.


Yes you dumb Americlap, we already know that the bourgeoisie and specifically capitalism are the problem.

That's exactly my point, destroy capitalism and the Rothschilds have no more power than the crazy guy down the street, along with all the other elitist porkies who dream themselves our masters.

it's called advice :^)

Bourgeoisie and Capitalism are fruits from the tree, user. Without certain actors… certain families… none of these evils would exist. You are trying to chop down the branches but the tree will only repair itself and grow more. Let us attack the root then, that the branches die too.

Then we are in agreement. Very, very good. Now we just have to tell others.


How deep do the roots run? ANTIFA was created by Rothschilds too. The Alt-Right…the Alt-Left… all sides though seemingly contradictory serve the same purpose.

I think money was created by the Rothschilds. As we're the Ayyy Lmaos and the Pyramids. Globalists BTFO!!

Read Bakunin

Anti-Semitism produces sympathies for the State of Israel. But the modern State of Israel was also created by the Rothschilds, and today is used to conquer the other Nations. Iran, North Korea, and soon Cuba will fall to them.

This is all I need you to know right now. Consider everything and research for yourself. Then we'll talk later.

Cheers, Holla Forums!

The problem isn't individual actors, it's commodity form itself, which ultimately (re)produces these kinds of elites.

You don't even understand what their power is derived from.

Marx and Engels advocated this two centuries ago. Their proto-socialist predecessors even longer.
Read a fucking book.

All bourgeois politics is conspiratorial. You may even extend that to all forms of elite politics.

Yet further proving that populist anti-Semitism is a vulgar parody of actual marxism. Dude, if ever I want to see REAL brainwashing irl I just ask an american what Marxism and await the spouting of bourgeois propaganda

Everyone on this board hates Israel, retard.

*as were

Why do threads like this get to exist?

Why the fuck can't Holla Forumsyps get into their heads that it is THEM who are Liberals?

Boy howdy you are just as dumb as a bag of bricks.

The amount of contradictions in this makes my head hurt.
The root is capitalism. Private property is the foundation on which all these actors build their empires and from where they conduct their tyrany. Remove private property, and no one can profit off of another man's labour, so no man can rise to the heights that these people have done for thousands of years.

A better analogy to keep in line with the tree stuff would be that private property is the soil that allows a tree to grow. Even if a seed should drop on socialist soil, it cannot become a tree.

good sassenach