Daily News Thread 1/5

North Korea accepts offer from South to meet for peace talks

North Korea has accepted South Korea’s proposal for official talks, in what will be the first high-level contact to take place between the two countries in more than two years.

FCC Rules Out Delaying Net Neutrality Repeal Over Fake Comments

The Federal Communications Commission rejected calls to delay ending net neutrality rules over a flawed public comment system, saying it hadn’t relied on thousands of identical or suspicious submissions in its decision making.

Finnish President Nears Re-Election With 72% Backing, Poll Says

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto is likely to win re-election for his second six-year term in the first round of the election on Jan. 28, according to a poll published by YLE.

Bannon's Clout in Question After Donor Drops Him

Steve Bannon’s populist revolution lost its most powerful weapon in his dramatic split with President Donald Trump. Now, it’s losing its biggest financier.

Pakistani minister decries U.S. as 'friend who always betrays'

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said the United States was behaving towards Pakistan as “a friend who always betrays” after Washington suspended aid and President Donald Trump accused Islamabad of lies and deceit over many years.

Republicans ask DOJ for criminal probe of ex-British spy Steele who penned ‘Trump dossier’

Leading members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) have sent a criminal referral to the Department of Justice for former UK spy Christopher Steele.

Clinton Foundation investigated by Justice Department

The US Justice Department has opened a new inquiry into the Clinton family's non-profit organisation, the Clinton Foundation, US media report.

'Leak' in world's biggest database worries Indians

Indian officials in charge of a controversial biometric identity scheme have filed a police complaint after a report that citizens' personal details were being sold for as little as 500 rupees ($7.8;£5.8) online.

Baltimore parents, teachers outraged as kids taught in near-freezing classrooms

Amidst severe snowstorms, Baltimore City closed its public schools this week following national outrage after children were shown freezing in classrooms, and long-running heating issues flared up again.

Michael Wolff Says Trump's Associates Question His Fitness

The author of a new book about Donald Trump’s White House said Friday that “100 percent of the people around” the president question his intelligence and fitness for office.

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Texas Police Chief Hands Over Undocumented Smuggling Victims to Local Organizations, Shunning ICE


Iran: Bread. Jobs. Freedom.


Hospitals Find Asthma Hot Spots More Profitable To Neglect Than Fix

altimore hospitals know how to help. But there’s no money in it.


It's very clear to me that all of these advisers are attempting to play work tongue and be the power behind the throne of the idiot king.

I wondered for a long time how any of these people actually took him seriously and the answer was incredible simple in its elegance, they dont.


Finlank, stop!

Nebraska senator proposes sovereignty to boost businesses



Nick Land was right again.


Don't blow your load too early. It has to be passed first.

Trump cultists will be pissed

America is turning into a third world country from the inside out.


Legalized rape will be real if this continues.


Ancapistan is actually going to exist in the United States what the shit


Why no user, it's all 4D chess that Trump planned out to make the Norks back down

I wonder if this is even constitutional


Can you imagine some an cap praising Paul but lamenting him not being radical enough? Amazing.

On the surface this seems to have originated from trump with the tweet and all. But could the downgrading of relations between us and pak be part of the establishment plan? Pakistan is less important these days and stabilizing afganistan is probably not even possible or desirable for the US. Afgan situation is going to be fucked for the next decade and a bit of chaos on china's border definitely serves US interests so why not throw pakistan into the chaos blender as well.


It could also be part of the bigger geopolitical plan of strengthening ties with India, which has been seen getting closer diplomatically to Israel and almost going to war with China, not to mention the similar fascistic ideology of India's Prime Minister, Modi.

It's like Snowcrash

We need to chop these tickets heads off it's the only humane option at this point

So much for iranian "social democracy".






Rats will be rats.

Paul Schumacher is crypto leninist-gang

Apparently capitalism if left unopposed circles back to feudalism

12D checkers