Canadian jobs market 'on fire' as unemployment falls to 41-year low

"Statistics Canada reported Friday that the unemployment rate dropped to 5.7 per cent in December, down from 5.9 per cent the month before, to reach its lowest mark since comparable data became available in 1976."

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you can thank universal healthcare for that.
employees are no longer afraid to switch jobs or take up jobs they don't like since they have the same benefits across all occupations.

Can't wait for this bubble to burst and for the whole planet to catch fire. It's only a matter of time before everyone realizes that they are playing with monopoly money.

Canada is the #1 country on earth for bringing in a subjugated working class from foreign nations to be ruthlessly exploited in order to undermine the domestic working class.

"Unemployment" is low because 1,000,000+ south and SE asians have been brought in to work minimum wage jobs at Tim Hortons in major urban metropolis where alienation is rife and the domestic working class loses its standard of living.

If you think "unemployment is down" is good news while people lose their homes, children are living worse off than their parents, and a new generation of citizens is being brought in and raised to believe this is normal, than you are a fool.

Canada is the neoliberal's wet dream, where a moneyed aristocratic political and economic class rule over an undifferentiated and alienated working class who are hopelessly enslaved to a highly developed metropolitan elite with false promises of a "better future" that their overlords promise will be delivered if only they jump headlong into mindless consumerism.

Protip: "official" counts are often at least 10 points lower than actual counts

I have too much anxiety when it comes to graduating school and having to pay off these loans. Is there any other option other than military?

"Unemployment" is low because 1,000,000+ south and SE asians have been brought in to work minimum wage jobs

Death in the revolutionary struggle
All of the above

Anyone got proofs that unemployment and poverty isn't being greatly solved by capitalism?

Unemployment exists by design, doofus.

unemployment isn't, unemployment was at it's lowest in nearly all industrialised countries between 1950 and 1973ish. We now have mass unemployment as policy, it even has a pretty little name - the NAIRU. (Incidentally, introduced as a concept in 1975.)
i mean look at the date here - unemployment is the lowest since 1976. In 1976 we were already in a world where neoliberalism was ascendant and the Bank of England was practicing money-supply targets, while the UK chancellor was lifting interest rates to control inflation and making unemployment a secondary concern.

It says Canada doesn't have stats before 1976 but I'll bet the trend is the same. The UK and France had unemployment of 1.2-1.6% in that period, without substantial inflationary problems. Present NAIRU meme thinking says if it gets below 4% you'll have runaway inflation, so there isn't even an attempt to force unemployment down with monetary and fiscal policy - they just try to browbeat people into work with ever stingier welfare systems. ("we've made you unemployed by design, but if you don't spend 40 hours a week looking for work you're a lazy scrounging bastard and should get nothing")

Ok proofs police check over.
Good job lads.

Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

Basically Leaf porkies bring over desperate proles from the third world to do shit work and they effectively have no rights at all. Literally chained to their employers and any greivances are difficult to be heard because of how bureaucratic the program is. Despite their contributions and suffering they are promptly kicked out of the country once porky is done with them. Also Canadians are usually totally ignorant that this even happens.


This minimum wage increase has spawned so much classcuckery. How many fucking suburbanites in barrhaven or mississauga think they're temporarily embarrassed millionaires?

I have yet to see the bourgeoisie act outside of their class interest to stave revolution off in my life. Literally everything they do fucks workers over in some manner. Even putting a "NazLeaf" flag at the start of this thread is disingenuous.

I don’t have any in-depth knowledge of leaf politics but I’m guessing that the Canadian liberal establishment jerks itself off with “Fuck Blompf”-tier rhetoric while doing this all the while?

dude they 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧literally🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 treat them better tho, at least in McDonalds

he's right.

I just want our economy to burst so that we can infiltrate the housing market

There is no unemployment in socialism/communism at all.

Wait, how does brining in a bunch of immigrants reduce unemployment?
Did you just want to whine about immigration?

You mean there is no employment, yes?

There will be neither overwork, nor unemployment but we will rather have a society where work has become "life's prime want in life" as Marx put it.

I only took issue with the word employment.