Moronic Sceptics get destroyed by a Fascist

I don't know if anybody has seen this absolute autistic shitfest between Richard Spencer vs. the biggest sceptics featuring:

- Sargon of Mossad
- Styxhexenhammer666 (did he come up with that username when he was 15?)
- Kevin Logan (who?)
- Vee, or: "My father was a Kulak who got raped in the ass personally 100 times by Ceaușescu"
- Jean-Francois "Vichy France Best France" Gariépy
- Millennial chain smoking Woes

I'm about 40min in it and I'm already brainfried. How has it come this? This "debate" amounts to Richard Spencer destroying the sceptics, especially Sargon, not because they secretly try to be soft on him, but because they are so utterly stupid they can't formulate a single argument. Sargon couldn't even respond to Spencer's claim that humans are social animals. If anything, this debate has turned a few more hundred young alienated people into fascists.

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Skeptics are all babby fascists. You ever see the front page of plebbit from back in the day? Half of it was bitching about muslims (but from an atheist perspective so it wasn't racist or anything, even if they often were claiming that islamic countries were somehow inherently inferior to muh western civilization.)

Timestamps would be appreciated from those willing to sacrifice their time on this trainwreck.

Well he's somewhat articulate, that's what the alphabet agencies are paying him for.
Here's a pic of Richard Spencer hanging out with Laura Bush. The dude is a fucking spook, probably hired by FBI or some other agency. Just like Mussolini working for the MI5, Hitler working for Aufklärungskommando, Pinochet working for CIA, etc.

B-but Holla Forums told me that becoming a fashy was the only way to fight the system!!!?

This. I'm not trying to watch 4 and 1/2 hours of bullshit. Tho I skipped ahead and 1:18:18 to 1:19:47 is pretty juicy tbh

This thing is so easily debatable if you are a normal human being without any mental issues, but personally if you're willing to flip flop between literal Neo-Nazi fascism and being "normal" then you have issues so I figure a lot of these people would've got there on their own eventually. So nothing of value lost, real normal folk would listen for thirty seconds and say well that sounds awful mean I see where this is going.

Is this like the time a room full of Greek busts totally btfo some effeminate nobody "Holla Forums" guy they picked up on the street for like 3 hours?

Even that shit was too far into the retard pool for me.

Why not both?

Spencer has been growing on me recently. Unlike most rightists, he argues in good faith and makes arguments grounded in a decent knowledge of philosophy, politics, history, etc. Unfortunately, his turner diaries type shit, obvious complacency with capitalism, and his idpol, ultimately make him unsalvageable.

Anyway, we should have someone like the finnish bolshevik debate him. Just an idea

Spencer is actually relatively educated, theres another timeline where hes a legit marxist. Thank Nietzsche for turning him into an edgelord in a suit

So many of our timelines problems begin with that reactionary dilletante

I don't even…

I really want to see an educated leftist BTFO him. You can see in this segment how many silly things he's able to push through simply because of the sheer autism of sargon and styx.

>Over 4 hours of (libertarian) idealism
It was unbearable 10 minutes in. How do you survive several hours of this?

This would have been a lot more bearable if it had just been Spencer and Sargon.
That one 'individualist-collectivist' that couldn't formulate clear sentences was especially annoying.

Forgot shitposting flag.

God Styx and Carl are so pretentious.


Isn't that kinda what he does since his wife is NazBol? I feel like he's both trying to appeal to the right-libertarian guys and the NutSac crowd at the same time.

What a fucking retarded mess holy shit.
Why do people think Spencer is smart? He's a fucking moron who picked up some lines from Heidegger (likely 2nd hand from Dugin), an all rhetoric no substance nigger who keeps trying to build some amalgamation and call it an ideology. Every fucking time he tries to justify himself he only mystifies his position further, and given the audience are mostly burgers, alt-retards and 13-year-olds (the Carl portion of the audience), he's gonna be taken for his word. Idealistic and contradictory, what a fucking embarrassment, is this really the best Americans can offer in their roster of reactionaries?

Carl has no idea what socialism is, let alone nazbol, it's just a generic pejorative to him. What he meant was socialism=state controlling everything so an ethnostate that controls its racial demographic composition is a form of socialism.
He's that retarded.

Warski tried to open it up to people more prominent on Lefty Twitter but the consensus was no-platform. Ergo Spencer was free to dictate the Overton Window. Follow that up with Lefty Twitter collectively crying that the people Warski could convince to come on (Sargon, Logan, Vee) were not proper counters to Spencer. I would agree Sargon was a terrible counterpoint, but if the consensus was to no-show the debate, then the result is what it is.

With 12,000 people watching, there were absolutely at least some hearts & minds to win last night. Very unfortunate people were not willing to come at Spencer with a calculated gameplan. Styx did exactly what I would have done: allow Spencer his "facts" on race, then simply ask how he plans to implement his ethnostate. As soon as Styx inquired as to the specifics of, "How will you determine if someone is White?" or "Where will the ethnostate be?" Spencer fell all over himself for the rest of the debate. He couldn't even clearly define Whiteness, White culture, or the White race.

That was all it took, and Styx wasn't even trying to disprove Spencer outright - he merely put him to a basic test of practicality.

There is no viable path forward for a White ethnostate whether you want one or not. Not in the next 20-30 years at least, and not in America.

"Weeks of history take place over decades and decades worth of history take place over weeks"
– Vladimir Lenin


if you see some of the """debates""" he had with destiny andy is a fucking terrible mod towards lefties he would of stopped them mid sentence to read stupid SUPA CHATS that amounted to nothing but insults from edgelords

This, it was basically an invitation to be dogpiled to hell and back, that's why they turned it down. It would have ended up as a soapbox for Spencer either way.

You cannot defeat us because we have a monopoly on the truth.

Septic tanks can't effectively argue against the alt-right because they'd have to argue against THEIR own principles to do so. When someone agrees with you on 99 things except race then what can you do?

Honestly, these "sceptics" have warped priorities in NOT being race realists as they've broached every other "controversial" subject. They only stop at race realism because it's not safe to do so yet. It's pathetic, you know these cunts would jump straight on the fascism train if it was mainstream.

Also spencer has degrees and has actually STUDIED his history and beliefs. That is the distinction here.

So at first Spencer actually deconstructs liberal brainrot by asserting that it doesn't matter if the state is "just", it will asserts it's power anyway. (Causing Sargon to lose his cool)
But then it moves past the 15-20 minute mark, and it's just endless back and forth idealist shitflinging. With Spencer's spooky undefinable "white race" pitted against liberal idealist constructs. There are faint trappings of materialism here and there, but it mostly leads nowhere.

Does this seriously go on for 4 more hours?

taking part in a Youtube debate should get you gulaged

get jack angsreich or w/e his name is that BTFO academic agent. OR doug lain or derrick varn

If that was a timeline was real then muke would be alt-right.

Because he said the holomdore was fake one time on twitter or some shit.

that's peak intelligence for an american

“It’s actually the left that is individualistic, even when the left uses collectivistic economic means it’s still in the name of individualism”
-Richerd Spencer 7:57

This debate will have some good quotes.

This is one of the rare situations where I don't even care who "wins" - in fact, I actually want sargon to be humiliated and to have his channel burn. Guy's a fucking cunt.

Its telling Richard Spencer is the most liked here.

Because while both sides are heavily idealistic, Richard is slightly more materialist.

When the other side are made up of people like sargon then yeah, no fucking wonder. Sargon is fucking alt-right, just doesn't want to be explicit about it. He's a confused retard.

I don't see it. Individualism is based on each's individual natural rights, while etno-nationalism is based on god's chosen race.

He apparently praised Communist Romania in the stream at point. If this is true given the other times he's mentioned capitalism as negative my one friend may have been right about him being Nazbol.

As for skepshits and why they lost; they're liberals.

When did skeptics become so openly conservative?

I honestly think that, whether it's coordinated on any level or not, they're working together and debates like this are just spectacle. Spencer even said at some point that Carl is a gateway drug to the alt-right, and in my opinion he knows it too and this is the role he chose to play within the movement. He knows he can't openly agree with them or he'd turn off centrists and liberals he might otherwise lure in with his "classical liberalism" and obsessive, pummeling anti-sjw rhetoric. Once he's hooked them they're basically a few Pepe memes away from becoming full on alt-right, we've all seen the pipeline.
Holla Forums even admitted that the skepshits are their useful idiots and Carl is on record saying he'd prefer the alt-right took over than his current delusion of a sjw marxist world order. Connect the fucking dots.

Skepshits take on low hanging fruit. Whatever will get them the most views. During the Bush years it was on Creationists and Christians since that was an easy target to mock. Now they take on SJWs and feminists for the same reason. They don't attack things that take actual effort.

Pinochet did nothing wrong.

Sargon's mind is as weak as his gelatinous flesh.

Like most people making a living with a youtube channel, he mainly aimed for the lowest common denominator of his niche.

That's bound to breed intellectual laziness.

Because Spencer talk good, but he is a trainwreck IRL so he is good for lefties.

Today morality is "Anything that is good for my political tribe is good, anything that isn't is bad".

See also: Commies putting it all on gendersoup idpol bullshit because it give them power over the liberals, Liberal fellating corporations because they ban wrongthinkers, Trumptards doing 180 on any position if the Orange Idol tell them so.

sargon idea of fact checking is weather or not "he has no reason to doubt it" or if it suits him or he just feels like saying it true.

beastiality isn't wrong?

Good job sargon please hang yourself

Are you implying that zoophiles expressing their sexuality is somehow morally wrong?

you dropped your flag V

oh fuck, what was that dipshit vee's reaction?

that's funny hahahaha

it's important.

what time did he say that. I want to know.

apparently these are some good bits from the debate

These guys are literally gamer twitch streamers larping as intellectuals. Of course they'd get rekt even by fucking Spencer, because at least he is college educated. He went to Duke. These "Sargon" type people are just NEETs recording rants in their basement.

I'm trying to find it. It was in a Sargon circle jerk where he and Vee went and cried about Spencer and one of the first things they mentioned is Spencer priased Communist Romania.

I have my suspicions that Spencer may be a Nazbol and secretly /ourguy/ with some of his views like thinking Holodmore is a hoax. He may just be a socialist white nationalist. I'll go back in and see what I can find.

Thanks, don't leave us hanging!

I will metaphorically die for your sins. By that I mean listen to Sargon sperg out for an hour straight.

sargon isn't a "radical centrist", he's pure reactionary. he believes in the "cultural marxist" new world order conspiracy. when people like sargon and peterson are called "centrists" or "liberals" that's a sad state of affairs. they're right wing kooks dressing it up in rhetoric. they spout nazi propaganda, that's why the alt right loves them so much. these fuckers need to be called out more.

If I may lolberals are right wing TBH.

You are a martyr user, I am grateful to you.
you'll have a place in the commune of heaven.

>Soygoon of Quadroon is finished.

Fucking lol idpol devours any movement no matter the flavor

What do y'all think of this ancrap clown.

"styxs won the debate because he said that dick's ideology is collectivist and anti-individualistic, and that's pretty much what destroyed amerriga"

Look, obviously I think Dick Spencer should get the gulag, but I'll be damned if it doesn't feel good to see that hack put in his place.

Well that says all there is too tbh. Ancaps get the bullet no matter what. Never met a smart one of those.

this man actually said in the video
"the only reason why there are poor people is because the gubbermend and socialism"

keep in mind this is a video about the debate between carl and dicky spence! talk about getting sidetracked!

Still watching that thing for you but on the ancap subject. This is typical as they have a cartoonish version of Socialism that is like feudalism I.E the government that is liberal comes and takes all your possessions away from you.

Doesn't help they think in terms of succdems and think succdems are commies. These are the types that thought Bernie was a Stalinist.

Truth, but he's not even that. Further to the right.

An example please? I mean hate sargy by all means but can you explain?

He's a crypto evangelist "muh strong families values, not a nazi.

raping women with trained dogs and then shoving rats up their vaginas certainly is, dipshit's_Chile

He talks about "cultural marxism"


So does every right-winger on the autism spectrum but again, that is literally almost every right winger.

I defended Juche,Stalin, USSR, and Vietnam. This is nothing new.

Not that guy but last year he also shared a bunch of helicopter memes, went frothing at the mouth against Corbyn, supported Marine Le Pen, wanted Antifa to be recognized as a terrorist organization. And this


What's the difference?


What guy? What are you even talking about?

Because Corbyn isn't a lolberal and knows that Stalin did nothing wrong. I mean Sargy is just the average right wing liberal but you seem to be building his ego up more then it needs to be.

As for the link I saw that one but it was a hit piece and not entirely true. Hit Sargy for him actually being an idiot like the Helicopter memes. Not because he made you feel upset.

Didn't see this one.

Vee was going for the "muh horshoe, they are the same, Romanian was literally evil in Gommunism"

Why do I agree with Richard Spencer so much more than with literally everyone else here? His race stuff is obviously fucking wrong, but a lot of what he says is actually class-conscious tier

He's Nazbol? There was a rally where HE and Mike Enoch were in D.C and they sounded like ☭TANKIE☭s going on about capitalism and imperialism.

Goddamn it, we're going to jump on Spencer just like we did with Varg aren't we?
How long until we finally fall for Hitler too?

Is he actually? I thought he leaned far more to the Naz side than the Bol side.

Hitler was a true man's leftist.

Well both fascists and socialists appeal to the disenfranchised of society, just in different ways.

As in not the guy you were responding to. Jesus, is the reddit spacing meme real?
And as for the link being a hit piece, I don't know, the actual hangout is 4 hours long and there's no way in hell I'm sitting through that load of garbage, but I saw some isolated clips and the quotes seemed to match. Also, there's plenty of times where he's been an idiot, but the things I mentioned and the fact that he's extremely nationalistic place him firmly in the reactionary camp. He's pro Hayek for fuck's sake.

Things I am going off are his denial of Holodomore, his disdain for free-market (he keeps bringing it up a lot), and then when I actually saw him and Mike sperg about capitalism and imperialism.

If I actually find him praise Romanian communist regime then it seems he may actually be one of them.

Welp, we're crossing that line.

I'm watching it rn, it's autism. You're not missing much.

Nazbol party it is the gang for you and me.

They are trying to consolidate their base because Charlottesville seriously fucked them up. Also they are massive cowards who are afraid of antifa. It's gonna be fun watching the dipshit civil war.

If it's any consolation to people here, richard is probably lying through his teeth as he just stated in this debate that he wants to bring back imperialism.

Forgot to add that these fucking clowns seriosuly think that trollin gand posting is warfare.

Because you're a moron who buys into fascist faux anticapitalist rhetoric.


oh yeah because im so scared of what a bunch of retarded neckbeard LARPers are going to do to me

they still think we're tumblr libs lmao

And the funny thing is the second you mention women's rights or racism in here you'll get jumped on by a horde of ☭TANKIE☭s screeching "no idpol in muh leftism". Does it ever fucking occur to you that sucking up to retards like Varg and Spencer is a surefire way to fill our movement with a bunch of racist idpolers that only give a shit about race?

Yes, he's said it many times before as well. He dislikes nationalism because it's stagnant, imperialism is the white man's destiny apparently.

You know what I think is the most sad? They actually believe that they can make a difference.

How much longer until we support monarchy and imperialism again so we can have "Global communism." or some shit.

Jesus, I mean at least most of them just ask for a white nation to be left alone, this dude is worse than Hitler.

At least they'd keep out Jewish nigger like Lassalle.

So exactly what's happening to their side, ok then :^)

LOL, white nationalism would always result in imperialism. You think people would sit idle in one nation forever? Nationalism is just a pretext to consolidate power and give the OK for explicit conquest. All these white nations would need is a possible threat (Expanding "caliphate", china, south america) and then they can justify any further imperialistic ventures.

True that.
I'd go ahead and take it even one step further from nationalism but whatever.

That's why black power is the only way.

So tell me, how many black communist movements have there been?

There's even two flags for that on this board for fuck's sake.


Pretty much. The grand daddy of most of these movements is the Nazis and their entire ideology was we need to protect fatherland in the motherland.

Millenial woes was bemoaning the african population on the AFRICAN continent. Why would you as a NATIONALIST who cares about HIS OWN PEOPLE IN HIS OWN COUNTRY care about people half way across the world? It's obvious that he wants to get involved in other countries somehow to stem their numbers.

Also this:
Kim Jong-Il on nationalism and internationalism.

Oh I don't think he's being genuine, I was just commenting that it's telling that a Nazi appeared more reasonable to me than a bunch of Liberals.

Thanks very much Sargon. You’ve made Spencer look extremely reasonable and intelligent.

How does this man believe he BTFOs leftists again?

This. I wish someone asked Spencer what would happen to someone who's 49.7% European on 23andme, I guess they won't be let in, but a 50.02% European will be allowed to live in the ethnostate? How do you force millions of people to relocate?

The idea of an ethnostate to much is much more impractical and less realistic than a communist revolution tbh

You have to be a leftist first and a nationalist second to even have the conceptual horizon to believe in this type of "nationalist international solidarity".

that pretty much sums up the whole "debate"
fucking e-celeb garbage

Lying motherfucker, I've defended women's rights and the such on here before not against other ☭TANKIE☭s but more often against Muke tier ultrakiddies who don't understand stuff like sexual commodification of women, unpaid domestic labour, etc.

Where are these "actually reactionary" ☭TANKIE☭s you are talking about? I mean Stalin did more for women's rights than any Tumblr SJW


Thought this wordfilter was removed since the crash

that was a Right wing vs Right wing debate.

The one question I was missing was (Though I didn't watch all the way to the end, I could only stand one hour of idealist brainrot): Why? Why have an ethnostate? What does it actually add?
I'm not worse off because my neighbor is black, I'm worse off the moment I'm being exploited and do not have the means to live life the way I want.

Sargon is a liberal because he believes in an idealistic utopia where there’s “clasical liberalism.”

2.06 “Ethno-States = Socialism”

This is honestly great, I feel like a ☭TANKIE☭ could destroy the alt-right quite easily. Liberals will ALWAYS lose against the far-right because they either agree with them too much or that the audience are inculcated in a culture that is READY to go fascist when an emergency arises. The people of "liberal" democracies are subtly prepped to enter a fascist society at any given notice - just change a few laws, do a few false flags and you can prop up a fascist government instantly.

And remember, fascism is not averse to capitalism. The only difference between liberals and fascists is the quality of life one experiences.

I understand where Spencer is coming from and the reason for his views, but the whole ethno state thing and the wholesale focus on race seems entirely misguided and directionless. The real left and the more anti-capitalist alt-right actually do meet in many social and economic issues.

Sargon and his band of loonie libertarian cultists are entirely brain dead however. No one likes leftist idpol sjw either. Ultimately the one with clearer force, power of vision and the impetus to force the future wins.

The only reason sargon left is because he didn't want to be seen on the same side as kevin logan.

Liberal cunts like contra and the rest of them would also fold because they're NOWHERE near radical enough, they're the idiots who think socialism is all about rainbows and happiness. We need more fucking ☭TANKIE☭s NOW. ☭TANKIE☭s who know their actual history as well, we need Unruhe.

Lol I'm listening to the post-discussion damage control by sarcuck. Some other cunt said "If the only thing the left is offering is this individualist outlook, how can we stop the alt-right from gaining ground".

He thinks sargon represents the left and that the left is all for liberal individualism. This IS the grand defeat of the actual left, to be perverted and misconstrued so that it fits into a sphere of the right. It is TRAGEDY that leftist governments around the world were utterly destroyed so that AMERICUNTS could reinvent what the left is about.

This is why ☭TANKIE☭s are needed.


wtf now I am NAZBOL

I would concede to race but would argue that the differences literally don't matter under capitalism because people with ~60IQ can still serve the interests of capital.

Entertain us some more please.

Styx was the one person there who was not an absolute Autist shitflinger

People in the third world with that very Autism Level level are forced to work, otherwise they would die. There would be a similar impetus under communism - albeit we could help workers who have genuine trouble in their work. Yet I don't concede to the point that a low Autism Level precludes you from basic, manual work - otherwise slaves would have been replaced by white workers who were much more efficient (going by the supposed exponential increase in productivity that correlates with Autism Level.)

Anyone that is non-white who manages to supersede there genetic "stock" can attain more sophisticated "employment".

And don't say manual work third worlders do ins't needed for capitalism seeing as the expropriation from the third world's labor is what leads to first world luxuries.

Styx was the only one who pointed out just how Idealistic And untheasable most of Spencers Ideas were
Would have been better if it was just Spence and styx tbh

the debate in a nutshell

So how did they survive before foreign aid?

Race doesn’t matter because ever sense gene editing technology became a thing race is subjective.

“politics is about violence”
-Richard Spencer 2:59:40

Cause you make mindless shitposts

Hunter gatherer requires the same level of proficiency that manual work does. You undermine the skillsets needed in surviving from purely hunting animals. Even slave trading requires a level of sophistication that can be conferred to low level work within a capitalist society.

I'm not this guy btw

I know you ascribe negative connotation to africans but really believing that none of them work is ludicrous. I don't think malaria was a problem within north america during slavery (unless imported), so you're probably thinking of another disease.

political power grows from scraping the bottom of a barrel.

But seriously how do you enforce an ethno-state when gene editing exists and black people can become white, and white people can become black.

The day I become a nazi would be the day you can prove that white people are genticly superior. That day will never come.

The majority of white people proper aren't working jobs that require skills beyond basic administration and following orders. The skills imputed upon africans during colonialism.

The malaria was imported along with the africans who were brought over. You're putting the cart before the horse.

Believe in evolution? How much do you think human brains have changed over 20,000 years?

Can't make that assumption given that places like russia/eastern europe are still shitholes, if you subscribe to the slavs being white narrative that is.

Africa would still have masssive colonial debts. Africa would sstill have rampet goverment corruption, Africa would still lave low leavles of industrialization, and Africa would still be victimized by neocolonialism. It doesn’t matter what race you make them.

The difference between 20,000 years and 33,000 years in terms of evolution isn’t that much. Homo Sapiens have only existed for 33,000 years.

How do you explain this than.

yes it is


Ok this tripfag is ok.

So this is the power of being an idealist retard. Care to explain how any of this shit would work?

And for the vast majority of that divergence they were both hunter/gatherers.

This is going to boggle down to anecdotes and subjectivity.

Why did they bring them to north america then where there was no malaria without the presence of Africans? They already realized a sickness affected Europeans yet africans were immune, North americans must have remarked upon the sudden "introduction" of that same disease in the presence of africans to the north.

Wouldn't it have been safer to just recruit white indentured servants for north america instead?

Are you gonna be the guy going door to door, deporting black Americans to Africa? You realize most will not accept this, and will take up arms against your state? Millions of white Americans would follow suit.

How else did it arrive?

Reminder Sargon thinks liberal feminism is communism.

No conclusive evidence against it either, yet the abstracts seem to favor my argument. Malaria was probably brought over initially by slave ships and then it grew to such heights that african slaves were preferred over European servants.

The fucking commets

For those wondering why I banned that poster so many times

It was the guy who constantly spams "Baboons! In zoos! Eeek Eeek!" every other day, he's not a bot he's just a very sad individual.

Can you stop banning him for just this thread please? I'd like to have this discussion. As long as he's not spamming other threads of course.

To Naziposter, this Baboons in Zoos Spammer got my trigger finger hot and I accidentally banned you by mistake. You're unbanned. I'm sorry. Won't happen again. You're a great poster and I would never ban you.

Why are so many "skeptics" so sympathetic to nazism/fascism?

You let him argue to conclusion and then he starts spamming. Plus, he's ban evaded for spamming 30 posts in threads at least 500 times. It's less of a "let's have this conversation deal and more of a "You can't do that and get away with it so easily" kind of deal.

I just came here to watch what in the world is going on.

Race is real and that is why my posts keep on getting deleted.(Your posts are banned because you spam threads saying "Baboons in zoos" 24/7 and keep ban evading 900 times. It's why you get permabanned now.)

Meh, a lot of nigerians who go to europe do pretty good for themselves. Can't be subhuman when you've got a degree from imperial university (london). Yes I know it's anecdote but I can provide proof of friend.

Nazis? Nazis on our streets? Nazis in our police force? Nazis in our military? No! Nazis in mass graves! That's where Nazis go! Mass graves for Nazis! Bye bye Nazis!

Don't wanna dox the guy but here. Full blooded african.

It's okay. It happens occasionally. Just like the tides.

Even non-gypsies live in these villages.

AIDS does that to countries. Botswana has a prevalence rate of ~25% according to the UN

Well you said they were subhumans and can't operate within western societies, I'm just showing that they can.

Also it's not brain drain considering he was born here, but his parents are from Africa. Yes, yes I know he's still african but he was not extracted from his country and doesn't have visa to "go back".

how are you evading the bans so freaking fast?
if you are using proxies you will get them all banned man take it easy.

Alright - it's just telling that when someone does break the mold he's still indicted by the crimes of his people. Seems irrational. Yes, stereotypes are good but it DOESN'T make sense to hold that stereotype to someone who has explicitly gone against it, almost like seeing a false reality at that point.

What does that mean? It only happens once, a family gone from a country is in itself a lost unit of productivity, you don't keep losing productivity from "potential" children.

are you using ban buster?

His posting history is 2/3rds spammer, 1/3rd capable of bare minimum speech, and its all rhetoric. I think the poor boy is just mentally ill and wants to get back at us or something.

Show us his posting history.

why aren't there any even fucking left liberal podcasts on yt? Why is all this shit just nazi platforming now?

I would if he didn't ban evade every 2 picoseconds


oh ok stop being a dick.

Take it easy guys.

Since Spencer is relevant again I want to just dump some OC I made a while back

Do we notice similar levels of aids among low Autism Level people of other races? Or is it more lifestylism?

And by lifestyle I mean same sex promiscuity.

I don't actually care about sketch ticks or Spenny, let them fight each other so we can organize in relative peace

Arabs supposedly have an Autism Level of ~80 right? Is there a high incidence of aids there?

Your room has a ridiculously low sex rate because your a virgin lol

Flawless materialist analysis here.
I'm not denying there is a (epi)genetic component to I.Q., but this is ridiculous.

come on now


Average arab Autism Level is significantly higher than African Autism Level so Arabs have the intellectual capabilities to form religious death squads to enforce monogamy

you're aware HIV only reached humans in 19th century right?

Why are you setting the average african Autism Level to it's lowest reported number (60)?

Just spam Dr. Evil at him

Taking it at 70, 10 Autism Level points is the difference from a HIV epidemic and none?



damn we need some more image macros then the spammer will be forever BTFO

are you uh jewish by any chance?


just the uh "humor" was very jewish


no I was being entirely honest man. I really like that poopy dick hole kind of humor and was hoping we could collab sometime (only if you're chosen tho)



It's only because out of the whole God forsaken lot he's the one with the most marginal amount of intelligence. Which isn't saying much.

The fact he's one of the most articulate American politicians of this age speaks volumes about America.

Oh God they would destroy him. Especially Varn.

I'm thinking instead of making the joke about the "night turds" we do one about saved menstrual blood. Throw a little gypsy spice in there if you know what I'm talking about.

Let's say you're right (you're not), "niggers" are subhuman. So what? How is it relevant?

If you'll try to genocide the "niggers" or take away their land for lebensraum, you will definitely lose. For a start, most of your own countrymen will rise up against you.

What's even the point anyway? How exactly are "niggers" in Botswana making your life worse? Wouldn't you agree Western countries have enough problems, without taking on those of Botswanan "niggers"?


yeah I know it was kinda weak. We should probably try to throw in nigger fetuses somehow. Maybe Spency goes to collect them for a white soul supplement.

I'd probably pay to see Varn v. Dicky Spence. It would be a massacre.


maybe throw in some stuff about saved up zit pops. Been going to /r/popping a lot lately.. How bout you zir?


we're going to need to formalize this relationship. I think .1 BTC for every stellar idea I've had (3) is a good deal. Please send here. 16JAUnuvxQ6BdfX4DwsEVTWgd3a8oitu8h


we're going to take the meme world by storm by creating really choice scatological jokes.
see here for more deets

lmao this is lil' Andy's bitcoin address

Threadly reminder that Little Andy, after finding out that he got cucked as a teenager, responded by repeatedly bashing his head into a concrete sidewalk

yeah we should our best to support him so he can help

Threadly reminder that Little Andy is 5 foot 2 inches, as evidenced by his learner's permit which he posted online

wait are you hoochie?

Threadly reminder that Little Andy reportedly went to the Philippines where he slept with girls as young as 14 years old

Threadly reminder that Little Andy employs Weev, an absolute dunce who repeatedly hands over confidential info to the media and ruins the aut-right's painstaking efforts to look totally not racist by being an idiot

wait you're fucking quitting here karen??? POST THE FUCKING IMAGE MACRO YOU DUMB SLUT WE'RE DOING THIS ALL NIGHT

Threadly reminder that Little Andy repeatedly attacks his own allies within the aut-right, often over perceived slights or petty grievances

it's (current year)

I dont think the daily stormer could be called part of the effort to make the alt-right not racist tbqh



Filter Baboon to My Mother, Filter Monkey to My Mother

My mother to the zoos! Eek Eek! My mother belongs in zoos!

please don't do that derail

why is every Holla Forumsyp a pedo?

though I gotta say I wish prostitution wasn't so prevalent in SEA. When I was working there I was regularly propositioned. One time I was playing pool with a friend and started drinking with the pool hall's owner. He then tried to have me fuck his wife. I think. He kept pointing at her and then upstairs and laughing. I just wanted to play pool. One time I came out of a drinking hall and a little girl followed me for like a mile trying to pull me somewhere. I kept having to push her away and keep saying no. Sad state of affairs.

The first time they felt love, the last time they had a chance

not that cuck

they want to fuck people their mental age?

karen you're fucking weak. you promised to post that doctor evil macro over and over and you quit. You're a fucking quitter. And you type like hoochie. I'm thinking you're a little chinker



finally a brother to help out


I really doubt the guy who has been banned over a hundred times cares if you save a particular shitpost of his


I've never got why guys want a bigger dick. I want bigger balls. Huge gonads that just spray cum out. Hopefully the trannies push the synthetic balls field so I can get some nice ones when im 50

I find it fascinating that Andy Anglin's little gremlins, in addition to being pedophiles, rush to defend Richard Spencer, a man who has been outed as a likely FBI asset





richard spencer is a spook. The fbi is largely inept and can't handle such shenanigans. Get it right and go back to vietnam. (hoochie want to go on a love vacation to hanoi? I've been there quite a bit and we can do lovely things in the old quarter ;))

Karen wtf r u doing?
Nazifag wtf r u doing?


crashing this thread with no survivors

my dad is a police car

Why are you both being retarded?




even worse, THE LEAF


that isn't prostitution dude.

this one time i ate like 2 bags of sunflower seeds with the shells on an d they formed a baseball sized lump in my bowl and i had to push it out and blood was everywhere but I did it because I'm not a quiter

Nutsaccs never actually debate in good faith, they just repeat the same lies over and over while ban evading. By repeating a contentless reply that dismisses him for the clown he is, anyone here can deny any nutsacc the opportunity to spread their propaganda. Once they leave, the volunteers can then just delete all of my posts and theirs, restoring the thread and keeping Holla Forums reactionary-free.

Eventually, the idea is to replace Dr. Evil shitposts with infographics proving nutsacc autism wrong. Whenever they saunter in they just get blasted with the same facts over and over.

most of my coworkers (koreans oddly enough) went to whores every weekend (massage shops with happy endings). Always felt wrong to me. Especially since the tourists partying there were EXTREMELY easy.

hey if you have autism im actually really into that. Let's hook up sometime

This also doubles as a good way of thoroughly distributing the anti-nutsacc infographics, since every time they barge in they'll keep the infographics in a populated thread for an hour or more.

Easy for you or for Koreans? Unless you're also Korean.

Me. Koreans just liked to do karaoke not go bar crawling

You cannot refute race realism because it is the truth and is a far better material analysis of the world when compared to whatever contrived bullshit you make pretend to believe to avoid looking racist.

This is why nigger ape baboons MUST return to the zoos, along with all nigger ape baboon apologists.

Interesting theory.
If ya got anti nazi info graphics why not dump em in the infographic thread or something.

hoochie can we talk more about the poop jew joke memes you were doing earlier. i think we have some real fertile ground to cover.


yeah interesting theory if Holla Forums was a centrist board with lots of people just waiting for a ban evader to spam baboon posts to turn into a nazi lol

Hoochie is Californian, Karen is Canadian.

Also I don't have many, a lot are archived in other places and I'm waiting for others to dump them in the thread


though the current board rules about Syria and over a dozen US military bases in Syria is fucking identical to Holla Forums so maybe there is some converts available.

I studied anthropology and I can say 100% is that race is more than skin deep.

racecars are indeed real. my uncle is a Formula One.

Yeah, there are people with different genes.

I found it to be a great honour that nutsaccs confused my amateurish shitposting with hoochie's finely-tuned craft.

am I misremembering? I remember hoochie going off on the same points you raised about anglin for like 4 hours over a thread. I thought the short comments were kinda uncalled for but then I remembered that short people aren't human so w/e lol

You aren't white though.

I am pretty sure that's not how humans work retard.

lmao you think baboons are real holy shit. looks like the globalists cucked you fam.

also where are the fucking image macros karen the baboon dude is still posting. come on get it the fuck together

Oh no, I'm just aping her style. I remember that thread, Hoochie had an entire stable of quotes from that Atlantic magazine thread.

prove it. do the paper bag test with a time stamp

ah. can you post some pics I'm super into you

do that paper bag test you fucking cuck

Donate $250 to the Democratic Cops of Americaand I will spam Dr. Evils at the nutsacc guy for an hour. I'm not cheap buckerino
You have to post a screenshot. I'm not joking about this.

I find it interesting how tenacious the baboon guy is since he let it slip that he, according to most white nationalists, isn't even white in a thread back in November.

Bix nood sho me yo haplogroups yt

You know what else we don't require? Nazis.

I get that this is bait but I'll bite.
Have you got any proof that being of a certain ethnicity can impact your intelligence so greatly that you become incapable?

bitch I want you spam me with them that was getting hot. also post some pics its cool i wont share

naziposter I know youre just a meme but how do you feel about the jews

show me dat arm nest to a paperbag darkie

what is your threshold of incapable? like I qqqq level

Judaism is spooky.
Also there is no such thing as a jewish 'race'.

Dude, don't try to hide it. Back in late November you were in the trash thread spamming. Someone mentioned that you're probably spamming these things from Ciudad Juarez since you were cutting in and out and you *literally* said that you were born 100% American on the other side of the border in El Paso, even though El Paso is almost entirely ethnically mexican.

What I find interesting is why you do it. Hitler would have had you hung. Why love people who want to murder you?


Idk like

I grew up next to a jewish neighborhood. Why can I tell who is a jew and who isnt' with a look?

But you don't need to take the test since it doesn't really matter. Look we don't care here in Holla Forums that you're hispanic (though we do care that you're a pedo, seek medical help)


take a picture of your arm nest to a paprbag to prove you aren't brown you chimp you fucking bonobo

There are black jews, jews that look like Arabs, jews with blonde hair and European noses, etc.
Some look like the stereotypes, others don't.

Dude that's a lie. I've only been here since October and I've seen you spam the trash thread twice.

do the test


average Autism Level in some african countries is below that but at that point you're running into the problem of diet. Poor diet during adolescence = small brain. + unrestrained pollution.

do the fucking test

yeah we should call those people like some kind of group I feel. How do you feel bout that group Naziposter?

Look, it's okay.

I genuinely want him to seek help. He has dangerous sexual urges, extreme self-hatred, he spends a ton of his time trolling other anons on an anonymous image board. The man is not well. he should seek help.
I'm serious.

Got sources?

I hate to be too obvious, people already know I'm a mod. But I think what set him off the edge is that he constantly spammed I ate dogs and beheaded chickens and got bombed and prostituted, now I'm a mod, and I banned him for 7 days for making some nonsense race baiting posts. He evaded, I banned him for 14 days for evading. Then he just went out of his mind with the Baboon spam.

It's been two or three months now and he's still spamming.

My best guess as to who broke his mind, was me, unfortunately.

That's actually just kind of sad

the diet + pollution is just from what I heard from place you nkow

There's no need to lie. We honestly don't care if you're white, brown, asian, black, who cares. It's idpol. Seek some help before you do something you shouldn't.

o7 you're doing god's work hootchie

karen post feet!


Good luck spooked cuck.

when I worked in hanoi lots of people tried to bring to dog restaurants. I think its fucked up tbh. Theyre just in these cages by restaurants making really weak barking sounds. People beat their dogs while walking them all the time too in public

I have to wonder what drives people like him to do things like this. It's basically self-harm. He does it for hours and commits himself to annoying people on a single, obscure image board for months.

Is he lonely? Is this is only way of seeking out human interaction from others?

I'll assume you mean religious jews, because secular 'cultural' jews are a meme.
The beliefs are mostly spooked like so many religions and ideologies.
(Ethno)nationalism is enlightenment brainrot though.

And people factory farm in America, and pigs are nearly if not just as intelligent as dogs. Yes, it's fucked up, no, I do not eat dogs. I've lived in America all my life.

prove it

What's wrong with eating dogs?

You're hispanic

I mean people with jew blood man. I dont care about the religion. I went to a synagogue once and it was w/e. How do you feel about those jew blooders?

post feet or he'll kill himself

and yet a group of backwards dog eaters beat white america. really makes you think

There are easier ways to commit mental suicide amigo

Holla Forums is his life and he thinks he's being funny. He probably has aspergers and is on the spectrum. I just want to see how long he lasts.

just memeing hoochie since you basically killed this board with BO's hormonal meltdown. Gotta say though I cant eat chicken anymore after living in Hanoi for a while. everytime I ate any there it was killed probably hours before leading so some of the greatest chicken ive ver had. Shit I buy in grocery stores is just so mediocre

if saying your white makes you white than anyone can be white then whats the point of being white?

Nigga most aspies I've met are lefties.
He's probably got actual baboon genes.

i mean he's done it for like 3 months now. thats a long time to do something just for lols

post feet

lol JF the race realist biology guy is suing destiny the guy who does the political streams and failed at being a progamer

I did not kill the board. I've been only banning nazis mostly. Since most of my bans consist of this one spammer.

you won't do the brownbag test so you aren't white

Apparently he is actually a 7 year old

I think we should exclude baboon user from that count if were being honest ;)

also why are you lefty girls not sharing some quality feet pics. fuck we're all losing out right now

We can all be lefty girls here

lets have an international jo session so girls get the party started ;)

Send me money

Nigga really?

lets get married hoochie

You know you want it amigo

He was literally shilling for Anglin an hour or so ago. Wonder why the Stormer attracts these types of people?

I wonder how long before this guy breaks into a train cabin and tries to blow it up? Or something like that. Capital has alienated him to the point where he's (probably) unemployed and spamming baboons at strangers on an anonymous message board for months.

nah that was just me posting his btc wallet as a jokesie. Anglin is obv mentally ill and its funny he's being reported in national magazines now

that ending up in a police report when he snaps would darkly funny imo

hmmmmm….I wonder why Anglin attracts such stable people

hoochie where are the glamor shots??
ive been watching lots of this guys vids lately. really gets my nogging joggin tbh. hoochie I hope you have a thicc body else you might be a tranny

If you were sincere you would actually be providing sources and making coherent statements.

No, it's honestly just sad. The mental midget knows he is taking advantage of disturbed, vulnerable people who can't properly reason. If you read the DS he repeats the idea that his followers are under attack and literally "have nothing left to lose." A normal country would have arrested him under laws that prevent cults.

And who even belongs to this group? Are we going to apply the Nuremberg laws here?
Is a guy with one jewish parent 'jewish'? What about 2 grandparents? What if those grandparents in turn only have 2 jewish grandparents (or less) themselves?
A lot of jews have converted throughout the ages, did their offspring stop being jewish?

It's a meaningless distinction without rigorous definitions. Lineage exists, genes matter, but these sorts of groups that can basically include everyone - ranging from ultra-orthodox that have been inbreeding for centuries, to secular quadroons that have never stepped inside a synagogue - are meaningless and useless.
Race loyalty does not exist. Just read up about the plight of the working class in Israel or the treatment of Ethiopian exiles.
It doesn't describe an actual relation, and is only "true" as long as you "believe" in it. It's idealism.

karen are you thicc?

I love how this guy says what we're all saying but in an actually articulate manner.
If only all of us put this sort of effort into our posts…
It probably wouldn't change shit though.

that it's a lie? i agree

its easy man just take them to a wishing fountain and if they scoop up the coins you got a kike. tho gotta say I liked all those races the spaniards made up to explain just how much they've fucked a particular native's line

Why bother with effort posts when you have people obviously arguing in bad faith?

Most of us here on leftypol are de-spooked on the racial level.
You're gonna have to try harder than using the same 5 words over and over to get us to agree to your spooks.

This guy is legit a monkey

hes my nigga dude

It's Friday night, and I'm sitting here wasting my time (and my night) banning a spammer for hours pretending its as cyberpunk as it feels for the, god knows how many weeks.

I've been doing this for three months. This is me now.

karen and hoochie holding out on us tho. little feet pic for a comrade all im askin

hoochie are you into dicks if so lets connect

Comrade just have a fucking beer or something

Your idea of race is a pretty powerful spook apparently.
I don't even think you know how to use spook either.

Beat you too it, I've been making screwdrivers.

This is one of those things that China absolutely does right.
I'm sure that as the CCP looks at the trainwreck that is the west, they feel vindicated in some way.

At one point they were infiltrated by actual neo-nazis. If anything, Israel proves that ethnonationalism isn't just spooked, but that it doesn't actually work. I wish someone would explain that to Spencer.
Go ahead, ask the resident Israeli guy in the middle east thread about how "great" Israel actually is.

Why not make nachos?
shows what you know

It helps though. It keeps them contained in a single thread. They're not good at what they do.

I also find it really funny how the aut-right has worked up Holla Forums to be this major online internet leftist presence. We're responsible for every time aut-right twitter accounts or youtube channels get banned or doxxed.

since Holla Forums is supposed to be this hive of super nazi trolls it stands that Holla Forums is that but evil communists

its just Holla Forums that kinda thinks that honestly. I wouldn't get too impressed by that. Holla Forums thinks a lot of wacky stuff

Tell that to the working class in Haifa and or the Tel Aviv, struggling to make end's meet in face of inflation and unemployment. All while rich migrant jews from abroad pay close to zero taxes due to laws that basically make Israel a tax haven.
By the way: Jewish culture and religion survived 2,000 years of exile. They didn't need an ethnostate for that.

Leftypol is now the spectre haunting the internet

checks out, r/socialism fears us for some reason



yeah during the catgirldrawfag meltdown they were afraid that we were gonna take over their board and make them do ableism and racism

Got any pics?
I can't go on reddit because Indonesia is ass

that catgirldrawfag ended up working at league of legends.

i don't have pics sorry

karen come back and post feet


Same for aut-right twitter

can't blame her tbh, comrades gotta eat

Jews were doing fine before their ethnostate. White people are doing fine without racial ethnostates. (Except the poor and working class, but I guess they're just 'lazy') So why do we need ethnostates again?

Fun fact: I'm a descendant of actual nazi party members. How's that?
I'd be surprised if you were even white.

I'm serious when I said that the baboon guy let it slip that he's almost certainly hispanic.

mfw the chinese have perpetrated the only successful jewish genocide in history.

You cheeky cunt.


shut up about who's white mongrel

never did the bag test lol. you aren't white

prove it jose

jesus christ, they're still going at it

does anyone have the 56% meme where an aut-right amerimutt wearing a nutsacc hat and waving a swastika flag is getting mad at a portrait of his WWII vet granddad for fighting hitler?

i really wish i saved it

We are not going to stop until all of the baboons are on barges in the nile going back to the Congo

Took a while to find. But here it is.

that's not what he's talking about

Still funny in a dark way.
No prole should have to go through that.

do people on this board really believe american soldiers fought hitler because they hated him and not because they were drafted? pure ideology. I wonder how many American veterans of the second world war fought desegregation tooth and nail when it was being enacted and died rabid racists by the time the late 90s rolled aroundthe majority of them

After around 1942(?) they couldn't even voluntarily enlist though. They HAD to be drafted.

Holla Forumsbabs think leftypol is some sort of fucking correct the record funded Holla Forums board that does major propaganda work for the frankfurt school of witchcraft and wizardry

Not to forget Marxist-Leninist Satanism

Confession time: am I the only guy who thinks that the amerimutt kinda looks goofishly friendly? The last time I went on a cruise I ran into so many IRL amerimutts and they just seemed to be laidback normies who don't really care about the racial holy war, they just want to have a steady job, a nice family and bing bong theiry on the weekends to unwind.

Maybe this is just my inner optimist, but the fact that so many aut-righters have adopted amerimutt is a subtle hint that a plurality of them have subconsciously realized that establishing a pure ethonostate or even just stopping people from race-mixing is impossible. The taboos against interracial marriage have eroded way past the point where they're enforceable and most militaries are fully integrated, multiracial bodies with a completely unified internal culture. They feel betrayed by their own race and lash out the only way they know how: with stupid memes
Spread the blackpills!

This is also great but I'm referring to an amerimutt meme

Styx just asked some very basic questions and they absolutely destroyed Richard Spencer: Ethnostate means whatever reactionary retards want it to mean and the means of implementing it are always horrible Turner Diaries genocide scenarios (lmaoing @ Richard Spenced trying to say racial cleansing will be peaceful).

Like, even if you were to concede all white people are inherently superior (something classic libertarians oppose because they are pro-meritocracy, not pro-white coddling) and need to be protected more than Native Americans (which were, in fact, actually genocided), the means to do so just expose nazis as the inhuman blood thirsty beasts they are.

Memes are memes and the ideas behind one such as the mutt are spooks. No real American is actually like that….
Or are they…?

Based Spency saving fedoras and the white race

I've only watched the first 40 minutes but so far it just goes:
Spencer: I'm advocating for a collectivist ideology based on race issues.
Sargon: wow man sounds like you are advocating for a collectivist ideology based on race issues.
Spencer: yes
Sargon: ebin arguement won

I see you ignored the reasons for those differences the article you quoted gave

This is why no one should trust you fuckers. You just find any difference between races and automatically attribute it to racial tribalism or genetics and ignore all other possible reasons.