Kermit thread

ITT we discuss this asshat and his "critque" of "post-modern marxism".

his twitter is a shit show of shilling for himself and other products/people and half baked argument.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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i always thinks he looks like a frail Canadian version of Morrissey

Where is the photo from? What is the context?

it was on his daughters instagram

I mean, much like any other rightist, he doesn't really understand either post-modernism or Marxism, so he's just as useless as the rest of them.


Wait, is this entire family a bunch of self-help scammers?

the winters in canada get people divided and needy of help, so it makes sense

Damn Eddie Izzard looks rough these days

Everything has already been said about this scammer. I went to see his patreon page to see if he still gets 50k every month. Now we can't know because he is hiding it.
I hope the reason is that he doesn't want us to know he is losing steam because people are getting tired of his schtick.

i belive for a while he was making 100k per a month now he is releasing his shitty book, he also has a "self authoring program" that is a glorified information hoover with know security flaws that is going to blow up in his face when it is inevitably leaked.


kek Canada needs better "intellectuals"

Hey guuuuuys, guess which altist-scamming pseudo-intellectual just sold out to fucking Monsanto of all things?

Kermit's gonna get BTFO by /ourguy/ Doug soon.

but Doug buys into the 100 million dead. We need a ☭TANKIE☭ to show how shit Peterson understanding of history is.

dough is a red liberal?

leftcom unfortunately

watching a ☭TANKIE☭ btfo kermit would be great

ITT: pathological people who use the capitalism/patriarchy/jews boogeyman as an excuse to not get their shit together.

it's never too late guys.

…and for the right price you can get your shit together right now over at

watch jason unrue faggot.

Morrissey could beat Peterson in a fight.

There are no pathological people, there are pathological conditions

Fuaaaaaaaaaark his daughter is hot.

Does he tho?

i would pay to see jason btfo of this twat

Jason couldn't clean a street with a leafblower. He and Finbol are functionally illiterate when it comes to actual Marxism.


Jason is taking video requests from patreon btw.

I don't even like Jason but he has btfo several people in debates

Can you tell me what this ☭TANKIE☭ buzzword means? Whatever it meant when used in ortho Marxism prior to Stalinist dogmatism

*Whatever it meant prior to Stalinist dogmatism coopting the term into a truism and beatdown.

All I could got from his twitter feed is that he associates postmodernism with marxism (what?) and hates minimum wage increases because porky told him to. He's really not that big of a deal tbh.

He's a propagandist pretending to be a self-help guru to a generation of virgin losers. He's dangerous.

There's tons of propagandists out there. Peterson is one of the more stupid ones; anyone who takes a philosophy class will come to understand what postmodernism actually is and drop him as he is ignorant.

The dangerous propagandists are those who work in right wing think tanks that publish literal trash but buttress it with enough fancy math to make it look legitimate to the average man and are sophisticated enough to get a spot in, say, the local paper or news station. That's far more dangerous.

Peterson is the liberal arts version of this though. Unless he gets caught raping an intern or something he is very likely to break onto the mainstream.

Kermit the Frog here is a modernist-absolutist who doesn't fully understand post-modernism.

The misunderstanding of post-modernism arises from him assuming that when we say "morality is all subjective" what he takes us to mean is "all morality is false"

In actuality what we're saying is "all morality is equally true"

Like sure, take whatever moral basis you want and run with it, we're not saying you can't do that. We're just saying your special you asshat. But that's not what these modern-absolutists desire. They want a world in which their morality is special and different and has to be followed because sky-daddy.

tbh we need a parenti-tier tank to destroy peterson

That would be ideal, but I have a lot of faith in Doug, and I think the Zero Books debate is going to go very well. I can't see Doug defending the USSR too hard, but I know he'll be able to easily side step it since constantly repeating "Stalin" over and over again is a ridiculously weak argument and it doesn't really have much to do with Marxism or Socialism anyway. Honestly Leftists spend far too much time fixating on Soviet minutia in order to debate Liberals on their own terms, it's a fucking rabbit hole and a waste of time.

I saw that, what was interesting in the press release from the Monsanto rep was their justification for bringing Peterson to a farming conference of all things was that he could teach them how to use his rhetorical style of fearless truth telling to stand up to liberal disinformation about GMO's. Might be a learning experience for Peterson too tbh, conservative folks are interestingly naive sometimes about capitalism.

kermit is actually very smart and comes off as wholesome and normie. And that is why he is more deadly.

Just a reminder. If you think the Bolsheviks weren't very good and successful communists, you must believe you are personally a more capable and intelligent leader than Lenin. What do you think of that, huh, arrogant shithead?

Brought to you by brilliant psychologist and manfrog Jordan B. Peterson.

He thought about that point "a very long time." I can't imagine what that must have been like.

How about we get our own and our society's shit together? Any idiot should see that you can't have the one without the other. It's indicative of phony capitalist 'individualism' that they don't. It imagines that everyone who can't be a "self-made man" (that is, usually, a man effective at turning the social into private capital) to just be lazy - to lack spirit.

Yes, they lack spirit, and yes they should be ashamed of it. But this does not absolve the social system that put them in this position, and their spirit ought to be directed at changing their environment as much as at changing themselves, since the environment is really a determining part of themselves. In Stirner's language, the unique one cares for his property.

Very good point. The allergic reaction to post-modernism is really an example of snowflake mentality.

But often I'd also stress how common truths can still be established in the interaction between different moral bases. That's important in clearing up what they get wrong about post-modernism. The movement isn't as much a rejection of rationality as a critique of it. A suspicion that it isn't what it seems, making it worthy of thorough and nuanced inspection.

Post modernism does suck. You dont even have to be rightwing to think that. I mean maybe it was mic drop type of philosophy in the 60's but in 2018 its pretty played out to the point of irrationality and you got like people accusing ham sandwiches of being racist

Do you think movements exist in a vacume outside of material conditions and the real world?

You can hardly blame Derrida for that. It's a problem of bourgeois academia more than anything.

Yep, it's peak idealism. Plus an instance of the "you couldn't do any better yourself" line.

How did the idea even sound good in his head? The worst thing is that I've seen his drones parrot this bullshit. It makes my question my sanity.